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Rene'sTurbulent Life

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Single woman faces life and succeeds.

Laurene Fenston’s mind was heavy as she drove her old car from home to work. She was on the afternoon shift at the factory and wouldn’t see her husband again until . . . who knew when; then, she wondered when that might be.

Jim, her husband had been a very successful contractor, building houses until three years ago when the housing market suddenly dried up and he had a number of unsold houses on the market as he owed the bank over a million dollars in construction loans which, without the sale of the houses, he couldn’t pay off. He began to sell the new houses at a loss just to raise money to make payments. Then, he’d put up the family home for collateral.

Slightly less than two years ago, Jim had declared bankruptcy. His business and his life were ruined. To keep the family finances afloat, Rene had gone to work; lacking no skills, except housewife, she had taken a minimum wage job in the fast food industry at a local factory..

Of course, with her minimum wages, she could no longer maintain the family’s standard of living as it once was and there was no way she could assist her husband with paying off the bank.

Jim, her husband, had been a good man, a very competent lover and a family man who took his responsibilities seriously; then, when his business failed and his financial world crumbled around him, he’d taken it in stride and sought an hourly pay job to pay his debt. Even after several months of thorough searching, he had found no work. Being an independent contractor, he had no unemployment insurance. Over a year previously, Jim had begun to hang out at the bar with his friends. There, he was able to socialize with other apparent "losers".

As she drove to work, Rene wondered: would he be at home with the children tonight - or off drinking with his buddies? Would he be home when she left for work in the afternoon?

So, her day began, just as those next couple of weeks ahead. Then, her husband, Jim, returned home sometime during the night and early the next morning, as Rene prepared for work, dropped his devastating remark, "I’m leaving you, gonna’ hit the road! Don’t know where I’ll go," he said.

Hearing this Rene’s mind was overwhelmed as she tried to dress and get the kids ready for school, prepare breakfast and deal with her husband’s announcement. It was too much, she thought, momentarily; then, considered each responsibility separately and in priority. It was as she got in her car to drive to work that she was able to take up Jim’s words.

Jim had left the house immediately after he had made his announcement so she had plenty of freedom to consider her options. There had been no love between her and her husband for a long time. They hadn’t had sex in years. She had stayed with him to keep the family together. He had been kept by her for months and fortunately, that responsibility would be gone. Since he couldn’t be trusted with child care anyway, he’d be no loss there.

If she had money for a lawyer, she’d get one, she thought!

There was no way that she could keep her family together and pay the bank the money that would cover the mortgage on her house. Some decisions needed to be made!

It was then that an officer from the bank contacted her and asked her to come to is office for a discussion. Then, as she met with him, she sensed that he was trying to sell her on a program that would lessen the monthly payments - he was too aggressive and Rene became leery. She reported that she’d have to think about the offer and left.

When the loan officer called a few days later, she was even more leery and ignored him. Then, on his third try, he offered to meet with her, Rene, at her coffee shop and, still leery, she’d agreed.

Of course, now she needed help and she called ‘Legal Assistance’ to get professional assistance. The three met and it was apparent that the loan officer was not happy.

After only a few minutes, the lawyer from ‘Legal Assistance’ made a counter proposal that cut her house payments by something over 60% which the loan officer quickly rejected.

Next day, the loan officer was back with the document to accept the lawyers terms and, after the lawyer accepted the forms, she was relieved of a tremendous burden.

So it was that she was driving to work the next day and her thoughts turned to her finances. If only she didn’t have the outstanding tax bill due [three years delinquent taxes] and there was obviously no way she could raise $1,500 to pay that. Perhaps, she should just walk away and start over. . . of course, she couldn’t. There were the kids to think of!

As she drove into the parking lot at work the idea struck he - a loan to pay off the tax bill and a second job! She could do it.

For the next several days, Rene read the help wanted ads regularly and actively sought a second job. . . there were no replies to her inquiries. It looked hopeless! Still she sought work.

It was as she was passing a massage parlor a few blocks from her home tat she saw the ‘Help Wanted’ sign. She stopped and went into the old, ramshackle building which bore the sign, "Massage". There she asked to see the manager.

A few minutes later she sat facing the manager from across his desk. After she had explained her looking for a job, the manager replied, "Well, we’ve always got a job for the right woman in this business. You don’t look like a professional to me."

"I’m not and it would appear that you offer sex in this place. I need a job but I don’t do sex.’ Then, she arose to leave.

"I need a receptionist, one to receive customers and collect their entrance fees. You’re good looking enough to hold their interest and you already know what we do here. We could use you."

"No thanks."

"I pay $25 per hour plus social security and unemployment insurance."

Rene stopped and turned. "And there’s no sex involved?"

"Any sex that goes on in this place is strictly between the woman and the man. I don’t condone any of it."

She thought. 25$ per hour was a lot of money. She could work evenings when Mazie, her neighbor, could care for her kids, and she could work two months and pay the tax bill. Of course, it would be a disgrace to be discovered there. . . but then, anyone she meets there’d have to explain why they were there. Her kids would never know.

"When can I start?" she asked the manager.

"Why don’t you report for work tomorrow night!"

So it was that she reported for work at the ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ at 5:00pm the next night and was introduced to her new job. She was already tired from a day’s work a the fast food joint.

Rene was not impressed by some of the customers as she took their entrance fees and directed them to the lounge. Others, she found quite different. Some wore business suits and were extremely polite and discreet - she wondered why they came to this dump where she worked. Occasionally she admitted a very nervous kid, who hardly knew what to expect. The work was easy except for the frequent passes that the clients made to her which were rather flattering at first but soon became mundane.

Weeks passed and the money piled up in her accounts so that she’d soon have her tax bill paid. Tired from working two jobs, she began to be depressed. She wondered if she had the stamina to do the necessary two months. She began to make mistakes and her work suffered. She hardly knew her kids.

When Jan Goulstedt came into the massage parlor late one evening, paid his admittance fee and was directed to the parlor to meet the women that were to serve him; he sat.

An hour passed and an array of women passed before him as he sat.

Concerned, Rene went to him and inquired if he’d made a selection and the man seemed to stutter. He wanted to speak but wasn’t sure of the words.

Rene became more firm. "You’ve seen the women, now it’s time to chose."

The man, Jan, looked her directly in the eye as he said, "I chose you!"

"I’m sorry, I don’t work at the tables."

"But, I want you!"

"Well, you can’t have me."

"I’d pay you extremely well."


"How about a thousand dollars?"

When Rene didn’t respond, Jan simply moved out the door and was gone. All that was left was Jan’s business card there on her counter.

Then, her shift over and extremely tired, she left the parlor and started home. She drove carefully because she was well aware of her weakened condition. She didn’t see the car that careened off the side street until it was too late. The car struck her’s broadside. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, it backed away and was gone. Her car was totaled. Of course, she had no insurance to cover the total loss.

Her life was ruined.

As she’d done many times before, she simply stopped, assessed her strengths and weaknesses. She’d need at least $3,000 to replace her old car and she still owed the tax bill. She had two jobs that would have paid her well and solved the tax problem shortly but now, she was ruined!

She thought about her fatigue and knew she couldn’t continue. Then, she remembered Jan Goulstedt’s proposal, a thousand dollars for a couple hours of her time. It was all so simple! Of course, she’d be a whore but in her fatigued condition, she no longer cared as she searched for his business card.

It was a Tuesday morning when Rene walked up to a nice big house in the best neighborhood and rang the bell. Jan answered as he said, "I was afraid you wouldn’t come. Come in."

An hour after her arrival, Rene sat, talking casual talk to Jan as they sipped their brandy. She began to sense a problem. "Now about that $,1000 that you were going to pay me for the massage..."

"Oh my! I’ve used up my hour and we’ve not done anything." He went to his billfold and retrieved ten bills and took them to Rene. Then having paid for the time, he suggested, "Perhaps another hour of your time is available since you’re here."

"It’ll be another thousand," she responded.

This time, Jan moved to sit closer beside her on the sofa and turned to face her as he awkwardly tried to kiss her. He spoke, "I guess I’m not very good at this. I’ve only been with my ex-wife before."

Rene was shocked. Here she was, new at the business at hand as well. "I need the $1,000 dollars please."

Again Jan responded by bringing her ten new 100 dollar bills. as he moved to kiss her. Then, there was considerable fumbling and playing as they slowly seduced each other. Things had progressed to the shoes and jackets removed stage as they continued to get something started between them. Rene seemed most adept at the seduction and prided herself on her newly found ability.

At noon, Jan suggested lunch and had it brought to them on the patio.

They ate and eyed each other as they sat on the patio. For the first time she saw Jan as a man and not just a client with money. She admired Jan as she thought, "This might not be such a bad deal after all. He was lean and muscular and sexy as hell. She could surely enjoy a good romp with him.

Lunch was delicious and the wine was perfect.

Then, after lunch, Jan took her hand and led Rene to his bedroom. There, as he approached her again, she spoke, "I need another thousand." She prided herself on her proficiency in extracting the extra money from her client.

Jan left and returned shortly with the ten $100 bills. As he handed them to her, he spoke, "That’s the last payment. I can’t afford more. Let’s get on with it."

With that, Jan began undressing as he watched Rene remove her blouse and skirt. Then, as her half-slip fell away and she reached for the clasp on her bra, she was aware of Jan’s adoring eyes. She stopped and remained idle as she felt that she owed him this view.

Rene found herself amazed that she felt no degradation or feelings of wrong doing as she enticed Jan. She was whoring and wondered briefly if she actually enjoyed the power. Perhaps she could live with the moral degradation of it all..

When their eyes met, her fingers released the clasp on her bra and released her boobs for his clear view. Again, she stood idle as he appraised her. She found this whole thing fun. . . They talked and Rene found out that Jan’s wife had died six months ago and that he missed her. Rene was to serve as her surrogate during their sex later.

Of course, Jan was quick to sense that Rene wasn’t a whore either and they talked. Although he’d had no previous experience with whores her awkwardness at her profession said it all.

Then, things changed rapidly. "We gotta’a fuck quick or I’m outa’ time. I’d like to make love to you but there’s no time." With that, he rolled over partially on to her and grasped her tits - firm and perfectly shaped! The pleasure he’d developed in Rene previously, now drove her passions. to higher levels. This could be fun, she thought.

When he moved over her and inserted his cock into the entrance to her vagina , Rene waited. It was time . . . time for her to earn her money! Suddenly, she felt a responsibility to this generous man who was about to fuck her. She owed him a good time! She felt the power!

As Rene lay on her back, awaiting the violent thrusting that would start their coitus, she thought, "Make this good. Don’t disappoint him!" Somehow, she had a need to please him. It was fun to serve this needy man - to bring him off!

Then, she felt it, the first thrust - easy and exploratory! It felt so good! Then came the second thrust followed by a steady rhythm and she felt pleasure. Her passions had risen to high levels as Jans thrusts brought only pleasure to her mind.

This didn’t feel like whoring, she thought. It was simply too good and too intimate.

When Rene felt the beginning of an orgasm, she started to cry out but the throes were upon her before she could speak and she felt Jan begin his series of jerks as he deposited his semen deep in her belly.

They lay together and enjoyed the afterglow - a whore should have noted that he was out of time! She hadn’t noticed.

She had earned her money - more than her wildest dreams! The only problem was her conscience which rebelled at her becoming a prostitute.

The rest of the day, she paid off the tax note and deposited the rest as payment on her house. Life was good! A couple of more tricks and she’d be in good financial shape.

The rest of the week passed as usual and it was Monday, as she prepared for work, that she received a call from Jan.

"How’d you get my number?" Rene asked.

"I have my ways," Jan replied.

"What the hell do you want with me?"

"I was hoping we might get together and talk. Would a thousand dollars interest you?"

It definitely did interest her and she quickly agreed to a meet at a coffee shop after she got off work at her ‘Gentleman’s Club’ job.

The meeting was strained at first as they talked. The talk was wide ranging and soon, each knew the other’s background intimately. Jan’s only comment, "I knew you weren’t one of the working girls at the club. You’re no prostitute." Then, he continued and soon, Rene’s financial problems were out for his perusal - "So, that’s it! I wondered what had caused you to go with me.

As the discussion moved on, Rene thought about their previous tryst and all the various pleasures as she’d felt her body respond. She wondered, perhaps it’d be fun to do it again! Just two hours more and she’d be free of debt! Of course, she’d be a whore again. . . what if?

Soon, Jan made a proposition. He needed a ‘fuck buddy’, one who would be safe and available exclusively for their pleasure. He’d pay her well. .

After some thought, Rene responded that she still needed a car but she couldn’t continue to accept money for sex. Then, she requested a loan, one with low interest that she could afford. She assured him, that she’d pay him back.

Jan showed no interest in loaning her money. The conversation went on.

As they talked, Jan suddenly stopped his talk and sought her close attention. "Look, I’m about to buy a new car and I won’t need my Mustang. It’s only got 12,000 miles on it and if you’ll go to dinner and a show with me next Saturday night, it’s yours. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to so it won’t be whoring!"

Again, Rene thought. The car was practically new and worth a lot more than anything she might buy with $2,000. She wasn’t really selling her body for money this way. . . or was she? She was tired - physically and mentally fatigued. "YES," she said and she was committed to a dinner and a show date.

As the next few days passed, her forthcoming date was always on her mind. Jan would be a great date and loads of fun. Dinner would be excellent and the wine superb! But what after? Jan had been a great sex partner and since there would be no money involved, she’d be morally free to seduce him again! She remembered his ability it bed and smiled.

Then, on Saturday, she made up her mind - she’d try to seduce him. She prepared her bedroom with clean sheets and flowers; then; showered and chose her lingerie. At 4:30, her mother picked up the kids for the night.

Then as the kids were gone a man came to the door. She donned her bathrobe and answered the door where a man handed her an envelope and keys. He pointed to the green Mustang in the driveway and said simply, "It’s yours."

Rene went quickly back to her room and donned her outer clothing. Swftly and efficiently, she primped and made final adjustments to her dress before going to look at her new car.

As she entered the driver’s seat she noted, the car was spotless, smelled of new car, and she slowly adjusted the seat for size; then, the rear view mirrors and installed her garage door opener. She was excited. She’d make Jan the happiest man later - she was determined!

Rene’s excitement was still evident when Jan arrived to pick her up for their date and he was pleased. It was the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial ‘fuck-buddy’ relationship.

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