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At 18 years old, I still had another few decades before I would even begin to figure out what life was all about. All I knew is that I was cursed by an insatiable sex drive that, because I was still a virgin, I had to take care of it with my hands, and I took care of it a lot. At least two or three times a day I would have to whip out my cock and jerk off. I came so much that it was always best to jerk off into the bathroom sink I wouldn’t leave any tissues or even paper towels laying around.


All that changed the summer of my eighteenth year when I was earning some spending money by painting the trim on my neighbor’s house. It was a very hot day and all I was wearing is a pair of shorts and my sneakers. My neighbor, a single woman, wasn't home and her yard was very private so I had just put on a pair of silk running shorts to help cope with the heat. The sweat was rolling off me and my shorts became soaked with sweat. My cock was clearly visible through the silk material but I didn't care because no one could see me. All I knew is that it was hot as hell and that I would have painted in the nude if I could.


I was on a ladder painting the trim over the kitchen window when I heard someone moving about in the house. Mrs. Johnson had arrived home and was putting away some groceries. She stuck her head out to ask how it was going and then asked if I would like a cold drink. I looked down at her to say hi and to tell her I would love a cold drink and then I noticed she was staring at me, straight at my crotch more specifically. I thought for a minute she might have been looking at the paint job but soon realized that she was staring at my shorts. I looked down and noticed that the head of my cock and my balls were hanging out one leg of my shorts. Also, the rest of my cock was clearly outlined in the sweaty, wet silk of my shorts. I may as well have been nude.


I was very embarrassed and as I tried to cover myself up while holding a paintbrush and paint can, I slipped on the ladder and fell to the ground. More embarrassed than anything I rolled on to my stomach pretending to be hurt so I could conceal my cock. I was wishing she would have stayed in the house so I could have dash home and change, but Mrs. Johnson came running out. She asked if I was OK and I replied that I thought so and had probably just knocked the wind out of me. Mrs. Johnson tried to help sit me up. She pulled a lawn chair over to where I was sitting and helped me up from the lawn and into the chair. I slumped into the chair and tried my best to cover my crotch. It was then that I noticed a long scratch on my stomach that must have been caused by the ladder when I fell. The scratch ran across my stomach and below the waistline of my shorts. I had also spilled a bit of paint on my chest and legs.


Mrs. Johnson reminded me that she was a nurse and needed to take a look at it. She kneeled on the grass in front of me, gently pushed my arms to the side and ran her fingers over the scratch. She followed the scratch down my stomach and lifted the waistband of my shorts to see how far the scratch went. She said it was going to be fine but that she would get a wet cloth to wash the area, put on some ointment on and then clean up the spilled paint. As she went into the house to fetch the washcloth, I was tempted to run home. I tried hiding my dick as best I could but either my balls or part of my cock would fall out of my shorts one leg or the other. I covered my crotch with my hands as Mrs. Johnson returned and I tried to cover up as much as possible.


Mrs. Johnson dipped the cloth on a bowl of warm water and told me to set back and she would clean off the paint and have a look at the scratch. She bent forward over me and I was treated to a look at the most gorgeous set of tits I had ever seen outside of the pages of Playboy. Her loose blouse fell forward and it became immediately obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Along with a perfect view of her large, soft looking tits, I couldn’t quite see her nipples. She asked me to set back some more and as I tried to do so it quickly became uncomfortable so I slumped in the chair to rest my head on the back of the chair. It was then I could feel that my balls had fallen out of the leg of my shorts and were now dangling over the edge of the chair.


My cock was lying right beside them. I didn't know what to do but hoped that she was giving all her attention to the paint and wouldn't notice. I kept my eyes closed and tried not to think about her beautiful breasts so I wouldn't get a hard on... that's all I needed! Because I was hot and sweaty, my balls were hanging lower than usual and I became concerned that she would freak out if she saw them. My young mind had never had to deal with a situation like this but I figured the best way to deal with this was straight up. I asked her if I could tell her something to which she replied "of course". I then proceeded to tell her that I would never had dressed like this if I knew she was going to be home. It was just so darn hot that I had thrown on the lightest pair of shorts I owned, they didn't really cover me properly and I was very embarrassed. I asked her if she would mind letting me go home and get decent before I was embarrassed any further so she didn't think poorly of me.


As I had been speaking, she looked toward my crotch and I could see her eyes glued to my cock and balls. She seem transfixed on them and as I tried to cover myself she snapped out of her little trance, brushed my hands away and told me not to be silly, that she was a nurse and that she see lots of people in various states of undress every day. She said not to worry about being embarrassed and that she understood why I dressed the way I did and said she would have done the same if she thought no one was around. I had my eyes closed in pain and didn't even think about my state of undress. I started to apologize again and she told be to be quiet and to sit still and let her finish cleaning off the paint and looking at the scratch.


She told me I was a silly boy and to let her take care of me. She was on her knees between my kegs and as she started to clean the paint off my chest, she moved forward and pressed her hip into my crotch. The contact was very soft and I could feel her hip gently pressing on my cock and balls. It felt so good but if I was embarrassed before, I knew I was in big trouble now. Predictably, my cock started to fill out in response to her gentle touch. Before long I was at half-mast and the head of my cock started to push into her belly. I didn't know whether to shit or go blind! All I could do was keep my eyes closed and pretend that everything was OK. I peeked down and saw her continuing to wipe my chest but her eyes were glued to my cock. This only made matters worse and my cock was now a full on stiff. Shit. I watched her watching me and my eyes went again to her magnificent tits. I watched as they swayed back and forth and jiggled in time with her movements. Fuck!


I was so embarrassed I finally couldn't take it anymore and started to apologize again. When she asked what the problem was I looked at my cock and said I didn't want to gross her out and make her think I was a perv. Nonsense she said, as long as it is staring me in the face, and that it is the only part of your body I hasn't checked, I may as well make sure it was ok too. I told her that wouldn't be necessary but she wouldn't take no for an answer. She pushed my hands away and sat back to look at my cock. My discomfort and embarrassment were quite obvious and Mrs. Johnson sensed that I was still ill at ease. She took my hand and once again, reminded me that she was a nurse and as such, had seen hundreds if not thousands of men in their altogether. My mind was racing with a myriad of different thoughts and emotions. On one hand, I was being comforted by a health care professional whose approach was seemingly professional and clinical and on the other hand I was, for all intents and purposes, naked with my cock and balls exposed and looking down the blouse of a beautiful woman who had a huge pair of tits.


Mrs. Johnson took my cock gently into her small hands and started a thorough examination. She became less gentle as she lifted and twisted and moved it all over the place so that she could see all its surfaces and the more she touched it, the harder I became. She didn't seem to react when it reached its full potential and the head of my cock was within a few inches of her face. I noticed that her breathing had seemed to quicken and her mouth was open. As she licked her lower lip I could see her tits rising and falling at a quicker pace. She held my cock in both hands and continued to look at it from every angle.


When an involuntary shudder went through me she asked if it hurt. What the hell, if I was in for a penny I was in for a pound so I said it didn't hurt at all and that the more she touched it the less I seemed to feel the aches and pains of my fall. This was pure bullshit of course and was really a very amateurish attempt to make sure she kept touching me. For whatever reason, she seemed to accept this as some kind of sign that touching my cock was making me feel better so she asked if she should continue. I said that would be very nice of her and as she smiled at me, she grasped my cock with one hand, slowly stroking it and said that she might as well check out my "scrotum" to make sure that my "testicles" were ok too.


She commented that I had an unusually large pair of "testicles" and that my "scrotum" was quite impressive. She asked if they were swollen somehow from the fall or if they were always that big. She was cupping my balls in her small hand and pulling them away from my body to get a closer look. I noticed that they were much larger than her hand and loved the way that she started rolling my balls with her fingers. I told her that they were at their normal size but that they were so big that it meant I couldn't wear tight jeans. I guess this was meant to elicit a little sympathy while at the same time, somehow reinforce the point that my package was a little unusual because of its size.


She said that she would have to pull my "penis" out of the way and needed to pull and gently squeeze my "scrotum" to make sure I hadn't suffered any damage. By now I was starting to hope that she was as much into this little charade as I was and wanted to see how far it would go. I was in no rush to have her stop touching me and my cock started to leak pre-cum. She pulled my cock out of the way and "innocently" used her thumb to wipe off the clear fluid that was accumulating at my piss slit. She started to massage my balls and would gently grab them and pull them this way and that in the pretext of a thorough examination.


Although my earlier statement about her fondling making me feel better was pure bullshit, it was now actually quite true as I had completely forgotten about my fall and was focused on her stoking hands, her jiggling tits, and the way she kept licking her lips. I had seen enough porn's to know that it was only a matter of inches before I could be getting my first blowjob. She held her face very close to my cock and I slowly, very slowly began to push myself forward, trying to get the head of my cock closer to those lush, full lips. I expected her to pull back the closer I got but was encouraged when she actually moved slightly forward. I could see that her nipples were now hard as a rock and I wanted nothing more than to grab onto those big tits. Oh how I wanted to feel them and to suck them. At this moment in time, she was sexier than any porn actress or Penthouse centerfold I had ever seen.


She asked if her touch was still making me feel better and I could barely speak. When I was finally able to answer I told her that it made me feel much better and said that she must be a very good nurse. She looked up into my eyes and smiled at me. I sat back in the chair and watched her stroking my dick. By now, all pretences were pretty much gone and what she was doing was giving me one hell of a good hand job. Her little hands were still moving in slow motion and although I wanted her to start pumping faster, I also wanted this to last forever. I knew however, from that familiar feeling deep within my balls that I was on the verge of coming.


Because I was sure she would hate me forever if I came all over her, I finally had to warn her that her massage was making me feel "funny" and that I was close to "ejaculating". I used the word ejaculating to keep in the spirit of the alleged clinical setting but really wanted to say I was about to cum. She acted as though she didn't hear me for a moment and then said that "ejaculating" is perfectly normal and that if stroking my cock made me feel better, "ejaculating" would probably make me feel even better.


I couldn't believe she said that but managed to say that she was very kind and thanked her. She moved both of her small hands to my cock, grabbed it by the base and started pumping harder. There was at least 6" of cock showing above her two hands and the head of my cock was now just an inch or so from her lips. I could even feel her breath washing over the head of my cock.


I felt myself getting very close and told her that I had something embarrassing to tell her. She kept pumping my cock but looked up, smiled innocently and asked what might be embarrassing. I told her that when I "ejaculated", I did so with a very large load and that if she carried on like this, I would be sure to cover her with a large amount of "semen".


This seemed to cause her to gab my cock even tighter and pump even faster. She said that this was the best position for her to do her "massage" but agreed that she didn't want to ruin her new blouse. She asked if I would mind if she took off her blouse so that when I "ejaculated", if any "semen" went her way it wouldn't wreck her blouse. Duh! In my best clinical manner, I told her that it would be fine with me. She quickly let go of my cock, grabbed her blouse and pulled it over her head and just as quickly, resumed the stroking of my cock. I was now completely head over heels in love with this woman. She was kneeling in front of me, naked from the waist up with a huge set of tits that were shaking like crazy, and was jerking me off for all she was worth. Then it happened. She said that she had an idea. I asked her what it was and she replied that when she was married, she used to put her lips over the head of her husbands "penis" to avoid making a mess when he "ejaculated". She asked if I would mind if she did that now. Again, duh. I told her that it would be fine with me as long as she was ok with it.


She asked if I was getting close, I said yes and before I could finish saying the word "yes", she plunged the huge head of my cock into her pretty little mouth and started sucking for all she was worth. Gone was the clinical, business-like manner. She was sucking and pulling on my cock for all she was worth. She took one hand away from my cock and reached down to tug and twist her nipples. She would pull hard and twist one nipple and then do the same to the other. Her mouth was stretched so much with the size of my cock that I was afraid it would tear her lips. Her eyes were closed and she was now mauling her tits with one hand while jacking me off into her mouth with the other.


I lost it too and grabbed the sides of her head and pulled her mouth further down my huge shaft. My balls were swinging over the edge of the lawn chair and she grabbed them and started pulling hard on them as she sucked me off. I knew that I couldn't hold back anymore and warned her that I was about to cum. I couldn't believe it but she somehow got another couple of inches of my cock into her mouth and she sucked so hard it almost hurt. Now I know what George Thorogood meant when he sang, "it hurts so good" in one of his songs.


The moment had arrived and I was totally consumed by the passion of the moment, I lost it and reached down to grab a large tit in each hand and pulled them away from her body and towards me, trying to pull her deeper onto my cock. With an amazing blast the first shot of my cum flew out and filled her small mouth. I could see her pull back so that just the head of my cock was still in her mouth and she swallowed as fast as she could. There was no way for her to swallow fast enough and as my cock pumped load after thick load into her mouth, some spilled out the sides of her mouth and dripped down onto her tits.


I became a little worried because she seemed to be freaking out a bit. Then I realized she was cumming too. She had put one hand under her short skirt and was fingering herself. Her other hand continued to milk my cock of its load. Rope after thick rope of cum shot out of my cock and into her mouth. She seemed to love the cum and the more she got, the more she wanted. My balls finally started to run out of cum and after I had stopped shooting in her mouth, she kept sucking and licking my cock making sure she got every drop. My cock started to soften a bit and I loved the way she kept sucking softly. Things were calming down now and I knew that soon we might have to stop this soon and I was afraid she would be filled with remorse.


Nothing could be further from the truth however and she finally open her eyes, slipped the head of my cock out of her mouth and asked if I felt better. I said I felt wonderful and that she was amazing and beautiful. I swear she blushed a little and with that, she put her head on my thigh and stroked her face with my cock. She looked down onto her tits and used her fingers to scoop up the cum that had escaped her lips. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked off the cum like it was the worlds most precious commodity. She seemed to be purring like a kitten. I gently stroked her head as she massaged my cock into her face. Just then, my mom called for me from the other side of the fence. I yelled that I would be there in a minute and thanked Mrs. Johnson for making me feel a lot better.


I could see she was troubled and asked what was wrong. She said that it was her turn to be embarrassed and that she had a secret and was afraid to tell me. I asked her what it was and she told me not to think poorly of her but she had almost forgotten how much she craved the taste of cum and that she was wondering if I would let her suck me off again. I looked up, silently thanked the big guy upstairs and told her that we could probably come to some sort of arrangement. When she asked what I meant, my mom hollered at me again and I told her I would be back tomorrow to finish our conversation.

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