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Portland House: Chapter Four

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors' House

Jean was pregnant. She hadn't told Paul, but she and May had gone to Ann’s Professor where the tests were carried out. Everyone was happy, especially Pam who was over the moon. Ann too was delighted. Paul was also pleased as both Ann and Jean were very intelligent women. Both would make excellent mothers. Ann had a long chat with Paul, and they had agreed that their child would have the Portland surname. Ann and May were so happy about this, as their name would now be carried on to the next generation.

Ann then suggested that Paul, Pam and Jean have dinner with her tonight. They all agreed and thanked her. Paul knew that it would be a good night as he knew that Ann was horny and Jean and Pam were always horny. Pam also had that glint in her eye which Paul knew so well. Pam was horny, and they both knew it. Paul excused himself as he still had four films to edit as he wanted them online tonight. His phone beeped; he had a WhatsApp message from Pam which read, “Darling, do me last tonight. I want you in every hole. I want to finish you off in my mouth. It will make a great film. I will get Ann and Jean to film it. I'm so hungry for you.”

Paul replied saying that it was a good idea and that after he had finished editing he would set up the cameras and lighting. He also said that they would use a Slo-mo when he came in her mouth. He completed his editing then set up the cameras. They sat in the lounge. Paul and Pam were the only ones drinking. Jean suggested doing a film with Pam and Paul with her telling them that she was pregnant. Then Paul fucks her first then she leaves and then the film with Pam. Ann then suggested that the first film with her would be her showing her bump and that she wanted to be fucked.

Over dinner, Pam and Jean told them that they had several clients, who were all widows, but two of them were sisters and spinsters that wanted to take suites in the house. They were all clients who had funds in their Asset Management Company. There were in total eight of them. The two spinsters were fifty and fifty-two; they were the youngest of the new group, but both had very high sexual drives. Pam said, “Ann, you and Paul have vast sums of money invested in our Management Company. We handle greater sums of money with these eight ladies. All eight of them love sex. With every one of them, the highlight of their day is watching what films we have uploaded. It is in all our interests to look after them, as I'm sure that there will be many more in the future.”

After dinner, they started filming. Ann was wonderful. Her bump was visible and also her tits were noticeably more massive. Paul sat on a chair and Ann went on top. For the next twenty minutes, she gave Paul a fantastic ride. Every movement was sexy. She talked dirty nonstop for the twenty minutes. It was an excellent film, very hot but filled with love. Ann trembled when she orgasmed. The ending was superb as Ann’s love juices were caught in Slo-mo coming out of her wet pussy lips.

Pam then suggested that Jean should tell Paul that she was pregnant and that she was so horny for his hard rod. This would allow Ann and her to do the filming. Jean was very horny when she took his hard shaft into her mouth. She could taste Ann’s sweet cum as she took the full length in her mouth. He was fingering her hot wet pussy; he sensed that she was ready for him. He sat in an armchair and Jean rubbed the swollen tip of his hard cock against her clitoris. With one thrust from Jean, he was home. She had a very noisy orgasm fifteen minutes later.

They kissed tenderly, then Pam said, “This will be a wonderful film, I got so many great shots in; Paul, you will enjoy editing this one. I'm so horny now. I get so hot when I watch you fuck other women. When the other woman is my daughter, that arouses me. Let me taste Jean’s cum.”

She then went down on him and licked his hard rod clean. Ann and Jean were now filming with Ann directing. Ann was very subtle in her suggestions. She had an excellent imagination and soon had Pam doing very erotic things with her voluptuous body. She got Pam to sit in the armchair with her legs closed as she brought her left nipple to her mouth. She then licked and sucked her hard nipple. Then she opened her legs to reveal her swollen vulva with her juicy lips sparkling with moisture. With the index and middle finger of her right hand, she opened her pussy lips. Her enormous clitoris then popped out. Paul knelt in front of her as he started to suck and play with her clitoris as he finger fucked her.

For the next thirty minutes, he fucked her in both holes. Pam had so many orgasms that she lost count. She was very loud and noisy. Jean and Ann had exceptional Slo-mo pictures. Paul kept pounding away as Pam was moaning with pleasure. They were both enjoying it. They knew that they were both giving each other pleasure. Paul felt that he was ready to squirt. He pulled out, and Pam took the first squirt in her mouth. She held it there then took his cock out of her mouth and aimed his cock at her beautiful boobies. Paul sprayed all over them then she brought him back in her mouth and sucked the last of his juices out of his cock.


Things were starting to move at a pace now. There were now three cooks in the kitchen. The food was excellent and wholesome. There were now twelve suites operational. All the residents circulated together. Paul was busy with the films, which were proving very popular. There were now more than four million yearly subscribers. May had set up her green bracelet, which signified that the wearer was clean. May had told Paul that all the residents were very active, but there was a lot of discretion. 

Paul had just finished editing today's five films when his phone beeped. He had a message from Mrs Carter, who was in Suite Twenty. Her message read; “Mr Reid, please let me introduce myself. I'm Mrs Carter, and I reside in Suite Twenty. I'm so sorry to disturb you at this time but I ordered a new television, and it will be delivered and installed tomorrow. Unfortunately, I won't be here tomorrow until later in the afternoon. Would it be possible if you could oversee the installation tomorrow? If this is possible, then I would appreciate a quick meeting with you this evening so that I can inform you where I would prefer it to be installed. If this is suitable, then please message me at a time that suits you. Regards, Mrs Carter.”

Paul replied saying he would be there in ten minutes. Paul had never spoken with Mrs Carter but had seen her on several occasions. She was a tall, attractive woman. She was curvaceous, full-bosomed. To say that she was well-upholstered was a very accurate statement. Ann and May both liked her as she spoke her mind. Paul arrived at her door. He knocked on the door, and she opened the door and invited him in. She was wearing a tight white blouse which made her boobies look enormous. She was also wearing leggings which outlined her swollen vulva perfectly. 

She offered Paul a glass of champagne which he accepted. They then sat in the lounge where there was a sixty-inch flat screen television mounted on the wall. Mrs Carter said, “Thank you, Mr Reid, for coming so promptly. I was in Jenkins store last weekend, and I saw this amazing television. It was expensive, but I just adored the quality of the picture and the depth of the Bose sound system. I fell in love with it and ordered it. I was told that it would be two weeks before delivery. This afternoon I received a call saying that they had it now in stock and could install it tomorrow, and if that wasn't suitable, then I would have to wait for two weeks. I appreciate that you will do this for me.”

Paul replied, “That's a wonderful television that you have. Have you traded it in against the new one?”

She replied, “Mr Reid, you will think that I'm a silly woman, but I am not. Occasionally I do things on impulse. To be honest, I enjoy watching your films on a large HD television. This new television will greatly increase the pleasure that I get from viewing your films. No, I didn't trade it in. May I suggest that I believe that the lounge area of the Spa would be enhanced if you had this television there? It's yours if you want it.”

Paul noticed that both her nipples were now hard, they looked big. Paul replied, “I agree with you that the television would be great in that area, but please let us buy it from you. It would be too generous just to give it to us.”

She replied, “I can be a very generous woman Mr Reid, I like to be discreet. I will be honest with you. I'm very attracted to you physically, and I believe that you are attracted to my boobies. I have a very high sexual drive. I am clean. We both wear our green armbands. I feel very safe here. I will refer to you as Mr Reid and would appreciate it if you referred to me as Mrs Carter. Notwithstanding this formality in our lives, I love to be very intimate sexually. Are you comfortable with this?”

Paul smiled then replied, “I'm very discreet. I am also comfortable with what you suggest. I also love your curves. When we are in private I would like to refer to you as Curvy; are you comfortable with that?”

She smiled then took him in her arms and kissed him passionately on the lips. Their hands were everywhere. Within a minute they were both naked. Curvy had an excellent body. Her breasts were massive and didn't sag. She had a slim waist. Her legs were long and strong. She was very graceful in her movements.

Paul was playing and sucking her hard nipples as Curvy played with his hard shaft. She had a very delicate touch, but she knew when to apply pressure to give more pleasure. She then squeezed the bulbous tip of his hard cock; there was a little pre-cum there. With a flick of her tongue, she had it in her mouth. She kissed him with her tongue deep in his mouth. She said, “I like it when you call me Curvy. Your cum tastes sweet. Let's sixty-nine. I love my big clitoris sucked.”

He got her into a position where he had access to her smooth swollen vulva and her ass. He spread her wet pussy lips open and out popped her big hooded clit. It was the size of a thick thumb. It was as big as Pam and Joy's. He gently tongued her clit as she pushed her wet pussy against his mouth. She had spread her legs wide open, allowing him excellent access. He then took her clit into his warm mouth and started sucking it like a little cock as he finger fucked her with three fingers. She was very wet now, and he was unsure how many orgasms she had had. She often trembled, and he could feel and taste the warmth and sweetness of her cum. She was fantastic with her tongue and fingers as she sucked his hard cock. She was taking the full length in her mouth and enjoying every inch of it.

They continued with their sixty-nine for the next fifteen minutes. Paul had prepared her well. He has slipped two fingers into her ass. She had said, “Tonight, darling, I want you in my cunt. If you stay the night with me, you can ass fuck me in the morning. It's been a long time since I have had a cock. I have never had one as big as yours. Would you like Curvy to ride you tonight?”

He then sat on the armchair. She squatted over him, rubbing his rosy bulbous tip against her hard pink clit. She was rotating his tip in a circular motion around her enormous clit. She did this for several minutes then positioned his swollen tip in the middle of her vulva and slowly sat on top his hard shaft. She took the full length easily. She soon had a powerful rhythm going as she rode in with a circular movement of her hips gripping him at the base and then the tip of his erect penis with her strong pussy muscles.

He was sucking on her left nipple and also had his index and middle fingers held together rubbing her hard clit. His two fingers were the same width as her clit. She was teasing his shaft with her gripping. They both knew that they were enjoying it as they looked into each other's eyes. Curvy kept pounding away on him. She was glowing. She then moved into turbo. For the next fifteen minutes she excelled in every movement she made ending with the two of them cuming within seconds of each other. She held his cock inside her then lent forward and gave him a long passionate kiss. She said, “I loved every minute of that. I don't know how many orgasms that I have had. I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have. I would love to see you on a regular basis.”


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