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Secret Mother In Law Sex Pt 1

The day I took Tanya's mum out for a coffee changed my life
I had been living in Russia for three years with my wife Tanya. We had tried living in Britain but she missed her mum a lot and really never liked life in the midlands. I was glad when we made the move as I thought life was getting a bit stale.

I never saw Victoria (Tanya's mum) as a hot woman. She was in her mid 50s, shortish with curly brown hair and what looked like a face that had been pretty in its prime. Her figure was OK, slim to medium and she had a flat belly and average size breasts that looked like they were in decent enough shape from they way they protruded under her clothes.

I spoke some Russian but not much and she spoke no English. We were a bit awkward with each other. I could tell she was a bit uncomfortable when alone with me. When we were all three together in her flat - it felt cosy enough having her around.

Tanya put me in a spot one day. She'd arranged to take her mum out to a posh cafe and 5 minutes before she was due to arrive at the flat suddenly had a call on her mobile. The upshot was that she had to dash and I was left with the task of taking Victoria out to the cafe.

"Great" I said, "just great, I've got work to do".

Tanya wrote out a note for her mum and vanished.

Ten minutes later Victoria arrived. She looked a little embarrassed when she saw the note. I smiled awkwardly. Then Victoria said to me in Russian (I'll translate here and for the rest of this confession).

"It's ok, I have things to do. Tell Tanya I'll call her".

That made me feel like a rat. I insisted on taking her out and told her it would be a pleasure and great chance to get to know her a bit. I told her I liked her but language was a barrier between us. That softened her and she smiled.

We went to the metro and got off near to the cafe. She went first up the escalator. I have this habit of looking at ladies if I am standing behind them on an escalator and they have a shape worth looking at. Victoria was wearing a nice dark skirt which did not quiet come down to her knees. She wore dark stockings and it looked rather sexy - although I noticed one leg had laddered a little. As we got to the top she suddenly looked around at me and I think noticed me sizing her up. Her grey eyes sparkled.

The cafe was slick - nice looking waitresses served us and I had to force myself not to eyeball them as I thought this would be in poor form. We had our cake and coffee - passing the odd comments and I made her laugh once or twice with my poor Russian.

She went off to the ladies and I watched her go - her tights had laddered more and I could see the white of her legs.

When we left the cafe she told me she needed to buy something but did not say what. We walked for a couple of streets and I saw her buy some tights from a street seller.

Then we took a walk in the park.

She was looking awkward and told me she had a problem and needed to fix it and would I wait while she went off for 5 minutes. The park was thick with clusters of little woods and she vanished behind some trees. I moved a little closer and kept watch. I was about ten metres off and saw her pull off the damaged tights. As she did so I saw her bare legs which excited me a little. Then she put on the new tights and again I saw her white thighs having the tights pulled up to the top of her arse. It was titillating to watch.

She looked a little embarrassed when she came out and we walked on, chatting now and again about nothing in particular.

I walked her back to her flat and she said she had some cold chicken inside and I was welcome to it. I accepted though was not hungry.

Inside the flat she brought the chicken and I pecked at it. She pulled out a photo album and we went through it with amusement. There were pictures of Tanya when she was a kid. We sat quite intimately on the sofa. I felt the heat of her and was fully aroused. In my mind I kept seeing her change her tights in the wood.

She put the album away and took my right hand in both of hers and looked critically at it - tracing the lines with her finger and told me something connected with palmistry which I did not understand. That touch really melted me. When she took her hand away I seized it and held it tightly. But she pulled it away and said nyet (no in Russian). She got up and walked out of the room.

I felt like a total clod! And it was Tanya's mother. Christ what was I doing, I must be mad.

I went to the door and put on my shoes. Feeling guilt and humiliation.

I tried to open the door but could not and when I looked around Victoria was standing in the doorway topless.  I was surprised at the fullness of her breasts.

She turned and vanished into the room. I kicked off my shoes and followed.

She was sitting on the bed. I went to her and kneeled down. Her eyes were closed. I took her breasts in my hands and kissed them. She gasped and began to breath heavily. I was suddenly filled with an urge to come very powerful.  I only wanted to come in one place so I unzipped and pulled down my trousers and undies to my knees and gently bundled Victoria onto her back. She yelped and gasped nyet. But she'd taken off her tights and was naked below. My orgasm was coming on and I was tingling in my loins. I pushed up her skirt and desperately moved in between her opened legs, found the hot spot and lunged into her middle aged pussy first time. Her hands came around my back and I felt her tighten her thighs against me. There was no time for anything else but two long and deep strokes and some desperate gasps and grunts from me as all my desire exploded in her white hot interior. I blasted her tight insides with my cock and I thrusted roughly until every drop drained out and left my balls empty.

I lay still for some time and recovered slowly. She was caressing my ass and kissing the side of my cheek whispering "Ya lublu tebya" (I love you). Then she moved a hand down and held my balls.

I never thought, "my god what have I done". It was too powerful. The sex had been so great. It was like the discovery of a new magical world. I wanted to fuck her again and again. To repeat the experience over and over.

As for Tanya ...


Part 2 coming.

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