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Secretary Seduced Me

The one golden rule is never to have an affair with employee.
I was always taught never to have an affair with employee. I had read stories all about these bosses having sex with the young ladies that work with them. I figured most of this was pure fantasy, and no one would ever do something that dumb. Never say never.

Patricia had worked for me for almost two years. A very attractive woman in her late forties, who took great pride in her appearance, and obviously went to the gym a few times each week. Our relationship was always friendly and we enjoyed friendly banter, but I was careful to never cross the line. I don't think she ever caught me checking out her perfect ass, when she bent over or reached to get something off a high shelf. I made sure that if I was standing over her desk, that she never caught my eyes looking at her incredible cleavage and gorgeous breasts when she was not looking up at me. I have to admit, I had fantasized about her many times, bringing her into my locked office after hours and having my way with her. I was always the professional boss with her.

One night, the entire office decides to go out to a local bar and have drinks to celebrate a new client we just picked up. It was early spring and the weather was great so twenty or so of us headed off just after five. I was surprised to see her show up, as she normally kept to herself and did not socialize with other employees after hours. We all ended up on the outside bar, and once it became known that I was picking up the tab, the drinks started to flow pretty fast and furious. I kept my drinking to a minimum and tried to spend a few minutes in friendly chatter with everyone. She was sitting at the end of the bar. A few of the younger men and were laughing and obviously having a good time.

I made my way down to this smaller group. The guys were teasing her, saying that she was a light drinker and could not keep up. I found out they had been doing shots. It was obvious she was a little tipsy and needed to slow down. Listening in, she announced that her husband had been traveling for over ten days, she was tired of going home to an empty house and that is why she came out.

After a little while, everyone started to head home and I noticed that she was still at the bar by herself. I was looking for someone to take her home, but before I could get anyone to commit, I see her looking through her purse for her car keys and starting to stand. She was a little shaky and I was concerned. I immediately went over and asked her if I could call her a cab, or find someone to take her home. She just laughed, and said not to worry, she only lived about a mile away. The glassiness in her eyes told me there was no way I could let her do that. I told her I would take her home and called for the bill. She never argued and sat back down, obviously waiting for me to clear the tab.

As I walked her to my car, I noticed that she looked particularly good. She had on a satin black blouse, that was low cut in the front, with white slacks and black high heels. She was feeling quite good, chatting and laughing, walking quickly, as we went across the parking lot. I was slightly behind her, and the view of her firm bottom was quite nice. I couldn't help myself from thinking about how badly I would love to be unbuttoning that blouse, and rubbing her tight ass as we were walking to the car. My mind was in full fantasy about her. I realized a bulge was beginning to build in my pants as we approached my SUV. Thankfully my suit coat was covering me enough to keep it from being too obvious.

I opened the passenger door for her, as she stepped up with her high heel, she slipped slightly and I caught her from behind, keeping her from falling. In doing so, her whole backside rubbed right up against my growing erection. At first I was so embarrassed. She looked back at me, flashed at killer smile, and shot a glance down at my crotch.

She let out a little chuckle and said, "Something you want to tell me?"

I just laughed, and said, "Get in the car. Here, let me help you". I held her arm and lifted her in the car and came around to climb in, more than a little red faced.

I got in, started the car and asked her where she lived.

"I need to stop by the office on the way", she replied. I left my cell phone on my desk and I don't want to go home without it.".

That was fine with me as I wanted to grab a brief case as well. We drove quietly over to the office which was just a couple blocks and parked outside. The parking lot was empty, we used my pass key to enter and rode up the couple floors to our office suite. I unlocked the doors and told her to grab her phone and come down to my office. I needed just a few minutes to grab some papers and we could get right out.

I unlocked my office door and began pulling some files together. I pulled off my jacket and threw it on my desk. I am still embarrassed, wondering if she will remember how red my face turned in the parking lot, when she comes in tomorrow morning. As I am pulling the papers together, I hear a noise, she is standing in my doorway. She has her phone in one hand and a bottle of bourbon in the other.

"Do you think we have time for one quick drink before we leave?" she asked. "I have no one at home, and am bored out of my mind. I don't want to go home this early."

I looked at my watch. It was early, and to my surprise, I said, "Sure, why not. There are glasses on the side table." 

I have a large office, with a seating area consisting of several chairs, a leather couch and a very large coffee table. She poured two drinks and while doing so, I couldn't help but admire her from behind, noticing the faint outline of a lace, white thong, through her white pants. The high heels and the tight fabric made her look even more incredible than usual. After pouring the drinks, she set one on the coffee table, and she plopped down in one of the chairs, propping her feet up on the edge of the table.

I walked over to table, picked up my glass, walked over to her and lifted it to hers.

"Cheers" I said.

We touched glasses. I sat down on the end of the couch across from her, and took a drink. I had to loosen my tie.

"I appreciate you taking me home," she says. "I think I might be feeling a little tipsy.".

"No problem," I replied. "It happens to all of us once in a while".

She smiled big at me. I noticed she was slowly running her finger along the neck line of her blouse, while looking directly into my eyes.

"I couldn't help but notice your little friend in your pocket when I was getting in the car," she says, as she gives me a very seductive little smile. "I know you try to be good, but I notice that you like to look at me when you don't think I know."

I could feel my face turning red and I felt a stir in my pants. "I don't know what you are talking about."

I tried to laugh it off. Patricia takes another sip of her drink, as she sets it down, does a slightly exaggerated lick of her lips. I am mesmerized. She stands up, takes two steps and slides onto the couch, up against me, pushing me slightly up against the arm.

"Oh you don't huh?" she says, as she locks her eyes into mine. Her hand slides directly onto my growing bulge and cups it firmly. Her gorgeous face is now only inches from mine.

She whispers, "So what is this?" as she squeezes my cock firmly.

Without thinking, I put my hand behind her head and begin kissing deeply and passionately. Her lips are soft and wet. Our tongues are twirling and twisting together. Her hand is now rubbing up and down along my hardening shaft. I lower my hand, rubbing and squeezing her gorgeous tit. Her nipples are so hard and erect. The kissing is becoming more and more urgent. I feel her hand starting to fumble with my belt buckle.

"Hold on!" I tell her.

Without thinking I jump up and cross the office locking my door. I turn around to face her. She is facing me on the couch. She has already unbuttoned most of her blouse, and she has one hand cupping and massaging her breasts through a lace black bra. Her legs are spread apart. She has her high heels propped on the edge of the coffee table, with her other hand rubbing up and down against her pussy through her white pants.

"I know you want this," she says. "And we are not leaving here tonight, until I am thoroughly done with you." 

I walk back to her. My cock is bulging straight out in my dress pants. I sit back down on the couch, and as we begin kissing again, I now have my hand rubbing her pussy. Feeling the warmth and dampness starting to penetrate through the fabric. She unbuckles my belt in a frenzied rush of unbuttoning and lowering my zipper. I feel her warm hand slide in and wrap around my now aching hard cock. She is firmly stroking up and down. I begin to reach to undo her pants.

Patricia pulls back from me and without saying a word, stands in front of me. Looking into my eyes, she slides out of her black blouse, and undoes the button and zipper of her slacks. She shifts them over her hips and with a little shake, they fall to the floor. She is standing in front of me in a black lace bra, a silky white thong, and her black stiletto heels. My cock is standing at full attention outside my pants.

She stands over me and says, "Let me help you get comfortable." 

She reaches down over me, and places her gorgeous warm breasts right in my face. Pulling my tie off, throwing into an empty chair. She unbuttons my shirt, our eyes are fixed on each other, she helps me pull it off. Patricia kneels on the floor in front of me, slips off my shoes, my socks, and then reaches up, grabs my trousers and boxers and slides them off together.

My cock is right in her face. She does not disappoint me, sliding up and slowly grasping it with both hands. She starts to lightly kiss and run her tongue, gently, and slowly around the head. I can hardly stand it. I move her hair back from her eyes and watch her, so focused on teasing and sucking my cock.

One hand moves to my balls. She is rubbing them and massaging them gently. Her other hand is circling the base. She begins to take more and more of me in her mouth, long, wet, sucking strokes. I can hardly stand it. She begins to make louder sucking noises, and loud "pops" when she comes off the end. My cock is dripping wet in her saliva. She makes slurping noises, as she teases and licks, between deep long sucks. She is so good at this, and soon my entire cock is down her throat. She takes me all in. She keeps looking up at me, watching my eyes. I am enjoying every second of this.

I finally find the words and tell her, "I want to eat you Patricia."

She smiles up at me and slowly draws her mouth up my cock. She slowly stands in front of me, reaching back and undoing her bra. As she slowly drops it down revealing her creamy, white, full tits, with bright pink and swollen nipples. They are so erect and engorged they look like pink gum drops. I find myself staring, and now slowly stroking my own cock. She smiles at me and slowly pulls her thong down revealing a smooth shaved pussy with firm pink lips. She steps out of her thong, keeping her heels on. Both of her hands are kneading and squeezing her breasts and nipples.

"Do you want to eat me now?" She says, as she sees me staring at her pussy.

"Yes! Right now!"

She steps forward to me, lifts her left leg up onto the arm of the couch, her right hand sliding down and spreading herself open for me. I slide forward, my hands sliding around her ass, my mouth going right to her wet slit, as she leans forward into me.

"Oh My God!" she cries out.

My excitement is so great I bury my mouth right into her hot, wet pussy. Sucking her lips, her clit, right between my lips. My tongue is sliding up and down across her clit. I am pulling her to my mouth as hard as I can. She takes her other leg and steps up onto the couch. I lean my head against the back of the couch. She is now bracing her knees against the couch as well, she is squatting her smooth shaved pussy on my mouth.

She is so wet and hot. I am lapping her up as deeply and wetly as I can. I feel her moving her body, circling and grinding her hot cunt in my mouth. Her hands braced on the wall, as I suck, kiss and lick her deeply.

My hands are squeezing and pulling her ass into my face. It is so firm and tight. Her pussy tastes so sweet and perfect. I begin to rim and probe her tight little asshole. She jumps at first, but then responds by squatting slightly lower, to give me better access.

"Mmmmmm, Yes," she moans. "Finger that ass. Eat that pussy. You know you want to fill me up!"

My finger tip is soaking wet from her juices. I start to put more pressure on her tight little rose bud. My mouth is now firmly sucking her clit. My tongue is flying back and forth over it. Her body is responding with grinding and humping motions to my mouth. I put more pressure and feel the tip of my finger enter her ass. Her whole body shivers.

"Oh Fuck Yes," she moans.

I increase the pressure and slowly slide my entire finger up her tight, little ass. Her body is bucking against my mouth.

"Oh Fuck Yes I Am Cumming!" I hear her cry out.

I suck harder and twirl my tongue faster and faster over her clit. I feel her body begin to tremble and shake. She is grinding her hips into my mouth faster and faster. I am sliding my finger in and out of her tight little ass, faster and faster.

Suddenly, her whole body goes rigid. I hear her squeaking out a faint, "Yes!, Yes!" and her thighs clench hard in against me. I taste her flooding my mouth, my chin, my lips with slippery hot cum. I am licking and sucking it all up as fast as I can. Her hand is in my hair. Holding my face hard against her spasming pussy.

"FUCK YES!" she cries out.

With two more quick spasms, she all but collapses on the couch next to me. Her legs spread wide. Her pussy bright pink and soaking wet. Her body shaking and twitching.

"God that was Hot!" she says, as she catches her breath.

She is still spread eagle on the couch. One leg on the floor and the other against my side. Her nipples are swollen and hard. She looks at me and smiles.

"Now its your turn Mister. You can have me anyway you want."

My cock is ready to explode.

"Get up and kneel in the chair, facing the window." I tell her. She starts to sit up and obey my wish.

To be continued......

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