Private Dancer Part II

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My wife schedules a live erotic dance show for my golf club's party
It had been over two months since I first saw my wife dance erotically online. I had seen her a few more times and was even more aroused the more I saw her perform. She had asked if I minded her doing that. I had told her I thought she was incredible and if she enjoyed doing it, then she should continue.
“I’ve had an offer about my dancing,” Susan said as we sat down for dinner.

“What kind of offer?”

“Your golf club has asked me to dance live at their end of season dinner party.”

I felt my jaw drop on the table. It took me several moments before I could even think to reply.“They want you to do your routine live?”

“Yes, and not only that. They have offered me five times my normal fee that I receive for online shows.” She seemed very excited about accepting their offer.

“What did you tell them?”

“Well I wanted to ask you first before I committed to it.”

I could see by the look on her face that she really wanted to do this. Not just for the money but she truly enjoyed dancing and having men fantasize about her. Even I was a bit excited to think of her performing live.

“Sure. Go for it. You will be even more incredible in person.”

She got up from her chair and hugged and kissed me.“Thank you darling. You’re the best husband a woman could ask for. I can’t wait to get started on my routine.”

The next few weeks went by very quickly. Susan wouldn’t let me watch as she practiced her new routine for the party. She had been shopping for new clothes too but I wasn’t allowed to see those either. She said she wanted it to be a surprise. As if my wife dancing nude in front of my golf buddies wasn’t enough of a surprise.

Finally the big day had arrived. Susan was showering when I peeked in and told her I was headed out to the club. I was part of the entertainment committee. I thought to myself if those guys only knew how much a part of the entertainment I really was they would go crazy.

“I’ll see you at the party sweetheart,” Susan said poking her head out of the shower.

I stood and watched her a while through the glass doors. As she lathered herself I watched her hands flow over her smooth skin. My cock was jumping in my pants as she rubbed her hands over her tits. I wanted to take my clothes off and jump her right there. If it hadn’t been for this being a special night I would have.

As I arrived at the club I was stunned to see that the parking lot was almost full. Wow, these guys really are excited to see my wife dance. I parked the car and went inside.

We arranged the couch and chairs around a small home-made stage. There were lights strung around the stage and speakers set up for the music. As I set things up I couldn’t help but think that in just a short while my wife would be performing her sexual routine in front of all my friends.

Guys were bringing their drinks in and finding their favorite seat for the performance although it was still more than an hour until show time. It appeared as though there were 50-60 guys there. I marked a seat up front for me so I would be sure not to miss any of the action.

“I can’t believe she agreed to do this for us live,” one of the members of the club said.

“She will be even hotter in person than on the screen,” another one replied.

“Remember guys, no touching. That is part of the agreement and she is also having her own security with her just in case,” Charlie said. He was the organizer of the event.

Most of the men were already drinking for some time when the door opened and Susan appeared. Two burly looking men accompanied her. She was wearing her signature mask so as not to be recognized. A long coat covered most of her with just her lower legs showing. I would say her heels were at least five inches high and made her calves look very sexy. Her tight little ass swayed as she walked to the stage. She disappeared behind a curtain next to the stage.

Charlie got up on stage and asked everyone to be quiet. The guys had been cheering and whistling since she arrived. Soon they all settled down.

“Tonight, for your viewing pleasure, I present “Silk”."

She had chosen that name because everyone had said how silky smooth she looked.

As the music started the guys began cheering and whistling again. One long silky leg appeared from behind the curtain. The curtain slid up her leg from ankle to ass and the guys went wild again.

She danced out from behind the curtain, her plaid skirt spinning around her legs and allowing all to see she had nothing on under it. She was wearing her schoolgirl outfit. The plaid skirt covered her legs to about mid-thigh. Her top was sheer white and it was apparent to all that she wasn’t’ wearing a bra. She also had a tie on to match her skirt. She looked incredibly sexy as she started dancing to the music.

Her body swayed with new moves I had never seen before. Her hands would slide up her legs and lift her skirt baring her hips. Turning her back to us she would bend over and slide her hands up her legs. The lighting was enough to faintly see her pussy lips.

She wrapped her legs around the stool that was onstage and rubbed her pussy against it. The guys were going wild watching her move. I too was as hard as a rock as she swayed to the music and stroked her body.

Turning her back once more she took off her tie and cradled her ass with it as she slid it side to side. She then unbuttoned her top and held it open. We all watched with anticipation of her turning towards us. No one was disappointed when she did. Her fabulous tits swayed and bounced as she turned quickly around to face us. Her nipples were rock hard and looked like two pink bite sized candies on her tits.

One of the guys started towards the stage and was quickly stopped by the security. I guess the sight of her luscious tits was too much for him.

She pushed her breasts together and then squeezed her nipples with her finger-tips. I wanted to rush the stage and suck them, but I thought I’d just wait until later that night.

She reached for her bag that she had on stage and looked inside. We all knew she was hunting for that cock she used in her act. She turned around empty handed.

“It seems my personal assistant isn’t available tonight. I’m going to need a volunteer to replace him,” she said with a naughty smile on her face.

Every hand in the room shot up in the air.

“ME, ME. Pick ME,” everyone was yelling.

“Oh God, I hoped that she would choose me. I wasn’t overly anxious to have my friends see me naked in front of them, but I would rather have that than to see her sucking on one of their cocks.

She walked passed me and looked over the crowd.

“I see we have lots of anxious helpers.”

She started to point at one man in the back but then pulled her hand back. Turning around, she walked towards me and grabbed my hand. Thank God I thought.

“Don’t be afraid, honey. I won’t bite. Well, at least not that hard.”

Her voice sounded a bit different. I figured it was a combination of the noise and the drinks that made me think that.
She led me to the stage and seated me on a chair that she had turned sideways to the crowd. She placed her hands on my face and gave me a little kiss.

“You will do just fine.”

She began to unbutton my shirt and the guys in the room went wild once again. Her hands moved to my pants as she un-zipped them, smiling as she did. With a single motion she pulled my pants and boxers to my knees. I was a little embarrassed as my cock sprang upward. I really don’t remember what was said or who said it, because there was so much noise that it was hard to decipher anything that was being said.

She touched my cock with her hands and smiled. “I see your hand isn’t the only thing you were raising for me.”

Without hesitation she knelt in front of me and slid my cock between her lips. I felt her tongue twirl around my tip and she slid me deeper inside her mouth. Slowly she pulled me out as her lips clamped tight to my cock. Gently she sucked the tip of my cock back and forth between her lips. The she slid me all the way inside her mouth.

This is new I thought. Susan was never able to take all of me in her mouth. I guess all that practice with her fake cock had paid off.

While she had me all in her mouth, I could feel her tongue wrapping around my head as she sucked my cock. She moved her head up and down on me a few more times before slowly letting my cock slide out of her mouth.

“Not yet big boy. Not yet,” she said as she stood up and straddled me with her legs.

She leaned forward. Placing her tits around my face, she shook them. Then she moved back a little and offered her nipple to my mouth. I eagerly accepted and began sucking her hard nipple. She moaned and I heard the guys again cheering. I really had forgotten they were there.

She moved her other nipple to my mouth and I sucked it back and forth between my lips. I could hear her moaning but I don’t know if anyone else could hear it.

Rising up, she placed her moist pussy lips over the head of my cock and slowly slid me inside of her. She felt so warm and so wet. I loved the feeling as my cock slid deeper and deeper into her pussy. I could feel my cock spreading her inner walls as she let herself down on me all the way. Her pussy lips squeezed my cock tight as she rose up off of me to my tip and then dropped again to plunge my cock deep inside her once more.

I don’t remember hearing any other noises that her moaning and the sound of my cock being sucked inside her pussy.

She rode me slowly for quite some time. I could feel my cock pulsing and becoming fully engorged. Susan must have felt this too because she began to ride me faster and harder. I could feel her ass slapping against my thighs with each thrust.

My body shook and I knew I was about to explode inside of her. She looked into my eyes and kissed me passionately. Her body shook and I felt a warm flow covering my cock. At the same time my cock began pulsing uncontrollably, pumping load after load of hot cum inside her.

Both of us were covered with perspiration. She leaned her head to my chest and sighed.

Looking again into my eyes, she kissed me as she stood slowly. My cock slid out of her pussy and fell between my legs. I watched it slide out of her and I could see my cum on the lips of her pussy.

Then again I heard the cheers and whistling. I had forgotten where I was.

Susan gathered her clothes and waved to the crowd. They all cheered as she walked behind the screen.

“Way to go Michael.” I heard them yelling

“You the man,” a few others chanted.

I pulled up my pants. I was feeling quite embarrassed as I accepted the congratulations from my buddies. So many questions of how was she that I didn’t have time to answer any of them.

Susan was dressed now and being escorted by her security. She waved as she left and blew a kiss to the guys. She really had been fabulous.

After a few more pats on the back and another drink or two, I headed for home. I smiled all the way.
I walked into the living room and saw sitting on the recliner facing the TV.

“How was the party sweetheart?” she asked.

Before I could answer I noticed her leg was up on the ottoman and wrapped in a bandage.

“What the hell happened to you?” I asked.

“My heel got caught on the steps when I was leaving and I sprained my ankle. So I called Denise and took me to the emergency room and agreed to fill in for me. After all she is the one who got me started in all of this and people say it’s hard to tell us apart. I figured no one would be able to tell the difference.”

“Denise? Your sister, Denise?”

“Yes, my sister, Denise. How did she do?”

“She did good, very very good.”