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Perfect Strangers

With that thought he fell asleep dreaming of Sharleen.
After seeing a photo of Sharleen on a network channel, Jay could not get her out of his mind. She was beautiful. He was a lover of good women and saw them as pieces of art. She was the best; nice composition with a lovely facial angle. He loved her radiant smile. Ted so much wanted to meet her in person. All he had to do was make contact; he knew he had to make the first move.

One night after work he went home. After shutting off his computer much later, he still could not get her off his mind. He had this attraction to mature women. They had a kind of beauty hidden inside, they were seductive but very comfortable in their bodies.

With thoughts of her becoming more than a stranger, he fell asleep dreaming of Sharleen.

He dreamt that she went with him to a friend's game farm. They were in the same chalet but different rooms, for obvious reasons. One evening after coming back from a night game drive, Jay was discussing something with Jack. Sharleen excused herself to go and shower.

After he finished chatting to Jack he went to his room, passing her door and hearing her shower. He went to his room, showered and wrapped a towel around his waist. Walking into his bedroom he noticed the mosquito net on his bed was open, though he was certain it had been closed when he went to shower. Approaching the bed he noticed she was lying in it, a sheet draped over her work of art.

Sharleen called him over to her. He came closer, the droplets of moisture from the shower forming little rivers down Jay's smooth, naked chest. She sat up, sliding the sheet off and revealing her naked body to him. She knelt on the bed in front of him and pushed her lips hard against his, passionately kissing him as they ran their hands over each other's naked torsos.

She lay back, pulling him down onto her, kissing him furiously as he gently lay his body down on her, kissing her, moving his lips down onto her neck and throat while his fingertips gently stroked her body. Then he ran his lips and the tip of his tongue down her chest.

She felt the very tip of his tongue running across her now tingling skin, across her breast to her nipples. His tongue slowly circled her nipple, stopping every now and then to kiss her. Changing from one nipple to the other, massaging her breasts with his hands, he gently took her nipple between his teeth, licking the tip as he increased the pressure on it with his teeth until she gasped with pleasure.

Jay then ran the tip of his tongue back to the center of her chest, then slowly licked down across her skin, along her stomach, delicately circling her belly button. Then further down still flicking his tongue, his lips caressed their way down across her tummy. She felt his hot breath against her delicacy; his lips brushed over her smooth pubic area and his lips and tongue moved down to her inner thighs.

He ran his mouth down her leg, to the inside of her knee, caressing every inch of her naked skin. She felt his lips and tongue go down further still; across her calves, down her ankles, all the way to her foot before crossing over to her other foot. Slowly, gently, he started to move his lips and tongue up the other leg, up her ankles, up her calves. The tip of his tongue caressed the inside of her knee before moving up her inner thigh, approaching the target. His hands gently spread her legs apart.

Once again she felt his hot breath against her pussy, his lips stopping millimetres away from her pubic area. She could feel the tip of his tongue sliding delicately between her pussy lips, barely between them as he started to slid it up and down between them. Keeping minimal penetration, he started up and down, until he tasted her juices on his tongue.

He moved up to her clitoris slowly circling it. Very slowly at first with the tip of his tongue, then faster and increasing the pressure of his tongue. Jay started to lick her harder, running the length of his tongue across her clitoris, covering her pussy lips with his lips. Every now and then he slid his tongue into her. She started to moan as he licked her. Sharleen’s hands moved up his neck, gently pulling his face into her welcoming moisture.

She moaned louder as he continued licking her. She lifted her knees, placing her feet on the small of his back, lifting her pelvis to meet his mouth. She moaned even louder as her fingers ran through his hair. He felt her body start to shake as her orgasm approached. She grabbed his hair, pulling his face into her pussy; as she orgasmed he slid his tongue deep inside her, relishing her juices.

She pushed him over onto his back and pulled off his towel, revealing his thick hard, throbbing cock. She placed a foot on either side of his hips, straddling him as she took the rock hard shaft in her hand. She guided it into her welcoming pussy as she slowly lowered herself onto him.

She lowered herself inch by inch, making him feel the slide into her, her tight pussy gripping the thick, hard shaft of his cock like a warm, wet, velvet glove. After what felt like an eternity he was fully inside her and she started to slowly move up and down, sliding his hard cock in and out of her.

Sharleen felt his cock stretching her each time she lowered herself, impaling herself on his shaft. She started to ride him harder as she placed her hands on his chest and rammed herself down on him. Simultaneously he thrust his pelvis against her, thrusting deep into her.

She started fucking him harder and harder, digging her nails into his chest as she moaned loudly. She grabbed his hips with one hand, pulling his pelvis up to her pace, wanting him even deeper.

He felt her body start to shake again. As she orgasmed her pussy tightened around the shaft of his cock and she moaned loudly. This drove him over the edge. She felt his cock start to throb and pulsate inside her as he pumped his thick hot cum deep inside of her. She fell forward on his chest and lay there, his flaccid cock somehow still inside her until they fell asleep.

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