Say Ahhhhhhhh

By PAMtnMan

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My dentist has a special way of taking care of her patients.
I began seeing my new dentist Pam about a year ago. She was a good looking older woman which made it more enjoyable to go to the dentist. She also used gas to put you under and since I didn’t particularly care for going to the dentist, this made it tolerable.

During my last three visits I had the most incredible dreams. Although I couldn’t completely remember the dreams, I knew they were sexual in nature. After my last appointment I had to use the restroom before I left.

While taking my cock out to pee, I noticed it was wet, not just at the tip but all along my shaft. It wasn’t water but a slippery substance that was a bit sticky to my touch. Oh my God, it felt like a woman’s pussy juices after she had an orgasm. How in the world was that on my cock, I wondered.

All the way home I was thinking about how my cock could have become wet. Finally I decided that I wasn’t having dreams but instead Pam was having sex with me while I was out from the gas. I had to find a way to prove I was right.

I had an appointment in 3 weeks to have a new crown put in, and that would be the perfect time to find out if I was right about Pam. I devised a plan to have my cell phone on and pointed towards the chair as she worked on me. Now I had to find a way to position the camera just right.

I was sitting in the waiting room when the receptionist called my name.

“Michael, you can go to room three, the doctor will be in soon.”

Perfect, I would have time to set up my cell phone to record my visit. There was a small coat rack to the right and back of the chair. I positioned my jacket with the cell phone in it so I could see most of the chair. I took my seat in the chair and waited for Dr. Pam.

She entered, smiling.

“How are you today Michael?”

“Feeling great. I always feel great after I’m here.”

“That’s what I like to hear. A satisfied patient."

I smiled to myself thinking, oh yea, a very satisfied patient.

Her assistant placed the rubber spacer in my mouth. She gave me a pill to take so the anesthetic would not upset my stomach. I later would learn that this pill was actually 100 milligrams of Viagra.

“You know the routine Michael, just breathe normally.”

I nodded and heard her tell Pam that I was ready and if she needed anything else to call her.

I don’t remember anything until I heard Pam’s voice.

“We’re all done Michael, everything went extremely well."

I was still a bit groggy and just nodded.

“I look forward to seeing you again next week Michael, have a fantastic day.”

I got up from the chair, grabbed my jacket and headed to the reception area. I sat there for maybe fifteen minutes until I felt well enough to leave the office. My cell phone had stopped recording so I hoped it had captured what had happened.

As I entered my house and I unzipped my pants. Yep, sure enough, my cock was wet again. I couldn’t wait to watch the video. The view was from behind my right shoulder and it showed from my head to the bottom of foot rest of the chair. I could see the entire front of my body except for the very left part.

The video started with me walking away from the camera and sitting in the chair. Soon Pam and her assistant arrived. Her assistant prepped me and then left the room. I could hear the door close. Pam left the view and I heard the door lock. Soon she returned, completely naked.

Wow, for an older chick she had an incredible body. She was slim and her body was well toned. She must work out. For her small size she had quite impressive tits. They were very firm and only jiggled a little when she walked. Her nipples were fabulous. They were a dark pink and stood out from her tits like delicious bite sized pieces of candy.

I was getting a hard-on from watching her.

Pam stood to the left of me and unzipped my pants. With one motion she slid my pants and boxers to my ankles. She straddled her legs over mine and sat across my knees. Her hands slid around my cock and began to massage it. It wasn’t long and it began to rise in her hands. Soon I was fully erect. My cock looked quite large in her small hands.

“Mmmmmm Michael, you never fail to impress me.”

She lowered her lips to my tip and sucked it gently. I watched as the head of my cock disappeared slowly between her lips. She slid me deep inside her mouth and then back out, licking my tip with her tongue. She did this over and over, very slowly for about 3 minutes.

I heard her moan and she began sliding my cock in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Her lips would squeeze tight against my cock each time she drew it outward. I watched as the sides of her cheeks would suck as she slid my cock into her mouth.

I was getting very aroused watching the video. I was an unwilling star of my own porn video. However, I think if I had been alert during this I would not have stopped her.

I could see my quivering a little and I knew my cock was pulsing in her mouth. Not wanting me to cum just yet, she pulled my cock from her mouth. I could see her saliva glistening on my erect cock. I was impressed as to how big it looked.

She slid up over my legs and her pussy was inches away from my cock. Leaning forward, she placed her left nipple between my lips.

"I know how much you loving sucking my nipples Michael. Mmmmmmm, you do that so well.”

She was now talking dirty to me. If only I was awake to hear that at the time.

She moved her other nipple to my mouth and began moving it all around my lips. Her pussy was moist as she moved towards my cock. It seemed in slow motion as I watched my hard cock part her wet pussy lips and slide inside of her. Pam only slid my cock about half way inside her pussy and then drew it back out to its tip. With just that much going inside of her with each thrust, she rode me up and down for a few moments.


I could hear her moan as she lowered her body tight to mine. My cock was now fully inside her pussy. She wiggled her ass around on me.

I thought I would cum in my pants watching this. I wish I had been awake to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock.

She rode me up and down, faster and faster. She moaned with each deep thrust of my cock inside her. Her hands were on my chest as she leaned forward and continued to ride my cock. Each time she moved upward I could see that my cock was covered with her sweet juices.

“Fuck me hard Michael. Oh yes, yesssssss.”

I don’t know how I was feeling in the video, but I was ready to come just from watching her ride my cock.

Her body began to shake and I knew she was about to cum. Her head tilted back and then forward as she moaned loudly. She continued to pound her pussy around my cock. I noticed my body was also starting to shake and I could see my stomach muscles tighten. Pam saw this too and she grabbed my shoulders and rode me even harder.

She was breathing hard and moaning. I knew she was cumming again. I saw her cum dripping from her pussy and running down my cock as she slid up and down on me. My body shook harder and I knew I was pumping my hot load deep into her pussy.

She fell forward onto my chest as her hips continued to drive forward, forcing my cock deep inside her. As her body slowed I knew I had cum. Her tight little body glistened with perspiration as she lay on my chest.

I watched as she stood up slowly. My still erect cock slid out of her drippy pussy, covered with both of our cum. She leaned towards me and…… Damn….. the video had stopped. My phone would only record for 30 minutes.

I sat back in my recliner and smiled. I was looking forward to my next dentist appointment more than ever.