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Storm Shelter Sex - Finale

This is fictional, although I wish it were true.

The air conditioner had kept the air temperature in my bedroom at a comfortable 72 degrees. But Lisa and I had both generated quite a bit of body heat while she gave me a masterful blowjob and I feasted on her boobs with my mouth while at the same time twiddling her twat with my fingers and pleasuring her clit with my thumb, until both of us enjoyed stupendous orgasms.

Lust and sexual activities both generate heat… Some mentally, and some physically.

Both Lisa and I had at least temporarily become over-heated, so after she treated me to a wonderful blowjob, both of us just conked out, rested, and relaxed for a few minutes.

With the thunderstorm, having gone away, my bedroom was now illuminated by bright moonlight streaming in through the windows.

I looked at Lisa and saw a contented smile on her face.

“Lisa,” I said, “How are you feeling? You look so lovely in the moonlight.”

“Happier, more satisfied and content than I have felt in months… You don’t know what it is like to be alone and without a man,” she replied.

Then she continued, “But I would enjoy a shower now to cool off.”

I told her that if it hadn’t been for the lightning we could have showered in the rain before the storm went away.

“No fucking way!! Not with that lightning or even just the thunder,” she said.

I sucked on her nipples for a few seconds, and then I gave her a choice; we could take a shower together or we could go skinny-dipping in my swimming pool.

Lisa said, “Oh, I remember you offering me the chance to skinny-dip in your pool, but I thought you were just kidding and I didn’t know that your pool had been opened for the season.”

I told her that I had hired a pool maintenance company to come up, remove the cover from the pool, clean it, and make sure all the chemicals were in balance a week earlier. She hadn’t noticed them being here because they came after she left for work and had gone before she got home that afternoon.

“I’ve never been skinny-dipping with anyone, much less a man,” she said.

“Lisa, surely you can’t be shy or embarrassed if I see you nude? You’re naked as the day you were born right now,” I told her.

“No.” she said, “I don’t mind your seeing me naked… But could your neighbors, on the other side of your house, see us?”

I told her there was no way anyone outside of the pool could see us because I had planted vegetation all around the pool making the pool totally private and that no one outside of the pool area could see whatever happened in the pool. I went on to tell Lisa that I didn’t give a fuck if my neighbors could see us because, through their bedroom window, I had seen both of them naked and engaging in all sorts of sexual games.

Then I asked Lisa if she had ever enjoyed having sex in a pool or any body of water. She said that she hadn’t and she didn’t realize people did that, even in hot tubs!

I said, “Precious, let me introduce you to the world of pleasure in water. I guarantee that you will enjoy it. Water and sex go together like ham and eggs.”

Our conversation had made both of us horny again.

Lisa grasped my, by now once again rigid cock, gave it a couple of tugs, and said, “GAME ON BABE!!! Lead the way while I hang onto your precious prick.”

I told Lisa that for being such a good sport, when we got out of the pool I would show her the interior of my storm shelter.

That seemed to delight her because the installation of my storm shelter and the thunderstorm that had so frightened her were what seemed to bring us together.

But when we got to the pool, Lisa seemed reluctant to go into the water. She confided that she wasn't a swimmer and that being in water scared her, but that if she could hold onto my cock, she would feel more secure and get in the pool with me at the shallow end where the steps were.

What guy in his right mind would object to a woman holding onto his manhood for whatever reason?

Not I!

We stepped down into the water, which is only about 3 feet deep at that end, and then sat down on one of the steps.

On each side of the steps there was a portal through which the pool pump returned water to the pool after it was.

I told Lisa that she might enjoy turning onto her side so that the water pulsating from the portal would pleasure, her pussy.

She turned her body so that the pulsating water stream would be directed straight onto her pussy and her clit. Almost immediately she began to moan and writhe in pleasure.

She groaned loudly, “DAMN, DARLING! This feels better than being fucked by the largest dick in the universe!”

I told her that my cock wasn’t that large, but that I hoped that she would enjoy having it in her cunt soon.

After Lisa enjoyed having a couple of orgasms brought on by the water pleasuring her clit I asked her if she would like to venture into deeper water and learn how anyone can float, if they allow themselves to, even if they can’t swim, so she wouldn’t be scared to be in deeper water.

“Only if I can hold onto your cock while I do so that I will feel safe” she said.

Not being a fool, I told her that holding onto my cock would be fine with me.

So we both stood up, with Lisa firmly grasping my hard prick, and took a couple of steps into deeper water, just a couple of inches deeper, mind you.

Then I told Lisa to watch me while I assumed a floating position and allowed the water to cover most of my body, even to just above my ears, while I spread my legs and arms outwardly into what I call “the spread-eagle” position.

Many people trying to learn to float panic when the water covers their ears. The secret to floating is to not panic at that time, but to just relax and maintain their position.

When Lisa saw me floating she said, “Damn, Darling, that’s great because your cock is standing like a flagpole atop a ship and I can enjoy stroking it or sucking it!!”

I told her to do either or both, whatever gave her the most pleasure, but that I had decided that the first time we would fuck would be in my storm shelter.

“Oh, wonderful!” she said. “I’ve wanted to see what it looks like inside. Can we go look at it now?”

I said, “Sure, Precious. We can.”

(When I had contracted to have my storm shelter built I placed comfort and convenience over cost. Although I might be the only one to use it, I opted for a model that was designed to accommodate 12 people rather than a smaller unit. I arranged for it to have a water line and an electrical circuit installed and also to have the benches on the far side removed and replaced by a twin size bed. I even had a small refrigerator and a microwave installed. One of the side benches in a corner was removed and a cabinet replaced it. Stored in the cabinet was a folding camping stool with a toilet seat and pot to go below it to use if necessary.)

Lisa and I got out of the pool and walked over to the door to my storm shelter. I opened the door and turned on the lights.

Lisa exclaimed, “Oh, Honey, this is exquisite! So nice, comfy and inviting. You and I can enjoy staying in here and weathering many storms.”

I said, “My Hotbox Honey, you and I may create some storms of our own fucking on that bed”.

She said, “Let’s start now.”

So we did.

As Porky Pig said in the cartoons, “That’s all, folks!”
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