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Portland House Chapter Three

Retired Army Officer is offered a job in a Seniors' House.

May was the first to speak, she said, “Paul, may I have a word with you privately.”

They left the room and went into the kitchen. May said, “I agree with you completely. I'm happy with the new arrangements and will work hard in every film that I am involved in. If it's possible could I have the ten thousand for the first film as I would like to use it as a deposit for a Mercedes Sports car? I have always wanted one, and now I am going to get one.”

Paul took her in his arms and kissed her passionately then said, “May, we will go to the biggest Mercedes showroom, and you can pick the Mercedes of your dreams which I will pay for. I will also pay for the insurance and upkeep of the car.”

They kissed again then went back to the lounge. May said, “I have come to an arrangement with Paul, and I am so happy that I am part of this. I can make a lot of money and have wonderful orgasms.”

Joy said, “I'm comfortable with it too. That was a wonderful orgasm that I had this morning. It was worth it for that never mind any money I might get. I'm so looking forward to getting involved in this.”

Pam said, “I would love to become part of this. If you think about it, if you made one film a day, five days of the week for fifty weeks of the year. If you only got one thousand per film, then you would be earning five thousand per week or a quarter of a million pounds per year. What a wonderful opportunity. Joy, I love your clit. I have a very big one too. I was thinking that we could do a film initially peeing on each other than showering then sucking each other's clits and fisting until we both cum. That would look wonderful in Slo-mo.”

Joy replied, “That would be wonderful. If we wait a few days my bathroom in my studio will be finished. I am having some additional jets installed, and the marble will give a beautiful background.”

Ann went to see George and give him his soup. He had two huge bowls a day, but he still had a fever and bad cough. Ann had suggested a Chinese takeaway away, and everyone agreed. She would order when she got back. Paul was working on the packages for the film viewing.

They were now online and operational. The ten-pound view was gone. You now paid twenty pounds for a month. Fifty pounds for three months. Ninety pounds for six months or one hundred and fifty for twelve months. The subscriptions were now going, and Paul was surprised that the vast majority were opting for the yearly subscription. There had only been two monthly subscriptions taken out.

Ann came back and said that George now had a serious chest infection. May had phoned his doctor whom she knew. He had arranged the ambulance. Ann and May would follow the ambulance and stay with him until he was settled. Paul asked how long they would be and Ann said an hour as May had already given him a strong sedative.

Paul told her that they would wait for them. Paul walked Ann to the door and whispered to him, “You were marvellous today, and so was Jean. What Pam said was so true. I am glad that you will wait for us. We will have Pam tonight, and I am looking forward to having you inside me tonight. May is very concerned about George and so is his doctor. I didn't know it, but he has been spitting up blood.”

They kissed, and she left. Paul went back into the lounge and explained that they would be eating in an hour as George had been taken to hospital with a chronic chest condition.

He had a WhatsApp message from Jean which read, “I'm so happy that you have altered the subscriptions. I took out a yearly sub; it was a no-brainer. I hope that you get salaries per film sorted out. That's a must do. I enjoyed talking with you. If you need any help, then let me know. Regards, Jean.”

Paul replied, “Thanks Jean for all your help. I'm pleased to tell you that we are now doing things as you suggested. I'm so happy about that. I was a bit naive, but I was trying to be fair. It's sorted now, and we can now move forward. In the main, it's mostly yearly subscriptions that are being taken. I will keep you updated on how it goes. When do you think that you will come over?”

Two minutes later her reply read, “When Pam moves into her suite I will come over. I have two weeks holiday coming up so I can spend a bit of time there. If I like it, I might stay. Pam is the Senior Partner in the firm both here and Grand Cayman. It was my father's firm. I will inherit it one day. We have excellent staff in both our offices. To be honest, I can work from an Internet connection anywhere in the world. I am getting very aroused looking at the films. I love your very athletic movements. I will play and think of you as I watch you. Do you think that I'm naughty?”

Paul replied, “No you are normal. I hope that you have a magnificent orgasm. I want to be honest with you. I believe that Pam will be in the same bed as me tonight. Is that a problem for you? I also believe that in the future that you will be in my bed often. How do you feel about that?”

She replied, “You will love it. Pan is very intimate and affectionate in bed just like me. My father was a bit of a Casanova. Pam found out, and they never had sex together again. Over the years Pam and I have shared many of our lovers. I have never married. I have never met anyone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I do want a child, but I have never been with a man that I have wanted to be the father. My father, Pam and I have worked hard to build the business that we now have. I would love to be in a position that I can pass it on to my child. I would also like you to know that when I am with you, I will never use any form of contraception at all. I will think of you and Pam tonight wishing that I was with you. Jean xx.”

As Paul had been writing to Jean, Joy had taken Pam to see her suite. Paul replied, “I appreciate your comments. I was married, but unfortunately, my wife died before we had any children. I was so sad about this as my wife was a wonderful woman. I like to be honest. Ann is not in the best of marriages. She wants to have a child, and I am going to do my best to help her achieve this. I also believe that I would do the same for you. Paul xx.”

Paul then got a call from Ann. She told him that George had suffered a stroke. He was unconscious and in intensive care. May was very worried about him and had said to her that the next twelve hours would be crucial in whether he made it or not. They would be home in ten minutes. Joy and Pam came back, and Pam was bubbling.

She asked, “Paul, is it possible that I could have the suite next to Joy as I would like to have the same kitchen and bathroom as Joy?”

Paul replied, “No problem, Joy is using a very good firm. I have seen their work, and it is exceptional. They will be here tomorrow so we can ask them then.”

Paul then explained about George. As he spoke, Pam was giving him the come on, and Joy noticed it.

After Paul had finished Joy said, “Pam, there's something I think it better that you know. Ann is trying to get pregnant. I think tonight you will be with Ann and Paul and I will be enjoying May. Paul will give you fantastic penetrative sex, but he will only climax inside Ann.”

Pam smiled and winked at Paul then said, “No problem, I think that is a wonderful thing that Paul is doing. I'm sure that we all will have fun.”

Ann and May came in, and Paul hugged and kissed both of them. Ann said, “I need a drink. If I am called back, then I will take a taxi. I hope that he will pull through, but I have my doubts.”

May replied, “He needs to spend the next twelve hours plus in the coma. If he doesn't then his chances of survival are meagre. My hope is that he passes away in his sleep as the possibility of him being a living vegetable are considerable. I need a drink too.”

Ann ordered the Chinese meals. They arrived forty minutes later.

They were excellent, but Joy said, “I hate waste. Ann, I will cook tomorrow, but after dinner, I will go over to your kitchen and check the fridge. Whatever I don't use tomorrow I will put in the freezer. May, would you like to come and help me and we can give Ann, Pam and Paul some space but first we should discuss what films we will do tomorrow.”

They chatted and said they would do five films, first with Joy and Pam playing with each other's clits. Pam licking her nipples and fisting herself. Then Paul and Pam doing a Golden Shower then Paul riding both her holes. Ann was going to do two films with May and Joy with Paul featuring in one of them.

May and Joy then left. Ann topped up their glasses. Soon Pam and Paul were sixty-nine-ing on the carpet. Pam’s clit was big. Paul felt Pam’s was slightly bigger than Joy’s, but there wasn't much in it. After twenty minutes of intrusive foreplay, Pam’s pussy and ass were ready for Paul’s enormous cock. Paul then slid it into her wet ass. She was soon taking the full length and moaning with pleasure. Paul soon had a powerful rhythm going as he pounded her ass.

Pam said, “That's incredible, you are stimulating my G-spot. It feels wonderful. Fuck me harder and I will cum.”

Paul kept the powerful rhythm, and four minutes later Pam had a fantastic orgasm. It was so intense that she was shaking with it.

Ann said, “That was unbelievable. We must film this. Look Pam’s cum is now running out of her pussy.”

Pam said, “That was the best orgasm that I have ever had. It was so intense. We must do that again, and it will make a great film. My cum is still running out of me. That's for the Slo-mo camera. Paul let’s shower, and I'll make that wonderful cocktail fresh for Ann.”

They showered, and forty minutes later Paul exploded inside Ann. It was now eleven o’clock, Ann said, “That was wonderful. We both came at the same time. I love it when that happens and it is occurring more regularly now. I'll do breakfast at seven tomorrow morning. Should I phone the hospital to see how George is or should I leave it until the morning?”

Pam replied, “If he's in an induced coma then it's better that you wait. They induce him so that his breathing is controlled and all the other tubes that they have attached to him. Intensive care is the best place for him. I would phone in the morning after nine then he will have been seen by the doctor after the morning rounds.”

Next morning Ann and Paul had a session at six. Pam had got up at five as she wanted to do some intensive work on her nails. Ann and Paul showered then went back to Ann’s kitchen so she could prepare breakfast. Joy and May were there.

May said, “Ann, I have some sad news for you, but I also believe that it's good news for us all. George had another massive stroke last night at eleven o’clock, even though he was on life support, it was fatal. Without a doubt that was the best for George. I'm sorry for you. I have also contacted an undertaker who will make the funeral arrangements and will inform me later today of the times.”

Ann then hugged May and said, “Thank you, I agree with you completely. Since his surgery, he has not had a life. He was taking a staggering amount of antidepressants. He is now at peace with himself.”

Paul hugged her and kissed. After breakfast, they started on the days filming. They shot eight films. Joy and Pam’s film was epic as they peed on each other's clits. The Slo-mo scenes were spectacular. The film with Pam and Paul was another epic. When Pam orgasmed Slo-mo caught Pam’s shaking them her cum leaking out of her pussy. They had all contributed to the films. All were filming and helping with the makeup. Joy even helped Paul with the editing.

Paul was impressed when he saw that over six hundred thousand yearly subscriptions had been taken out. He quietly told Ann who kissed him then said, “This is going to work out well for both of us. I want to move in with you. The rooms we were using in the house we will convert into suites. We need to have a long talk soon as we have a lot of things to talk through.”


Three Months Later.


A lot had happened in the three months; the most significant thing was that Ann was seven weeks pregnant. She was the happiest woman in the world. May had arranged for her to be a patient of a Professor of Gynecology that she had been to University with. She had stopped drinking and was now really watching her diet.

The Professor had told her that she might experience a drop in her sex drive and also she may have morning sickness. He said her that when having oral sex, her partner should not blow air into her vagina as this could cause an air embolism and cause a blockage of a blood vessel.

Ann then told him that she enjoyed having her clitoris sucked and also that she liked her partner to urinate on her clitoris. He said to her that was okay, but her partner should pee first not directly on the clitoris as there could be bacteria in the initial flow of urine. Ann was happy with the Professor, and he was pleased with her.

Pam and Joy were now residents in their suites. Jean was also living in the spare bedroom of May’s cottage. She had come over when Pam moved in, and she loved it. She was now getting all of Paul’s sperm as she wanted a baby. There were now over three million yearly subscribers, and they had hundreds of millions offshore.

Jean had transferred all the web business offshore. She has saved Ann a fortune. She also suggested slowing down the suites as she wanted to integrate the hotel into the house. She had a client who was the Senior Partner of a huge firm of Architects. She had saved him millions in tax with his firm. He had not submitted a fee, and his plans had been passed.

He had suggested a German company which produced state of the art, modular hotels which could easily be extended. The initial fifty rooms would be completed in two months time. Jean was now in the process of hiring staff for the hotel. She was also looking for a chef or cook for the kitchen. Joy and Pam were now in their suites. They had one couple in a suite, Sally and Bob. Sally was the boss. She was a big buxom woman with a very sexy smile. Joy, Pam and May had all had sex with her. They all said that she was good.

There were also four other suites were taken by four beautiful widows. Kate aged sixty-two, Mary aged fifty-nine, Joan aged sixty-one and Babs aged sixty. May had sex with all of them. Paul had been busy with the films and was spending a lot of his time with Ann, Jean, Pam and May.

The kitchen was as yet not functioning, so all the residents were doing their own catering. Little dinner parties were being arranged all the residents were getting to know each other. Joy, Pam and May had all been invited for dinner. They were also swimming parties at the pool. They were all having fun.

Paul had got May a Mercedes 500 SL AMG in Mercedes racing silver and red leather. It had every extra imaginable. May loved it. She loved to drive in it. Every day she would go for a drive. All she was talking about was her car. May had everything in life, but her new car was now her pride and joy. It aroused her when she drove it.

If she was filming, she always went for a drive before filming. She was always hot and creative after her trips. She had suggested that she and Paul shoot a film of her being fucked in the car. It had been done, and the film was a roaring success.

Jean was doing a great job with staff recruitment. She had put several advertisements on both the websites and the film site. The response had been unbelievable. She applications from all over the world which she was working through. There were hundreds of applications and only a few jobs as they had limited staff accommodation. Jean was very selective in her selection process. Nearly all of the applicants apart from the position they were applying for also inquired about film work.

There was Ann’s landline phone with no switchboard. Phones would be available in every room when the work was completed. Jean had then set up a group on WhatsApp so that everyone at Portland House could communicate with WhatsApp. Paul had been introduced to Sally and Bob but hadn't spent much time with them, but he always acknowledged them when he saw them around.

Paul’s smartphone beeped, he had a message from Sally which read, “Hi Paul, Bob is in the city today. I have done something with the Internet connection. I now have a very weak signal. Is it possible for you to have a look at it for me? Kind regards, Sally.”

Paul replied that he would be with her in ten minutes. Paul knocked on the door of her suite. Sally opened the door and invited him in. She was wearing a red silk dressing gown which just clung to her voluptuous body. She had a smile and body which oozes sex. She offered Paul a coffee which he accepted. She went into the kitchen, and Paul checked the Internet.

He had a strong signal on his smartphone. He then checked Sally’s. She had only the phone signal but no WiFi. He went into her settings and connected her. Sally had come into the lounge and sat on the sofa with both cups of coffee.

Paul handed her the phone and said, “You are connected. You had lost the connection, and I have reconnected you. It's a high-speed signal.”

Sally took the phone and checked the system and said, “Thanks, I am not technically minded at all. I'm now indebted to you. Bob is the same; it takes him all his concentration to switch on a light bulb. He is getting worse every day. He goes to the city for lunch with his friends once a week, and now he goes on the train. He is eight years older than me. I'm sixty-three, and he is seventy-one. The reason we came here is I didn't want to be stuck in the house and bored to tears with him at home. I love to swim, and all the ladies here think the same way as I do. I'm enjoying it here.”

Paul replied, “It was my pleasure. Anything that you need then just let know. Mrs Murray, you are amazing for sixty-three, I thought you were in your mid-fifties. It will get better here in the next few months as the hotel will open and that will bring a lot of similar minded people here. Ann’s idea to have a home for seniors who are still active was a wonderful idea as the response we are getting is incredible.”

Sally said, “Paul, please call me Sally. I'm looking forward to the hotel, and the other suites were filling up. The girls this now are wonderful. I have lived in a sexless marriage for over eight years. Bob just can't get it on anymore. He can't get hard and who needs a limp cock. Even taking the medication, he still can't get hard. I have fun with the girls, but I still want a hard cock inside me.”

Paul put his cup on the coffee table and took her in his arms. They kissed passionately. Their tongues were exploring each other's mouths. He untied her dressing gown belt. She took her dressing gown off as he played with her massive nipples. She undressed him slowly and deliberately. She knew what she was doing.

When she took his boxer shorts off and saw his hard cock, she gasped and said, “What a fantastic cock you have. I love it deep and hard.”

Paul felt that she was a little apprehensive. He sensed that she hadn't had a cock for a long time and she now realised she was going to have the biggest cock she had ever seen inside her.

Paul said, “Sally, let's kiss, cuddle and touch here. Then when we are ready, I'll go and sit on that chair. You can then come on top of me. But first, let me get you nice and wet.”

Sally kissed him then said, “Thanks for thinking of me. It's been so long for me. I'm so happy that you have suggested this.”

She then went down on him. Her tongue was everywhere. Soon she was taking his full length. Paul was playing with her tits. He slid his hand between her legs. She opened her legs for him allowing him full access. Her vulva was beautiful. It was swollen. He slipped a finger in at the top of her slit. A big clitoris popped out.

It was in the same league as Joy, Pam and Jeans. Her pussy was wet. He had three fingers inside her. She was pushing her pussy against his fingers. She was also gripping his fingers with her pussy muscles. He knew that she was ready for him.

He went to the chair and sat on it. She straddled him rubbing the head of his cock against her hard clit. She then let half of his cock slide inside her. On her next thrust, she was taking the full length. She soon had a powerful rhythm going. Paul was sucking on one of her nipples as he rubbed the hood of her clit with two fingers. She was good.

She was gripping his cock at the base then at the tip of his cock. She was getting very wet. She had cum twice, but she kept on grinding into his hard cock. She was moaning with pleasure, and the squelching sounds were coming from her wet pussy was now loud.

She kept riding him, but now she was saying over and over again, “Cum for me darling, cum for mummy. Let me feel you squirt in mummy's hot pussy. I want your cum inside me. Cum for mummy. Cum for mummy so daddy can lick mummy's pussy clean tonight. I have promised him fresh cum tonight.”

A minute later he exploded inside her. She gripped his cock tightly and held it inside her then said, “That was wonderful. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. I won't shower with you as Bob will be home in an hour then he will eat my pussy clean. He enjoys doing it. If you want I will film him doing it. We would both like to make a film with you doing this. I'm open to doing anything in your films. They are wonderful. I want to be one of your actresses. I have bought several masquerade masks for Bob and myself. Bob's only contribution would be that he loves to eat pussy.”

Paul replied, “It was wonderful. We will shoot the film soon, and I would like you in my films. We can also use Bob in other films eating pussy.”

Sally released her grip and allowed his cock to slide out of her. She then knelt in front of him and licked his cock clean. When she had finished, she said, “Bob will love tonight. Your cum is so sweet.”

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