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School Teachers Pt2

School Teachers kiss passionately but one teacher does it with cowboy
That had been the very first time, ever, for either of them. Both women had never had sex in their lives. One was around thirty but the other one was near or possibly over forty. Age didn’t matter to Angus because what occurred the night before for him had to be the most glorious evening of his life.

That isn’t to say it wasn’t for Ada or Libby either. Neither of them had ever been with a man, in that way, ever before. Ada was the one who put the idea into their thoughts. Ada was the one who first stood up and took Angus’ hand and Ada was the one who somehow got Libby to take his other hand into hers.

She was laying there, that early morning, and Ada was thinking about the culmination of it all. Smiling, on her back with her bosoms facing upwards at the ceiling, she could still feel him inside her even though he’d left for the day. As she recalled it all, she pictured the scene, and recalled how she felt upon seeing his large dangling manhood staring at her and Libby. She felt exhilarated. She felt fulfilled as well. She thought about how she felt as he first had entered her pussy and as she did she thought about how she felt as he thrust himself into it.

It was soooo captivating to her and as she thought, at that moment, she closed her eyes, and then she smiled. “What are you doing?” asked Libby quietly and out of nowhere.

“Oh nothing,” replied Ada, the older of the two.

Libby, who had finally opened her eyes from a peaceful nights sleep, had been looking at Ada for about a minute already. “I don’t think that’s true” Libby said. Ada turned her head and asked why not but with a grin on her face. “I don’t know” Libby said. “You just look different.”

“I believe you do too,” Ada said, still grinning.

“How, what do you mean?” Libby asked.

Ada shrugged her shoulders. “Well didn’t he, I don’t know, didn’t it all feel kind of, well, special, and even wild for that matter? It did to me at least.”

Libby looked at Ada. She had to admit that having a man against her like that, that having a man with her, on her, and then inside her was a fantastic experience. The sensations, feelings, and for that matter the bizarre and incident was something she’d never forget for the rest of her life.

Libby’s naked body lay there, like Ada’s, naked and peacefully like the town at 5:45 in the early morning. The two, now smiling, but not moving at all looked into the others eyes. All of a sudden, Libby slid closer to Ada.

“I already miss him,” Libby said quietly.

“I do too,” Ada said softly.

“I wish he’d come back,” Libby added.

“I think he will,” Ada said, “later on tonight or tomorrow. All three of us did a nice job, don’t you think we did? Isn’t that incentive enough?”

“I hope so,” Libby told Ada.

Then Libby looked at Ada’s breasts. Then when Ada realized what Libby had done, Ada looked at Libby’s bosoms too. “Ever feel another woman’s bosoms, Libby?” Ada asked.

“What uh uhhh, no way,” Libby said.

“Me neither dear, me neither, but I guess without a man around what’s a woman to do?”

“Huh, what are you trying to say Ada?” Libby asked in a surprised tone.

“All I’m saying is a woman needs to feel good, feel personally or more to the point, physically pleasured Libby. A woman needs to feel special. Don’t you ever, during the course of any day or week or whenever, care to feel that? Don’t you ever want to feel unique and special in a physical sense?” Ada asked.

Libby looked at her and thought about what Ada said. She knew what Ada meant but had to think of days, like that, in which she felt it. Lying to her because she didn’t have an answer she said “I don’t know. I suppose I do.”

Still laying on the bed in the early hours of the morning hour, Ada smiled into Libby’s eyes and then looked down at Libby’s wholesome looking boobs. Full and round and what Ada thought were some of the most blessed looking breasts she’d ever seen in her life, Ada smiled and looked back into Libby’s eyes. The two attractive school teachers knew they had to go and do their schooling that day but for the time being, seeing as it was really early in the morning, and no one was around, Ada wanted to suggest doing something unusual.

With her head cocked, Libby went on to say “What are you suggesting Ada?”

Ada smiled, lovingly almost, at Libby. “I know what you’re going to say dear but would you consider letting me do something to you or with you?”

“Pardon me?” Libby said.

With that, Ada looked at Libby as if her mother sort of. She told Libby that whatever happens now was just a taste of what might happen between two women. Libby didn’t understand at all.

“Let me do one thing. Relax, don’t move,” Ada said. “I’m going to reach out and I’m going to” and Ada looked at Libby’s bosoms once again before saying “touch your bosoms and touch your nipples as well.”

“What?” Libby cried out as if the world had come to an enormous end. “Ada, what are you saying? What are you doing?”

With that, Ada slowly reached out, and before Libby even had a chance Ada’s soft womanly fingers were on Libby’s boobs. Libby slid abruptly backward, at first, but Ada simply continued and felt one of the breasts some more.

It did feel nice to Libby but she was so unaccustomed to having another person, much less another woman, feel her boob that she wasn’t sure what to do. Almost immediately Libby found she loved about it all. A hand and a woman’s hand at that, tenderly feeling her tit, truly felt sensational to her.

As Ada effortlessly moved along and around the bosom, Libby took it all in. This felt wonderful. It was even better then when Angus felt her up. Yes, Angus’ hand was really nice but Ada, as she did it, had been much, much nicer she’d told herself. Libby’s eyes closed shortly after Ada began feeling her out. Ada was already smiling as she watched Libby’s reaction. Seeing that Libby’s eyes were closed and seeing that Libby’s head slowly fell backward more and more and her chest gradually heaved forward as to suggest to Ada to take her whole body in her hands or arms seemed more sexual then ever to Ada.

“Uh ohhhhhh, uhhh ohhh Ada wow,” Libby murmured as Ada kept on feeling Libby’s boobs. “That’s soooo nice. You have no idea how nice that feels.”

“Care for me to do something different, something uncanny?” Ada said.

Libby, now smiling, opened her eyes. “Like what Ada?” she said.

Ada scooted closer. “Like allow me to put my mouth on your breasts and kiss them or even, for that matter, kind of suck them?” Ada told her.

Libby was kind of shocked but said to herself why not and so she said to Ada, seeing as she felt a lot more liberal about it all “Yes, go ahead alright?”

With that, Ada slowly proceeded. Her long hair, pulled back behind her and Ada reached in so that she could first kiss, and soon after suck on Libby’s bosoms. She kissed and she kissed some more. Ada’s mouth was all over Libby’s big and sweet looking round breasts as she kissed and sucked some more.

Libby was into this and she was into it in a big way. She loved it as Ada sucked on her boobs. Then, aroused by it all, Libby said “Would you like it if I did that to you Ada?”

Libby was doing the exact same thing but Libby, a more docile creature in her nature was more arousing in her approach and delivery, and Libby turned on Ada big time. Before either knew it they were holding one another as if two lovers who met. These two, before either knew it, were kissing one another as their legs seemed to wrap around the others and their naked fleshy bodies enveloped one another as they kissed and kissed and kissed.

The bodies, rolled one way, and then the other as the early morning minutes passed. They became hotter and hornier and individually and interestingly wished for Angus’ presence. They needed a man’s cock inside them. They needed more passion. They needed a man’s cock more badly then they’d ever imagine needing one.

But with their bodies wrapped around one another, including lips, arms, and legs as well while they kissed heatedly the needed fever never went away. The minutes passed. The passion between them was wonderful, to put it mildly, but the necessity for a man’s body grew and grew and it grew even stronger.

After about 15 minutes of their heated passionate kissing, it all slowed down. They were hot and a little sweaty almost. However, that thought which still held itself in their heads, was Angus as they stared into one another's eyes.

Smiling, the two breathed hard as if never having kissed as intensely before in the lives, but Ada said just before Libby almost said it “I sure wish Angus was here, don’t you?”

Still breathing hard like Ada, Libby said “I was just a bout to say that too.”

They both smiled and looked deeply into the other’s eyes. Before either knew it the two naked school teachers hugged long and lovingly. No kissing ensued but the passionate hugging felt great to both of them. Still holding the other’s body as if there wasn’t going to be another day, they each felt the warmth of the others body, and listened to one another breathing heavily.

“If he doesn’t come back today or tomorrow,” said Ada. “Care to do this again? Maybe we could discover other stuff?”

Libby smiled and pulled away. She looked at Ada and nodded, saying, “Yes, I’d love to.”

Their breasts, their bodies clung to one another, and they slowly calmed down as they hugged lovingly and wished for Angus to come back, and soon too.

Then they knew they finally had to get up, get cleaned up, and get ready for school.

Both, as they cleaned themselves up, wished for Angus a lot as they washed up and Libby went home, up the street so she could also get dressed. “Ohhh Angus, oh Angus we so want you back here. Come back Angus oh please come on back” Libby said as she walked back to her house.

They’d both gone on to teach school but it was an easy day of teaching, with neither teacher ever giving homework to their students, and yes, both of them thinking about what occurred that morning and the night before with Angus.

The day of school being done, both teachers merrily lefts school as did the students. Smiling, as was unusual, both headed home, and each felt the sexual prowess no woman ever felt but they did that day.

“Ohhh Ada,” said Libby. “This morning all I did was think about you and me and then I said aloud but to myself how I wanted Angus back. I want him back, between us, like last night. Don’t you too?”

Ada slowed and as she did she took Libby’s hand in hers. “Yes dear I do but if he doesn’t show up I’ve thought about more things you and I could possibly do with one another. If he doesn’t show up would you be willing to give a few things a try?”

Libby slowed as well but then she stopped on a dime, so to speak. She looked at Ada. “What do you mean, Ada? What does that mean?”

“Oh Libby, you’re such a lucky woman. Take your stuff home, come over to my place, and I’ll tell you when you get there, alright dear?”

That had Libby wondering about her friend Ada. What kind of woman was she? What kind of school teacher pursues warped ideas about sexual relations? Although the woman was beautiful, despite her age, and she was quite attractive too, what was she thinking about, and what was she going to suggest? She put her supplies and books in her house and headed over to Ada’s house.

Ada was singing a light, simple tune, and it was a tune many women could enjoy at the same time too. She made and offered tea, the two sat down, and they talked freely about better times in life. Hopefully for now those better times might include Angus.

“He is a nice looking man,” Ada said as Libby agreed with her. “He’s tall, handsome, and soooo well built too. Wouldn’t you agree dear?”

Libby agreed and once she did, Libby felt chills running throughout her all over. To have a man, such as Angus, against her naked silky body, again like the night before, would be wonderful. It would arouse her like nothing in life could ever arouse her ever, she told herself as she sat and drank the tea. Libby was the “quiet” one whereas Ada, the older of the two, seemed much more confident was the talkative of the two.

“Soooo you were suggesting earlier that you had a couple more ideas about, how should I put this, about you and me?” said Libby.

“Ohhh yes, yes,” Ada said. “However, a woman has to want it, and a woman has to desire this as well. When I say desire it, I mean she really deeply has to desire what I’m about to suggest, dear.”

Libby listened and once Ada was done suggesting it Libby blurted out, “Are you utterly mad, Ada?”

Ada smiled as she calmly looked back at Ada. Then she opened her mouth to say “Not at all, dear. A little, how should I out this, suggestive sex amongst two women never hurts a woman’s soul. Personally, seeing as you have a goddesses body, and I don’t, although I know I’m in pretty darn good shape still, I would love, and I mean absolutely love to have the chance to make love to you and your body, Libby.”

Libby, dumbfounded by Ada’s remarks, and by what she suggested in having sex with another female, her for that matter, blew her away, but as she sat in total shock of the idea Libby began thinking about what entailed.

Ada’s lips, all over her body, and Ada’s hands and lips all over it too, and as Ada said even kissing and “petting” her inner thighs was phenomenally wild and crazy and totally unheard of. But when Ada then suggested the next idea, licking and doing “other” things by a woman, Ada, it simply blew her mind. However, after sitting their, and thinking about it all, Libby slowly, and gradually, came to the realization that this intimate and sexual relationship between her and Ada might just be completely and wholly rewarding as ever.

Oh my god, Ada’s mouth and lips and her, oh her tongue up inside my vagina, really Libby told herself. Is the woman mad? Or is she simply put, a wild and horny woman?

Libby didn’t know but as she thought about it, she seemed to like it a little more and more. Yes, she seemed to really truly like the possibilities this suggestion offered her. “Okay Ada, we’ll see how it goes I guess,” Libby said sounding unsure of it all.

“Trust me Libby, you’ll love it. At least I think you will but I do wish Angus would come back. With all that’s happened to you, who knows what might happen. Having him around a few more days, wouldn’t it sound pleasing for us to have him, of all men with us so that possibly he could spend time with us? We’ll see how it goes, alright dear?”

Libby had to smile at that idea. She knew how she felt about Angus and his darling cock inside her vagina. She knew how she felt about its power and its possessive qualities, sexually speaking, and she knew she loved how her body seemed to “soar” when he inserted himself into her like he had.

She wanted nothing more then for that to occur once again.

They sipped on tea and waited for his arrival. The hours passed and Libby became sleepy and seeing as she was, Ada suggested Libby go lay down and rest a while. Ada would wake her up when Angus came.

45 minutes later, he arrived. Weary and dirty, he knocked on her front door. She walked up, upon hearing him, wearing two things. She wore a gorgeous smile which brought out the youthfulness to her whole face, and body too, but she also was wearing a sheer silk nightgown which she never wore before in her life. Yes, it was silk and grand as ever and he never took his eyes off it once, almost it seemed. One might seem to think this nightgown appeared to highlight her breasts better then anything anyone might wear.

Then she went on to add, “We’d like you to stay the evening again, like last night.”

He quickly retorted, “Uh no Ada, I don’t think I can or should. What uhhh happened last night, well that was all wrong. I mean for me, a single man being with you and Libby like I was, and you two being single women and all, well I thought about that a lot today. Seeing as you are a single woman I can’t see in myself being with you sexually. Mind you, I do understand how beautiful you and Libby are but I don’t think I can ever do such a horrible, horrible thing like that ever again. That isn’t to say I didn’t like it though.”

“Angus oh Angus, what occurred last night” she started to say as she shook her head “was not horrible at all dear. To me and to Libby it was the most fantastic time of our lives. Libby would openly agree with me as well. Like I said, she’s sound asleep in my bedroom but I’m here, I’m up, and well I’m more then willing to accommodate any and all of your needs, Angus dear” the very pretty Ada said in a sweet tone of voice. “Go on, get your bath, clean up, and I’ll wait for you to come back.”

He had no idea what she meant when she said she’d wait for him. He went and took a bath and cleaned up. When he walked back to his room she was in there. He was surprised as he was only wearing his undershorts. He wore nothing else at the time.

Ada was sitting in his room and all alone too. When she heard him coming she wore a smile on her lips that endeared her looks. Having on that silk nightgown didn’t hurt her cause either.

He stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing her. He stared her down. At first he didn’t know what to think or what she was up to but he soon figured it out. “Ada oh Ada, you know how I feel about this” he said. She patted the mattress beside her. She told him to close and lock the door. He looked at her, he looked at the door. He looked at her again and then the door. He could not do it and so he turned, closed the door, and he locked it. Then Angus slowly walked over and sat down beside the awfully beautiful Ada.

Sitting beside her, he smelled her without trying to, and when he did he appeared to make a noticeable mental note of it too. “Are you thinking about it all dear?” Ada asked as her hand rested on his lap suddenly.

He then looked at her hand. Her hand and the fingers felt nice. They felt nicer then the night before he told himself. He even noticed the fingers had been manicured too. He looked at them for a second longer and then up into her eyes. She was smiling and rubbing his leg as if she’d done it a few times before.

He looked down, again and found himself enjoying all of it. Upon seeing her hand on his leg he put his hand on the back of her head and with that he pulled her into his lips and he kissed her warmly.

Before he knew it the two were draped around one another, kissing more and more passionately as the evening passed. Before too long, they fell backward into the pillows and Ada seemed to crawl on top of him, and she was all over his body and kissing his lips fervently.

It was deeply arousing to feel this woman’s heated passion as she kissed and pressed down on him. Rising fevers of lust and desire climbed quickly as she took control of it all and as she did, Angus soon felt her legs intertwining with his legs.

God almighty, he thought. This woman is a wild boar, he told himself as she kissed and kissed and pushed her hands through his hair and also pulled his head into hers while kissing him madly.

He could also feel her bosoms as they kissed. He so wanted to feel them with his hands. He so wanted to remove that nightgown and take her so that he could kiss her breasts again. He decided to do it and once he did, he swung her beneath him. He opened up her nightgown and upon seeing her lovely light faired flesh, he went into her boobs, and kissed and sucked and he even went wild by licking them too.

She tried suppressing it all but she cried out, quietly. It was tantalizing but Angus was mad about this woman’s deep feverish passion she’d shown to him. She clung to his body as they kissed.

Finally, out of breath, they each stopped, and pulled away. “Wow Angus, you are so wonderful. Thank you for staying and thank you for this. I soooo wanted a man who was nice and respectful and one who was soooo willing to make love with me also. And you are that perfect man” she told him.

Angus smiled and looked into her eyes. Then he looked down at her breasts and also her nipples. “You do have a wonderful body, Ada. There’s no doubt about that and making love with you is very, very special to me, but let me say this. I do feel the same way about Libby. I want you to know that, okay?”

“I know but tonight it’s you and me, alright dear?”

He said okay and with that they began kissing madly again. It never stopped or seemed to end as their lips seemed to go at one another heatedly and forever. Yes, it was hot and with it being that hot both perspired which only fed the fires of lust for both of them.

He had her naked now and soon enough he removed his undershorts and his already hard erection pressed down into her belly. She reached down so that she could feel its hard inferno, so to speak. He loved it but so did she. Once she felt his heated erection in her hand, she began to slowly run her cupped hand up and down it.

“Ohhhhhhh my lord Angus, you feel so, I don’t know, but its soooo powerful dear,” and with that Ada stroked his cock some more.

He loved it as she stroked it in her cupped hand. It felt intense. It was massively amazing. He wished for so much more. He even wished for her mouth and possible her tongue to find its way onto it too. He was so horny and so damn hard he felt as if he could cum but first he wanted to go inside her.

“I want you. I mean I want to go inside you again, Ada,” he told her.

“Then go inside me. Please get inside me dear,” she said.

With that, he placed the aroused cock up against her pussy. She spread her legs and his hard cock rubbed up against her hairy pussy before disappearing inside it. “Ohhh lord, more Angus more, dear” she told him. He went in further. He went in all the way.

She was taking deep breaths of air and grabbing it too before finding bedsheets as he fucked her fast and furiously. He pulled away. He went in deep. He’d pull away and go back inside her deep, dark, and very wet pussy. Ada was yelping, crying out, and at some point holding onto his body wishing for more and more.

He’d kiss her as he fucked her. She held onto him as he fucked her and kissed her and had her orgasms. He had her cumming and orgasming a few times this time round and Ada was more grateful then she’d ever known to be.

He came and he came inside her. This time she felt the blast inside her. Once she felt it she pulled him down on her. Once she pulled him, after feeling him shoot up inside her, she kissed him more overpoweringly then she had ever kissed any man in her life.

But it was over. They were spent. They were totally spent. Heavy breathing ensued. She held him tightly. She held him close. His warm and rugged body felt mighty and it felt great to her. She told herself she’d do this with him any time or any day of the week but she knew better.

“Thank you for coming back and staying, Angus. And thank you for letting me into your room tonight as well. I can’t tell you how much I love you for that” she told him softly.

“What will you do next?” she said.

“Hang out here a few days, be with you two, individually of course, and I’ll probably make a lot more love with you or Libby. Libby needs to be loved as well as you. Don’t you think so too?”

Ada looked up at him and she smiled. Then she nodded as she smiled. Finally she said, “Yes, I suppose she does, but dear,” and Ada kissed his lips as she again stroked his limp cock, “so do I.”

They snuggled closely for a few more hours. Angus fell asleep but Ada got up and went into the other room and fell asleep on the couch.
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