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Patti Visits The Nudist Mobile Home Park: Chapters 1 & 2

Patti knew the pair of lifeguards wanted to share her and it seemed like a good idea to her.

In the first place, even Patti would have to admit that she had no idea the appointment to do an in-home massage was inside a nudist mobile home park. She only knew it was called Gulf Side Sunny Acres and that the woman who placed the call sounded like she was a senior citizen with a need for relief for a bad back and other issues with her knees and lower calves.

She was not entirely certain that the sign at the entrance included the word “Nudist” but there was no doubt in her mind when she walked into the rental office and came face to face with no less than a dozen entirely naked people of varying sizes and shapes all busy doing everyday activities with no thought about anything the least bit related to sex or improper behavior.

Patti felt totally out of place with her short shorts and her bandana styled top that left no doubt her little twin bumps were succulent nipples in need of a firm hand to bring them into perky attention for possible sins of the flesh.

“Excuse me Sir; I am looking for Ms. Lolita Golightly. She told me on the phone that she was in Unit 69.”

The almost completely bald older man behind the counter looked up and frowned when he saw a decent looking young woman actually wearing clothes. This was despite the rules and regulations posted prominently at the front entrance in one-inch black ink letters expressly prohibiting visitors from conducting business inside the gate whilst clothed.

Patti had absolutely no idea for his obvious hostility because she seldom paid any attention to silly things like signs and warnings because her one-track mind was focused on getting her nervous fingers into some stranger’s skin and listen to their moans of sheer delight when she hit a nice spot. It was the perfect job for Patti because she tended to get off on the simple act of touching strange flesh and it didn’t matter to her if it was a man or a female or someone in between.

The sight of the remaining nude residents sprawled on the cliché lounge chairs was burned into her memory bank like pornographic shots in a men’s magazine. For some strange reason, her curiosity was drawn to inspecting the female snatches to see if the older women let their hair grow wild in bushy untended growth or if they used some sort of tool, like a razor or even wax, to remove their lower extremity hair for a hairless exhibition.

She noticed that some of the women were in between, with little neatly tended landing strips or simply tended gardens inviting eager fingers to explore the nooks and crannies of their private parts; with no preference to wading through deep jungles or rubbing hairless skin in sensitive feminine areas. It was impossible to research their anal entryways because most of them had rolling curves of flesh hiding the puckered rims and still tight sphincters they retained even in advanced years.

She thought of her own pampered pussy with its hairless entrance.

Patti liked it that way because she was certain most men were inclined to turn down the opportunity to eat her for dessert if her hair was growing wild and woolly way down yonder. As for her sensitive sphincter, she had not as yet had the pleasure of any person adventurous enough to test her tightness with a tender touch of a tentative tongue flicking every which way but deep inside where the sun don’t shine.

Now, that was a fact you could take to the bank and be certain it was safe except in the event of a nuclear explosion which was less likely than simply getting robbed by gangsters looking for booty.

“She was pulling your leg if she said she was in unit 69. She is in 22B directly facing the pool area and spends most of her time drinking margaritas and smoking those damn cigarettes in her backyard. Stupid woman is going to start a fire for sure one night with a glass still in her hand and her snoring to beat the band.”

Patti saw several of the men perk up at the mention of 69 and knew instinctively they all had the dirtiest of minds just like their younger counterparts. Still, she felt that little start of a tingle down below and she wondered what she had gotten into by thinking she could do an outcall massage in a nudist colony and not expect some measure of sexual innuendo.

Her problem was that all of the naked skin had her severely agitated and her fingers were itching to get moving and sample some of the curves and nicely tanned extremities all around her. She followed the manager’s directions and tried her best not to look at his huge erection when he came from behind the counter. He saw her looking with a guilty smile and he told her,

“Can’t help it, happens whenever I see a nice-looking broad wearing clothes. If you were naked like the rest of us, I wouldn’t get it up without lots of help and maybe a little blue pill.”

The sight of so many swinging dicks walking to the pool area had her pussy all upset and confused about exactly she was doing in such a place in the middle of the day. The fun-loving Lolita was in her backyard just as the manager had predicted and her generously proportioned ass cheeks rose like twin peaks of pleasure absorbing the power of the sun even though her sunscreen was applied with liberal intent, since skin cancer was uppermost on the mind of most of the nude practitioners.

“Come on in, honey, don’t you look all sexy with all those clothes on. You better get rid of most of that or these old farts will be all over you like stink on shit.”

Patti nervously shed her clothes and only kept her tiny Brazilian thong and thin sports bra on because she was still guilty of displaying her well-toned figure completely naked in front of strangers. It would be different if she was on top of a massage table face down and legs spread for the hands of a fellow massage artist taking care of all her needy nooks and crannies.

Lolita was already nude and face down on the lounge chair.

Patti ran her nervous fingers down the older woman’s spine and found the texture of her skin was soft and yielding to her touch. She had noticed that the sign out front had indicated the mobile home park was for residents “fifty-five and older” and she gauged Lolita’s age to be in the vicinity of sixty. Still, she had the skin of a thirty-year-old and followed the same format as Patti in removing all her lower body hair both in front and in the rear where men like a hairless playing field.

Of course, she also took care of her legs and under her arms as well and it was evident she wanted to be in prime time for putting stiffness in men’s members when it really counted. Her boobs were not yet sagging but it was evident that time was close at hand. Her still heart-shaped succulent backside was firmly packed and as bouncy as a college girl’s posterior package. She must have been a hot number in college because she still had that expert’s way of lifting her hips to get into position for a good hard tumble.

“Would you mind using my special blend of skin cream, honey? I got it on a Mediterranean cruise and it positively makes my skin glow ten years younger.”

Patti laughed at the older woman’s frankness. The woman was not wearing any make-up but her face was still stunning with her high cheekbones and her cute, turned up nose that looked like she was brimming over with naughty inclinations waiting for the right man to come along and push the right buttons. She tried to imagine the woman on her knees and taking a thick dick between her ruby red lips and she knew the oversexed female would have a smile on her face the entire time.

She concentrated on her back muscles and even worked her ribcage with deep pressure to loosen her torso up. It surprised her when Lolita reached back with her hand and pulled her fingers down to her heated crack sitting patiently waiting for some special attention.

“Do me right there, baby. That’s where mama likes it best of all. I don’t mind if you get a little rough with me. I deserve it for being a greedy cunt that wants your fingers all over me and finding out all the secrets of my tightness and my wetness and all the rest. It makes me cum just thinking about it.”

Patti worked her middle finger into the clenched sphincter and found that it was already lubricated with some sort of oil just waiting for her skilled touch. The older woman took the entire length of her longest finger and reached back to spread her ass cheeks wider for Patti’s access.

She got the message immediately and switched to two fingers up inside at the same time bringing a groan of appreciation from the lips of the senior citizen. Patti knew from experience that most females had a problem in taking multiple fingers up their most sensitive opening much less the thickness of a male rod designed for long-term pounding.

She brought her hand up to her nostrils and inhaled the essence of musky odor from the anally obsessed woman. Actually, she found the scent stimulating and resumed her rectal probing only this time she used three fingers in a troika of demanding presence. Lolita’s groans were changing into panting whimpers and it sounded to her like one of her regular clients on the verge of falling into a convulsive shudder of release that would make them unable to continue until they had recovered enough to take the reality of her fingers in all their sensitive spots.

Patti spied two heads peeking over the head high wall directly behind them. One was male and the other female. They seemed fascinated by her control of the submissive woman and they both started to smile when she spanked the nudist female’s nicely padded bottom with firm heavy handed blows that sounded obscenely punishing in the excitement of the moment.

Lolita’s cheeks were as red as a stop sign now and she was sobbing without pause with each and every blow. If she had known it would be this kind of massage, Patti would have taken her strap-on device and she would already be riding the woman’s heart-shaped buttocks. It was a treat that she only reserved for her steady customers that begged her for a hard pounding and no mercy until they fell into that point of no return and shuddering climax.

All she could do was to spank as hard as possible and use her fingers to bring the older woman off right in front of her nosey neighbors. Lolita was making little braying sounds now sounding almost like a jackass objecting to the load on her back.

As soon as the nudist lady got her trigger pulled, Patti pushed her head up and removed her Brazilian thong so she could receive the appreciative tongue right in her happy hole and up high on top of her quivering clit to allow her to get her reciprocal release of happy ending juices into the satisfied woman’s wide open mouth.

The couple on the other side of the fence disappeared and the sound of their noisy coupling brought a smile of amusement to Patti’s face. She knew her job was complete when she could get the ones that liked to watch into active participation no matter how silly they looked humping like bunny rabbits right out in the open.

Patti patted the older woman on the top of her head and got a wipe from her bag to clean her mouth and lips. They kissed like lovers, but both knew there was no love in the moment, only an appreciation for the magic of the satisfying coupling. She vowed that the next time she would bring her strap-on to test the woman’s resolve in taking whatever she dished out to her. 






Patti remembered her last visit to the nudist park for an outcall with the female senior citizen. It had been an educational assignment and she had learned a great deal from watching the actions and attitudes of the naked people around her. Of course, she was used to naked clients stretched out and waiting for her busy hands on a daily basis.

She delivered both in-call and out-call massages in the beach area and had built up a sizable clientele over the past few years. It seemed strange to her that most of her clients were female because she would have thought the female customers would be looking for male massage artists to relax their tired muscles and shattered nerves.

It also surprised her that most of the women in the nudist colony were looking for massages with happy endings without any sense of shame at all. She sort of expected it from the male clients and had a great technique for stroking hard erections and getting results in the shortest time possible.

The females were a different story with their layered needs for release that usually included a lengthy period of oral stimulation to get their juices flowing properly. She generally met their demands with graceful dignity but insisted they return the favor before they got up off the top of the table.

This assignment was for a couple in need of full body work. They had asked for thirty minutes each and she only charged them the going rate for a one-hour session with a single client.

The man’s name was David and he apologetically explained that he and Harriet were not married but they were close friends and it almost felt like they were married most of the time. It certainly didn’t make any difference to her because she was in a great relationship with a married man for the past two years and had no intentions of giving up his wonderful cock just because some other woman had her name tattooed on his left butt cheek.

Patti was of the opinion that Harriet was quite well-preserved for a woman of almost sixty-nine. Her tits were sagging a bit but that was not detrimental at all to satisfying guys looking to suck nipples or even getting really kinky with a little bit of titty-fucking.

Her ass was well-padded, but most guys kind of liked wrapping their thighs around a nice heart-shaped twin-cheeked bouncy female bottom and age made no difference when you were staring at that beautiful crack with the crinkled star in the center for a bulls-eye target.

She had witnessed Harriet up close and personal getting it hot and heavy from a truck driver that must have weighed three hundred pounds, if he weighed an ounce. The guy was one of those macho types that liked to slap a girl’s backside even as he was poking her fast and furious. She had encountered a few of them in her short sexual span of adventure, but tended to avoid them because they always left her feeling a bit dirty in a way that was more of a downer than a source of excitement.

Harriet’s significant other, David, was a darling of a fuck-buddy because he constantly inquired if all was satisfactory with his feminine copulation partner. The first few times he did that with her, she almost died from embarrassment, because she was used to much rougher treatment from her earlier bed partners.  She estimated his age at about early-sixties, but he was remarkably in good shape due to daily swimming in the Olympic sized swimming pool and using the exercise machines in the well-equipped resident work-out room. 

She noticed that the residents generally tended to keep themselves in better fit shape than most of the young people her own age because they must have had this overall fear that they would not live as long as they should because they neglected their bodies. Pattie had discovered that the older people were physically fit and primed for sexual activity at the drop of a hat.

She surmised it might be due to their belief that it was not wise to pass up a single opportunity at intercourse because it might be their last taste of the apple before they headed to their reward in the skies.

One thing that was missing in the nudist mobile home park was the variety of pets she was used to in her old neighborhood where they almost outnumbered the house dwellers and definitely were a lot noisier.

Harriet, David and she went to a party at the home of one of the younger residents. Her name was Sheri and she had just recently passed fifty-five, the minimum age required for residency in the nudist mobile home park. Just like many of the other residents, she was divorced and she made no bones about the fact that she was happily divorced because her ex was a complete prick.

It was Harriet’s friend, Doris that told her about how this petite youngster had surrendered her body to an organized gangbang that included the crestfallen David and half of the naked men on their street.  Her swiftness in agreeing was primarily due to her long-repressed fantasy of hauling a train of horny men lined up and waiting for a shot at her plump little ass.

The women seemed to bask in the mention of how humiliated the men had made the newcomer feel as they took their wet turns on her rump. They seemed to enjoy making nasty comments on her shortcomings in the appeal of her pretty pussy and the attraction of her tight little rear door star.

In her particular case, her backside was so appealing that she had to take a fair share of actual ass pounding in this initiation rite for the new residents in totally unrestrained fashion. Patti was glad she did not have to undergo this rite of passage reserved for newcomers because she was not an actual resident, but merely a guest of Harriet and David.

After midnight, most of the residents of the nudist mobile home park congregated down in the pool area and watched their exhibitionist neighbors coupling in the darkened waters of the pool. They were shouting and laughing like teenagers at play doing kinky business under the surface of the water. Harriet dared Patti to take David on from behind so all her neighbors could see how virile and manly David was even with girls young enough to be his daughter.

Patti had to admit it was exciting but she was not all that enthusiastic about the under the water humping because it was hard to get the kind of tingle she needed to have a proper orgasm. Of course, she hid that from the spectators and pretended that David’s cock buried in the submerged pussy was the perfect ending for a day of fun and games.

One of the young guys that the club had hired as a lifeguard jumped in after David was all tuckered out and replaced him with a pre-emptive capture of Patti’s bouncing buttocks and all he asked in a mocking shout of victory was a simple question.

“Ass or pussy, babe?”

The rude question was directed at her with several snickers from the nude females within hearing distance.

It was so presumptive that it forced her to laugh as she replied, “Do them both, honey, if you are of a mind to try them for comparison.”

The watchers within hearing distance all laughed at the lighthearted chatter and quieted down to hear Patti’s groans from the young life guard’s vigorous pounding. Some of the older women invited their partners to couple them from the rear as they watched the spectacle and the sight of so many submerged fucking twosomes made it look like some ritualistic exercise routine in a class for perfecting the shape of the female ass.

It seemed to Patti that the lifeguard was able to stretch her sphincter more easily under the water and she wondered if it had anything to do with the difference in pressure. The fact that everyone was stark naked made the coupling exercises easy to initiate and there was no mess or fuss about bathing costumes or searching for a condom in the hedonistic moment.

Patti was happy that she had the morning after pill and she figured most of the women were already past that point in the nubile cycle that they had to worry about begetting a child just fooling around underwater in the poorly lit pool after midnight.

The lifeguard slipped away in the dark after gifting her with a nice deposit in her front and rear doors and she was just about to get out of the pool when the legally blind Mister Henderson fumbled into her and apologized for his mistake. Patti didn’t mind it at all because he was leading with his eight inch dick sticking out right in front of him and she had the thing sliding between her legs like a wild snake looking for cover.

She opened her legs wider and he just naturally gyrated into her pussy like she had a cock magnet implanted in the region of her vagina. He was advanced in years, but what he lacked in youthful vitality, he made up for with his skilled fucking technique that brought most women to a swift and satisfying orgasm with a memorable tingle that stayed with them for some time afterward.

Her pool antics had Patti ready to hit the sack and she rolled into bed with Harriet and David right behind her. It didn’t bother her that they were all together under the thin, expensive Egyptian cotton sheets. She just did her best to give the both of them those parts of her female assets that they wanted to touch or taste as the desire hit their core of corrupted urges that made her complicit in every movement and implied promise hidden in her bedroom eyes.

Afterward, she settled down in front of the television set and tried not to hear the loud sounds from the bedroom. David was spanking the fully cooperative Harriet with a whiffle ball paddle that was unusually effective despite its ultralight weight.

She watched the contestants for the Miss Florida pageant parade across the stage wearing thin fabric bikinis that were cut up so high in the back that the cameramen were under strict instructions to only photograph the young beauties from the waist up when panning from behind.

The studio audience was gasping from the display of naked flesh twisting and turning only a few feet from their comfortable seats. Patti could only imagine what the viewers at home would do if they could see so many beautiful heart-shaped backsides bouncing up and down like grapefruits in a bowl of jelly. When she saw them looking over their shoulders, she knew they had the impression the shots of their pretty asses were being beamed all over America, but the censors back in Studio City were so worried about the FCC rulings that they took away the only visual  scenery that really mattered.

Probably when they retired, they would all wind up in a similar nudist facility for over fifty-five residents and they could give out free towels at the pool.

A light knock on the trailer door caught her attention and she peeked out the little circular peephole to see a pair of the muscular lifeguards standing there looking around sheepishly and hoping the other nearby residents were not amused at their after midnight booty call.

Of course, they both were stark naked and they blended into the general image of the nudist mobile home park according to the written rules of conduct. Unlike most of the other permanent male residents over the age of fifty-five walking around with soft shafts between their legs, the younger men had impressive rock hard dicks sticking out like calling cards under the light of the moon.

Patti moaned on the other side of the door and cracked it open to ask them what they wanted.

It was sort of silly because one only had to look down below their waists and see the solid evidence of their intentions in making such a late night excursion to the last mobile home on the left at the end of Happy Ending Lane. All of the street signs in the neatly laid out mobile home park were purposely suggestive for inside the park consumption.

The actual streets were quite conventional for post office use with sensible labels like Avenue A and Avenue B but the residents were all happy with their funny little names like Happy Ending Lane, Backseat Circle, or Rear Door Highway.

“I am afraid David and Harriet are already tucked away in bed. I can make you some coffee if you like. They told me that you like Harriet’s cookies and gobble them up like college boys at a party.”

The well-built young men followed her back to the kitchen and she was fully aware that they both had their eyes glued to her rolling buttocks that presented a delectable taste treat for pussy eating ass addicts.

“We both take it hot and sweet, little lady, and while it is perking, we can save some time if you bend over the table and let us take some turns on that pretty backside you are packing back there.”

It was so crude that Patti was forced to giggle and roll her hips in their direction.

However, when she saw the desperate hunger in their eyes, Patti realized they were probably hot for some young pussy after day in and day out humping of over the hill females with loose pussy lips. If nothing else, she had often been told by satisfied boyfriends that she had the tightest pussy ever felt and it was a source of pride to her to take a gentleman friend onboard for the first time just to hear that wonderful compliment.

The tall one was called Bruce and she secretly named him Bruce the Brute because he was so terribly rough in pressing her down on the tabletop and spanked her ass so hard that she was certain his fingerprints would be visible for the entire next week. The other one that was not as handsome and had a nose that appeared to have been broken on more than one occasion.

He gently tapped her lips with his hard bullet head and she opened her mouth to take him inside whilst Bruce was finishing up his pounding exercises on her rear end. Fortunately, young Harry was only average sized in the length department and she was not subjected to gagging like she grown accustomed to with the super, Mister Kominsky, with his undisciplined twelve-inch Polish sausage.

Sometimes, when she was late with the rent money, she mollified the man with her widespread knees and listened to him talk to her in his native tongue. She generally just smiled and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world to be spitted by his impressive cock and subjected to a lecture in a language she did not understand at all.

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