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Senior Special

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A mature gentleman enjoys a late-night bargain.

Nelson walked out of midnight karaoke at the strip club, forty dollars lighter, buzzed, and horny.  After two wrong turns in the parking lot, he found the right Prius and made the drive to his hotel without incident.  Once he was in his hotel room, though, he still had the problem of being horny.  Time to fire up the computer and check out some porn.


On a whim, he did a web search for escorts.  To his surprise, there were three different websites just for escorts in this one city.  Adjusting his crotch, he reflected that he could have skipped the strip club.  Two of the sites were membership only, but the third one offered review highlights for free and had over five years of reviews online.  Nelson settled into the chair and registered for a free account.  Once logged in, he saw a section for "providers" who offered "late night specials".  His eyes lit up and he started reading in earnest.


The locations weren't given in specific terms, and Nelson wasn't familiar with the city, so he opened up Google Maps and then picked out three listings of providers who looked to be within a reasonable driving distance.  After a bit of fumbling with the website's messaging system, he sent off near-identical requests to all three women, apologizing for the lateness of his request and also asking whether they offered a discount to senior citizens.  Hey, it was worth a try - at worst he'd wind up jerking off and going right to bed.


Much to his surprise, two of the three providers responded.  One of them - Mireille - offered him a discount for writing a review and also a senior discount, so he quickly agreed to her terms for an hour of her time.  After getting clear directions, he went to find his car and hit the road.  The drive wasn't too bad - there really wasn't a whole lot of traffic on the main roads - and once he got to her neighborhood he could go as slowly as he wanted without attracting attention.  Eventually, he found the right street and slowly pulled up into the driveway of a duplex.  The left-hand door had a dim yellow lightbulb and the Mickey Mouse placard she had specified, so Nelson went there to knock softly.


The entry of the duplex was in shadow; the door opened a crack and a soft voice inquired, "Yes?" 


He responded as they had agreed, "Prince of the City, at your service." 


It sounded awfully silly at two in the morning on a strange porch, but it got him in the front door.


Inside - well, she could have used a maid service.  If a woman could be a bachelor, he thought, this is what her house would look like.  However, when Mireille closed the door and turned to face Nelson fully, his criticisms dissolved and floated away.  She had that kind of mature beauty that transcends age, and the curves barely hidden by her peach-colored robe promised to keep Nelson awake as long as he had stamina.  Red-faced when he realized he'd been just staring, Nelson reached into his jacket pocket and handed over an envelope with the agreed amount.  Mireille put the envelope into a cabinet drawer without bothering to open and check it.


"Call me Miri," she told him, and they sat together on the living room couch, her right leg crossed over the left, one bare foot bobbing. 


Miri gently drew out of Nelson his likes and dislikes, what he was doing in town, and how he found himself looking for companionship after midnight.  For his part, while he answered her questions without particular thought, Nelson marveled at the aura surrounding Miri.  His cock had risen to full erection shortly after entering her house and it showed no signs of letting up, pulsing almost in time with the bouncing of her foot.


Miri leaned toward Nelson, her robe puckering and presenting soft deep cleavage, and slid cool fingers around the back of his neck while she merged her lips with his.  The kiss was slow, intimate, almost too much for Nelson to take as his head whirled.  Her other hand found his lap, tracing the outline of his erection, and he bucked against her.  She broke the kiss, smiled, and purred into his ear. 


"Someone's hungry, and Mama Miri needs to be fed too.  Stand up for me, Nelson."


It seemed to take forever.  It seemed no time at all.  Soon Nelson was naked, grey chest hair on display, his erection proud and urgent as Miri's fingers danced around and beneath it, her breath warm and moist as she kissed each of his rudimentary nipples.  His hands rested at his sides, fingers twitching, as she continued to inch slowly down his chest and stomach.  Nelson's cock jerked, a thick droplet clinging to the tip.


At last Miri's breasts were in place, a warm fleshy cradle for his erection while her fingers traced his lower back and the touchy crease between his cheeks.  His legs stiffened and his breath caught in his throat, an explosion imminent, but Miri looked up at him with luminous blue eyes and murmured in a soothing tone as her fingertips withdrew and were replaced by the warm pressure of her palms stroking his ass.


"You're going to come for me tonight, Nelson, so much, so often - you'll get everything you wanted."  With that, she tickled a particular spot behind his testicles, and Nelson erupted violently. 


His legs shook, muscles standing out taut, groin clenching in gut-twisting spasms as his body emptied and then emptied further between her breasts.


 His knees buckled then, and Miri guided him down to his back on the floor, stroking his cheek as he gasped for air.  While his vision spun, she moved over him and rubbed one cum-coated nipple over his face and underneath his nose, then brushed his lips until they opened.  He kissed and licked them clean, his body on automatic while his heart struggled to find its normal rhythm. 


The scent of his own cum combined with the taste of Miri's skin seemed both arousing and engulfing, and he whimpered when she pulled one breast away from his lips.  The other sticky nipple quickly filled the open space in his mouth, and his eyes closed in a peaceful suckling bliss.


She asked him something that he did not hear at first.  Nelson's eyes slowly unglazed as he mumbled vaguely around that warm pulsing nipple.


"I said I'm going to help you stand up, Nelson, and we'll move to the bedroom."  With some effort, she helped Nelson to sit up and then to his feet. 


Together they moved, hip against hip, into her bedroom.  She positioned Nelson in the center of her bed, a light woolen quilt covering him, then went into the bathroom where the sound of running water was heard, followed by what might have been the slamming of drawers.


Nelson's brain wasn't working at full speed, but even in his floating state, he could tell something was off balance.  He rolled his head to one side just in time to see Miri coming out of the bathroom, robe back in place, face washed and pretty even without makeup.  The tip of her tongue disappeared between her lips as she sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Nelson's face with one warm moist palm.


"I decided to do something special for you, Nelson.  Would you like something special?"


Her hand slid, fingers splayed warmly, over his stomach, down into the flex where his legs met his crotch, skin brushing against his once-drained balls and waking them up.  He cleared his throat in order to get a gargled, "Yes," out while tingles started to spread throughout his body.


Miri tilted down and kissed him, soft and lingering, then brought out a blindfold and fastened it snug and comfortable across his eyes. 

"Ummmm, I can feel that you've got something wonderful for me."  She purred into his ears and rested her warm breasts over his chest, while one slippery hand coated and stroked his cock, bringing his erection back slippery and seemingly harder while his legs squirmed and spread apart.  "Now Nelson, remember your promise, no peeking!"  He didn't remember promising, but he certainly didn't want Miri to stop what she was doing.


She kept whispering soft things into his ear, sentences, then words, then little tingly sounds.  At the same time, her fingers lightly massaged him and made his erection feel larger than life, until it seemed his heartbeat was located inside his balls pulsing and aching.


Both hands cradled him between his open legs, making him gasp in need, eyes obediently closed tight behind the blindfold.  One set of fingers traced swirls around his cock then fisted and released his shaft, while the other set skimmed into the tight space behind his engorged ballsac to make him arch with needy groans.


"Such a good boy, Nelson," her voice cooed from somewhere far away.  "Your surprise is coming!" 

Her delicate hand suddenly clamped tight around his cock, making him feel every urgent pulse from the base up through the tip.  A fleshy tight grip compressed his cockhead and started moving down, sending confused shocks up his spine and swirling in his brain.  The tight heat... Was she...?


Nelson lost it, in a whole-body experience surrounded by squeezes that milked him and drained his mind downward, mouth open and slack drooling at the corners, back alternately arched up and collapsed.  He tried to say something, forgot how to make words, and fell into the greater warm darkness waiting to clasp him to its breast.


Nelson blinked, his eyelids sticky.  There was light.  Of course, why shouldn't there be light?  He turned his head, and there was Miri, standing beside the bed, looking almost, grandmotherly, in a quilted robe.


"You don't really want to sleep here overnight, Nelson.  Even if I gave you a discount for just sleeping."


 He sat up, confused.  Underneath the light sheet, he was naked but clean.  Thoroughly clean - not a single sticky reminder of the night's - activities.  When he turned his baffled face to Miri, her voice was apologetic. 


"I hope you don't mind, dear, you were kind of out of it so I just went ahead and gave you a sponge bath."


Nelson stammered, fractured memories and sensations turning his face red as he tried to phrase his question politely. 


"Did we - I mean did you - uh..."  His eyes lit on the wall clock.  "Three-thirty?  Oh god - I've got a presentation to deliver at eleven!" 


He looked around the room frantically for his clothes, but they were already laid out neatly at the foot of the bed.  He quickly got dressed, apologizing for having to rush, while Miri simply smiled and graciously escorted him to the door, giving him a soft moist kiss to send him on his way.


The drive back to his hotel wound up being a dangerous one, as Nelson's focus was horribly fragmented.  He couldn't recall, had she actually let him fuck her ass?  And with no condom?  Surely he had just forgotten when she put the condom on him.  But he hadn't paid for that...


Several squealing brakes and angry horns from other cars later, wobbling into his hotel room, a thought hit him and he dropped his room key.  He hadn't actually ever seen Miri fully nude.  'Oh god - what if she was a trans?'


Nelson's cock lurched upward weakly. 


"Don't remind me how good it felt, it's still - she should have told me - I mean if that was - bareback for god's sake... " 


His voice subsided into mumbles as he undressed and set his alarm clock.  It wasn't like he could complain to the better business bureau about being left unsatisfied, and he'd be leaving town in the afternoon anyway.  He shook his head, unable to get the memories to come in clearly, and fell asleep exhausted.


Forty miles away in the suburbs, Mireille brushed her teeth, hung up her robe, and slid naked into her bed.  The sheets still bore some of the warmth where Nelson had slept, and his scent was on the pillow.  She rubbed herself against the sheets and slid her hand down to her needy sex, stroking the moist folds. 


How stupid could she be, to forget to restock her box of condoms!  Thighs writhed as she rubbed herself and pushed two fingers inside, a poor substitute for the nicely formed cock she had drooled over.  It was just fortunate that sweet man was such a good trance subject.  She almost felt guilty about keeping his full session fee - but then, she'd given him a senior discount so they were probably even at that.


Wet spasms and throaty grunts mixed in the darkened room, as the deep night rolled toward eventual sunrise.

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