Private Dancer

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Sexy adult performer on the screen turns out to be my wife.
After finishing the round of golf, my buddies suggested we stop in the clubhouse lounge for a drink. I was new to the area and had just met these guys recently so I figured it would be a good way to get to know them better. As we entered the bar, one of the guys in the group yelled to the bartender. 

“Charlie, you got the big screen set up in the locker room?”

“All ready for you guys, I know you wouldn’t want to miss her.”

I had no idea what they were talking about since it was my first time in there. We all ordered our drinks and headed for the locker room. I was impressed when I saw it. It was carpeted and had furniture in what appeared to be a lounge area. On the wall was a large screen TV.

There were already several men there. I would estimate 20-25 total. They were all gathered around so they could see the TV although it wasn’t turned on.

“Five minutes boys,” one of the seated men said.

The rest of the men cheered, I still had no idea what they were talking about. I stood behind the couch since all the seats were taken. I thought this must really be something special.

“Ok guys, twenty bucks each,” the guy with the remote said.

“Must be the hot blonde today,” another one yelled.

I took out a twenty dollar bill and placed it on the tray they were passing around. I didn’t know what I was paying for, but everyone was throwing their money in, so I did too.

Our drinks arrived as the TV was turned on. They were all cheering and whistling. The waitress just looked at them and shook her head. She passed out the drinks and left.

The screen flashed and music began playing. Coming into focus on the screen was a beautiful blonde woman. The room she was in was dimly lit but you could still see she was very sexy. She wore a mask over her eyes. She wore a short black skirt and very high stilettos. Her top was sheer white and was tied with a bow between her tits. You could see the outline of her tits through her top and her nipples poked at the fabric. Her bare midsection was very well toned. She really was a very hot.

She began to dance and the guys howled as she did. She moved seductively and rubbed her hands over her body. There was a bar stool near her and she would dance around it. When she leaned over it you could see her ass and it was apparent she wasn’t wearing and panties. I was becoming aroused as I watched her. The rest of the guys were making all kinds of comments about her body and what they would like to do to her.

She rubbed her tits and shoved them towards camera. Her nipples were large and dark and appeared as though they would poke through her top any time. Her hands grabbed the bow and pulled it quickly. Her top sprang open and the most incredible pair of tits appeared. Not overly large, they were perfectly shaped. Her nipples were pinkish brown in color and looked like sweet candy on the end of her tits.

The guys went wild when they saw them, cheering and whistling again.

“I gotta get me some of that,” one man yelled.

“Could you imagine sucking on those all night?” another commented.

I thought of my wife’s tits when I saw them. Susan’s looked very similar and I loved sucking her nipples slowly between my lips.

She cupped her hands under them and pushed them upward. Her nipples were pointing to the sky as she took them between her fingers and squeezed them. She then licked her fingers and rubbed them slowly over her nipples.

“Oh my God,” I blurted out.

When the woman rubbed her fingers over her nipples, I noticed a birth mark inside her left breast. It was Susan, my wife. I didn’t let on that I knew who she was.

“There you go Michael. I knew you couldn’t stay quiet forever.”

The rest of the guys laughed because I had not said a word until now.

What the hell was my wife doing stripping for these guys on the internet? I kept my composure as I continued to watch Susan dance seductively on the screen. Bending over the chair, she licked her fingers once more. Her ass was facing us as she rubbed her wet fingers over her pussy lips.

“Oh yeah baby, slide em in,” a man on the couch yelled.

Susan danced a little more and then turned her back to the camera as she slid her skirt off. Oh my God. My wife is totally naked except for her heels. I stared at her on the screen and thought how incredible she looked. Her body swayed to the music as I watched her every move. My cock was now fully erect. I don’t know if it from was watching my wife dance or knowing that all these other men were watching her.

She moved the chair to the side. The camera showed more of the room now and a bed came into view. Susan laid down on the bed with the side of her body facing the camera. Her hand reached to the other side of her and reappeared holding a fake cock. It appeared to be about 8 inches long and quite thick. It looked amazingly real.

Seeing this, the guys went wild.

"Take it baby, take it,” one yelled. 

Susan rubbed the cock over her belly and then slid it to her tits. She moved it slowly over each nipple. I could hear soft moans coming from her. The room was very quiet now. All the men were eagerly waiting for what was to come.

She slid the cock between her tits with one hand while pushing her tit against with the other. My cock was jumping in my pants as I watched my wife tit-fuck herself with this fake dick. After a few moments of this, she then took the cock in both hands and moved it to her lips.

She rubbed the tip of it slowly over her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and rubbed the tip over her bottom lip and the circled it around her mouth to the top lip. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

I almost gasped as she slid the cock between her lips and gently sucked its head. I saw the sides of her mouth moving as the cock moved ever so slightly between her lips. With both hands on it, she shoved it farther in her mouth. It was almost halfway in now and I could still see her cheeks moving as she sucked it. Another thrust and it was all the way inside her mouth.

I swallowed hard seeing her take all of it. Susan moved it slowly in and out of her mouth. Pulling the cock out so just its tip rested on her lips, she then shoved it back inside her mouth. I watched as this cock disappeared over and over into Susan’s mouth.

She swung her body towards the camera, still on her back. Her legs hung over the edge of the bed and you could see her pussy. It glistened with moisture.

The guys went wild again.

She rubbed the head of the cock over her pussy lips. I heard her moaning as she slid it up and down. It was like I was in another world as I watched my wife pleasure herself.

The tip of the cock parted her wet pussy lips and slid inside her. You could hear a suction sound as she moved it in and out of her pussy. I know how her pussy would clamp tight on my cock when I fucked her. It was like her pussy was sucking me inside. It was very arousing watching her pussy lips surround this cock and hold it tight. Her lips extended down the sides of the cock each time it slid out of her.

“Can you imagine fucking that every night?” I heard one of the men ask.

“I’d be in that all the time,” another said.

I smiled to myself knowing that I do have that every night and I too like being in it all the time.

Susan continued to fuck herself with the face cock. I heard her moaning louder. Her body began to tremble and I knew she was about to cum.

I looked at her face because I loved the expression she made just before she came. There it is. That sensual look just before she has an orgasm appeared on her face.

She moaned louder as she shoved the cock deep inside of her. You could see her cum on it each time she slid it out to its tip. Finally she was done. She slowly pulled the cock from her. It was covered with her sweet juices. She dropped it to the floor. Her pussy lips were swollen a bit and covered with her cum.

“I told you guys, she’s the best, by far,” the man with the plate of money said.

“Damn, you were right. She is smoking hot,” another replied.

The lights dimmed and that was it. Show’s over.

As we left the locker room, one of the guys spoke.

“We have to get together sometime soon, we have to introduce Michael to our wives and we haven’t met his yet.”

“That would be great, I know you would love her, and I’m sure she’d be happy to meet all of my golfing buddies.”