Released Desire

By eXcentrik

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It was late in the afternoon. All the students had left the school and the teachers left half an hour after them. Only Ms. Palmer and her student Allen were still in the building, in her classroom....alone.

Last week he openly admitted his feelings for his teacher. He fell in love with his fourth year English teacher, a well educated, beautiful, and sexy specimen of a woman. Auburn hair that bobbed to her shoulders, 34C breasts that were cupped by a lacy black bra that he could see through her top, well rounded hips that were holding up her black knee-high skirt, and legs covered in black nylon stockings accenting her natural shape.

She tried to fight the urge for Allen, she had been a teacher for 30 years and had students fight for her attention, but she never acted on those indulgences before. This was different. She felt attracted to him all year, this young man who was not thin by any means, but was muscular and strong and whom she thought was extremely handsome. Every time she looked at him she felt a surge of energy go right to her crotch and make her very aroused. What was it about this student that made her body react so heated and urging?

They were both standing in the classroom. Allen moved closer to her, Ms. Palmer moved in closer as well. She moved her head down because she expected him to just grab her body and grope everywhere he wanted. She didn't think of herself as sexy as she used to because she was 48, and she thought her body was not attractive anymore, so she held her head down and prepared for his look of embarrassment. But he did something she never expected.

He took her face and head in his hands, looked her dead in the eye, and leaned in to kiss her lips. His eyes were closed, but hers were wide open. She never thought that his first move would be a kiss. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let her tongue roll with his in a deep kiss. She then let her guard down and wrapped her arms around him, and he soon followed suit. They kissed for a good five minutes, until they stopped and needed a break. They moved towards her cleared desk and he lay her down on top where he was now standing in between her open legs. He leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"I've wanted this for so long Ms. Palmer. I don't want to have sex with you...I want to make love to you."

His words shocker her, but at the same time, felt elated that he didn't just want to have sex. She spoke back.

"I was so worried, worried that you were going to treat this as if it were nothing"

"The touch of your skin, electric. The beat of your heart, music. The scent of your hair, intoxicating. And the voice of your soul, beautiful sexuality composed in the body of you."

He spoke poetry to her. Her one weakness was found and Ms. Palmer was now wanting him and wanting to give him her soul.

"Make love to me Allen, hurry, I can't wait any longer! Please!!!"

Her cries for him made him desire her more. He grabbed her blouse and ripped it open revealing her black bra, and then quickly unclasped it to show her full breasts and very erect nipples. As he pulled up her black skirt, she unbuckled his pants and pulled out his hard erection and stroked it while he was sucking on her tender pink nipples. He saw she was wearing a pair of black lace boy shorts and pulled the crotch of the panties aside and revealed her neatly trimmed pussy, which was very wet with her juices. He moved his hand to her sex and gathered some of her liquid in his fingertips and smelled and licked it off. Seeing him do this with her honey made her even wetter.

" You taste so sweet, like candy."

He then grabbed his cock and pushed the head of his length inside her wet slit, feeling how tight she is feeling her muscles grip him harder. She moaned so loudly as he pushed inside her, feeling a hard cock go deeper and deeper, all while begging for more. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him in closer, she wanted to be consumed by this young man. After a while she pushed him off and then got back on the desk with her ass sticking out at him.

"Fuck me Allen, fuck me hard from behind!"

He got behind her pushed back in and pumped his hard throbbing cock in and out of her wet tight pussy again and again. She had her hands on the desk and his were on her breasts massaging them as they made love. He turned her head and deep kissed her again, hearing her moan in his mouth.

He then felt a twitch in his balls. He was ready to come soon.

"Ms. Palmer....I'm so close, I'm so close to cumming!"

"Me too....cum inside me Allen, cum all the way inside my body!"

Hearing her talk like that brought him closer and closer. But he wanted to make her feel good too. Just as they were both about to climax, me moved his hand down, spread open her lips, and found her hard clit. He then squeezed her clit and her body was stiffened and she yelled out in a hard orgasm. She moaned even more when she felt Allen's cum shooting inside her and filling her up with his hot, thick semen. He felt her pussy squeeze out the last drop of his cum and they both fell to the floor from such a hard climax. Both were breathing hard and she turned over to face him, they held each other and kissed and touched.

"I love you Ms. Palmer. I don't want anyone else but you."

She smiled back and kissed him again.

"You were amazing. There's no way I'm letting you go now. Never ever. And Allen?"


"Call me Jamie."