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Right Neighborly II

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Right Neighbors part2



I went into the back yard looking over to see if Mrs. Johnson was around. I realized I was a little obsessed but what the hell, getting your first blow job from a beautiful, big titted neighbour was ample justification for being a little obsessed. When I realized that Mrs. Johnson was nowhere to be seen, I started checking the boards on the fence that divides her yard from ours. A laurel hedge was planted on our side of the fence and I had to squeeze between the hedge and the fence as I checked each board.


It was then that I began to get concerned that Mrs. Johnson might be filled with remorse over what had happened. What if she regretted what we had done? What if she wouldn't speak to me again? What if she was mad because I came in her mouth? What if I had pulled on her tits too hard? What if she hated my big cock and thought I was a freak? What if what if? Shit. This was silly but I was starting to get really worried when I heard Mrs. Johnson on the other side of the six-foot fence. I could see her approaching the area I was working in and I just about shit myself. Was she mad? Was she coming over to tell me how bad I had been? Oh fuck. I didn't know whether to shit or go blind.


Mrs. Johnson was standing on the other side of the fence right opposite where I was standing. I was too afraid to say anything and just kept pretending to examine the boards on the fence. Then, she quietly called my name. I said hi and started to apologize if I had done anything to make her mad. She laughed and said that the reason she came to talk to me was to apologize too and that she hoped I hadn't been grossed out by her comments about loving to suck my cock. She went on to say that she realized that there was no way that a young man like me could be interested in an old lady like her. I was stunned. And I was relieved. I wasn't in shit after all.


I spoke quietly through the fence so my mom couldn't overhear us and told her that I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and that I couldn't stop thinking about her. She replied that she felt the same way and was wondering if it would ever be possible to let her suck my big cock again. I almost came right there but gathered my wits about me and told her I was afraid that she wouldn't want to see me again and that I thought she might hate my cock because it was too big. She said that after she sucked me, she wanted more right away and was sorry I had to go when my mom called. I remembered how happy she looked as she laid her head on my thigh and rubbed my cock on her face. Maybe she really does like me.


I told her that I couldn't wait until the next time we could be together and that all I could think about was how beautiful she looked as she sucked my cock and how good she made me feel.


It was then that I noticed she had moved a few feet away from me where a board had come loose and was almost falling off. I looked around and was relieved to see that the laurel bush kept me hidden from our house so that if mom looked out, she wouldn't be able to see me. I decided to be a bit bold and told Mrs. Johnson that my cock was hard just thinking about the next time we might be able to get together. She said that she didn't know if she could wait either and was wondering if I would do her a favor. I loved it when she asked for a favor because every time she did, it has always turned out very well for me and for my now fully erect cock. I had been squeezing my cock though the soft material of my sweat pants and I noticed a large damp spot from the pre-come that was leaking from the end of my dick.


I told her I would do anything for her and asked her what I could do. She said in a tiny, child-like voice, that she would love it if I would put my cock through the fence and let her suck it. Giddy-up! I removed the board that was almost falling off anyway and looked at Mrs. Johnson through the opening. She smiled at me and dropped her eyes, looking at the ground and in the same "little-girl" voice, asked me if I would please let her suck my cock.


At that time in my life, I had no experience or knowledge that would allow me to understand the behavior that Mrs. Johnson was displaying. I found it strange but very exciting that this gorgeous woman wanted my cock so badly and that she appeared to be acting like a little girl. She asked if I would please put my cock through the fence so that she could suck it for me to make me feel good. I pulled at the knot that held my sweat pants and let them slip down my legs. I shuffled closer to the hole in the fence and watched as Mrs. Johnson dropped to her knees on the grass. She looked at my cock, and then asked if it would be all right if she removed her blouse again. She said that she thought I might like to look at her breasts while she sucked me.


I told her how much I loved her tits and that it would make me very happy to see them again. She smiled, reached down to the hem of her blouse and slowly pulled it over her head and off. She folded it and laid it carefully on the ground next to her. As she shuffled closer to the fence on her hands and knees, I couldn't help noticing her tits sway back and forth. Fuck she's beautiful! She asked if her breasts pleased me and whether I though they were too big. I told her again, that she was very beautiful and that I loved looking at her big tits. She asked if it would "please me" if she sucked her own nipples before she sucked my cock. I just about came right then and there but said yes, it would "please me". With that, she cupped a breast in each hand and lifted them.


They looked heavy and soft yet firm. How is it possible for tits to be so soft and yet so firm at the same time? She lifted one breast and lowered her head. She stuck her tongue out and licked little circles around the nipple that was growing in front of my eyes. Then she lifted the breast higher and began sucking noisily on the nipple. Fuck she was sexy. Her eyes were closed and she made a little purring sound as she sucked at her own tit. My hand slipped down to hold my very hard cock but I was afraid to stroke it for fear of blowing my load right then and there.


She opened her eyes, looked straight at my cock and holding a tit in each hand, brought her face to my cock. I moved closer so that all of my cock was sticking through the fence. I watched through the gap in the fence as she massaged her tits and with the tip of her tongue, began gently licking the head of my cock. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be purring like a kitten. It was like looking at a young girl who was getting her first lick of an ice cream cone on a hot summers day.


She coated the plum shaped head of my cock with her saliva and when it was completely wet, she slipped her lips over about half the head making little wet sucking sounds. She was slowly sucking on the head of my cock as she continued to massage those incredible tits. I watched as she moved her hands and grabbed a nipple in each hand. She held each nipple between her thumb and forefingers and began pulling and twisting them. Then she pulled them away from her body and shook them. This caused her tits to shake like bowls of Jell-O and I was getting so horny I thought I would lose it.


Then she moved one hand to my balls, grabbed my sack and pulled gently but firmly on my balls, as if she was trying to stretch them down to the ground. This made my cock stretch and become even harder if that was possible. I could see that my cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum which was licked up with every swipe of her tongue. Then she took her other hand, grabbed the base of my cock and plunged her mouth over the head of my cock. Oh fuck. She made it feel so good I didn't want this to ever end. I looked at her little hand, which barely made it half way around my big cock and watched as she stroked it into her mouth. The hand on my balls kept very busy and she alternated between pulling on the sack and rolling my balls around in her hand.


She looked up into my eyes, removed the head of my cock from her mouth for a second and asked if she was making me feel good. As soon as she finished her short sentence, she resumed her contented sucking. I told her that she made me feel very good. I also told her I felt a bit guilty because I was getting all the attention. She looked at me, took my cock from her mouth again, and told me that there wasn't anything she would rather be doing than sucking my big cock. She tried to smile at me with her mouth full of my cock and I could see that she did indeed, look very happy. Who am I to argue?


I was getting into this blowjob now and I could sense that she was too. Her grip became tighter and her sucking was more determined. She began to twist her head to and fro stuffing my cock as far into her mouth as she could. Then, she pressed my cock deep into her mouth and held it there. I could see tears in the corner of her eyes and I became worried that she would choke. All of a sudden, I felt something give and my cock slipped into her throat. Fuck! She held me very still and did not move. I didn't know what was going on but it sure felt good. It felt like my cock was trapped in velvet covered vice. I watched her face and noticed that she was trying to control her breathing. Even though I could still see several inches of my cock, I knew that much of it was certainly down her throat. Her nostrils flared as she adjusted to breathing through her nose. She calmed down a bit and then to my great surprise, pulled me by the ass until a little more of my cock was forced down her throat. I was torn between the unbelievable feeling of getting sucked so well and concern for her that I might be too big for this. I asked her if she was OK. Without moving her mouth off my cock, she looked up, made her eyes smile, and hugged me closer to her.


Now, one hand was on my ass pulling me closer and the other was tugging at my sac. I could feel myself getting ready to lose it and told her I was close. She looked at me and with a look that I could only guess was determination, she jammed her face all the way onto my cock until her lips were touching my pubic hair. Fuck. That did it. I felt the cum boil inside me and I got ready for my second great orgasm this fine day. I told her I was cumming and she started fucking me with her throat. It felt tighter than when I fisted it, even with a death grip. I felt dizzy and weak at the knees when I started cumming. My first blast must have shot straight down her throat. She quickly pulled back until just the head was in her mouth and she grabbed my cock with both hands and milked me into her mouth, pumping like crazy. For the second time today, I was shooting ropes of thick cum into this beautiful woman's mouth. She mewed and purred as I filled her mouth, I could see her swallowing as fast as she could. As my orgasm started to abate, she pumped what was left of my load into her mouth. Then she did the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She took her mouth off the head of my cock, opened it and showed me that she had a mouthful of my cum and then with the sexiest look, swallowed it making a big production out of the act. She continued to hold onto my cock with one hand and with the other, she scooped up the cum that had leaked from the corners of her mouth and had landed on her tits and her lap. She cleaned herself off with her finger and sucked her finger clean.


I was just about ready to pass out. I though about going to buy a lottery ticket because this was the luckiest day of my young life. Mrs. Johnson said nothing for a while. Then she quietly asked if she pleased me. I told her that I just might be in love with her. She smiled and said it would make her very happy if I would let her please me more often. She gave my cock a big kiss, rubbed it all over her face for a minute and gave it one last suck to make sure she had everything I had to give. Then she pulled up my sweat pants and gave me a gentle little pat on the cock.


She quickly put her top back on and asked if I was going to finish the painting tomorrow. I told her that not only would I be over to finish the painting, but that I would be doing it for free. She insisted that I be paid and said that she would be home all day so that if I wanted her to make me feel good again, she would be there for me.


She said good evening, blew me a kiss through the fence and walked back to her home.


I was pretty fucked up. I wasn't sure how I would ever concentrate on anything ever again. I remembered that I was supposed to be going out tomorrow night on a first date with Traci, a big titted girl I met at the beach. Funny how things change. Here I was trying to think of an excuse to get out of the date with Traci because a woman I had lived next to for years had made me a very happy (and horny) guy.


I began to wonder if Mrs. Johnson would ever let me fuck her or eat her pussy. I knew I didn't want to push my luck but at the same time, I was feeling a bit guilty for always being on the receiving end of all the pleasure and also, I was curious about what it might be like to slip my big cock into her cunt. I imagined it would be very wet and very tight. I could almost feel her legs wrapped around me as I fed inch after inch of cock into her tight little cunt. What a dilemma. It would take at least a couple hundred years to get bored from her blowjobs and I would never complain, but I knew I had to make a try to get in her pants. In the few porn movies I had seen, watching some guy eat the pussy of the porn actress had fascinated me. I wanted some of that. I wondered what she would taste like. My guess was that she would taste just like honey. Just as I climbed the steps to the back of our house, I looked over toward Mrs. Johnson's and sure enough, she was there to give me a little wave before closing her blinds.


I was filled with anticipation about what tomorrow might bring and for the first time in a long time, I couldn't wait to get to bed and hoped that morning would come very soon.

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