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First time with a hot and horny, sex starved married bbw
Christmas party at the company. I looked around, briefly gazing at the women in the surrounding area. Stella caught my eye. She was a really BBW in her mid 40's. She had a beautiful face, with such a beautiful smile and perfect pearly white teeth. She had full kissable lips, lips created to suck dicks, rounded chin, wide hips and a nice, plump fuckable ass. She was magnificently shapely. She was a large woman, but she carried her weight with a certain grace. Her legs were thick but very shapely peeking out from underneath her knee-length dress. Her whole expression was something of amused interest. Her smile, her eyes and her body language all seemed to cry out “like what you see?”

She was wearing a sexy, body hugging red dress and high heels on her feet. I ogled her luscious curves as she walked by and my gaze lingered on her round, plump butt. I watched excitedly as her fat ass shook so sweetly. I wanted to reach out and touch that ass that begged for attention. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t and my bulge grew rapidly in my pants. I never really considered myself a lover of big beautiful women before, but I just wanted her.

The party was perfect, perfect food, perfect music, in the perfect place, but she looked sad.

She turned just as I was glancing her backside up and down. She smiled when my head moved up high enough to make eye contact. I flushed red and smiled fully. I held her gaze and smiled a different smile at her. A hungry smile. She smiled back at me, flipped her hair around and started walking in my direction. Her large succulent breasts seemed to bounce with every step as she came to me. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t and my bulge grew rapidly in my pants

“Sorry, but you don’t look to enjoy the party” I said,

“Noooo! It’s perfect” she said. “Okay, I’m alone and lonely, and I’m feeling that, especially in these days.”
My eyes were glued to her cleavage and I liked the view. She has to be at least a 42DD.

Her scent was sensual but not overpowering.

She told me that her husband, I knew he was in the army, was in Afghanistan for two years, and that was the first Christmas without him.

We talked and the silent flirtation between Stella and I, intensified, and at the end of the evening she asked if I could give her a lift home, as she lived out of town. “Sure” I answered.

We exchange some small talk in my car. When we reached her place she asked, "Would you like to come in to have one last drink?" I followed her, watching as she wiggled that succulent bubble butt.

She was a bit tipsy, but not drunk, and as she sat in the sofa, her dress had hiked up high on her thighs, and I could see the tops of her stockings just where the garters clip on. With wide eyes I admired her exposed thighs. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her fleshy thighs. She saw me gazing at her legs. She leaned back a moment, enjoying my admiring look. "You want to see them?” she asked as she ran her hands up her thighs.
I hadn’t even said yes and she stood up and slowly removed her dress, to reveal nothing but tits, ass, garter belt, bra, panties and stockings. I very much enjoyed watching Stella undress in a very sexy way. I never saw a big woman naked before. She was curvy in all the places I like. She looked totally hot and desirable. I loved especially her milky thick thighs. I was drinking in every glorious detail of her body. She sat back on the sofa.

I moved over to her and cupped both breasts and squeezed them. I could feel both nipples getting hard through her bra. I leaned into her and kissed her lips. As we kissed, our tongues intertwined. I unhooked her bra and took it off. Her full, huge tits flopped onto the top roll of her tummy. Her nipples were big, pink and erect, offset by her creamy white skin. I rolled one of her nipples around in my fingers while I started to suck on her other one, teasing here areola at the same time. She gasped and began to gently moan with pleasure.

“I love sex,” she said, “When it comes to sex, I want it anytime I can get it and anyway I can have it.”

She stood again, turned around, her ass to me, and lowered her thong panties to the ground little by little as she slowly wiggled her ass from side to side. She was unbelievable. She took my hand and led me to her bed room where she collapsed on the bed. I took off my clothes and crawled onto the bed. I spread her legs open. Her bald pussy was glistening. I landed right between her thick thighs and pressed my face in her crotch. I began kissing the inside of her thighs, working my kisses down to her swollen cunt. I ran my tongue over her fat, hairless pussy lips. She moaned. I introduced my tongue between her lips and sucked her clit, gently, rhythmically.

Her pink, meaty pussy became very wet. She suddenly arched her back pushing her pussy against my mouth, let out a cry and exploded. I buried my tongue in her hole and gobbled up her sweet woman’s cum, and began pulling on her clit with my fingers. She moaned long and hard, begged me to keep going, harder, harder, faster.

For the next fifteen minutes I sat between her thick thighs and feasted on her fat pussy with my insistent tongue.

Then, I rose from her swollen cunt, and guided my throbbing dick to the wet waiting lips of her cunt. Her labia were totally swollen and her clit was as far out of its hood as possible.
I put the tip of my cock just inside her pussy lips and slammed it all the way in her still pulsating pussy. She shouted out loud and wrapped her legs around my back. "Oh yes fuck me" I thrust in and out of her pussy faster and faster. She was wet, very wet and I fucked her hard. Her large tits shook with each thrust. She was soon quaking with another orgasm and my thrusts became more insistent. She screamed as she shook in orgasmic delight. I withdrew and Stella got on all fours. I knelt behind her. H er fat pussy looked stunning, but the tight, pink, puckered asshole was really beautiful. Her whole body shuddered as I ran my cock up and down her crack, then I grabbed her by her fat hips, and after getting all lined up, I rammed my prick balls deep into her quivering snatch. As I plowed in and out of her, I stared at the beautiful pair of white round, fleshy asscheeks that were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her. Her fat butt shook like a bowl of Jell-o with each stroke. I reached under her and cupped her huge breasts, pinching her oversized nipples until she yelped while my cock convulsed hard as it spewed load after load deep inside of her huge pussy.

We took a shower, and slipped under the covers, hugging each other, spooning. We fell asleep.
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