Sex in the Campground Shower

By SlimSkinny

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A True Story - Mostly
The tent was up, sleeping bags rolled out.The campsite was arranged...tables, grill, food, ice chests...and the rest of our stuff was ready. Our camping week ends are always exciting and fun.

The campground wasn't even half full. Maybe I should have listened to DJ that the weather would be too bad to go camping this early in the spring. But so far, it was glorious. The other campers had spaced themselves out quite well. There were two sites between ours and our neighbors. Which was a good thing. DJ tends to make more...and louder...noises when we camp. There is something about the outdoors, fresh air and tent fucking that makes her more vocal.

There is something about a campground in the evening that makes it so relaxing. The quiet and the smell of camp fires seems to control everything around you...your senses are fully exposed.

"Meet me in the shower in five minutes." The grin on DJ's face told me this wasn't going to be anything like the showers we take together at home.

I ease up to the shower room, looking around to see if anybody notices me heading that way. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb and everybody knows what we're about to do.

I stick my head in the door. "Hello?"

"There's no one in here. Last stall on the left."

My mind is racing, wondering what she is up to, as I push the stall door open. She is sitting on the small dressing room bench that is part of the shower room. Her legs are spread wide, one perched on the bench. One hand is holding a very hard tit, squeezing, pulling. Her other hand is buried between her legs...two fingers pounding her pussy.

"Don't stand there! Bring your cock over here. I want to make it hard!"

In two steps, I was in front of her. In one swift movement, she had my shorts off and my semi-limp dick in her mouth. I could feel it sliding on the roof of her mouth. It didn't take me long to be fully erect. I love her blow jobs and she is damn good at it.

"I need you to fuck me! Hard!" DJ never talks like that when we fuck. She is a moaner...a loud moaner. She must have really gotten a lot of fresh air.

She stands up, turns around and puts her hands on the bench. Her ass is at just the right level. I can feel the heat from her soaked pussy. I slide the head of my dick along the wet slit.

"Don't go slow...slam your cock balls deep in my cunt. I want all of it now!"

She is so wet when I push into her, I get no resistance. She pushes back against balls make a slapping noise againt her butt. After several minutes of pumping, her knees start to buckle. Her first orgasm has hit.

"Keep fucking me! Don't stop! Harder, Baby!"

I can feel my own orgasm fast approaching. So can she. My cock is swelling...she knows I am about to cum.

"Put it in my ass. I want your cum to fill me from the back."

This is not something we usually do as I am a thicker than most and it's a little uncomfortable for her without a lot of ass foreplay. If that's where she wants it tho, that's where I'll gladly put it.

There is no slamming this time. Gently, I ease the head of my dick into her pink bud. Deeper it goes as she gets used to the girth.

"Yeah, Baby! That's it...fuck my tight ass!"

"You feel so damn good!" I know I'm getting close to cumming again.

She reaches back and begins to rub her clit frantically.

"Now! Fuck my ass hard! I want you to cum with me! Cum in my ass!"

It's a good thing we are in the shower. Between the heat of the fucking and the load of cum running out of her ass, we have made a bit of a mess.

There was a note on our picnic table the next morning. It read...

"Beautiful tits and an amazing pussy. And to take that delicious cock deep in your ass like that was a true sight. Thank you for the show!"

Damn...we had been caught. Oh fucking well! Hope whoever it was enjoyed watching us fuck as much as we enjoyed the fucking.