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School Teachers PT3

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Younger teacher and cowboy about to have sex
“So you have to go with her?” Ada asked him.

Knowing what Ada truly wanted and desired Angus looked at her wishful face. He also wished, right then and there, that he too could be with both women at the very same time, once again. He still felt unsure of what he’d done with them but upon seeing her and how she appeared those feelings seemed to dissipate. Seeing as he wasn’t really that kind of man who “whored” around like he with two women it was to him to make a decision if he was an immoral person or not.

Upon seeing Ada though, he suddenly reconsidered everything. What he’d been thinking was not way out of line. She appeared to look lovelier then ever before. And, he told himself, what he and Ada did the night before was also above and beyond any of his wildest and craziest dreams. He thought about it all. Ohhhhhh, being alone with Ada like he had been was soooo darn magnificent he thought.

Having had sex with her and that lovelier then ever body the night before was without question, a bonus as well. Libby being Libby was even better looking but for now, Libby wasn’t anywhere around. Now, at that very moment, he felt it. He felt her as if Ada was on him already. He knew what he felt though. His feelings towards both women was such that he felt more comfortable then ever about being around both ladies in any way or capacity or in any situation whatsoever.

“Yes, I know, Libby is a lovely and also a much younger woman” Ada went on to say in the smooth sounding voice of hers “but I’d like to ask you this question? Don’t you find me and my body equally as lovely dear?”

He looked at her. Her eyes sparkled. Ada then asked him, as her dreamy eyes slowly began melting his heart, and also as her hand slid along his chest.

It was hard to take. She was good at this. He looked down into her eyes some more. He was quivering almost inside as his heart, and body, seemed to melt more and more. She kept on smiling and as she did, he smiled too. Her hand, on his chest followed a predetermined path. Before he knew it, he felt something further below his waistline.

She’d lowered her soft genteel hand so that he’d feel it on his crotch. He looked down. There it was, winding a circular path over his crotch, and more to the point she wanted to “pet” his cock. She smiled and asked him if that felt nice. He looked at her and had to say yes it did.

When he smiled, she seemed to smile even more. He couldn’t deny it. Ada was a little older then him but Libby was a bit younger. Each had his heart and both had his soul and whether or not they knew it, they also had his handsome manly body.

He honestly knew that with a body such as hers and those curves she sported that he loved her figure in ways a man could never describe to another person. He loved feeling her body. He simply loved touching it everywhere too.

With all its terrific features, no matter where he looked at touched, her body felt silky to him, and that alone could produce an erection and a raging outburst of hormonal juices of another kind. Her physique, to Angus, simply wowed him in ways no woman had ever before aroused his soul. That isn’t to say that Libby wasn’t able to do that but Ada was more knowledgeable and Ada was there now.

“I have to say Ada, you and everything about you have grabbed my soul. Every moment of the day, when I’m around you and when I see you, all I wanna do is to take hold of your body, and run off somewhere secretly. I want undress you. I wanna jump on you. I simply wanna bed you down because you are so darn good looking.”

She loved hearing that as he went on to tell her “I mean that’s only because you and your body, Ada, is soooo darn beautiful!” They smiled and she knew right away what he was getting at too. “When I see you, you know exactly what I want” and she did. “You just look into my yes and you know it. You know that I’m soooo hungry for you. You know that even right now I’m hungry for your body, like right now too, don’t you?” he told her. “You know what’ll happen when were with one another don’t you?” Angus said.

She smiled and looked him in the eyes as she nodded her head saying “Ohhhhhh yes honey, I do. I really do dear. But its you that turns me on Angus. I become soooo aroused being near you” she told him, still smiling. With that her hand reached down once again and by doing so she pressed it again up against his crotch.

When that happened next felt as if she was pressing it hard up against his cock and Angus couldn’t get over any of it. He felt turned on even more. He felt as if he needed deeper breaths of air he was so aroused by this gorgeous older woman whose hand was on his crotch. Then, suddenly, her hand began running up and over his crotch as if his jeans were off his body. It was too hard for him to control his emotional state as it became harder and harder and even harder.

He knew he wanted her. He knew he wanted to be undressed and he wanted her unclothed as well. He knew he wanted her on top of his body as her boobs bounced and shook and they fucked delightedly for what he wished was hours on end. He knew he wanted so many other things with her. For now, he simply wanted a day of solitude and a nice big comfortable bed with a naked Ada and him in it.

Still looking and smiling at one another, he knew that was what he wanted most.

“You do have a look in your eyes, dear,” Ada went on to say “which says only one thing to me.” She was of course smiling but this smile was rather devilish in its manner. She said it rather slowly. “I can see it in your eyes, Angus. You want to unbutton this blouse. You want to undo my skirt. And my sweet dear, you want to undo all the extra clothing beneath what I have on, don’t you?”

He had to smile. A woman as beautifully sculptured and cultured as her needed attention which most men couldn’t ever give her. Be it physically or be it emotionally, she knew he was the one. Maybe he didn’t know it but she did and that was why she wore that mischievous look about her face.

He smiled some more as he looked heavily into her eyes. He felt a pulsating “thumping” within his body which rapidly spread about him. How she smiled, lovingly, into his eyes had him knowing what was about to happen was the right thing to do.

However, he said to her “Well, knowing that Libby may come back, and she will come back of course, she’ll probably catch us doing something we shouldn’t be doing. Don’t you suspect that’s true?” he told her. “I don’t know that I’d want that this time round. So how about this” he told her.

But she jumped the gun. She was the one who threw it out there. “How about you and I go and we spend an evening out on the range, honey? Out there, we can let it all out, and I mean we can let ourselves go as if it is the very last day on earth?” With blazing eyes she looked into his and went on to say “Let’s build ourselves a campfire. We can get entirely naked out there dear. And sweetheart, you can make love with me and fuck me until the cows come home. How does that sound to you?”

With that suggestion, his eyes grew wild. He took her hand and placed it up against his growing erection and said “Are you sure about all that?”

“Yes I am. Listen dear I am not some innocent young lady like Libby is. I have done this before. Maybe not out on the prairie but I have done it. Let me say this too. It will be the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. Trust me Angus, it will be.”

He was excited. He was aroused. He was even hornier then anyone in that town that day. Every woman he looked at, almost, seemed to turn him on for one reason or another. Before he knew it, the two slipped out of town. They found themselves a cul-de-sac of sorts in a barren area where trees, a small pond, and also some sunlight shown threw. There two found it all by chance but it was remote and away from anywhere as some sunlight passed through the branches.

She’d brought the basket of lunch. He brought almost everything else. All she needed was his big, handsome, and strong body. All he needed was her soft luxurious, and wavy, loving curves. He got it all too and of course with that came her masterful lips as well. Both were going to get what they came for once they arrived. Before too long, there two were on one another. She was kissing him more passionately then she had ever kissed him before. The only the sounds they heard were that of their breathing, which was heavier then ever, and that of the birds and breeze. And it was one delightful sunny afternoon to do it all in within the grove of trees.

“Oh baby, ohhh baby take off my clothes” he heard her tell him.

She was so enthused about the opportunity that she didn’t wait as their electrically charged faces burned memories into the others. His hands undid one button after another as he saw the underclothing beneath her blouse. As he did, and before removing her skirt, and whatnot, he reached in and grabbed hold of her mature, but beautiful, bosoms.

“Oh lord, squeeze me. Squeeze my breasts honey” she said.

Her eyes were now closed and her head fell back as she felt his mighty hands on her boobs as they squeezed and pressed and felt her boobs as if no one had ever felt them before. The blouse was now off her body and she stood with nothing but the underclothing on and her skirt. She undid her skirt and kicked off her shoes and as she did he’d watch and simply become harder and hornier then he’d ever been in his life.

“Oh god, I soooo want you Ada. You have no idea” he told her.

With that, she started undoing his shirt. It came off, she laid her hands on his manly pectorals and her hands slid round and round and down to his belly only to make him hornier and hornier and as hard a trees stump.

“You have no idea how ohhh how hard I am. God, feel me down there. Feel me” he said.

She smiled and undid his belt and pants and immediately felt the “warped” erection. Yes, he was hard and yes, he was erect as hell and yes, he was as horny as ever as their eyes met in passion and before too much longer, these two were on the ground and kissing madly as they rolled off the large bedding he’d brought along and over into the pine needles and leaves and whatever.

It did not matter. The two were sexually possessed. He took hold of her underclothing and started removing all of it. When he saw her bosoms, his head fell on them. His mouth opened and Angus didn’t lick nor did he kiss them. Angus simply sucked the life out of her bosoms and before too much longer he didn’t realize it but he’d began to lick her nipples and actually chew on them too.

“Ohhhhhh oooooohh ohhh god Angus ohhhhhh” she cried out as her back and body rose off the ground. “I love that. Don’t stop, do not stop ohhhhhh” she cried out again and again. And so he continued sucking her beautiful full bosoms, wildly.

Meanwhile, once she had control of her emotional state, her hand went down into his undershorts. Before he knew it, the hand was on his stately erect manhood, and this woman and this man were in full throttle at that point.

She stroked the cock and slowly moved down further so that he’d feel her hand on his balls. Nobody had ever done that before but when he felt the supple warmth of her hand on his balls, and how she seemed to caress it too, he felt as if he was under her command.

“Do you like that dear?” she said.

He looked into her eyes and as he did he smiled, nodding his head. Then she took off his underclothing and removed it entirely. He was entirely naked. She spread his legs apart. She needled down inside his legs and before he knew it, her head and mouth, and her tongue as well were up underneath his balls. She licked them. She mouthed them. She aroused him to no end as she did and as she did, she lightly held his cock in her hand too.

“Oh my god, Ada ohhhhhh my god you oh you, that’s soooo neat and wonderful” he said.

She began licking the hardened shaft and before too much longer she had it in her mouth. However, Ada was as horny as a raging bull too and she needed some of that oral fixings herself. She told him what she wanted and asked that he do it as well.

“What and put my mouth and tongue up inside your legs like that?” he said. “You uh you want me to lick your uhhh vagina like you did to me, really?” and she said yes.

So he did. He pulled away her hair and put his mouth into her pussy and began licking it, slowly, and more actively, and before long his tongue was deep up inside her pussy.

“Fuck me, Angus” she screamed. “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked another woman in your life” she cried out, loudly.

With that, she became totally naked, and he got on top of her as he immediately inserted his cock into her pussy. He pumped and pushed and fucked her until the “cows came home.” She had orgasmed more then enough times she told him later on. She came “god only knows how many times” she told him later on “but let me say this Angus. You are a master with a woman. I mean making love to me today was as beautiful as anything.”

They lay there. They were as exhausted as ever. As they lay on their backs, entirely naked, with only a blanket over them they held one another closely. Each was breathing heavily. He leaned in and began playing with her wonderfully sized breasts and the even more supple nipples. She deeply enjoyed that part as she looked at him while he did it.

“Well it is getting late. I suppose we ought to be getting in, shouldn’t we?” he said.

She said yes and they finally got dressed and packed up. Once on the road back to town, they held hands and felt that electrifying sexual charge all the way back, telling one another they wished they could stop and do it all again, but these two knew they were spent and there wasn’t anything else to give one another.

“Oh well, maybe in a couple days don’t you think so?” she said which he had to agree.

Later, Libby came back from school. She saw Angus all alone and asked to talk to him. “We can talk privately somewhere, can’t we?” she said and he said yes.

“Angus, I’m a simple young woman but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t know things, maybe not as much as Ada might, but what I mean by that is I would love to spend a day with you and talk some stuff over. Ada can handle school. I’d love it if you and I could ride around and well talk and enjoy the day together.”

Seeing as she appeared twice as beautiful as Ada and her breasts seemed even larger then usual then Ada’s did, Angus knew he had to say yes no matter what. Even though it meant riding around with her.

“I’d love to do that, Libby. I really would. When do you plan on going riding?”

She said, with a smile and her lovely green eyes that tomorrow would be perfect.

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