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Patsy, Plus Size Everything.

Patsy, Plus Size Everything.

What Patsy and I did...
I’d always liked the plus size woman. My first lover, the one who initiated me into the joys of sex, and taught me more than I ever thought possible, was frankly fat, but I loved it. I’d had skinny lovers, of course, but those whose frames had a good covering always turned me on more.

So when I walked into my local pub that fateful Friday, little did I expect that my life was just about to change. I met with my friends most Fridays, and they were there before me, Fred of the hangdog look on a short lease from his nagging scrawny wife, and Jim, the middle aged wannabe playboy of the western world, whose successes were limited to Doreen the faded blonde barmaid. I was single again, for the third time, my previous wives having mostly been dumped because they wanted kids, or better houses, or cars or weekends away, whereas what I wanted, I had come to realise, was a sex partner, who let me live my life as I wanted to, and for her to live hers as she wanted as well.

A bit selfish? Maybe, but that was what I was looking for, and going through quite a few women on my search. She had to be around somewhere, I fervently believed that, she just had to be.

We’d had a couple of pints when the door was thrown open and a gaggle of women burst in, giggling on their high pointed heels and low saggy tops. Everyone looked up, of course, as they tottered to the bar, and ordered their drinks. They knew we were all watching, and that was when I saw her. Patsy. I can’t imagine how I missed seeing her when they first came in, but she was gorgeous, about 5ft 8, shapely, and at least a 22 dress size.

Well, so after the usual eyeing up had taken place, we got to talking, she and me. She’d had a few, as had I, so there wasn’t any false modesty. She knew what she wanted, and so did I, and it wasn’t long before I was showing her into my flat.

Our first kiss was a sloppy wet affair, tongues slapping on and tonsil exploring. Nice. We hardly broke for air, as our clothes got stripped off, and naked I led her into the bedroom, and we rolled onto the bed. Once again there was hardly time for the preliminaries, and I pushed my hard cock deep into her sopping pussy, as I held her hands above her head and fucked her until she’d cum twice and then together on her third time.

She then smiled, kissed me soft and long, and then just turned on her side, curled into me, and went to sleep. Okay, so she was here for the night, not a problem.

I woke through a dream in which my body was leaking, and being drawn into something undefined but nice. Opening my eyes, I realised it was Patsy, under the duvet, kneeling around my legs and with my cock deep in her mouth. She had a good mouth and virtually no gag reflex, so my length got past her tonsils in record time, and she held me deep there, milking me with her throat, until I gave her what she wanted, a drenching of white sticky cum.

“Mmmm……breakfast…..mmmm,” she laughed, as my cum dribbled down her chin.

She came back up into my arms, and once again curled into me, her plump bum pushed hard against my rejuvenating cock, queening me until it was hard again, and then slid her leg up and back over mine.

“Fuck my ass, please," she asked, trying to do it demurely, but totally failing, which had us laughing.

I needed to second asking, but slid my cock along her, gaining some of our stickiness from last night, and using that as a lube to push increasingly deeply against and through her asshole. She was tight and so fucking hot, and clearly wasn’t any anal virgin, as she knew what to do, as did I, and we surprisingly came together.

She stayed the weekend, and we got to know each other better, both sexually and personally. In some ways, those two things couldn’t be unlinked. She didn’t just like sex, she went out of her way to push her enjoyment to the limits. I told her of my search for my ideal partner, and that seemed to go down okay wither. There was none of the slight dismay when I told her that I had seen in so many other women. She just said okay, and we fucked again, and experimented further.

Her nipples were amazing and though I didn’t really have the proper toys, when I bound them with elastic bands, and tightened them, she shook with a long slow orgasm, that was just a pleasure to watch. Her plumpness was a delight, round full ass cheeks, and pussy lips that felt like the most succulent steaks as I sucked them, and a clit that pushed its way through them when fuly aroused, which for most of the weekend it was. An utter delight.

On the Sunday evening, she asked if I had any films we could watch. I was at first just a tad uncertain, but when I opened my dvd cabinet, she pulled out one and I knew that I had chosen the right cabinet, not the general release one.

We settled down on the sofa, and switched on. I don’t know if she knew what was on the one she had chosen, but it was a series of short videos, starting with oral, mostly blowjob, and a couple of pussy licking, then moving on through straight sex, to anal, and then to some light bdsm stuff. You know the sort, tying up, slapping tits and ass, with either the woman or the man in charge.

During the first set, she’d slid down to the floor and was gently masturbating me, occasionally turning away from the screen to suck me deep, and keep me well moistened.

By the time we got to the anal, she was riding me reverse cowgirl, her round ass split by my long hard cock, and just rocking gently, giving herself pleasure but not going over the top.

Half way through one of the restraint scenes, she pressed pause, and asked me if I had some rope. I did, of course, nice soft silky rope, which she stroked when I presented it to her, her eyes gleaming.

“Just like that,” she said.

And just like that, the scene on the dvd, it was. Hands tied behind her back, Hogtied and spread on the floor. And just asking to be fucked, which I did, in each hole, telling her not to cum as she neared it, with my hard smacks to her tits and bum leaving red marks on that succulent flesh. Delicious.

The scene ended when I did, moving from her ass to her wanting and demanding mouth, filling it deep, stuffing my balls in as well, leaving her gasping as I flooded her. My orgasm released hers, and I felt her groan through my cock as her body shook against the ropes. She was mine to do whatever I wanted, and her eyes told me that anything was okay.

Which it certainly was.

We’d got on to the section in the video where there were ladyboys and men and women shagging and being shagged, all ways. Within the limits of technology, we simulated all of it. Just as well I like my prostate being stimulated, and of course she loved being multiple filled, especially with a dildo down her throat, and a vibrating strap on in her pussy, with me in her ass. Not that we did all that there and then, there is a limit to my prowess, and recovery. There was as well to Patsy’s, though not much! But that and more, just let your imagination roam, objects, vegetables, all were used to our mutual pleasure.

She is mine, as I am hers, we share a house, we share sex, but our daily lives are our own.

Perfect. I knew she would be, and she is, a plus size woman for plus sized sex.

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