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Part 1 of my mother in law experience

A story featuring my mother in law and her friend.

Today was like any other day, it was relatively warm and sunny and my wife had said that her parents had wanted an odd job doing in their spare bedroom. I often did little jobs for my wife's parents as her father was away most of the time with his job so didn't get time to do things around the house. My wife would be at work all day so I thought I'd go around when I wanted, if no one was in it wouldn't matter, I had my own key to let myself in and I knew the alam code.
As early afternoon was approaching I decided to go over there. When I arrived I parked up outside and walked up the drive. I noticed Helen's (my mother in law) car was not on the drive so I got my key and put in it in the door, however to my surprise the door wasn't locked. My first thought was a theif was inside so I crept in, locked the door behind me; I thought to myself this guy is not getting away easily. I went through the living room, nobody there, then went upstairs. When upstairs I heard voices coming from my mother in laws bedroom. I crept over and looked through the small gap that had been left in the door as it was not closed properly. To my astonishment I saw my mother in law was actually in today and was sat on her bed talking to her friend who is of a similar age (early fifties) called Susan.
For some reason I didn't announce I was there, I just sat outside the bedroom watching them talk through the gap that had been left. I started listening to the conversation which seemed to be about clothes. Helen was saying she didn't like how she looked in most of her clothes and how it was difficult to get bra's to fit her. Helen was extremely curvy and a little plump but nothing excessive. Susan was saying things like don't be daft you have some lovely clothes and from what I can see your bra seems to fit fine.
"Anyway" Susan said "most people would love to have a pair like yours" looking down towards her chest.
Helen said "it's not like yours are small"
Susan then did soemthing which left my a bit gobsmacked, she reached over as each of them sat on the bed and said "yeah but yours are so firm for such large breasts" as she took each breast in each of her hands and gave them a light squeeze.
Helen seemed a little shocked as she backed off slighlty blushing.
"Sorry if I crossed a boundary" Susan said
"No" replied Helen "it's just not every day a friend feels my breasts"
"Oh ok, it's just I feel women should be comfortable with each other"
"I think I am" said Helen
Susan then gave Helen a little smile and told her if she was so comfortable to actually show her, her breasts.
Helen gave a confused look
"errr" is all she could manage before Susan starting removing her own top
As her top fell to the floor behind her I found that I couldn't stop staring at her black lacy bra.
Susan reached round her back to unclip her bra but before she did she asked Helen if she wanted to see her breasts
"Uh...err.." is all Helen could mange in this strange situation
"If you want to see them" Susan said "just say"
To my amazement I heard Helen utter the words "okay then"
As she said this Susan unclipped her bra and put it on the side. My gaze was fixed on her breasts which were quite large, milky white like the rest of her skin and nipples which were a total of around two inches across. Her breasts looked amazing for her age, they didn't sag too much and her nipples pointed straight ahead and were slightly erect. As I took notice of Susans slight erect nipples I noticed my slight erectiness in my boxer shorts, but that didn't matter, I just kept watching.
Helen was also looking at Susans breasts which hung in the air quite nicely. "Do you want to feel them" Susan asked, but before Helen could reply Susan took Helens's hands and placed them on her naked breasts and moved them around. Susan then took her hands off and Helen was feeling her breasts on her own. She moved to her nipples and carressed them gently between different fingers.
Susan leaned forward and said "i think it's only fair that I see yours as well" as she said this she unbuttoned the dress Helen was wearing and it dropped off her shoulders. Susan also unclipped her bra letting her breasts spring free. Her breasts looked amazing, they were very large but didn't sag despite this and Helens age. They were darker in skin tone then Susans and the nipples were larger at about three inches in diameter. Susan began feeling them and caressing them softly as Helen had now stopped feeling her breasts. Helen had a look of content on her face and was slightly biting her bottom lip. I couldn't believe she was enjoing it. Susan then get more carried away and licked, kissed and sucked all over Helens breasts as both women let out soft moans. Susan backed away slighlty then, Helen looked at her confused. "Don't worry" Susan said "I'm not stopping"
In saying that she pushed Helen softly back so she was lying on her back. Susan then removed her dress that was bunched around her legs and threw it to the floor.
From my vantage point I could see perfectly and as I looked between Helens legs I noticed that Susan had also removed her knickers. I couldn't beleive I was now looking at my mother in laws pussy. It was nice and plump with a covering of hair above it which disapated the further south in went. Susan stared at it as she moved her face closer. When she got very close I heard her give it a little sniff. Then I saw her tongue leave her mouth and make contact with Helens pussy lips. She gave a moan and Susan proceded to lick her cunt up and down. I could see that Helen was soaking in no time as Susan then went to working licking and sucking her clit. I could see every stroke of Susans tongue against Helens clit who's moans seemed to coincide with the licks.
Then Susan moved away, I don't whether Helen had had an orgasm but Susan moved on her back removing her black lacy knickers. I saw her pussy then which was completely bald and looked so soft and smooth, glistening with how wet Susan was.
Helen moved between her legs and went to work commenting on her smooth pussy; Susan ran her fingers through Helens hair as she gave the same treatment she has just received.
From the poistion they were in now I could not see in as much detail so I began wondering how each of those amazing looking pussys would taste on my lips. As I thought this I lost balance and stumbled in the room. Minutes seem to pass in my head as I knew the situation was bad. I steadied myself for a second as each woman sprang up and grabbed the bed sheets trying to cover themselves with a look of disbelif on their faces.
"How long have you been there" Helen said
"what does it matter, he's obviously seen what we've been doing" Susan said
I didn't know what to do or say as each woman kept saying things to me and each other. I caught sight of Helens left breast which she hadn't covered properly. It looked fantastic poking out from the side of the bed sheet she held in front of her.
Helen voice then said "are you going to tell Natalie and Micheal." I brought my head up, Natalie was my wife and her daughter, Micheal was my father in law and her husband. Before I could say anything Susan said "of course he's not gonna tell his wife and father in law he watched us get naked and give each other oral pleasure". I was now looking at Susans breasts as she didn't hold the sheet that close to her body "well are you" she aimed at me
"" i manged.
Helen still looked worried but Susan was looking less worried now. "Anyway I bet he enjoyed it" Susan said half smiling now.
She looked at me and I had a feeling she could sense the massive erection I had in my jeans. "did you enjoy it then" she continued. I didn't know what to say so didn't say anything.
Then Susan said "if you won't speak I know something that won't lie" and she grabbed the front of my jeans feeling the erection I had beneath
"Uhhm" she said "seems like you really enjoyed it"
I didn't know what to do as in grasping the front of my jeans she had let her sheet go and i could see her in all her naked splendor. Before I knew what was going on she had undone my jeans.
"what are you doing" Helen said, shocked at what was going on.
"I want to see it" Susan replied
In that my jeans were undone and as she grabbed my boxer shorts my hard cock sprung free. Susan grasped it immediatly saying "wow, this is a beautiful big dick" I also heard Helen gasp a little as she made no disguise in that she was looking at my cock standing tall in the grasp of Susans hand. Her soft hand felt good against my warm cock.
Susan said to me if I liked what I had seen her doing to Helens pussy. I nodded.
Then she looked at me in a seductive manner and drew my cock towards her mouth. I felt her lips slide half way down my shaft. It felt great. She came back up slowly and it left her mouth with a popping sound, With that she was then back on my cock sucking and licking the whole length with a hunger and skill I had not come across before. Her warm mouth felt great against my cock as the tip of my cock explored the back of her throat. She then removed it from her mouth and offered it to my mother in law.
Helen refused, she looked uncomfotable now. I kicked off all my lower clothes as Susan said "come on Helen, this is a gorgeous cock, it tastes wonderful" with that she gave it another lick and grabbed Helens hand and put it on my cock. To my surprise Helen did not remove her hand.
"Kiss it" Susan said
To my amazement she did!
She then began to stroke it softly before taking the head into her mouth slowly licking her tongue back and forth whilst sucking the head. After this happended for a couple of minutes Susan said to me "if you want, more show her"
Knowing that right now I wanted my mother in laws lips around my cock up to the base i grabbed the back of her head and gently pulled her towards me feeling her lips slide down my shaft until they were around the thickest part of the base. Then she sucked in such a manner that I was in heaven, she sucked it so well, better than my wife can do it. After that Susan, obviously turned on hurriedly removed Helen from in front of me and spread Helens legs so she could suck her pussy some more, which she did with a feverish passion. As she did this she postioned herself in a kneeling position on the end of the bed exposing her moist bald pussy to me. I took off my shirt and wasted no time positioning my cock at Susans gleaming pussy hole. I slowly penetrated her pussy which was fairly tight and gripped my cock like a vice as I pushed in futher feeling her juices leave her pussy and drip over my cock and down my balls. When I had pushed my cock the whole way in I left it their a minute so Susan could accomodate my size; I then grasped her by her curvy hips that were accentuated by her kneeling position and I starting to fuck her good and hard. My cock was like a steam train powering into her pussy. She was still fairly tight to say she was so wet. With every thrust I saw my thick cock disappear into Susans tight pinkhole whilst my balls slapped against her and my body made her ass jiggle ever so slightly. As I was doing this I could hear Helen moaning as Susan was giving her pussy a good seeing to with her mouth. Susan was also moaning, but they were somewhat muffled by Helens pussy.

All of a sudden I felt Susans pussy began to tighten even more and she said "oh my god I'm gonna fucking come, oh yeah fuck my pussy, I want to cum all over your cock"
I kept pummeling her cunt as it flexed around my cock then I felt Susan cum as she screamed "Oh shit! Fuck, Fuck, ohh...."
She came so much my cock was soaking with her juices. When her pussy had stopped twitching she pulled herself off my length. I was a bit annoyed as I hadn't got to cum. However what I didn't realise is that Susan had different plans. She grabbed Helens legs and spread them as far apart as she could and said to me "come on, you know you want to fuck you mother in laws sweet wet pussy" I though to myself, I'd be lying if I said I didn't.
Helen lay there and her eyes just said, come and fuck me!
I got on the bed and positioned myself between Helens legs. Her eyes were fixed on me in a loving manner. I took my cock in my hand and began stroking along the outside of Helens wet cunt. This felt so good that I couldn't wait to be inside my mother in law. I aimed my cock at her awaiting pussy and shoved it in in one swift movement of my hips. Susan had began to massage her own clit as she watched us.
I then began to piston in and out of Helens pussy with such a force that the moaning she did I though she was going to cum straight away. I fucked her so hard I thought I was going to force my way through her. Her cunt felt so good against my cock with her pussy lips stroking and gripping my shaft as it slid in and out of her sweet pink hole. I also moved my head down and sucked and kissed eah of her luscious breast for a minute or two focusing on her large beautiful nipples.
As I fucked Helens brains out I could feel my own orgasm arriving, as was Helens. Her screams of extacsy fueled my orgasm even more. I began to pump my warm love juice into her pussy filling it and shooting more into her womb. As this was going on Helen was cumming as well her own juices mixing with mine as her pussy gripped my cock refusing to let go until it had received every last drop. As my balls emptied into my mother in law her pussy gripped and gripped my dick until every drop of my semen had been emptied into her, her cunt effectively milking me dry. I withdrew my cock and slumped on the bed next to Helen with Susan at the otherside of me. I looked at my cock shinning in the light with all the juices on it. I couldn't beleived what pleasure it had brought to these two women - and myself.

After laying there for a few minutes, Susan leaned over me and sank her lips over my cock evidently wanting to clean it for me. I was only too pleased to let her. She licked and sucked it until it was clean and was now shinning with her saliva.

After we got dressed I did the little job in the spare bedroom and returned home. When I arrived home I smiled to myself. What an afternoon!  

Part 2 will arive soon


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