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Some jobs have hidden benefits 2

Ben takes a second walk in Margaret’s sweet secret garden…
It had been two weeks since Ben had lost his virginity to Margaret. The sweet memory had played over and over in Ben’s mind every night since then as he fell asleep. Ben could not get the vision of Margaret’s beautiful body out of his head. Ben could not forget the intense pleasure Margaret had shown him.

Ben was trying to think just what it was that had attracted him to Margaret in the first place. Was it Margaret’s C cup breasts, with their large suck able nipples? Was it that her butt was as tight as a very much younger woman’s? Was it the way Margaret had gone about seducing him? She pretty much had him undressed before he knew what was actually happening. Margaret was all Ben could think about as he lay in his bed trying to sleep, he would normally go to sleep with a hard on.

Ben began to think it was the combination of Margaret using her age and experience to seduce him. The fact that she knew what she was doing, even though Ben did not. It had excited his imagination, and aroused his curiosity when Margaret had positioned herself to let him see down her top. Her full bust was there, right there in his eye line as they had planned the planting of the gardens. Margaret knew that young Ben would see into the top of her blouse, and down to her bust. 

Margaret was five foot seven, as was Ben. Margaret’s hair was grey as she was aged in her late fifties, but Margaret acted like she was still very much younger. Margaret had a small frame, which made her breasts more prominent. Margaret had an alluring quality about her. It was hard for Ben to put his finger on just what it was that he found sexually attractive about Margaret. Margaret had mostly used her personality and her demeanor to seduce Ben though.

Ben found himself wanting more of Margaret; he wanted to walk in her secret garden once more. Ben wanted Margaret to teach him more about the mystery and the muscle of love. Ben wanted to learn how to be a better lover, maybe even a great lover. But how do you ask a mature woman, one who was old enough to be your mother for that? Ben was on his way to work when the idea came to him. He would just go over to Margaret’s unit and ask her.

Ben knocked on the door. There was no turning back now; well maybe he could try, but he was not going to. Ben felt his heart race; his mouth was dry. He could use that glass of juice. The door opened.

“Hi Ben, how are you today?” Margaret asked.

“Hello Margaret, may I come in? I need to ask something personal,” Ben said.

Margaret ushered him inside and sat him down in the armchair, as Margaret sat on the sofa. Ben sat there a moment in silence trying to think of the right words to say.

“Well Ben, what do you need to ask me? It seemed really important a moment ago. Has the cat got your tongue?” Margaret chuckled.

Still, Ben said nothing. Ben struggled to think of the right words to describe what he was feeling, the right words to say what he needed to say. Ben thought actions might speak louder than words, so Ben got up and sat down beside Margaret on the sofa. He looked into Margaret’s eyes for a moment and then he leant over and began to kiss her ruby red lips. Margaret did not protest, far from it actually. Margaret kissed him back as the pair slowly wrapped their arms around each other. Margaret pushed Ben back just a little with a hand on his chest.

“Ben, I thought you wanted to ask me something. I like it, but this is not exactly asking Hun.” Margaret said, looking into his young eager eyes.

“Margaret, since you took my. Since we had sex for the first time. All I can think about is having sex with you again. You are an amazing lover. I loved every moment of the time I spent in your bed. I want to feel that again. I want to walk in your secret garden once again. Margaret may I…” Ben spoke, but Margaret cut him short.

Margaret simply pulled him to her and began to kiss him once more. Her tongue explored his mouth; her hands explored his muscular arms. Margaret slowly unbuttoned his shirt and she ran her fingers through his chest hair as they kissed. Ben unbuttoned Margaret’s blouse and cupped her breast in his strong young hands. The pair stripped each other slowly, kissing each other’s newly naked skin as they did. Until finally, both Ben and Margaret were sitting on the sofa completely naked and kissing.

Margaret looked into Ben’s young eyes and asked, “Ben honey, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes.” Ben’s reply was short and sweet.

Margaret told Ben to sit on the edge of the sofa, with his legs apart. Ben did as he was told. Margaret got up and placed two small cushions on the floor in front of Ben, before kneeling on them. Taking his erect manhood in her hand, Margaret Kissed Ben’s lips. Margaret then began to kiss her way down his chest to his engorged purple head. She then sucked him into her mouth, stroking his shaft and tenderly massaging his balls as she did.

Margaret continued to suck and stroke Ben until he exploded into her mouth. His warm seed rushed into Margaret’s mouth as his shaft began to spasm. Margaret milked every drop from his penis, and then sat beside him once again.

“Oh Ben, that was wonderful. My turn now.” Margaret purred.

Ben knelt on the cushions and kissed his way from Margaret’s ruby red lips to her breasts and then on down her stomach to her wet honey pot. With a deft touch, Ben slowly licked his way up Margaret’s pink soft folds before he slowly slid his tongue into her. Ben loved the taste of Margaret’s honey pot. Ben began top softly lick her clitoris, sliding a finger inside Margaret as he did. It was not long before Margaret was scrunching the sofa cover in her hands. Ben was enjoying the experience immensely; Ben reached over Margaret’s thigh and placed one of her hands on the back of his head. Margaret then put both her hands on the back of his head and pulled him into her as she climaxed.

“Oh Ben, eat my pussy. You eat me so well. I love the way you finger me and suck my clit too. Oh Ben, don’t stop make me cum honey. Oh Ben, I am cumming, I'm cumming.” Margaret climaxed in no time, her young lover remembering his lessons from his first memorable meet with Margaret.

Ben then sat beside Margaret on the sofa and kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe. After a couple of minutes, Margaret regained her composure and told Ben to sit on the edge of the single seat armchair. This time Margaret told him to have his legs together. Margaret then lowered herself down on his lap. Margaret used a deft touch of her hand to guide Ben’s erect member inside her soft sensual folds as she did.

“Oh Ben, you feel so wonderful inside me. I hope your girlfriend does not mind you fucking me.” Margaret purred.

“I am single, I don’t have a girlfriend Margaret. I can come over anytime you like.” Ben whispered into Margaret’s ear as he tenderly nibbled her earlobe.

Margaret had her hands on the arms of the chair for support; Ben’s ran his hands over Margaret’s stomach. Ben cupped and caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples a couple of times. Ben also sucked and kissed Margaret’s back as she slowly rode him.

“Oh Ben, that is wonderful honey. You are a fast learner, and you remember everything too. I could get used to this.” Margaret cooed.

“Oh Margaret, I want to have you sit on the sofa so I can look into your beautiful eyes as I slide into you.” Ben Said.

Margaret said nothing; she just sat on the sofa, just like Ben had requested. Ben knelt in position. Ben was about to take his shaft in his hand, when Margaret brushed his hand away and stroked him a couple of times. Margaret was enjoying the feel of Ben’s thick juicy manhood coated with her own love juices. She then guided him inside her warm wet honey pot once more.

“Oh Ben. Your thick young cock feels wonderful inside me. Suck on my nipples the way you do so well. Oh Ben…” Margaret whispered as they looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Oh Margaret, I am so glad you spilled that juice on me. My cock feels so good deep inside your hot pussy.” Ben said.

Ben slowly pushed deep inside Margaret. He held himself as deep inside her as he could get. Kissing Margaret and holding her body close to his. Ben loved the feeling of Margaret’s breasts against his chest; Margaret loved the feel of Ben’s hairy chest on her breasts, and the way Ben kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobes as he held her close.

After a short while, Ben and Margaret moved to the floor. Margaret had a nice thick rug that Ben lay back on, while Margaret mounted him cowgirl style. Ben loved looking up at Margaret; her body looked stunning as she rode him. Margaret was so attractive to Ben; he did not care about her age. Ben only cared about Margaret’s body, her sensual touch and the grip her sweet pussy had on his member. With her large breasts swinging just above his face, Ben loved to just poke his tongue out and let her nipples brush over it.

Margaret had a wonderfully sexy smile too; Ben could tell Margaret was enjoying sex with him. Margaret was happy to have such a young virile man making love to her; Ben was happy to have a sexy mature teacher. Ben was thrusting up into Margaret as she sat down on his manhood; their rhythm was fantastic, the eye contact made the sensuality of the position intense. Their hands roamed each other’s sexy bodies as sweet kisses were planted everywhere on each other.

Ben and Margaret were approaching climax together; their breathing was rapid and labored. Then the front door to Margaret’s unit opened…

“Hi Mom, I have brought over the few things you wanted me to get for you. Oh my god Mom! What are you doing? He is younger than me!”

Margaret got up and left Ben lying there on the floor. Naked and very surprised, Ben’s erect member glistened in the sunlight as it streamed in through the gap between the curtain and the wall. Ben had no idea what to do.

“Oh Lisa, I forgot you were coming over this morning. This is Ben; he is the gardener here at the retirement village. We were, um,” Margaret started to explain.

“Mom, I can see what you were doing. He is so young. He is more the age of guy I would be scared to be caught screwing. Yet here you are, enjoying sex with him. You almost look happy to be caught riding him. Although mom, his hard cock does look nice and thick. Oh mom, I bet it feels so good inside you too.” Lisa said.

Lisa did not take her eyes off Ben as she spoke to her mother. Ben had a sudden rush of blood to his brain; he had a confident moment, nothing like he had ever had before. Ben would have never had the confidence to say what he said before Margaret had shown him the pleasures of the flesh.

“Why don't you come over here and find out. I wont tell anyone if you don't. What have you got to lose?”

Margaret chipped in saying, “Ben is right Lisa, and you are single. You do have nothing to lose. You will enjoy him. Ben is a little inexperienced, but he is a fast learner. Like me, you will love his thick cock. Yes Lisa, it does feel amazing inside my pussy.”

Lisa quickly disrobed and was on her knees above Ben. Lisa was about to lower herself down onto his young thick cock, when Ben stopped her.

“Aren't you forgetting something?” Ben said looking up at Lisa.

“What am I forgetting? You did not have a condom on for mom, do you want one for me?” Lisa asked.

“You are forgetting the most important thing. You are forgetting to let me taste your peach. Before you feel me inside you, I want to taste your peach.”

Ben said as he reached a hand down to feel Lisa’s neatly trimmed pussy. Lisa did not waste any time in changing positions over Ben. As Ben lightly licked and sucked Lisa’s peach, as Ben called it, Lisa stroked Ben’s hard cock. Lisa enjoyed the thickness of his manhood in her hand, and the feel of his veins as her hand rubbed up and down his shaft.

As Lisa began to suck it, she could hardly wait to feel just how wonderful it felt inside her. It was not long before Lisa could take no more. Ben was working his magic on her pussy. Lisa was very wet; her juices coated his young face as Lisa changed positions to now squat down over Ben’s thick manhood. With her feet up near his head, Lisa had her hands on the floor. Ben had an amazing view as Lisa rode him.

“Ooh… that does feel wonderful. How long have you been seeing him mom? How the hell do you always get the hot young guys into bed?” Lisa asked her mother as she began to ride Ben.

“This is only the second time Ben has visited me. I am hoping it is the beginning of a wonderful thing between us.” Margaret replied.

Ben thought Lisa was amazing. She was just like a younger version of Margaret. Lisa had C cup breasts. Just like her mother, only a little firmer. She had a small frame too, and a cute butt. Lisa had one main difference to Margaret though; Lisa’s hair was longer and red. The little neatly trimmed patch of red hair on her pussy was stunning. Ben could see Lisa’s inner labia stretching over his thick young cock as she leant back and rode him. Lisa had the same firm grip on his manhood as her mother. It was not long before Ben asked her to stop.

“I was really enjoying that Ben, you have a great cock baby. Why do you want me to stop?” Lisa asked.

“I was about to cum inside you. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock. Your beautiful body looks amazing as you ride me, I did not want to cum just yet. I want to enjoy this for a long time.” Ben’s words were very sexy to Lisa.

“Okay baby, I know how we can get around you cumming just yet.” Lisa replied.

Lisa changed to lie on top of Ben, with her legs beside Ben’s Lisa lowered herself down onto his firm young body. Ben reached up and pulled Lisa down to him. He wrapped his arms around her as they began to kiss. Margaret sat on the sofa watching on. As she did, Margaret asked.

“Are you two comfortable there on the floor? Or would you prefer to go to my bedroom and continue on my soft bed?”

“It is up to the both of you. I am happy to make love to you anywhere you like. You are both very sexy ladies. I am one very lucky boy,” Ben said.

“You are not a boy anymore Ben. Boys don’t have nice thick cocks. You are a man now. Well, you graduated to a man the other day.” Margaret replied, content at having helped him to graduate to being a man.

“Let’s go to the bed baby. Your cock can calm down a little as we do. You will last longer before I get to feel you cum inside me. Do you want to cum inside me Ben?” Lisa asked.

Ben did not speak; he looked at Margaret and then back to Lisa. Before Margaret let him know it was okay.

“You can if you want to honey, I don't mind.”

“Can I cum inside you Lisa? It feels so nice to cum inside a woman, my cock shuddering as it pumps my seed deep inside you. The only thing I like more is the way my cock feels when you cum on me; the way your pussy spasms as the waves of orgasmic pleasure rack your beautiful body feels divine.” Ben replied.

“Wow mom, you have been teaching him a few things. Is there anything left for me to teach him?” Lisa chuckled as they all made their way to the bedroom.

When they reached the bedroom, Margaret sat on the edge of the bed and had Ben stand before her. Margaret began to stroke his manhood and massage his balls, before slowly taking him into her mouth. As his shaft disappeared into Margaret’s very experienced mouth, Ben let out a long low moan of pleasure. Adding to the pleasure Margaret was giving him, Lisa was standing behind him.

Lisa had her wet pussy pressed against his butt, her ample breasts pressed firmly into his back. Lisa’s arms were around Ben. Lisa ran her fingers through his chest hair as she kissed his neck and nibbled his earlobe. As Lisa gently dragged her long red nails across his chest; Ben could feel them scratch him lightly. Ben had one hand on Margaret’s head, with the other he held Lisa close to him. Ben was in heaven; never before had he even imagined such pleasure.

Ben tried to take charge of the situation, “Lisa, lie back on the bed here so I can make love to you.” He said.

“Sorry baby, we are the ones in charge today. You will do as we say. Mom has not finished sucking your gorgeous cock yet. Then it is mom’s turn to ride it,” Lisa whispered softly into his ear.

Margaret lay back and without a word being said, Ben assumed his position between her legs. Ben sucked Margaret’s luscious love juices from her upper thighs and pussy, before kissing his way up her body and entering her as he kissed her mouth. Margaret had her arms wrapped around Ben, holding him close to her as he pumped his thick member in and out. Before long, Margaret began to climax. Her grip on Ben’s rigid young member tightened, as did her grip on his muscular young body.

“Oh Ben, give me your manhood honey. Don't hold back; give it to me. Make me cum baby. Oh Ben, I am cumming, I'm cumming baby.” Margaret cried as wave after sweet wave of orgasmic pleasure swept over her beautiful body.

As he felt her love muscles spasm and begin to grip his member even more tightly, Ben thrust his thick member deep into Margaret. In turn, Margaret placed her feet on his butt. Margaret did not want him to withdraw too soon; she loved the feeling of him deep inside her.

“Oh mom, it looks so hot to see you and Ben having sex. I want him inside me, please share him with me again mom. Please let me feel that wonderful thick cock inside my pussy again.” Lisa was almost begging her mother to let her play with her handsome young play toy.

Margaret’s climax subsided; she caught her breath once more and relaxed her grip on Ben’s muscular young body. Her satisfaction could not be hidden though, it was written all over her face. Margaret’s beautiful smile needed to be kissed, and Ben was more than happy to oblige.

“Lisa’s turn with you Ben. You are so wonderful baby. I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend. Oh well, all the better for us I suppose.” Margaret cooed.

Ben turned his attentions to Lisa. As they kissed and got to know each other again, Margaret made her way to the chair in the room. Margaret’s knees were weak and her legs felt like jelly. But Margaret would not have had it any other way, and now she was sharing her young lover with her daughter.

Ben had Lisa’s erect nipple in his mouth, and his erect love muscle inside her tunnel of love. Lisa pushed his head back from her breast just a little. Their eyes met and soon their lips locked together in a passionate kiss. Ben was sitting up on the bed with his legs crossed. Lisa was sitting on his lap; their arms were wrapped around one another. As they rocked back and forth, their hands explored each other’s body. As their climax and heart rates began to build together, their senses were working overtime.

“Oh Lisa, please honey, I need you to stop. I am about to cum. I want to last for you. You feel so wonderful. I love the way you kiss me and hold me close. But I am about to cum.” Ben said.

Lisa stopped, but only to change positions. She got onto her knees beside him, looked him in the eye.

“Hop up behind me Ben. Fill me full of your hot cum. I want to feel your fat cock explode deep inside me. Fuck me hard baby and squirt your cum deep into me. I want all of it inside me, cum for me Ben.” Lisa said.

Lisa’s voice was so soft and sultry Ben almost cum just hearing her sexy words. He was looking at her beautiful body; Ben admired the sexy sheen she had as the light reflected off her sweaty body. He wasted no time getting into position behind, and sliding his fat member back inside his lover once more.

“Ooh Ben, that feels so nice. Stretch my pussy with your hot young cock. Hmm-deep baby, fuck me deep and hard. Ooh yes; I need you deep inside me Ben. Fuck me hard baby, fuck me and cum inside me. Fill me full of your hot cum. Ooh yes Ben, I am going to cum. Oh Ben!” Lisa cried as she began to cum hard on Ben’s fat cock.

“Oh Lisa. Ooh honey, I am going to cum deep inside you. Oh fuck Lisa; I am cumming. I'm cumming Lisa.” Ben exclaimed.

As he did, Ben thrust deep inside Lisa one last time; he clenched his strong hands around Lisa’s hips. His fingers dug into her, and his solid young member pumped his hot sticky cum deep inside his hot red haired lover. Lisa loved every moment of it, she loved the feeling of his cock shuddering as it pumped her full of Ben’s hot seed. Ben bent down and kissed Lisa on her spine and back. Ben also licked Lisa’s sexy back, tasting the sweat on her soft skin.

Ben now had not one, but two very sensual and sexy lovers. Both women were older than he was, each more experienced. Both women were also very willing to teach him the pleasures of the flesh. Both women were sexy in their own way. The rest of the day was spent with Ben being she centers of two very beautiful women's attentions. Ben’s lessons for today are not taught in any schools, but they were taught in Margaret’s unit that day at the retirement village.

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