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Peek A Boo

He wanted to play peek a boo
I met this gorgeous Algerian guy online. I knew right away what he wanted because I had played this game before. I did not want to get naked for him and have him walk out of my life. He kept hinting that he had needs. "NO." I said staring into the webcam. I was shaking. I wanted to keep him, but to do that would mean to give him some kind of free freak show that I didn't want to do. We argued on skype and it was over.

I went outside turned the A.C. on in my car and I was shaking. I was very upset. I had lost someone I loved months ago. My marriage was comfortable, but my husband just didn't treat me the way I wanted or needed.

Could I get naked on the webcam again? Could I deal with this again. I knew in the end he would dump me. I had gotten my self respect back and here it was again another guy begging and hinting for free thrills to jerk off to.

I went back in the house and I looked in the mirror. At 40 I was the most beautiful I had ever been. I had never thought highly of my looks, but I did resemble a famous movie star with dark hair and violet eyes.

I put on my lac see through nightie and lined my eyes with black liner. I looked like Cleopatra. I waited for my prey. I was angry and hungry to turn him on and vowed after that he would never see me again.

I texted him and in a few minutes he appeared online. When I opened my cam he saw me in the black lace nightie and he smiled.

"Miss me?" I asked and he lay on his bed his dark eyes glaring at me thousands of miles away and from the miles away I had so much control.

I lay down too and he was spying my breasts I licked my lips at him and moaned softly.

"Why are you doing this to me baby?" He asked me.

"I want you." I say and I stand up and begin to sway back and fourth to music that doesn't exsist.

He was rubbing his crotch. It was so simple. I hadn't done this in two years. I told myself to stop feeling guilty and just enjoy the moment. I leaned into the camera kissing the air and sucking my index finger. 

He pulled down his pants and revealed the huge cock I had imagined. He began to stroke it and close his eyes for a minute.

These men were so easy to say they love you online, then block you when they are done. I lay down lifting my nightie over my head. The room was dimly lit. I secretly wished he was with me because he was beautiful and tall and big and hard.

I got on my knees and stuck my ass in the camera. I shook it and laughed then lay down on my back. I lifted the webcam and brought it close to my nipples then wet my finger and traced it around one.

"OHHHHHH!" He moaned. 

"You happy honey?" I asked him and stared into the webcam at the young man who was touching himself and staring at me.

"I want you so bad. I want you..." He sounded as if he was in pain. I didn't want to touch myself, because part of me fought that. I kept watching him however and finally became turned on and touched the wet part of me that needed real life loving. We played until we both came.

"You won't see me again." I said dramatically to the gorgeous brown eyed guy who had just came for me thousands of miles away.

"Why?" He asked me and I kissed him on the screen. I turned off the lap top and went to soak in the tub, hoping that someday I could bring him to his knees again.

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