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One look....

Mature wife is intrigued by a young man in a nightclub. She falls for his charms.

As the group of girls and women left their city hotel there was plenty of boisterous and bawdy behaviour and comment amongst them.

"Where to first then ladies?" asked the young blond bride to be.

"How about some food, some shopping and then a few drinks?" came a call from one of the group.

"What about some drinks and some shopping; I’d like to buy something to wear for going out tonight to the night-club" called another.

"Yeah, me too" shouted Elaine, who at 47 years old was not the youngest but certainly not the eldest of the group in this particular hen party.

"Now" said Katy, her best friend. "Remember what Garry said before you left. No party tricks and leave the strippers alone".

"What he says and what happens in Edinburgh are two very different matters" Elaine jauntily replied.

" Well you just enjoy yourself missus and all will be fine" replied Katy.

"I simply intend to have a good laugh, good food, some good wine, some dancing and drop into bed exhausted later on" Elaine declared as they headed into the large department store.

"Retail therapy here we come" shouted another of the party.

A couple of hours later and laden with bags and boxes the group emerged into the winter’ s bright afternoon sun. February in Edinburgh this year was a winter wonderland of crisp frosty mornings and bright, cold afternoons and early evenings. The sparkle of Christmas and New Year now gone, the city was bathed in the last of the winter sun before creeping into the unknown weather of the Scottish spring.

"Let’s get some food" chirped Katy "Does anyone know a good restaurant or bar where we could all go?"

"I know a place, where Garry and I ate before and they do a great all day menu" replied Elaine.

"OK lets go," shouted a number of the girls.

After ordering, eating and drinking for the next hour and a half they were ready to head back to the hotel to begin the preparations for that evening’s outing. A visit to some bars, a comedy club and a nightclub were on the agenda where they all eagerly awaited the opportunity to dance late into the evening.

In their room, Katy and Elaine were in great spirits ahead of the night out and were discussing how enjoyable it was to be out on the hen night where they could have the fun of all-girls company. Knowing they would attract the attention of guys throughout the night – as most hen parties tend to do – was all part of the fun of these events although, most women don’t let their men know that!

"Do you think some of the younger girls will be on the look-out for a gorgeous bloke tonight?" enquired Katy. "Never mind the younger girls – I think I will be" cried Elaine as both women rolled around on their beds laughing. "You old hussy" trilled Katy as they continued to joke and fill the room with laughter and sexual innuendo.

After showering, Elaine was applying make up and perfume, dressed only in her underwear. "Bloody hell, Elaine that’s beautiful" said Katy, referring to the new lingerie set that Elaine had bought in the city that day. "I thought you might keep something like that for Garry for when you get home," she said winking and then nudging Elaine’s shoulder.

"Garry will get the benefit of this at some time but I just felt like wearing something a bit special on this night out, and it matches the clothes that I am going to wear in any case" said Elaine. The matching lingerie was a beautiful silk set, coloured light pink with dark pink flowered detail on the edges of the bra and French knickers.

The uplift bra accentuated Elaine’s 36D boobs and provided a very attractive cleavage without being too trampy or over-emphasised. Worn below her deep pink satin blouse and tight black pencil skirt she looked and felt a million dollars. The medium height stiletto shoes accentuated her calves and ankles and she was ready for a night of entertainment and fun. She knew that the shoes would provide painful feet much later but for now how she looked and felt were all-important.

As the night wore on and the party wound its way through various city bars and inns the women were becoming increasingly bawdy and raucous. Various admiring looks from young males had not escaped a number of the women and blokes demanding kisses and more had approached the bride on quite a number of occasions!

The younger women were not the only ones on the end of this attention. Both Katy and Elaine had been chatted up by a couple of very handsome guys in a few bars and who admitted to having "a thing" for classy older women and MILFs.

Elaine and Katy had enjoyed the attention, chat and drinks before dismissing the guys with jokes about looking for "real men" on their night out and were now heading in the group, to the comedy club.

Once seated and with plenty of wine and food on the tables the women were soon entertained by a number of excellent comedians. One of the performers was female and her particular act was very raunchy, anti-men and focussed on men’s inadequacies when it came to sexually satisfying women. The audience lapped up the fun of the act and the women were baying for more when the comedienne’ s act finished. As they left the club much of the talk was of the female’s act and what losers’ men were and that women would be better off with a sex toy, some chocolate and a cuddly duvet to nestle in. At the mention of this someone shouted out "Even better would be a chocolate sex toy" which raised yells of approval and hoots of laughter. "A dark chocolate sex toy" yelled another. "What about a black guy – they are supposed to be sex machines and chocolate coloured too?" Further yells of approval and shouts of "Bring them on" were shouted around. Whistling and further shouts of "I’d rather cuddle him than my duvet" were screamed out to wild approval.

Soon the talk was of whether any of the group had ever "done it" with a black guy and whether stories of their manhood and prowess with women were truth or myth. As none of the women present had any such experience they were unable to reach a conclusion and continued to raucously speculate about the size and effects of what big black men would do with white women.

"Some of the good looking, muscled black guys I have seen do quite turn me on but I just never met any or was often in company with any to forge a friendship or relationship with around our area" Said Elaine.

"What if you did have the chance to meet one though, what happens then, you being married of course?" chipped in one of the other girls.

"Well its probably too late in life now and the opportunity has gone but there is something very naughty about a married white wife fantasising about being done by a good looking, well toned black guy" said Elaine.

"I know Garry gets pretty turned on by the whole interracial thing or, should I say the whole black man, white woman thing. Not so sure it runs to black women and white guys but he does talk about the erotic contrast of a strong, powerful looking black male seducing a married white wife as a special kind of turn on for him".

"Does he want you to be that married woman?" asked Katy.

"In his fantasy I am sure he does, but as it is never going to take place in reality then he can fantasise anything he wants, safe in the knowledge that I will still be faithful and his" Elaine stated.

"And in yours?" enquired another of the girls, all interested in the conversation now taking place.

"In my what?" asked Elaine.

"Fantasies" prompted Katy.

"Well, as I said I don’t see it as being anything other than naughty, and I admit the thought has crossed my mind over the years, as I’m sure it has with many women. That doesn’t mean to say of course that if and when an opportunity arose that I would even consider taking the actual step of finding out if the reality matches the fantasy. I have been married too long and have never been unfaithful and can’t imagine I would be so now"

At that the matter was dropped and the group continued on their way to the nightclub. At the entrance there were lots of other people mingling around waiting to enter. The atmosphere was a loud and raucous and different group of women, men and mixed sexes were laughing and joking around as they waited.

The doormen were large, surly blokes in black suits, white shirts and bow ties that kept a glowering eye on the growing crowd as they allowed a few people to enter at a time. Elaine’s party were therefore split up as they entered and she found herself going in with none of her original group but a few men and women from the group behind. Once inside Elaine could not believe the enormity of the venue. How was she ever going to find her friends in here?

After paying her entrance cover and depositing her coat at the attendant’s booth she began to make her way into the loud, dark cavern of the club. It was a truly huge building with discos on at least 3 floors according to the signs. Disco on 3, Soft on 2 and Dance on the ground floor. She had no idea where the group would have made for but assumed the ground floor was as good a place to start.

She quickly spotted a few of the younger girls in the group at one of the long wall-length bars and made her way towards them. The dance music was pounding and beating right through her as she walked around the large heaving floor. Gyrating bodies of all shapes, colours and sizes were packed quite tightly together and hardly a space was to be found.

Elaine reached the two girls she knew at the bar and asked them to order her a gin and tonic with their order. As she waited she turned around to watch the dancing crowd. She couldn’t help notice the way that many of the young women were dressed in pretty scant garments, obviously intended as an attraction to the large number of males in the venue. She watched young couples perform some very athletic looking moves and was impressed by the looks and figure of the male companions. Looking around she was taken by how handsome so many of the young guys looked, with their confidence on the dance floor and their skilful dance moves.

She found her eyes taking in their lithe bodies and hard torsos, their long legs and in quite a few, bulging crotches.

As she raised her eyes up the body of one very good looking young dancer, she was jolted into reality when her eyes met his and he watched her stare at him. A wry smile was on his lips as she stared, dumb struck at having been caught eyeing him up. The hunk motioned with his yes down to his crotch and suggestively and gently eased his hips and groin towards her, and with his mouth and eyes a questioning "you like?"

Elaine was mortified. This young guy could only be around 19 or 20 years old. She felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car. Frozen, stunned and incredibly confused as to what to do, she did what came naturally to her. She fled! Turning swiftly on her heels she strode away from the dance floor and searched out her friends.

Reunited with the girls the evening was an enjoyable mix of drinking, lots of dancing and comparing notes on the many young men who asked them to dance. Many were turned down and many were clearly on the hunt for something more than just dancing.

Whilst sitting talking with Katy and a few of the other girls the young guy whom Elaine had been caught crotch watching wandered into the quiet area with a group of three of his friends. As they made their way to the bar he separated from the group and having spotted Elaine he walked over to her group. "Hello" he said to no one in particular.

All of the girls looked up and said "Hello" in reply. "Do we know you?" asked one of them. "No, but your friend here may recognise some of me" he replied smiling at Elaine.

Elaine felt her face blush and she smiled sarcastically at the young man.

"What does he mean Elaine?" asked Katy.

"He is being unfunny and crude" Elaine replied "and he should just go away"

"Can I talk privately with you please" he said to Elaine.

"Why, so you can be even more rude than you are being now?" challenged Elaine.

"No, so that I may buy you a drink and then perhaps ask you for a dance" he replied.

"I am old enough o be your mum" Elaine said matter of factly to him.

"I know" he replied, quite sure of himself.

"Gin and tonic please, ice and lime" Elaine shot back. "Go and order it and I will be right over" she continued. The young man departed in the direction of the bar.

"What the hell is going on?" queried Katy. He seems to know you.

"He caught me staring at him when he was dancing as I came in and now he seems to think we are friends or something" said Elaine.

"He seems to fancy you Elaine and he is a bit of a hunk" said Jackie.

"He is also about half my age or less," said Elaine as she rose from her chair and began to make her way to the bar.

"Hello, is that my drink ready yet?" Elaine asked as she stood behind the young man, whose name she did not yet know.

"Yes, let’s take them and go sit down," he said, directing her to a table and chairs in a secluded corner of the quiet room bar.

"My name is Danny," said the young man, "What’s yours?"


"Well it’s very nice to meet you properly Elaine and I am so glad that you decided to come and talk to me"

"I didn’t have much choice but to come over, I don’t know what you might have said in front of my friends"

"Why, what would have been the problem with that?" he asked. "To be fair it was you who was eyeing me up when you came in and not the other way around"

"I was not doing any such thing" protested Elaine.

"Really, then what exactly were you doing staring at me, looking me up and down and well, to be honest, glaring at my crotch to be blunt"

There was silence.

"Did you like what was on view Elaine?"


Elaine was stunned into silence. She could not quite believe how brazen Danny was being but to be honest she was secretly excited by him, being near him and talking about her staring at his bulging crotch. But she couldn’t just admit that to a complete stranger.

"I liked your dancing and your clothes" she eventually managed to blurt out.

"Did you like my clothes or what is in them Elaine?" he replied


"Did you like what you think is in them, especially my trousers?" he teased.

Elaine flushed again and lifted her head to stare straight at Danny.

"I doubt if it is that impressive" she countered.

"What exactly?" he replied

"What’s in your trousers"

"It seems to have been impressive enough to stop you on your journey across the dance floor earlier" he said, smiling wickedly at Elaine.

"Well that may have been because you were dancing"

"No" said Danny staring into Elaine’s eyes. "It was because you were right, it’s big. That’s what you were seeing and you know it and you were attracted to me" "Are you attracted to me now Elaine?"

Elaine was both mortified and extremely turned on at the same time. How should she reply? This was getting way out of hand. A little light flirting was OK on a night out but sitting talking to a young, very handsome young guy like this and discussing the size of his cock was over the limit.

"You hesitated," said Danny.

"I was thinking" replied Elaine.

"About what?"

After a long pause and a silence that could be cut with a knife Elaine looked up slowly, licked her lips and breathed…"Your cock"

Danny leaned in close to Elaine, inhaling her sexy Chanel perfume and breathed into her ear "Do you like big men?"

Elaine could hardly breathe, never mind speak. Danny took her silence as a signal to go on. "What’s the biggest you have had?" he whispered into her ear. Elaine closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before replying. "I’ve only had one, my husband and his is five and a halve inches and pretty thick too"

"Is that it, someone as sexy as you has only tried one cock in her life, I don’t believe you" Danny squinted at her.

"It’s true, and what’s so wrong with that? I am married, faithful and don’t see anything so strange about that" Elaine murmured.

"Haven’t you ever wondered what others would be like? How some might be bigger, thicker and more pleasurable to you Elaine"


"Really, you must be one of the few women in the world who has never even wondered how a bigger cock would feel and make her feel"

"Well then I must be"

Danny leaned in closer to Elaine and rested his right arm around her waist. He breathed into her left ear and whispered "Well, would you like to see a big one tonight?"

"Where?" Elaine asked.

"Ah.. ha.. so you didn’t say no then" "For someone not so bothered you didn’t take too long to make your mind up that you wished to see the goods"

"I was just surprised to hear you make an offer like you did and I reacted by meaning…what…here?" she stammered her reply.

Well not exactly here but how about we head over to my hotel room and let you carry out your enquiries there"

"You sound like a policeman for God’s sake" said Elaine jokingly

"I am actually" replied Danny "and you are under arrest for being a beautiful, naive and very sexy lady." He smiled and grasped Elaine’s arm and said "And I am taking you to my cell for the night.

Fifteen minutes, one taxi ride and a passionate embrace in the hotel lift later, they were in Danny’s hotel room.

On their way out of the club Elaine had managed to find Katy and had told her she was going for a drink to another bar with her friend and asked her to call her on her mobile in one hour. Katy had been both a bit shocked at her friend’s leaving and also a bit intrigued that Elaine should go at all. She was also a little bit envious as Elaine headed out on what appeared to be some little adventure taking place away from home.

Elaine was now unsure of what she was doing here. This was totally alien behaviour to her and she was in flee or fight mode already after only one minute in the room. Danny was certainly acting the gentleman and no pressure was being put on her however, she was here, in a room with a young stranger, purely on the strength of a conversation about him having a large cock. She was alarmed at her own actions so far, but if truth be told her burning desire to see this specimen now she had come so far, intrigued her greatly.

"How would Madame wish to see her first big cock then?" asked Danny from across the room. He was pouring them both drinks and had his back to Elaine. "Would you like me to undress or would you like to unwrap your present yourself?" he asked seductively.

"How about you try and warm me up first Danny and we see how it goes from there" she replied.

"Here is your drink, let me put some music on, dim the lights and then why don’t you come over here and let me smell some more of that gorgeous perfume you are wearing"

Elaine walked slowly to him. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her breathing was deep and heavy. Her breasts heaved against the fabric of her bran and satin blouse and her face was flushed. Danny held out his arms and slipped them around her waist as she neared him. His lips locked straight onto hers and he tasted her lipstick and breathed in her perfume deeply.

His cock leapt in his pants and he moved one hand onto Elaine’s ass. His other moved slowly up the side of her dress and what felt like a bolt of lightning shot through Elaine as his other hand cupped her left breast and rubbed over her stiff nipple.

She moaned into Danny’s mouth as he kneaded both her ass and tit at the same time. Elaine could feel his cock between them, pressing into her thigh. She believed him to be big but she didn’t expect him to be hard immediately.

"Can you feel me Elaine?" he murmured into her mouth.

Reluctantly at first, Elaine slid her right hand down over his shirt and waistband and slowly inched her hand around to the front of his trousers. She immediately felt the swell of his cock and squeezed gently. Danny moaned in pleasure as this forty-something year old woman began to slide her hand downward over his lengthening cock.

Elaine felt the ridge down the left thigh of her newfound friend. She marvelled at the length and width of his cock through his jeans and wondered just how big this cock was that she now rubbed wantonly.

Danny’s hands continued to feel her ass and tits and Elaine’s clit throbbed. She could feel her pussy moisten as she enjoyed the moment of illicit passion.

Danny unbuttoned her blouse and began to slide it off her shoulders. He could see her sexy pink bra and hoped she was wearing matching panties. Elaine wriggled in order to help the blouse slide off her body and once it was past her shoulders she shrugged it off.

Danny turned her around so she had her back to him. He reached around and began cupping both breasts in his large hands. Elaine leaned her head back into him and Danny began kissing her throat and face as he played with her large tits. Elaine was still running her hand up and down his now fully erect but restrained cock.

"Why don’t you let me get out of these" said Danny, moving Elaine away from him briefly. He quickly stripped off his shirt, revealing a well-toned and hairless torso. As he unbuckled the belt on his jeans Elaine watched him intently. He savoured the moment as he had many times before, an older woman in wonderment before getting a view of his large cock. Down came his jeans and Elaine drew a deep rasping breath as she viewed Danny’s dark, hugging trunks and the strain they were clearly under. He quickly threw off his socks, stood upright and looking Elaine straight in the eye said, " Look what you have done to me."

"You dirty sexy bitch" he continued. "You’re loving this aren’t you? I love your big tits and by the way you were rubbing me you want my big cock don’t you Elaine? "

"I…I think so..God, I shouldn’t be doing this Danny"

"Elaine, you know you want to. You have come this far and are more than a little interested so go ahead…….take it out" commanded the young stud.

Elaine hesitated and then slowly reached for the waist of his trunks. She could still not believe the ridge running down his left thigh. It looked like a tube had been put inside his underwear. She began peeling his trunks from his waist and Danny’s erection was twitching as this lovely, married woman slowly released his throbbing cock and gigantic, full balls. Just as he loved it. Elaine used one hand to delve into his trunks to hold him whilst lifting the fabric over his swollen organ. Her hand could scarcely encircle his girth and she could feel the veins in his massive erection as it pulsed in her fingers. Suddenly he was free and he reached down and slid his briefs over his feet. Now he was naked and Elaine continued to hold him in one hand. She looked up at Danny’s face to see him smiling lewdly and whispering to her: "Big enough for you?"

"It’s huge Danny, I can’t believe how big it is"

"Just wank me for a bit Elaine, feel how you are making me throb"

Danny continued to feel Elaine’s tits through her bra as she slowly and expertly wanked his huge cock. He quickly unzipped her skirt and allowed it to slip to the floor. He slid a hand down over her stomach and into her matching pink silk knickers. He felt her soft hair and his cock jerked when he felt her shaved lips and protruding clitoris. She was extremely wet and with her legs parted he easily slipped a finger into her, gently rubbing over her clit and dipping into her sopping, married pussy.

Elaine could not believe the situation she was now in; wanking off a very handsome, young and extremely hung stud, whilst he fingered her. She knew she was turned on but even she was surprised at how wet she had become and how much more she now knew she was going to enjoy this young lover.

Danny steered them towards the bed and helped Elaine lie down on her back. "I am going to fuck you first, then we can take our time and let you enjoy yourself all night" he whispered.

He slid Elaine’s soaking panties down her hips and legs and she closed her legs to allow him to slide them off her feet. As soon as they were clear she felt her legs involuntarily spread and she was conscious of her very wet cunt being open to this stranger. A feeling she realised she absolutely loved. She could not believe how turned on she felt and how open to her young lover she felt.

She reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, allowing her large 36D tits to be free to Danny’s touch. Danny immediately bent down and took her right nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking it to full hardness. Elaine moaned deeply as he cupped her left breast and rolled her nipple around in his palm.

Without realising it Elaine began thrusting her pelvis and open cunt upwards, breathing deeply and gasping as though starved of oxygen.

Danny could feel her body moving beneath him and standing upright between her outstretched legs he took his cock in his right hand and began slowly wanking its full length. "Please" was the only word uttered from Elaine’s mouth.

"Please what" asked Danny, his eyes feasting on the writhing, married woman below him.

"Please let me feel it" replied Elaine.

"You have felt it" replied Danny, clearly teasing the now out of control wife.

"In me" she gasped "let me feel it in me" she hissed through clenched teeth; now almost at the point of delirium.

Danny edged forward to her overhanging legs and lifted each one in his hands, bending them backward slightly towards Elaine’s head. This had the effect of exposing her now dripping vulva and slightly opening her pussy lips. Her clitoris was extended and exposed. Elaine was clearly a woman on the brink of orgasm, and Danny hadn’t even touched her with his cock yet.

"You sure you are ready for this Elaine?" Danny asked her.

"Try " was her throaty reply.

Danny eased the head of his long thick cock to the outer lips of her cunt. Leaning forward slightly he marvelled at her pussy opening around him. He loved this view and was intent on taking his time to allow Elaine to get accustomed to his size. Too quick and she would feel pain and withdraw but at just the right pace she could enjoy the filling sensation he knew he brought to women.

As the first couple of inches slid in, Elaine was making deep moaning sounds, loving the experience of this strange new and very big cock.

Danny inched further into her and asked if she was OK. "God, yes Danny it feels good" she gasped as he fed her another inch. Danny now had about half of his ten inches in her and Elaine knew this was about the normal depth she was used to. Anything from now on was a huge bonus, she hoped.

Danny could feel the married pussy stretching around his cock, pulsing and grasping to accommodate the new size.

"You want to take the rest?" teased Danny.

Elaine’s reply was to splay her legs as wide as she could and reach down with her left hand and open her pussy lips around his cock. Danny marvelled at the glint of the rings on her wedding finger as she opened herself up to him.

Without thrusting but with continued forward movement Danny slid into Elaine.

He felt some resistance and recognised that he was now stretching her beyond her normal limits. Elaine moaned loudly as he sunk into her body, revelling in the new sensation of feeling full and stretched. As he pulled back and immediately slid into her again she now had about eight inches deep inside her. She wanted it all. She looked down and could see the remainder of Danny’s cock still outside her. Lewdly, licking her lips and with her front teeth clenched she hissed, "All of it, I want all of it now"

Danny eased the remaining two inches into her and held himself there. Elaine screamed as she felt his cock touch her cervix and she exploded into her first cock-induced orgasm. She was lost to the outside world as her head spun and her insides exploded and she clenched herself around this wonderful cock embedded deep in her married, faithful pussy.

Danny continued to stroke long and deep into Elaine’s spasming pussy as she experienced one orgasm after another. Soon he could feel the beginnings of his own orgasm as the excitement of fucking this beautiful married woman began to engulf him. He enjoyed the passion and excitement he had clearly unleashed in Elaine and the thought of her lustfully writhing beneath him as she milked his cock brought him to the edge of his own explosion.

"Gasping now and between short rapid breaths Danny rasped "Oh fuck, Elaine I’m gonna cum"

"Do it, fuck me deep and come with me, Oh god make me come again, please!"

As Danny stroked into her, Elaine thrust her pussy onto the full length of this wonderful new cock and they exploded together, their bodies a heaving mass of lust and orgasm.

Afterwards as they lay on the bed, Elaine marvelled at the size of Danny’s limp but still impressive cock as it lay across his thigh. She could still not believe the feelings it had elicited from her during that wonderful fuck and she knew she had experienced something almost animalistic.

Never having been one who subscribed to the "size matters" argument she was now fascinated by large cocks and asked Danny how much bigger could they be.

Danny smiled to himself knowing that yet another married woman had succumbed to his size and was hooked. "My friend is about two inches bigger than me" said Danny. "Would you like to meet him?"

Is he good looking though?" asked Elaine. She may have a new desire for large cocks but she would still like their owners to be attractive and good looking to her.

"He is 6 feet tall, muscled, short hair and has a twelve inch cock, the handsome bastard" declared Danny.

Elaine could feel her pussy begin to dampen again at the description and started to think of a way to arrange a meeting with him.

She reached down and stroked her growing clit and began to masturbate.

As Elaine strummed her engorged clitoris she exploded at the very point Danny uttered "….and he’s black"
































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