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She's the BOSS!

Sex with my boss was like a great storm from a clear blue sky. I just NEVER saw it coming.


Working for a multinational company, my new role as the training manager allows me to travel abroad quite frequently. This is a great job and particularly at my age, 26, is considered a very remarkable achievement. I have been in this company for about a year now. From the time i joined about a year ago, up till today, i conduct several training sessions within the company and and abroad and almost every day i have a female student (colleague of course) approach me in private after class for "extra lessons". I have always turned down all such advances because i consider myself a very honest and loyal husband and father.

Within two months of being in my position, i travelled abroad to Berlin. It was winter then. I was travelling with seven other colleagues, and my boss. Anyway, we were to have a connecting flight in Amsterdam, but due to some confusion with our bookings, only she and i and one other colleague made the connecting flight. The rest were left at the airport to catch the next flight which would be 16 hours later.

My boss, Mrs. Annakovich Butt, is a 48 years old Russian married into a very wealthy British family. She has a body to die for. With beautiful curvy hips, her ass is a sight to behold when she walks in front of you. She has this heavy Russian accent and a husky voice that sends chills down the back of my neck when she talks. My boss is a tough, no-nonsense, and very highly professional woman. Never has time for anyone in the office. Always wears see-through dresses, and never bothered about what anyone thinks. One day she walked into the office and the wind lifted off her dress, revealing her red knickers. Not bothered one bit. Annakovich is a tough woman. I imagine she's so tough that her husband only has sex with her on her own terms. She's the boss, you know. Incidentally i never had any fantasies of her before. In fact, i actually feared her.

We arrived in Berlin about 8pm, and checked into our rooms. I was on the 4th floor and she was on the second floor and my other colleague on the third floor. Annakovich requested that we meet at the dinner downstairs in exactly 30 minutes so that we may have dinner together as a team then plan the day ahead. I had to freshen up very fast and make it as had been instructed. I feared this woman, and always obeyed her no matter what.

Soon as i got to my room, my intercom rung, and i wondered who it would be. I answered hesitantly. I heard her voice and froze. What was it this time?? With Her heavy Russian accent, she called me something like "fhredhriick" (Fredrick) Oooh! She asked me to pass by her room and pick her up so that we may go to the dinner together. I didn't think that was necessary, but she's the boss, remember! 25 minutes later, i took the stairs down to her second floor room. I rung her door bell, and heard her shout from inside that the door was open. She shouted so much, i thought i had upset her just by ringing the door bell. Anyway, i gently pushed the door open and walked in. She wasn't there. Her clothes were strewn all over the bed. I particularly noticed her bra and knickers on the bed, then i realised she was in the bathroom.

I remained standing. With this woman, you just don't want to take any liberties. "I won't be long Fhrredh" (Fred). When did she start calling me Fred? i wondered! My head racing back and forth and wondering why she had to put me through this. About 2 minute later, she walked into the room, a towel wrapped around her. The towel barely covered her ass, and exposed too much breast for my comfort. "I'll be done before you know it Fred" . "Should i excuse you" i asked. "No, no! Perfectly ok, I'll just get my clothes and go into the bathroom to change".

Then it happened...

She turned her back to me, and reached out to the wardrobe to get her clothes, and right there, her towel fell. She hurriedly tried to pick it up but fumbled and once again if fell. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. I was embarrasses beyond measure. Then i noticed she wasn't. Standing right in front of me, stuck naked was my boss, the boss! I started to walk out, and she held me back. "What's wrong with you" she asked. "You've seen your wife naked, haven't you?". You are not my wife Mrs Butt", i managed. "Call me Anna" she said, reaching out to take my hand. I begun to sweat on a cold winter night in Berlin. "Mrs Bu..' i barely begun. "...Anna" she shouted back, and i froze. She pulled me forcedly to her and i landed on her chest. Awesome! I always had fantasies of rough sex, but surely not with "the boss". She got her arms round my neck, her full breasts firmly on my chest now, and kissed me. This sent spasms down my body. I didn't realize just how throbbing my cock was. She was stark naked and i had all my clothes on.

She stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes and said, "i want you now!". Before i could think, she pushed me to the bed, and i dropped on my back with a bang. She stood over me and hurriedly removed my jacked and as i was still dazed unzipped my pants. My cock jumped out with force. i was way too embarrassed to look at her. She sat on my belly now, and lined up her clean shaven pussy with my cock. Then, gently lowered herself into my eagerly waiting 9" cock. The warmth of her cunt slowly engulfed my member as she eased herself down. She closed her eyes and moaned all the way as she came down upon me. "Oh Fhredh, oh. oh. oh". She was Hot and ready! She wanted a hot fuck, and wanted it badly like a breath of air. She was not making any apologies for it. My whole body responded with excitement. Waves and waves of pleasure ran through my whole being.

She lifted herself up gently, and gently she came down again. Up, and down again. I heaved myself up to meet the boss. Then, faster. With great urgency, flesh upon flesh, like a well oiled piston. She was possessed now, and carried me along with her. My hand squeezing her breast. Her hands on her hair, facing the ceiling. "fuck me Fhrrredh, fuck me! Oh! take me home baby! just fuck me! I thrust deeper, and she responded, "deeeeeper baby, deeeeper!!" The boss was in control now, and i enjoyed every tiny second of it...and now she was screaming my name, begging for more. She rode me like a stallion. My cock felt badly wanted and appreciated, and it returned the favor. Something came over Anna. A mixture of desire, lust, sin, raw power, a thick cock. It was urgent and blindingly rapid. Something came over me too. Fucking "the boss". Every thrust was a dream. A power beyond us two. An urgent need. A need far deeper than our souls. An insatiable desire. Another realm never attained. My heart racing, and my head spinning. The warmth far within my soul. I was completely lost, and so was she.

Anna my boss, was fucking me, and fucking me real good now. Fucking with reckless abandon, and she enjoyed every bit of it. Fucking hard. Reaching deep. Locked up in ecstacy. Flowing in streams and streams of pleasure. Rough and reckless pleasure!

After about 10 minute of wild, senseless, hot throbbing, pounding, rubber to rubber, flesh to flesh, fucking, her cunt gripped my member, and she let out a shrivelling scream..."take me home baby, i' m cumming" Her whole body was now shaking and sweating, her hair completely messed up. She was now shaking. She closed her eyes, bit her lower lips, and dug her nails into my hips, squeezing them like with a clamp. She was completely overcome by pleasure. She was tearing. "Oh shit...oh shit" was all she managed to say, as i shot it right inside her waiting cunt! 

"...that was the best sex i had all my life" she said, now lying by my side and on her back, gazing into the white ceiling.

My clothes were now soaked in sweat. It was about 9pm. I had to change and go down for dinner. I ran up the stairs to my room. She followed me. As i got into the bathroom for a quick shower, she stepped in with me, and the rest was history. Hot steamy, senseless fuck. Anna was hot. We had to settle for room service some time around 10pm.

Our relationship changed that day. She still is the boss in the office, but i' m the boss in bed. we have sex like twice a week. We are too far gone, and now completely in love. Our spouses no nothing about it.



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