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School daze. Miss Brown and Miss MacDougall

Severe female teacher further tamed and loved by young man

Miss Janice Brown had been a pupil at our school and then had a long career here as a teacher, before retiring seven years ago.  I first met her when I was preparing a paper on student experiences at school. Clara (Miss MacDougall) suggested that it would be good to compare the past and present pupil life and Janice was more than happy to help. She lived nearby so I could visit her regularly. 

Clara warned me that Janice had unpleasant experiences in early life and wasn’t comfortable being alone with males, only females were allowed into her house. That would have made it impossible for me, except that Clara told Janice about my escapade in girl’s uniform. 

“How delightful. Miss Anderson will be most welcome. Dresses or skirts and panties should be compulsory wear for boys; it would make them better people. These lessons will be fun.”   

I had to be a girl during my visits to Janice, not as before just a boy in a girl’s uniform. Clara helped with this by teaching me how to attach breast forms, hide the bulge down there, fit a wig and apply light makeup. She also worked on my posture and walking style. The breasts were the most difficult for me. They were so foreign, they pulled heavily on my chest, strained my shoulders, got in the way and jiggled as I walked. In time, I reached the point when Clara considered I passed muster as a dowdy schoolgirl, Miss Elizabeth Anderson.  

I changed at Clara’s residence before each visit and then had a nerve-wracking walk en femme to meet Janice at her house, two streets away. Fortunately, many kids in that area wore the same uniform, so passersby paid little attention to me; I was just another schoolgirl. My only mishap occurred on the second day. A sudden gust of wind blew my skirt up, and a group of workmen got the full view. Why does this happen only when there are men around to see it? It made their day. They wolf-whistled and laughed as I struggled to cover myself. Lesson learned, from then I was especially careful.

The stress of this incident affected my bladder, and I soon needed to go to the loo. My first time as a girl, which may seem trivial if you’ve always done so but was challenging for an eighteen-year-old boy. I would have to sit but did girls take everything down, as I would do when sitting, or did they just lift the skirt out of the way? Since mine had a fiddly zip and button at the back and I was desperate, I went with the latter option. It was unnerving to sit there with my knickers around my knees and feel liquid tinkling from the little mock pussy hidden underneath my skirt. My instinctive reaction was that I was wetting myself, stupid I know but fortunately I quelled the fear and didn’t move. I managed to do the business, dry myself, pull the panties back into place and readjust my skirt without accidents. A new experience of girly life.    

Clara accompanied me on my first visit. I was nervous. After all, I was about to spend the afternoon, as a girl, with a woman I’d never met. I needn’t have worried, Janice was kind and supportive.

"You look adorable in that uniform; it brings back fond memories for me. You can be a perfect young lady if we do some work on your comportment. It will be my pleasure to teach you." 

A strange turn of events, but given Janice's views, perhaps the chance to train me as a proper girl was too good to miss. 

"Thank you; I’ll try to be a good pupil.” Janice and Clara both smiled.

We chatted with Janice for the rest of the afternoon. She enjoyed reminiscing about her times at the school: six years as a pupil and thirty years as a teacher. The school was a place of fear for the students in her early years. Everything was regimented. Kids were there to absorb facts by rote and to be seen but not heard unless asked a question. The teachers had absolute power and kept their classes under strict control by widespread use of the belt, even for getting answers wrong or writing poorly as well as for misbehavior. No hint of developing free-thinking individuals, just people who could recite information and follow orders.     

There was no co-education, girls had separate classrooms, gym, and playground. The subjects available to them were limited, but exceptionally talented girls could sometimes do advanced studies. Again, they were taught separately from the boys and while some specialist teachers were supportive, most resented ‘wasting their time training silly girls’ and were hard on them. To succeed, these young ladies had to be strong and work twice as hard as the boys.     

Janice overcame these difficulties and male-prejudices at both school and university and qualified with a Degree in Mathematics. She then taught in several small schools before returning here for the remainder of her career. Janice worked hard to change the perceptions of learning for girls and supported many through advanced study. She liked the modern emphasis on encouraging pupils to question, be inquisitive and develop as individuals but also believed that this had led to a breakdown in discipline and behavior.     

“The kids of today are out of control. They believe they can do or say anything without consequence. We would have been belted every day, at school and home, if we had done even a fraction of the things that the kids get away with today. We didn't because we learned to stay within the rules most of the time. To instill proper discipline in children, you must use the stick as well as the carrot. I am not in favor of the indiscriminate use of the belt that occurred in my day, but wider application of the quick sharp shock for troublemakers would encourage better behavior amongst all youngsters.”   

I met with Janice five times over the next two weeks and built up an extensive resume of her experiences both as a pupil and teacher. Also, she tried to train me to carry myself more convincingly as a young lady. On the final day, as I put on my uniform I noticed that the skirt was shorter than usual. The hem was three inches above my knees. I thought this was odd since most girls at school wore below-the-knee skirts, with only a few brave individuals having around-the-knee lengths but it was the only one provided. I admit to feeling quite exposed during my walk to meet Janice. 

I saw straight away the look of disapproval on Janice’s face when we met at the gate, and she was scowling by the time we were inside the house.

“That skirt is indecent; it leaves little to the imagination. Why are you dressed like that?  A lady shows decorum; she doesn’t flaunt herself. Haven’t you listened to anything I have said?” 

I saw an anger building in Janice.

“You deserve a severe thrashing for this immodesty and disrespect, but unfortunately I can’t administer it since I’m no longer a teacher. You disgust me, get out of my sight, leave now.”  

I was in shock; I had been set up, and it was easy to see what I was expected to do: allow Janice to tan a ‘girly bottom’ one more time. I was grateful to Janice for her help, so I acceded to the trap. Anyway, how bad could it be, she was elderly and frail?

“I am sorry that my skirt is improper. I am here on behalf of the school and under your tutelage. I will accept any punishment that you give for my insolence.”

“Very well, follow me, young lady."

We went into the next room. "Kneel down beside the bed and bend over onto it."

As I did this, the skirt slipped up at the back.

“Just as I thought, now it doesn’t even cover your knickers. The last girl I caught dressed so improperly got a Baker’s dozen (twelve plus one spare) with the belt. You’ll get the same.”

I shivered when Janice took out an extra-heavy tawse and argh, I soon found out that she could put it to serious use.

Janice folded the skirt over my back.

"My, my, these are cute panties, but non-regulation. That earns a further three smacks. I’ll just pull your knickers and stockings down out of the way. After all, I wouldn’t want to damage or tear these lovely things with my belt.”  

‘Oh great, all on the bare. My butt is going to burn, but hey, my undies are safe.'

The exposure to cold air nicely chilled my bottom, but the feeling was short-lived. Janice lightly tapped my bum with the tawse and pulled back. Next, there was a slight whistling sound followed by a loud whack as the belt struck home on both cheeks. That strike was agony in its self but was nothing compared to the excruciating pain that then rapidly built up and scorched through my butt. I gasped and groaned at the intensity.

How had Janice caused so much pain? A smack to the butt has two stages: the initial surface hit followed by compression of the cheeks under the weight of the tawse and dispersal of its force throughout the buttocks. In most punishment positions, the bottom still can move a little with the incoming blow and partially limit the second stage effect. Not in my case, my bare butt was locked in place because I was kneeling hard against the side of the bed. It absorbed the full force of compression by that thick belt, leading to the second wave of agonizing pain.

Realising my predicament, I instinctively moved backward.

“Get back into the correct position girl, if you don’t want extras.”

I pulled myself back against the bed. ‘Oh my god, I’ve fifteen more to take. I don’t know if I can cope. Janice is bound to tire out, isn’t she?’  

No chance. The smacks just kept coming, each as hard as the first. My bottom was like a furnace; I was wracked in pain, begging her to stop and in floods of tears after twelve. Janice did pause then for a few moments before saying, "it'll be the full number to make sure you get the message that your behavior isn’t acceptable or tolerated.”    

She must have been gathering her strength because the four extras were harder than any before and targeted on areas of my bum that were already raw. I was howling incoherently by the end.

 “Stay there and think about what has happened and why.”

Waves of pain kept pulsing through my behind. They were almost as bad as those during the belting itself but eventually started to subside. After this period of further penance, I was told to take my shoes off and get on to the bed to recover.

I was lying there when I felt a hand caress my tortured behind.

It was Clara. "I was the witness for the punishment, and now, I know why Janice's nickname was Miss Wallop. She lashed your bum more efficiently than I did. She may be frail, but years of experience have taught her how to get the maximum whack for the minimal effort. I have learned some new tricks today."  

“My behind doesn’t like the sound of that."

Janice told me a few days ago that she belted each of her best students on at least one occasion.

"There are times that even bright girls lose focus on their studies, play up, become more interested in trivia and at risk of becoming airheads. The punishments I gave instilled a strong discipline and work ethic in each of my girls. They studied doubly hard to be sure it didn't happen again, succeeded at school and now are in good jobs.”

“Our Miss Anderson is good but could do much better: a bit of my discipline would motivate her.” 

"In your day, what infringements most often led to punishment?"

“Oh, that is easy, dress violations: short skirts, revealing blouses, non-regulation underwear."

"I can arrange for that infraction, be prepared on Friday.

"I staged it, but I knew you would twig as soon as Janice started shouting about the short skirt and punishments. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that she would be so severe but judging by the broad smile on her face, Janice has always enjoyed belting schoolgirl bottoms. She’s had no opportunity for years so made the most of the chance to educate your girly bum.”

“Let’s go home now; I’ll make it up to you. It’ll be a dirty weekend.” 

Janice was still smiling as we left. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek: "I hope you have learned your lesson, Miss Anderson.”

“Yes, Miss Brown. Top and bottom won’t forget this in a hurry.”

I gingerly got into Clara's car, and she drove the short distance to her house.

We went through to the kitchen. "Recover for a while; I’m going to get changed and then prepare our meal." 

Clara was leaning over the worktop when her skirt lifted enough to reveal her sweet mound of Venus. I was already feeling horny, and this sight triggered my animal instincts.   

"I need it, I need you, and I need you now."

With that, I went over and started to stroke and finger Clara's pussy lips. Meanwhile, I pushed down my panties to release my erect cock and thrust it deep into Clara’s inviting moist snatch.  

She gasped. "Oh, my god, go on, do it."   

Her words surprised me. I allowed Clara’s vagina moments to adjust and settle around my cock before I began to drill it hard and fast without any considerations for Clara. Pure animal lust drove me.

“Oh god, oh god, wow. Please, I can’t take much more of this.”

I couldn't stop myself and just kept screwing her. After a few minutes, Clara’s breathing became deep and ragged, she started to squirm and shudder, and her vagina clasped even tighter around my cock, as though it was begging for cum. She began her climax with a scream. At this, I drove my cock even deeper into her demanding pussy and shot my whole load into it.    

Clara and I remained in position as our juices mixed and bathed our love tools. Luckily, I did not go flaccid. The pleasant and satisfying sensations that I had as vagina and cock gently rippled and pulsated together while they settled post-coitus were new and unforgettable and added the icing to an already scrumptious cake. Clara later told me that it was the same for her. One of many novel experiences that day. 

As I recovered, reality kicked in, and I panicked. ‘I’ve ruined everything, let my carnal desires get the better of me and taken Clara against her will.’ 

I pulled her to me. "I'm sorry. I’m sorry. I couldn't help myself."    

"Don't be silly. For weeks, I have wanted you to do that to me at least once: to overwhelm and possess me and mercilessly use my love tunnel to satisfy your needs. You well and truly drilled me, and I feel great.”  

I was stunned. “What, I don’t understand? You aren’t angry with me.”

Carla gave me a lingering kiss. “Poor boy. Girls can be confusing. No, I’m not upset, just pleased that it happened at last?"     

“But I violated you.”

“Ah, this is going to take time. You didn’t because I was a willing partner. I wanted it. Why do you think I wore a short skirt and no knickers? I knew you would be randy after Janice gave you the belt. I believed that the sight of my girly bits would pull you over the edge and wow, did they ever: you ravished my pussy: even its virginal deeps were plundered by your cockhead today. You shagged me to a screaming climax. Win, win, all around.”                  

“I’m exhausted. Let’s eat and get some sleep tonight; I guess there won’t be much resting over this weekend.”  

Next day, we started by making full and luscious use of my early morning wood and revisited many of our favorite coupling positions and some new ones over the next two days. The sex was not so frenetic as in our first days: it was slower and less strenuous but lasted longer, and was intensely passionate and rewarding. A new delight was sex out-with the bedroom. Making out in the sitting room while sunshine bathed our bodies was excellent. Not for the rug we used, which was flattened and stained by our many exertions on it.     

We did doggy style a couple of times, not as rough as on Friday but Clara still loved it. For me, it was okay, but I prefer the whole-body intimacy of positions like missionary. To see and feel Clara orgasm under me is almost as satisfying as shooting my load into her hot tactile love-hole. Well, almost. But, satisfying Clara is my priority so from then doggy was on the menu if she wanted it. Clara dropped the gentle hints approach. If she wanted a bad-girl no frills screwing, she said so, and I quickly switched to bad-boy mode. If she said nothing, I knew it was to be the full erotic monte.

We planned to have a leisurely breakfast before heading off to school on Monday. However, Clara spotted my wood and decided we would have a dessert first. Vigor restored after resting most of the night; we made incredible slow love in missionary. Clara's pussy began to twitch and spasm; I went down on her hard and fast, and we climaxed together. My spunk reserves must have replenished overnight because I shot an unbelievable load into her.             

As we canoodled later, she said, “I’ll need to take plenty of pads. Our juices will be leaking out of me all day. Not complaining though, I can’t think of a better start to the week.” 

We had a rushed breakfast and dashed our separate ways off to school. It is hard to concentrate on my work; I was both euphoric and tired from the weekend. Clara was demanding. Was she making up for all the years without sex? I sometimes struggled to keep up with her but who couldn’t enjoy the challenge of satisfying this sexy woman. She looked tired but in a good mood when I saw her later in her office.    

“Today went well, but I almost lost the plot in one class when a little cum suddenly seeped out of me, just like unexpected period blood. Fortunately, the pad did its job.”

I checked that no-one else was around and gently kissed Clara. “Have plenty of rest, we both need it. We’ll continue our calisthenics when you are ready. Goodnight Miss MacDougall.”

It was only three days later that I got a note from Clara. ‘Please come to see me as soon as possible.’

I went straight away and was surprised to find that Clara was calm and collected, not upset or angry as I expected.

“I need to ask a big favor. Pretty, please.”

“Why do I think this probably involves you applying leather to my bottom?” 

“Yes, it does. I need to improve my technique with the belt.”

“Why, my bum can testify that you are very efficient?"     

“But not as good as Janice. That frail woman devastated your butt with little effort, and there was no tail-off: her last smacks were as harsh as the first. I am always tiring by the end. She gets the belt to do all the work, and I now think I know how."

“So, you want to learn her method. That is okay with me but why now? My behind has just recovered from Janice's ministrations."  

“Jennifer Morley’s been caught bullying yet again. I’m going to deal with her tomorrow. Last time I gave her twenty with the extra-heavy. Her bum was glowing, but she shrugged it off and smirked at me as she left. Taking twenty from me was her badge of honor. This time I need to break her."

“Can’t you give her more strokes?”

“No, I don’t have the strength. The last ones were weak. That is why Jennifer sneered; she had beaten me. This time, I want to use Janice’s technique but need to perfect it beforehand. Will you be my test bottom?” 

“Okay, that girl terrorizes everyone and deserves a thrashing. I will take a few for the school, but I want some things in return. My punishment is to be done here this evening after school, and you need to find something solid that I can kneel against like I did at Janice’s place.” 

Clara looked quizzically at me. “Is that important?”

“It amplifies the pain.”

“Anything that helps. Wait a moment; the girl's restroom has a bed. We can use it. The room is lockable so I can punish Jennifer in there. In fact, it's perfect. The restroom is within the cloakroom area, so all the girls in the school will be able to listen to every smack and cry of Jennifer's punishment, and that will add to her humiliation.”  

“Anything else?”

“I assume that Miss Jones is to be the witness tomorrow. Offer her the chance to smack Miss Anderson’s bottom again. I know she is keen. She’ll jump at the chance of some on-bum pleasure, and you will have an even stronger ally in the school office. Miss Jones can give me ten with the medium tawse, as a warm up, and should then witness you doing your worst with the extra thick belt. Its ferocity will be shocking for her, but seeing my thrashing tonight will help Miss Jones cope with her official duties tomorrow.     

“Good thinking. I hadn’t considered that. Miss Jones has had a sheltered life. It would be bad if she became emotional during Jennifer’s punishment.”

“Okay, but what do you want for being so accommodating?”      

“Your sexy body is to be my comforter tonight. I'll not be fit to go home. We'll sleep together but just sleep. I want you to have every ounce of strength available tomorrow. We will pursue the other delights over the weekend.”

“Okay, but perhaps not the whole weekend. I am still tired from the last one.”

"That is okay I am still recovering as well, but there is something special I want us to do together. Can you find some non-uniform girl’s clothes for me?”

“Yes, but why?”

“I want us to go shopping together, to see if I can pass myself off as a girl.”

“Why would you do that? You’re all-male."

“I want to spend more time with you. Our love making is exquisite but think how enjoyable it would be to have the same amount of sex or more but at an easier less frantic pace.”

“I’ve been thinking the same but what has this to do with us going shopping?”

 “If I am seen too often at your house, tongues will start wagging, especially if recognized as a pupil, but no-one would have questions if your niece Elizabeth were staying with you. Of course, to keep up appearances, we would need to be seen out and about as aunt and niece. I need to know if I can pull that off.”   

“You’re willing to do this to be with me.”

“Anything for you.”

She kissed me. “It’ll be so much fun to have my niece for extended stayovers. We can get some nice outfits for you. It’ll be exciting. It’s a long time since I went shopping with a young woman.” 

“I have to go to my afternoon classes. I’ll be at your place to change at five o’clock, and we can be back here just after six o’clock when the school has closed.”

“See you later.”

Clara and I arrived on time. She went off to her office, and I was sent to the girl’s cloakrooms to wait for her and Miss Jones. Although en femme, I was nervous about going in there. These rooms were their sanctum, forbidden to all boys. What mysteries lay behind that door? As it was, they were much the same as the boy’s cloakrooms, except for the lovely feminine aromas and fragrances wafting in the air. I found the toilets, went to the first stall and had a wee. After all, I did not want to have any accidents during the punishment. I was checking myself in the mirror when Miss Jones entered.  

“I thought you might be in here Miss Anderson. You’ve changed a lot since I last tanned your rear. Follow me.”  

Clara was waiting in the restroom. "Her appearance has improved, but her behavior hasn’t. You know why you are here girl. Kneel beside the bed and lay down on it.

Clara then folded back my skirt. “The first stage will be a warm up by Miss Jones, ten smacks with the medium tawse.”

 Miss Jones must have been saving up all her angst and energy because her first stroke made me gasp. This reaction spurred her on, and every time I groaned the next smack was even harder. She was getting pleasure from hurting my bottom and was quite flushed by the end. 

 “Let that be a lesson young lady, wait outside until Miss MacDougall calls for you.”

My bum was sore, but not too bad. I was more worried about the devastation that was to come.

Clara called me back to the restroom. The bed was now against the wall. I couldn't think why but was soon to find it was to allow extra swing room. Everything was set up.     

“Now, your butt is nicely warm, let's get to the main course. Kneel."  

Unlike before, I pushed myself hard against the bed to ensure my butt had no free movement. Clara did not dawdle, she folded back my skirt and pulled my knickers down.

“Jennifer is going to be shocked that it will be on the bare. The listening audience will enjoy it even more.”

I soon heard a familiar swish and explosion as the first strike hit home on my bum. It was agony, but still not as bad as those by Janice. The second, third and fourth got progressively worse and then came the fifth. The initial agony of the hit followed by a rapid explosion of pain throughout my behind. I screamed, “Oh my god, that hurts, you’ve found the Janice stroke.” 

"Yes, I could see that, and I didn’t need to force it: a longer swing, much higher speed and then let the flying weight of the belt do its damage on that immobile bum. Okay, eight more to be sure I’ve got the hang of this.”

She had. My bottom was a furnace with waves of pain pulsing through it into me. I was groaning and shouting at every stroke and wailing by the end. 

"Thank you; you did well. Jennifer won’t be so cocky after I have finished with her tomorrow. It’s to be twenty of my best with no warm up."

I was tempted to feel sorry for Jennifer, but no, she was a vicious bully and deserved what she was about to get. If practicing on my bum made Miss MacDougall a better motivator tomorrow, it would be worth it. 

I lay for a while on the bed as the waves of pain continued to surge through my bum, but got up and tidied myself when they became tolerable. I noticed that Miss Jones was trembling and flushed.

“Are you okay?”

“I will be. I’m glad to have seen this punishment. I can be stoic during my duties tomorrow.”

Miss Jones left. Clara came back from her office to collect me, she locked up, and we ambled to her house. A fresh wind that occasionally blew up under my skirt was absolute bliss for my red-hot bum.     

I undressed and went straight to bed. Clara followed soon after. We were kissing gently and realized that we could not contain ourselves; we had wild satiating sex.    

Clara kissed me as we awakened next morning. “Thank you for letting our lust take over last night, it was wonderful. Now, I’ll have an energy-packed breakfast so that I can give Jennifer her just desserts. Do you want to join the listening audience? You’ve earned that right.”

“How can I? The audience will be in the girl’s cloakrooms.”

“You want to see if you can pass yourself off as a girl. I'm confident that you can. Come to school as my niece, if you are up for it. Ask for Miss Jones and stay with her until near the time of Jennifer’s punishment. I’ll explain and get her to leave my niece with some of my good girls. Most of those in the cloakrooms will be so preoccupied with the events to come that they will pay little attention to a visitor. I will leave you some clothes to try on.”

This turn of events was mind-blowing, but how could I refuse the challenge. I tried various combinations of clothes and settled on a plain blouse and knee-length skirt. With the black tights and a cardigan, it would pass as the uniform for another school. I added a large pair of geek style glasses and went rather nervously to school and up to the office. My heart raced when the headmaster came in while I was there.  

“Who are you, young lady?”

I curtsied. “Miss Elizabeth Anderson, sir. I am here to meet my aunt Miss Clara MacDougall.”

"You are a polite young lady. Miss MacDougall should be proud. She will be busy for a short period. Stay with Miss Jones; she will look after you."    

"Thank you, sir." Phew.

Miss Jones introduced me to three girls, and we went together to the cloakrooms, which were already packed full of excited girls, all chatting about what might happen. No-one paid attention to me. I sat down alongside my hosts in my most ladylike manner; I couldn't risk the slightest slip here. It would be one against several hundred if I were caught out.    

It went very quiet when Jennifer was brought in by Miss MacDougall and Miss Jones. Jennifer was arrogant, with an almost boyish swagger. They went into the restroom and closed the door.

"Miss Morley, you were caught bullying again, so it will be twenty of the extra-heavy tawse.  Kneel and bend over on the bed with your skirt up and knickers down.” 

You could hear the delighted whisper spread amongst the girls. “It's on the bare. It's on the bare.”   

There was a moment's silence before the first mighty strike followed rapidly by a scream from Jennifer. Most girls in the room gasped. My buttocks clenched automatically when one girl said, "Frosty must have been practicing. Never has she had that reaction from Jennifer with a first stroke.” 

The screams got louder with each strike, and the tears began to flow. Jennifer swore and tried to back away after fourteen.

“Get back in place girl. That’s two extras for moving and two for foul language.”

Jennifer was an absolute wreck by twenty-four and bubbling like a baby when escorted out of the restroom. She was not even allowed the usual recovery time before having to face many of the girls she had bullied. To my surprise, they did not taunt Jennifer, just stood in silence. It was there for all to see. Jennifer's arrogance and defiance were gone. She never bullied again. Strike one for Miss MacDougall.       

A buzz of excited chatter built up in the rooms, and I decided that this was a good time to leave. I said my farewells to my hosts and headed for the door. I was passing the changing room when an arm went around my waist.

"Come with me." Once inside, the door was locked.  I turned to see Anne. She embraced and kissed me.        

“This is wonderful. I’ve never made out with a filly before, but of course, you're not; you ’re a colt posing as one. It's obvious now that we are close up and personal, but it’s no wonder you got away it, you look and act female. It was only the distinctive birthmark on your neck that gave you away to me.”

Oh, I never thought to check. My shirt collar usually hides that mark but not the girl's blouse. At school, only Clara and Anne had seen the mark up close so it shouldn't have been a risk, but eagle-eyed Anne had spotted it at a distance.            

“So, what is going on? Why are you impersonating a schoolgirl? Why were you in here? Why did the girls say you were Miss MacDougall’s niece?"        

I decided to come clean. "Frosty needed to practice a new technique with the belt to be sure of breaking Jennifer. She smacked my butt last night until she found the method perfect for today. My reward was to be allowed come and hear the fruits of her labor, but the challenge was that I had to come as a girl. Please, don't tell the others about this."                 

Anne held me close. I wriggled as her hands went over my tender buttocks. “Ooh, Frosty did a harsh job on your behind, didn't she? Don’t be silly. Your secrets are safe. I’m proud of you. No-one else has done so much for my girls. I know what you did for Amy: she told me on the qt one evening when she was a bit tipsy. So, are you now a spank-subordinate for Frosty? Are you providing a service she needs? Is this why she is happy these days?” 

“Yes, Frosty has been tanning my butt to relieve her tensions.”

“I’ve felt the pain of receiving the belt but never considered any benefits for the giver. However, it would explain comments I have heard about some teachers." 

“You’ve had the belt?”

Oh yes, I wasn’t always the goody-two-shoes. Frosty gave me the belt twice during my first year at secondary. Not as many or as hard as given to you, but it certainly worked, I’ve never misbehaved again or at least been found out. Hmm, now you have me thinking: next time I’m stressed out, maybe I can try tanning your girly bum to release my anxieties.”

The only thing I could say was, “Okay, anything to help but wait for a few weeks until my bottom fully recovers from yesterday.”

Anne kissed me again. “One thing intrigues me. How have you achieved such a feminine appearance?”

I explained about the visits to Janice and the training by Clara.

“That was bold, especially walking outside on your own.”

She was in hysterics when I told her about my skirt blowing up in public and the stresses of my first time on the loo as a girl.

“I am sure you were nervous amongst all these girls today, but you pulled it off. Do you want to learn more and do it again?”

“I don’t want to be a girl all the time, but I do want more experience of girlhood to appreciate better the challenges they face. Also, like all boys, I have been brought up to be macho, but I now recognize that I have a feminine side and want to develop it.”   

Anne and I held a long passionate kiss. “That is so cool. I’ll help you and be your tutor. We'd better go now; Frosty will be looking for you. Hold my hand; we'll walk out together."       

We met Clara in the corridor. She and Anne exchanged knowing glances.

“I see you’ve met my niece.”

“Yes, Miss MacDougall. We’ve had a long chat, and I was just bringing her to your office."

We both thanked Anne and were walking off when she said, “Miss, I am arranging a get-together for the senior girls next Friday evening. Would it be okay for Elizabeth to join us?”

I could see the conspiratorial smiles between them. “That’s an excellent idea; it will be fun."      

Great, ambushed again. Can I carry it off amongst a large group of girls that will be scrutinizing my every move? 

The plan for Saturday also went awry, but for a good reason. The choice was to continue making love with Clara or go shopping. No contest at all.

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