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"Operation Hookup"

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A threesome of unbelievable truth. Now what?

Amy Marie Rogers and Stephanie Potteroff were the kind of friends one does not soon forget. Ten years ago, the three of us were good friends and party buddies who all lived in the very same apartment complex. Amy and Stephanie lived in a stack of apartments near where I lived and the three of us, along with a few others, would cause a lot of mayhem at the apartment complex pool.

Some of it involved a little drunkenness, some minor flashing, but mostly a lot of beer drinking. There were pranks and hijinks, but nothing that would get anyone hurt or thrown in jail.

I lost track of Amy and Stephanie because of a job move and I had assumed each of them had moved on and married. I was right in one aspect, after reconnecting with each of them through the magic of social media. They had married, but they hadn’t really moved on.

I quickly found out both Amy and Stephanie had married, with Stephanie having a kid. I also found out that each one of them had divorced and they were each, single and willing to reconnect with myself and anyone else from our partying days ten years earlier.

I met up with Amy first. We instantly bonded and somehow, we found a deep desire for each other. I decided to try and find Stephanie, to see if perhaps the three of us could reconnect. I found her, and as luck would have it, we also found a way to reconnect in a very special way. I was happy. Then, I found out my reconnection efforts had all been in vain since Amy and Stephanie had already reconnected. I soon learned, they had stayed close friends, despite marriages and divorces.

Amy and Stephanie were crazy girls, girls who could drive guys bat-shit crazy. Both were very good looking in their very own special way. Either girl could have very easily graced the cover of Elle, Playboy or any fashion magazine.

“Do you want to do a threesome?”

Stephanie’s offer of a threesome stunned me. I had already connected with Stephanie, and Amy, separately and apart, and found them both to be off-the-charts wild when it came to bedroom activities, something I had always wished for, ten years early when we all partied together.

Lucky me, ten years of waiting had paid off very well. I had heard stories about how wild they were, but just chalked it up to the bravado of guy-talk. Now, I was about to experience the truth.

I stood in the kitchen of Stephanie’s three-bedroom house, having just completed a marathon all-nighter with her.

“Do you want to do a threesome?” Stephanie asked.

The words hung in the air. How could I say “no’? I couldn’t.

“Who with?” I asked.

“You, me and Amy,” Stephanie asked.

“Thank God you didn’t mention Terry Hancock,” I replied. Terry was one of the guys that used to hang around the apartment complex. He was the playboy of the group and proudly bragged about bagging both Stephanie and Amy and a couple of other girls who lived in our apartment community.

“Terry is dead,” Stephanie replied.

“Terry is dead?” I asked in astonishment. He was the same age as the rest of us.

“What did he die of?” I asked.

“He had a heart attack,” Stephanie replied.

“I can see why” I wryly replied. “Should I check with my heart doctor?”

Stephanie chuckled.

“Maybe so,” she replied, slipping out of her very skimpy satin robe, allowing it to drop to the floor. She had such a gorgeous body and it was all I could do to not take full advantage of everything she had to offer.




I called Amy later that day, as I lay in my bed, trying to recover from the marathon with Stephanie.

“You’ll never guess... ” I started to say.

“We have already talked,” Amy said, cutting me off mid-sentence.

“OK,” I replied.

Amy and Stepanie, unbeknownst to me had already reconnected, when they each saw that I had friended the other on my social media stream.

“Are you in on this three-way hookup?” I asked.

“Who? Me?” Amy replied.

I chuckled.

“You guys haven’t changed a bit, have you?” I rhetorically asked.

“We’re older,” Amy shot back.

“And the better for it,” I replied.

I couldn’t imagine the three of us in the same room, naked and horny. My mind was blown with the possibilities of seeing the two of them doing unspeakable things to each other and myself. I pressed Amy to find out who was the driving force behind the threesome idea. She said it was Stephanie.

“She’s the wild one,” Amy remarked. “I’m just along for the ride.”

Stephanie was indeed, according to my most recent experience, the more sexually aggressive. She knew what she wanted, and she didn’t stop until she got it and got it the way SHE wanted it.

I pressed Amy for the details on how this was going to play out. She didn’t know. All she knew was that Stephanie had asked her, about me and somehow the idea of a three-some had cropped up. What I wouldn’t give to have been a fly on the wall when that conversation took place.

I asked Amy if she wanted to meet up again before we progressed on to something more adventuresome.

“Of course,” Amy sheepishly replied. “You know that there is nothing better than just spending time with you.”

I called Stephanie to press her for details on what she might have in mind for the three of us to meet up. She said she had simply proposed it and that she hadn’t yet worked through the details. Like Amy, she said she had a few reservations since she hadn’t seen Amy in several years. And they had only recently reconnected on social media. I reassured Stephanie that Amy was the same old Amy; very outgoing, very beautiful and very sexy.

Stephanie said she had to do some thinking. She said she’d call me back in a few days. A week went by and I figured nothing was really going to happen. In the interim, Amy and I had lunch and a wild Friday afternoon that included some great sex. I was perfectly happy with the way things were, and I think Amy was as well. Stephanie, however, was going to change things up a bit.

Stephanie proposed that we all meet up at a local bar. We established an evening- a Friday night. Stephanie said she had made plans for her daughter to spend the weekend with friends, so we could all retire to her place for an after-party. I liked the after-party idea very well.

I sat at the bar waiting for Amy and Steph, a bit anxious, but otherwise OK. Amy showed up first. She was wearing thigh-high boots, a very short black mini-shirt and an untucked white button-down white shirt with a whole lot of cleavage showing. Her Hispanic good looks drew a lot of attention and she knew it.

Right behind her, was Stephanie, who was sporting a fantastic looking off-the-shoulder, very cute and very sexy looking black sequined cocktail dress. Like Amy, she had no issue with showing off her massive 38dds.

“Oh, wow!” Stephanie exclaimed as she saw Amy and the two of them hugged.

“You look so great!” Amy replied, taking a step back while clasping Stephanie’s hands.

“I've gained a few pounds,” Stephanie replied.

“You look so fantastic!” Amy swooned, as she looked at Stephanie.

“You’re not looking bad yourself,” Stephanie replied.

We sat and shared a few drinks, chit-chatting about old times and make remembrances. The DJ cranked up the music and I asked Amy if she’d like to dance.

“Only if Steph joins us,” Amy replied.

So the three of us made out way on to the dance floor, which quickly became crowded with other club patrons. Dancing was something the three of always had in common and something we each enjoyed. I felt like I was in heaven with the two hottest ladies on the dance floor.

We danced and danced and danced. Amy loved to show off her ass and had no problems with Stephanie hiking up her mini shirt to grab a butt-check of ass on several occasions and Stephanie apparently had no issues with Amy’s dirty dancing and returning the favors and neither of them had any issues with openly groping me on the dance floor. I thought for sure that someone from the club was going to confront the three of us about our very open groping, but fortunately, we remained safe.

Somewhere, around midnight, Stephanie suggested that we retire to her place. I checked with the club manager to see if our cars would be OK in the parking lot, if we left them there. He reassured me that it happens all the time. So, the three of piled into the back seat of a cab, with me in the middle.

I’m sure the cab driver thought we were the most-crude people in the world, as I had to keep saying, “Stop. Wait. No. Stop it.”

By the time we got to Steph’s place, Amy was pantiless and so was Stephanie, each deciding to leave their panties as gifts given to the Middle-Eastern cabbie. I was extremely horny. Relief couldn’t come fast enough.

Once in the house, Stephanie quickly shed her cocktail dress and her heels. Amy collapsed on to the couch, as did I. Stephanie didn’t waste any time, stepping between Amy’s legs and kneeling down in front of her. She pushed Amy’s mini-skirt up and immediately plunged head first between Amy’s legs. Amy grabbed Stephanie’s head and held it in place between her spread legs, feigning an orgasm as Stephanie inspected Amy’s crotch.

I laughed.

Amy looked over at me and chuckled.

“Get naked,” she instructed. “You aren’t going to get lucky with your clothes on.”

Stephanie stripped Amy of her clothes as I shed mine. In an instant, the only thing Amy was wearing were her thigh-high black boots. I sat back down on the couch, totally naked and watched as Stephanie pleasured Amy in unspeakable terms. This was way cooler than watching any porno movie. I sat there with my stiffy in my hand, hoping I could keep it under control while watching these two very lovely ladies pleasuring each other. It was crazy.

Amy ended up on her back, and Stephanie was between her legs, eating away at Amy’s pussy. Stephanie’s golden love box was pointed right at me. I could see moisture droplets that had formed on the dark pink folds of her vagina. I slipped a lone finger along the folds and then slowly inserted it into her very warm and moist pussy. Stephanie didn’t even break stride. She was singularly focused on Amy.

So I stood up and slipped the head of my cock up to Stephanie’s love box and gently along the outer darker bands of Stephanie’s pussy. She still didn’t seem to care, so I slowly inserted my cock into Stephanie’s pussy. This elicited a reaction from Stephanie. She moaned softly, her head still buried between Amy’s spread legs.

I pushed all the way in, as I held on to Stephanie’s hips. I slowly moved in and out, since she was a tight fit, but the fit became much easier as I increased the speed at which I worked my cock band forth in her pussy.

Stephanie looked up at Amy, her mouth open, deep guttural sounds coming from her as I pounded her from behind. Amy used her fingers to feverishly work at Amy’s pussy, driving Amy into a state of oblivion. Amy balled up her fists and shook violently as the first of several orgasms ricocheted through her.

I unloaded inside of Stephanie, who climaxed at about the same time, shaking uncontrollably and beating on the couch beside Amy with a balled-up fist. Stephanie fell to the floor beside the couch. I thrust myself on to Amy and attempted to shove my still hard cock into her pussy.

There was no way I could nut again, but I figured I’d give whatever I had left to her. She was tight, tighter than Stephanie, even though Stephanie had primed her for a good five minutes or so. I pulled out and apologized.

I dropped to my knees and took over where Stephanie had left off, pushing my tongue on to her hooded clit, licking and then sucking on it. Amy grabbed my head and held it in place.

“Don’t stop!” she pleaded. I didn’t plan to.

Stephanie wiggled her way over to where I was pleasuring Amy and began to fondle my manhood. I had lost a little stiffness, but Stephanie kept me going, slipping her mouth around my cock. I’m guessing she didn’t mind the taste of her own juices by the way she cleaned me up.

Amy shuddered.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed, an alert to the flood that followed. She quickly apologized. I sat back, my face covered in her juices. Stephanie grabbed my shirt and I used it to wipe my face, as Amy held her hands over her own face in startled embarrassment.

“Now that was different,” I said.

Amy was very apologetic. I reassured her there was no need to apologize. The three of us sat there for the longest time, absorbing the unbridled passionate exchanges in our very own ways. Amy extended her arm and hand off the couch towards Stephanie who lay totally naked on her back, looking up at the ceiling.

Stephanie made her way on to the couch as Amy repositioned herself. The two of them lay intertwined beside each other. I slipped closer to the couch and leaned up against it, stretching out my legs. I leaned back and looked at Amy and Stephanie.

“Y’all are crazy,” I said.

“You too,” Stephanie replied. “I’m still feeling you inside of me.”

At some point, the three of us ended up completely naked and laying in Stephanie’s bed. I watched and listened to Stephanie and Amy as they continued their sinful and very delightful activities. Stephanie continued to work on me until I secured another good erection. Amy became the recipient of my next deposit, as Stephanie looked on.

Sometime around 3 am, I dozed off, because the last time I remember looking at the nightstand clock, it read 2:50 AM and both Stephanie and Amy were toying with my manhood.

I woke up to a beam of sunlight slipping in past the Venetian blinds. Amy was curled up beside me, her head resting on my shoulder, a hand on my chest and a leg thrown over mine. Stephanie was curled up behind Amy, who was sandwiched between Steph and me. I stared at the ceiling for the longest time, unsure if what I was feeling was true, or perhaps, a dream. The sunlight beaming in through the crack in the blinds assured me everything very real.

I slipped out of the bed and emptied my bladder. I turned on the shower and stepped in, to clean off. My entire body ached. The shower door opened. It was Stephanie. She smiled and asked if she could join me. I wasn’t going to say no.

We stood and kissed for the longest time. Suddenly, the shower door opened again. Amy stood totally naked looking at Stephanie and me.

“Come on guys,” she pleaded. “Don’t leave me out.”

It was a very small shower stall, but we made do.

I am writing this, as I sit, naked at Stephanie’s computer. Amy and Steph are on the bed. I think the rest of this story will have to wait for later...


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