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School's Out for Summer

I met this older school teacher at a restaurant I worked at.
I was thirty-one and had recently relocated to Alaska. My first job was working at a small restaurant whose client base was construction workers who were building in the area. The restaurant was family owned. The woman owner was a large black woman in her fifties.

One afternoon the owner came in with a short, petite, homely looking blond woman who was in her late forties. The owner introduced us and they ordered lunch and I went back to work, never even thinking about the boss's friend.

The next day the boss pulled me aside. She asked if I remembered the woman she was with. Of course I did. She continued by telling me that her friend liked me. "She wants to go on a date with you, but was afraid to ask." As a favor for my boss, she wanted me to ask her friend out. She told me that she was a school teacher and lonely. She needed to have a man. She also offered to finance the evening, but I told her that was not necessary. I had tickets for a Willie Nelson/Beach Boys concert.

I called the teacher and asked her to go to the concert with me. She accepted and we met at a bar near the concert venue. She wore a tight fitting black dress that ended a few inches above her knees, with red lipstick, red nails, eye glasses, and red high heel shoes. With her hair styled and the way she was dressed, she didn't seem so homely anymore. I decided I wasn't going to just date this woman tonight, I was going to fuck her too. 

In high school there were a few teachers I had that I fantasised about fucking, but had never accomplished. Yes, that night I was going to finally get to seduce a school teacher. And she was the stereotypical spinster teacher. Never having been married, homely, glasses wearing horny old teacher. I was turned on all evening.

After the show, she asked if I'd like to see her condo and have a nightcap.

I sat on her couch while she fixed us each a drink. She sat down, but not beside me. I began to really take notice and realized she was tensed up and nervous. I knew she wanted it, and I new I just needed to get her to relax. I stood and walked behind the couch and I began messaging her neck and shoulders with both hands. The more I rubbed and grasped, the less tense she was. I leaned in over her, with my face inverted in front of hers, I took her mouth with mine. As we kissed, I moved my hands down so I could feel her small breasts. Then I moved around the couch and sat next to her, and taking her in my arms, I again kissed her.

I began working my tongue slowly, playing around her lips, giving her notice that I was going to move it into her mouth. She still was not relaxed. She didn't put her arms around me or touch me with her hands. She wasn't resisting, just not reacting other than with her mouth. I was expecting her to be all over me once we were alone. I hoped she would loosen up sometime.

I started unzipping her dress. I pulled the top of the dress off her shoulders and off of her bra clad breasts. I then unhooked her bra so her small breasts were exposed. I leaned down and began kissing, licking and then sucking on her breasts; finding her nipple with my tongue and flicking and sucking on it and making it grow hard.

The couch thing wasn't working. I stood and pulled her to her feet. Without knowing for sure, I guided her into what I believed to be her bedroom, and sure enough it was. I began undressing and she slipped out of her dress. We hadn't spoken since we began kissing. She was still stiffened up, so I had to coax her onto the bed with a gentle push. She went down on her back. Ah, yes. I knew how to loosen her up. I went directly between her legs with my face.

I began tasting her. She opened her legs for me and her hands were clutching her bed sheets as I licked her glory hole. My hands were up feeling her breasts. I licked her a long time, playing with her clit, flicking it with my tongue, sucking it into my mouth and rubbing my tongue over it. She began to squirm as I continued pleasuring her.

I was hard as steel and needed to be inside this spinster, needed to give her what she probably hadn't had in a long while. I wanted to rock her world, give her and my boss something to talk about. I knew she'd be on her phone later that day, giving my boss all the details.

I came up over her and, having her pussy wet for me, I guided my stiff love muscle between her legs and past her love lips, slipping myself inside of her hot, tight pussy. I leaned my head close to her ear as I slowly fucked her.

"You needed this, didn't you?" I asked in a soft voice. "You needed a cock inside you, didn't you? Tell me you need it," I commanded as I kept fucking her.

"Yes. Yes I need you," she answered.

"You need me for what?" I asked.

"To fuck me! I need you to fuck me," she admitted.

I pulled out of her, turned her over on her hands and knees. Taking cock in hand and bracing the other hand on her bare naked ass, I announced as I entered her again.

"Okay, teacher, here we go."

Her pussy held my cock tightly as I gave her myself over and over again. I was now ramming her hard. Giving her a rough fuck. Holding onto her shoulders as I pumped her with my rod. She then said something that I couldn't make out. I asked, "What?"

"I feel so dirty," she said.

I spoke as I continued taking her, "That's because you're a naughty teacher! You feel dirty because you're a dirty little slut."

I had never talked like that to a woman but somehow it seemed the thing to do with her. She began to become animated and was now fucking me back. She just needed to vent her guilt feelings. And now she could enjoy the ride.

She tossed her head from side to side and up and down as I rode her hard. Her hand finally came into play as she reached back and took hold of my balls.

My excitement was building stronger and stronger. I could feel the warning that an explosion was about to happen.

I whispered, "Oh, you sweet, sweet whore," as I shot my cum wad deep within her.

We saw each other a few more times, but we weren't meant for one another, so we moved on.

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