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One Enchanted Evening

I saw her across the room
One Friday evening, I had been around town scoping out different hangouts without much success. I was feeling a bit peckish so I decided to go to the local Returned Serviceman's Club. Their restaurant had a steak to die for at a reasonable price.

I went into the dining room and there was only one other table occupied. There were five women, well dressed, all about 45 - 55. I gave my order and idly scanned the room. My eyes settled on one of the ladies, just as she looked up. Our eyes met, and neither of us looked away. From then on it was as though there was nobody else in the room. We did have to look away at times to do such things as pay homage to the first class steak I was eating, or for her to talk to her friends. At one stage I discreetly saluted her with my wine glass.

She and her friends got up and proceeded to the cashiers position. I could now see she was about 5'6", a beautifully sculpted figure, black hair and a beautiful face with a pert nose and rosebud lips. She winked at me when they moved from the table.

When I got up to pay, the cashier gave me a folded piece of paper. It invited me to meet "Rosie" with her friends in the club rooms below. I couldn't wait to get down stairs. In the first bar, no sign, so on to the next lounge. That looked deserted too - until I looked in the corner. There she was!!. I went across and felt for her hand. She gave it to me and I kissed the back of her knuckles.

"Oooh, that doesn't happen to me often," she said.

I replied "I don't often meet a person of such rare beauty, that's why I did it."

 She said her name was Diane, We had a few wines and got to know each other a bit better. One thing didn't need any further explanation. We were both as horny as hell for each other.

As the club was closing we had to decide where to go. She was married, so her place was out. I was only home on leave for a week so I couldn't take her to my parents' place. At that time, the only answer was to take her in the car down to the sand dunes. Fortunately, at that stage, traffic patrols were not very vigilant and you could get away with a bit of drunk driving. I do not advocate it.

We got down to the beach and parked up amongst the sand dunes. When I got Diane in my arms it was as though I had never held a lady before. She melted into me and when our lips met, that was it. At this stage I was only 23, and having spent three years in an Army establishment, that was well away from civilisation, young single men didn't have a steady access to the opposite sex.

She quickly made it known what she expected to be done as to the use of lips and tongues. I was an avid learner. I then decided that I would move onto something I knew more about. I undid her blouse and let her breasts be displayed. Not big, not small, just a beautiful hand full with hard nubs on them.

I immediately started to try and soften them up. I gently bit, I sucked and I tongued them. I was obviously doing some thing right as she was starting to make mewling noises and her hands were hauling my face into her breasts. I then dropped the back of her seat down so that she was reclining. Her hands started to reach for my belt buckle. My hands went down to her legs and started to go up them. The minx had lost her pantyhose somewhere along the track and my hands were feeling nothing but soft naked flesh.

She had gotten my belt undone and my zip open, and with my connivance we started to get my trousers down. Her panties. I suddenly found had gone - and so had her pubic hair. This was back in the early seventies, so this was more to a rarity than the usual. When I found this out I couldn't wait to get my mouth down on her.

I somewhat tore my prick out of her grasp and positioned myself down in the footwell of the car and plunged my face down onto her vagina. I started to lick her outer lips, reveling in the texture of a shaven cunt. I brought my right arm up so I could use those fingers to penetrate her cunt, curving them up so that I could touch the area, that we now know, as the G spot. Once again, by the way she was breathing and moving her body I knew I was on the right track.

She suddenly got very vocal saying she was coming and that she wanted my baby!! The last was a bit of a worry as I didn't want to have no baby at that stage in my life!! I, was not going to be turned off by her utterances and moved up and let her insert my cock into her cunt. God, it was so sweet going in there. We fucked for about five minutes before the combination of her cunt muscles and my state of horniness proved too much for both of us, and fortunately we had a mutual orgasm.

As we lay recovering, she told me about a holiday home that her family owned and that we could use. I agreed to this, as where we were at the time was not the most conducive of places for making love as that was what we were doing, not just having sex.

Depending on how this is accepted I will tell about other meetings.
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