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Part 3 of my mother in law experience

the third installment

Helen had phoned me early this morning. To be honest I was half expecting it, my wife had just gone on one of her business trips and I knew that her husand/ my father in law was away on work. Seeing this was the first time we were both free since our last encounter I was gagging for some sex. I had had sex with my wife before she went away, but ever since my mother in law and I had started fucking a few week ago, anything I did with my wife was just to keep her happy. My true pleasure came from Helen.

When she called I had expected her to ask me to come over as soon as possible. However she mentioned there was a problem, her other daughter was at home and would be in all day. I told her my place was free. I knew from her response she was expecting me to say that. And with that she told me she would be over shortly.

There was a knock at the door so I answered it. It was Helen, "Come in" I said with a cheeky smile on my face. As she stepped into the hall way I asked if she wanted anything to drink or a bite to eat "you're eager" she replied with a grin on her face. I didn't say anything, I felt a bit embarrassed. "Don't worry" she said "I was only only joking. You know, inuendo"
"How about in-your-endo" I replied with my cheeky grin.
She smiled back, then started she to walk towards the stairs and said "enough chat, let's go have some fun." I wasn't going to say no to that, so I followed her upstairs to the bedroom.

I walked into the room to see Helen laying on the bed, it looked so inviting. I layed down next to her and we began to kiss. Her lips so soft against my own as our tongues danced together. I reached around her as we lay on our sides and grabbed her bum I massaged and rubbed it gently. It felt really nice through the thin dress Helen was wearing. Although she wasn't the thinest of women, her slightly chubby frame turned me on. As I stroked her hand I forced her dress to ride up a little exposing her bum. I now felt her warm skin against my hand as well as the fabric of her lacy underwear. I reached under her knickers are stroked the top of her butt crack. As we contind to kiss and Helen felt the bulge under my shorts and reached one of her hands down the front of them and grasped my cock. She slowly began to stroke it. I took my hand from underneath her knickers and up her back. I unclasped hr bra and with some awkward movements removed it completely and threw it on the floor. Then I pulled her dress down off her shoulders a little exposing her large breasts with slightly erect, large nipples. I began to kis the tops of her huge breasts and Helen angled herself slightly differently so I had easier access to them. I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked it. I licked it with my tongue and kissed it. As I was doing this Helen grunted in pleasure and I reached my hand down to her knickers and began to remove them. One of Helen's hands joined mine and helped me remove them completely. I placed my hand on her totally bare ass and began to move my hand over it and feeling the contours and how it stuck out compared to her lower back. I stroked her crack moving my hand only a fraction in either direction. I was in heaven, my hand on my mother in laws curvacious ass whilst one of her nipples was filling my mouth.

I moved my hand across her crack a little more moving closer th little brown badge. She seemed to flinch ever so slightly but that could have due to the pleasure she was receiving from my mouth wrapped around her nipple. I began stroking more freely on her ass focusing on her crack. I moved my middle finger over her anus and the stroked it gently. She shuffled around as I did that. As she did this her nipple pulled out of my mouth and she said "I'm not sure I feel comfortable with you touching my butt hole"
"Oh ok" I said "I didn't really think about it"
"Anyway" Helen said "I think your mouth was..."She trailed off and I began work on her breast again concentrating on her right nipple which was quite hard by now.
I moved my head away from her chest for a second and removed my t-shirt. Helen began tugging at my shorts and they were round my ankles in no time. I kicked them off and the fell off the end of the bed. I then reached for Helens dress and pulled it up over her head and tossed it to the side. We were both now naked and I had to take a moment to look at Helens full womenly body. I found it amazing. We embraced each other and began to kiss passionatly I reached my hand to one of her breasts and carressed it softly.

After a few minutes Helen turned me round so I was on my back. She moved her head down towards my naked cock that was tall and erect. As she did this, one of her legs came sweeping over my body leaving her ass and freshly shaving cunt around ten inches from my face. I felt her mouth engulf my entire penis slowly until her lips were stretched around the base. I loved that Helen could take my entire cock in her mouth - I had never known anyone who could manage this until her. As she continued to suck my dick I put my both hands on her butt and slowly pulled her gorgeous looking cunt towards my face. As it came closer I could see that she was already a bit wet. As her pussy lips came into contact with my mouth I could almost feel the electricity run through her body as she seemed to tense for a fraction of a second and her mouth clasped more firmly around my cock as her lips slid up and down my shaft which was slick were her saliva.
I worked the outside of her pussy running my tongue along her lips before poking into them and pushing them apart so I could lick the full length of her exposed pink pussy. My tongue darted into her hole in quick bursts before I licked her clit with such expertise and passion. My mother in law was in heaven. She stopped sucking my cock to totally concentrate on the extreme pleasure she was receiving from my mouth and she sat back a little so she was basically sat on my face. I was loving this just as much as Helen was, my tongue explored so deep inside her pink hole I thought I may even be licking the inside of her womb (although doubtful) Because she was sat on my face her now soaked pussy was forced onto and into mouth. I licked and sucked feverously until she screamed so loud in pure extacsy. She moaned long and loud and seemingly bursting as her tasty honey flowed out of her onto my face. I swallowed it greedily. I remembered how good she tasted from last time. When she seemed to stopping flowing I pushed my mouth and tongue inside her pinkness to make sure there was none of her juice that would go to waste. I had expected her to lift her self from my face but she didn't. I wasn't going to complain so I kept licking her amazingly soft, hair free pussy. I worked her clit relentlessly as the minutes passed. Helen began to moan again, "Oh shit, oh yeah, i'm gonna, i'm gonna..." she seemed to trail off as another orgasm erupted from her pussy. She came over my face again but not as much as the first time.

As she was still sat on my face and grabbed her on top of her hips forcing her pussy to stay pushed against my mouth so I could contine my 'tongue and mouth enslaught' on her pussy. Eventually an orgasm seemed to take over her body every couple of moments.

Eventually I decided that she must be exhausted from what seemed like so many / multiple orgasms. We laid on our sides facing each other unable to talk. Apparently Helen was wanting me to have some pleasure as she moved her body down the bed so her face was next to my cock. She took my cock in her mouth and began sucking the whole thing in a sort of relaxed fashion. I was in heaven just laying down and relaxing whilst my mother in law gave me a nice slow blowjob. She was obviously willing to do this for a long time as she kept going and going as the minutes passed. As she was going so slow it wasn't too intensly stimulating meaning I could last for ages without the overwhelming feeling coming over me. However she starting sucking more vigourously and turned me on my back, her had bobbing up and down in a rythmic fashion on my hard dick. I could see as I peered down that her lips were wrapped around perfectly, and my cock was becoming slicker and slicker from her saliva and her lips moved over my cock and a smooth and amazing fashion. All of a sudden she got up and onto me quickly positioning her pink hole directly over my cock before sitting down diretly on it. My cock slid into her warm hole with ease, probably due to her saliva acting as a lubricant. I could feel her pussy quickly stretch to accomodate my length and girth. She began to bounce up on and down, riding my cock with skill. My cock slammed into fully everytime she descended. My mother in law was moaning continuously as she rode my cock. Having her fuck me with her on top felt amazing; her pussy stretched wide with her outer lips sliding up and down the entire shaft gripping it firmly. I grabbed her hips and started meeting her motions, thrusting my cock hard into her. Helen was moaning and shouting so loudly and I was grunting as I slammed harder and harder into her pussy. I felt ready to expode as I heard Helen scream as another orgasm erupted over her naked body. Her cunt spasmed gripping my cock even tighter. My cock went into overdrive smashing into that orgasming cunt until my balls exploded and hot cum spewed from my dick into my mother in laws pussy, shooting far into her womb.
After our orgasms had subsided Helen removed herself from on top of me. She sat on the bed. I looked down to her reddened pussy. I could see my semen had begun to drip out of her. Helen followed my gaze to her oozing pussy. She wiped a bit with her fingers and licked it off. Then she said "mind if I use your bathroom, I think I should clean myself up"
"I'll join you" I replied as we both got up and went to the bathroom. Helen got in the shower and used the nozzle to quickly clean and freshen up most of her body whislt I cleaned my dick from the accumulated juices. I rinsed it then dried it. Helen got out of the shower and dried herself with a towel which was already in there. She went back into my bedroom and layed on the bed. I layed next to her ad we gazed at each other. "Can I ask you something"  she said
"Am a good...well, am I a good fuck"
I kind of laughed when she had said it "Helen. You are the best goddamn sex I have ever had. You are amazing."
"Thanks" she said "OK then next question, what do you like best about my body"
"Well" I started "I have to say all of it, I like your big beautiful boobs and large nipples I like your pussy, especially around my..." I began to laugh "I also like your cute curvy ass"
Helen smiled and layed down a little more.
"So are you an ass man" she said
"Well I like your ass...a lot if thats what you mean"
She was layed on her front looking at me. I looked down to where her ass curved outwards.
"You ever had anal" she asked after a long pause.
I hadn't "No" I said. "Why you ask"
"It's just that earlier you seemed to want to poke my ass hole when you were feeling my bum. You ever tried anal" Helen asked. She genuinly seemed to want to know.
"Well a little, but nothing ever came of it. The girl always got nervous"
Helen chuckled and motioned for me to hug her. I fell into her arms and wrapped mine around hers. We stayed like that for a while content with each other.
My hands were just by the top of Helens bum so I thought I would get myself a feel. I loved its smoothness and and softness. Helen began moving as though she was uncomfotable. When she finished shufling I noticd my hand was by her butt hole. I kept my hand still as I didn't want to startle her. However she began to move her hips so that her ass crack was rubbing on my hand and just brushing her anus. I kept my hand where it was and thought I would respond. I stoked her ass crack then stroked her little hole purposfully in small circular motions and a little pressure. I began playing with her ass hole and pussy. Her pussy had gotten wet pretty fast so I knew she was enjoing this attention. I inserted a finger into her vagina and removed it. I could feel the warm dampness on my finger and I began rubbing it on my mother in laws ass hole. I applied a little more pressure so my finger was a few millimetres into her ass. I wiggled my finger and it crept in a little further. When her ass seemed comfortable with my middle finger in it up to the first small knuckle I removed and reinserted it again and again slowly. Everytime it getting a little easier. I moved back to her now soaking pussy for some of her natural lubricant for my finger. I moved it back to her ass and applied the pressure to her anus. It slipped in again and this time went a little further. I heard Helen whipser what sounded like a moan of pain and pleasure. I applied a little more pressure and then released it. I began fingering her ass hole slowly only gowing into it a small amount.
I wanted to progress more so I got Helen onto her knees bent over with her head still on the pillow. I looked down at her as I knelt behind her. I could see her little brown badge not looking quite so tight and her pussy that was amazingly wet. I grasped my now erect cock and thrust it into her pussy in one movement. I felt her gasp and her whole pussy stretching to acomodate my huge cock in her little pink hole. I only moved my cock slowly inside her. I worked my finger more on her anus gowing deeping inside and moving it more and more  till I could tell her anus had definatly loosened up a little. I tried two fingers which eventually got in a fair way. I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as I did this. I fucked her ass hole a little bit with the two fingers as much as I could. I spat on her anus for more lubricant and worked my fingers harder. I took my penis from her cunt and rubbed it aginst her brown badge. I applied some pressure and my cock head slowing went in but no further. I took my cock and slammed it back in her cunt. I spat on my hand and her anus. I rubbed her ass then stuck some finger straight into her ass and tried working her ass hole some more, stretching it for its eventual occupant. Helen was releasing low moans as I worked her pussy and ass with more fevour. I got my cock and from her pussy and slapped against her anus before pushing the tip against it. I spat on her hole again for more lube and I watched as I managed to get the entire head of my penis into her ass. I pushed again and again my head appearing and dissapearing into her ass. I tried pushing further but thought it would hurt too much. Totally horny I worked her ass with my fingers using her pussy juice and my saliva as lubricant then swiftly I grabbed my penis pushed into her beautiful ass until around half of it dissappeared into her beautiful brown badge. I moved it in and out to loosen her more. I pushed and pushed. Finally I looked down and I could see her ass hole stretched around the base of my dick as it was all the way in. I moved in and out slowly as she was still really tight. I asked if it was ok or if it was uncomfortable. She replied tentatively that it was ok and rather nice. As I moved it in and out I could feel the tension in her hole decrease until I totally removed my penis to see her stretched hole and then push in one movement into her ass and bury my cock in her. Then I began. I started to fuck her ass with my big cock. I grasped her smooth curvacious hips as I pounded my cock into her butt hole over and over. I loved the different sensation it gave from her vagina. It was tighter and the interior walls gave a different sensation to her pussy. They were less spongy and her sphincter muscle which aimed to keep her anus closed gripped my dick has I ploughed her ass. As I continued to fuck my mothers in laws ass hole, I watched as my stomach slapped against her ass cheeks as I my cock dissapeared into her tight brown hole; her ass would giggle a little everytime I did this.
I was now grunting hard ass I continue to pummel Helens beautiful brown hole, I loved the combined sound of the slapping of my balls and stomach against Helens pussy and ass and the increasing volume of her moans. I was in pure extacsy as my cock pounded in and out of my mother in laws ass hole.
I didn't know how pleasurable this would be for Helen but her screams and moans told me she thought it felt pretty fucking good. Her moans became louder and more vocal.
"Oh, oh, oh.....ohhhhh shit" she said "Oh..ohhh yeahhhh.."
I could feel my balls tightening, I wanted badly to blow in her ass.
"Fuck my ass...oh yeahhh, yeah...cum in my ass.....oh shitttt"
Helen had orgasmed from me butt fucking her. I felt the sweet juice from her pussy soak my balls and run down my leg. I totally let go, fucking her ass harder then I had ever fucked before (or so it felt) until my balls emptied into my mother in laws ass hole. After my long orgasm I left my cock inside Helens ass as, we both calmed down from our explosive orgasms. Helen looked round at me, her face a little red and flushed. "That was amazing" She said "We'll definatly be doing that again".
"Definatly" I replied.
My dick began to loose its hardness and the tightness of Helens ass began forcing it out. It eventually flopped out with along with some cum. I watched as Helens stretched entrance filled with my cum being pushed out of her ass. She quickly got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself. I wiped my dick on a spare towel I had lying around.
Helen came back in the room shaking her head at me
"What wrong" I asked
A smile came across her face "we fuck damn well together don't we" she said
I laughed a little thinking how right she was.
"We should have started this a long time ago" she contined "we have a lot of catching up to do. I feel like a need you cock all the time"
"And I want your body all the time" I replied
"We need to take a break together somewhere" she said
"What! I don't think we could get away with that. What would we tell Natalie and Micheal"
"I'm sure we could manufacture something" Helen replied "we could just go away somewhere on the coast or something - I want more than just half a day or so here and there to have you. I want a full weekend or more to have you and your cock all to my self so I can do as I wish."
"Think you can handle that much of me do you" I replied with a cheeky grin on my warm face.
Helen smiled back and said "lets organise it"
"OK!" I replied as she jumped on me.

Helen and I spent the rest of the time we had not wasting it. We fucked 'normally' twice again before she had to go. We decided that we would  secretly organise a coastal trip for us to be totally alone on...!

The Holiday part of the story will follow in due time!


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