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Shared By Two Lovers

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Sexy BBW is shared by two men

Shared by Two Lovers

Our car pulls up in his driveway. We have escaped from our place with nosy teenagers..]  We had previously decided to watch DVD’s together me and two guys.
Let me describe myself, I am a 5"2 brown haired, blue eyed and sexy I have large bouncing breasts that will fill a man’s hand, firm erect nipples, flattish tummy, big hips, big bum, big thighs, and a shaved pussy *meow*.
My lovers are two wonderful men both about 5’4”, larger guys with warm and tender kisses, roaming hands--both with sex on their mind.
 Steve is one of those rugged biker types. He looks tough but is soft and tender. His tattooed arm shows a bat- the same bat on the cover of Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell album. Steve is one of the best kissers I have ever had; he dances his tongue with yours. He is in his late forties, is balding slightly and has the typical biker’s moustache and goatee. His body is rugged looking as well, hairy chest, slight belly. He is very sexy!
A.J, my husband is a big man, some think he looks scary but I know he is a big soft teddy bear. He is just starting to be a bit thin on his head, His face is clean shaven. He does have very broad shoulders and a big belly and is very hairy.
I have had each of these men separately; one is my husband, the other my lover. Each has their sexual talents, just as I do.
Tonight they are sharing me.
Here I am snuggled on the lounge between both of them a large quilt covering us, the heat underneath the blankets was hot as naked bodies touched each other, The DVD starts and you boys laugh as I realize I have been set up- the DVD is a [MFM] porn movie. You both know that one of my greatest fantasies is to service two men at the same time. The lady was on her hands and knees giving head, pretty apt since you both know I love doing this, and I am sure you both knew it would make me horny.

The thrill of two men playing with me under the covers, tweaking my nipples, running fingertips all over my body touching teasing ... knowing full well I am getting wet. My thighs are being parted. My pussy lips teased and stroked with fingers from two hands, from two different men. I can tell in a instant whose hand is whose. A.J’s hands are quite soft and his fingers are shorter and thicker than Steve’s long fingers, which are rough in texture due to his work. A.J likes to slide his fingers around my pussy entrance back to my puckered hole, where Steve loves to tease and fondle my clit. As I am snuggled in between them both I can smell their particular smells. Steve is a smoker, and while I am not a big fan of smokers, his smell seems to add to his aura of his rugged biker personality. A.J’s smell is completely opposite he actually smells like baby powder!! 
A.J slides several fingers into my wet hole, and slides it in and out while my nipple is being sucked hard by Steve. Steve teases my nipple by stretching it out gently with his teeth and running his tongue back and forth across my nipple. You both have me moaning. I feel movement and I realized a thick cock is being placed at my lips, inviting itself into my mouth. I lick my lips, and slowly take the length into my mouth sliding my tongue around it, teasing, and sucking. I gently roll his foreskin back to expose the head and I love the way the bead of precum is on the tip, so I lick gently into the slit and scoop it up with my tongue. A.J has a slight salty taste and my tongue delights in licking and sucking his cock
I also know that if I slide my tongue a certain way across the head of A.J’s cock that he will shudder and he calls me a "tease" in a strangled breath. To have a full length of cock sliding into my mouth and my nipples being teased and sucked hard is pure exhilaration.
I think he is going to cum in my mouth the way you slide it in, but he suddenly stops, and I am left to lick my lips as you both swap places. It is amazing how two men, very alike can give you two very different sets of pleasures. Steve’s cock is slightly longer, thicker and cut. The head is quite prominent compared to the shaft; his precum is thick and sweet. Steve likes to fuck my mouth, where A.J is content to let me slide my tongue up and down his shaft and over the head, Steve likes his cock buried in my mouth moving in and out like a piston. Steve has a handful of my hair helping me to work my head up and down his shaft. He likes to be sucked hard and I  am trying to concentrate as fingers get shoved in my pussy and worked hard.
Anthony has 3 fingers up inside my pushing and he is fucking me with them. Not only do I have saliva running down my chin but also pussy juices running all over A.J’s fingers.

That’s when I feel a finger slide up my arse! Mmmmmmmm, guys, I am being fingerfucked and sucking cock at the same time-two of my greatest pleasures in life. You both know I wouldn’t last as you both pick up tempo. I don’t even have a chance to moan in delight, because at the same time that I start to climax, hot spurts of sweet thick cum is filling my mouth. My whole body goes limp.  I lick my lips, and smile at one lover as he takes his limp cock out of my mouth.

"Mmmmm, Baby, you suck cock so well," as he kisses me, and I taste his sweet sugary cum in my mouth.
"I think you need to roll over, Baby," he whispers in my ear. When I look over, A.J’s thick cock is being stroked up hard waiting for me. I roll over and position myself spreading my legs slightly.

Oohhh! I can feel the head of his thick rock hard cock smearing the juices from my swollen pussy back to my puckered rear hole.  I feel like I am still positioning myself when I feel you jam yourself up inside my dripping pussy with one hard push. I am still sensitive, and it’s like sensory overdrive, but you still keep sliding in and out hard, not stopping or slowing your speed.

I can feel Steve’s long fingers slowly touching my clit and rubbing it in circles the way he knows I like it. When you do me like this- on my knees, ass up in the air, I always get that yearning for a little anal action and I ask you--no beg you--to please do it to me.

I know you will withdraw, and slide it in my arse as you like the nice tight fit. It always has that “little hurt" pain as you push the head of your cock in while my body gets used to you. But then just as quickly you judge that I need all of you inside me and you slide yourself in all the way.  Then steadily faster and harder you fuck me, until I am moaning loud and uncontrollably.

”Oh my God, Baby, yes, yes, yes!” I cry. And then as every pore of myself is feeling what you are doing other fingers get shoved in my pussy, and I am being fucked hard there as well. I feel you speed up tempo and know I am about to receive a load of your hot cum. The thought makes me start to cum all over my lover’s fingers. He stops and feels my muscles tighten around his hand as I collapse.

“Mmmmmmm!” as we all collapse on the lounge. Damn! We missed most of the DVD, and we all laugh.
“I think we did a better job then the DVD guys. You guys were hotter, tasted yummy and fucked harder than the DVD’s action.” I giggled
“Just remember” Steve said “I haven’t fucked your pussy or arse yet you sexy bitch”.
“Somehow I think we need to order pizza to get our strength back then, because I am ready to go again I replied cheekily to A.J and Steve!!

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