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Storm Shelter Sex - Part 3

This is fictional, although I wish it were true.
The fun began with Lisa and I naked in the laundry room.

She already knew that I had a huge hard cock that was seeping pre-cum through the eye on its bulbous head because she had just tasted some of my spunk and allowed me to taste some of it myself.

I was in the middle of asking Lisa if she would like something to eat or drink when there was another loud roar of thunder.

Lisa cried out, “Damn, that shit scares the hell out of closer and make me feel secure!”

I didn’t know how I could be any closer to her than I already was unless I became a miniature man and crawled inside her pussy, but I held her more tightly in my arms and suggested that she might feel more secure with me under the covers of my bed.

She said, “Damn right!! Let’s go there.”

So I led her through the breakfast room, through the den, down the hall, and into my bedroom.

As I was leaning over to pull the bed covers back for us, a lightning bolt struck not more than a block away. Lisa literally leaped onto my back causing both of us to tumble awkwardly onto the bed.

Lisa was clinging onto me as if her life depended on it.

I twisted around to face her and put my arms around her trembling body.

After a few seconds Lisa scooted her body upward on the bed until her tits were on a level with my lips.

Not being one to pass up a good thing, I began to feast on her lovely delicious nipples which became hard as stone and trembled between my lips while Lisa moaned in ecstasy.

Lisa reached down with her left hand, found my cock, and grasped it firmly. Then she began to gently stroke it while making certain that its head was stroking her body and spreading more pre-cum over her.

By that time, it seemed that the thunderstorm had moved on. After a few minutes without more thunder or lightning, Lisa seemed to have her fears under control and was calmer.

While continuing to stroke my tool she spoke up, saying, “Earlier I think you were asking me if I might like something to eat and drink.”

“Yes, I was”, I replied.

“Well, now I do”, she said. I want to eat your dick and drink your cum. Do you mind?”

I’m not demented or crazy, so I said, “Of course not, Hon. I’d love that.”

Lisa crawled across me so she would be on a wider part of the bed, and then positioned herself so she could suck my pecker and I could reach, and caress, her tits with my hands.

I’m a life-long tittie lover who enjoys sucking nipples and/or just licking, kissing, or caressing boobs, so I was in my element…….not to even mention that I enjoy blowjobs by talented women.

Lisa was talented, indeed!

More than one lady has feasted on my cock and cum, but Lisa’s way of doing it was the best I’ve experienced.

She took her time and worked slowly and sensuously, not wanting me to shoot my load before she wanted me to. She seemed to savor the slowness and to want our pleasure to last as long as possible.

I feel the same way. The longer sexual activities last the more pleasurable they’ll be for all concerned……whether it be a couple, a threesome, or more.

Lisa was masterful. She knew every trick of the trade of delighting a man by sucking his cock and balls. She was an expert at “edging” her partner along taking him to the very brink of exploding his load, and then backing off for a while….then taking him there again and again until his balls ache in a wonderful and not painful way until, finally he can hold back no longer and his jism explodes like a volcano.

When I finally shot my load down Lisa’s throat, I think she enjoyed her own orgasm. She shuddered, shook, and moaned so loudly that I was fearful my neighbors on the other side of my house might hear her.

When Lisa swallowed my cum she looked up at me, smiled, and said, “Thank you. Your cum is really delicious. May I have more of it later?”

More to cum later

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