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Storm Shelter Sex

This is fictional, although I wish it were true.
In April of 2011 several areas of my state were devastated by tornados which seem to have become more prevalent here in the past few years.

I began to think about my own safety if one of those twisters hit the area I live in, so I went on the internet and searched for information about storm shelters.

After a great deal of searching (you know how that goes) I found a contractor in my area who specializes in installing underground storm shelters.

I contacted him and he came to my home and presented several proposals for installing a suitable storm shelter on my property. After discussing his proposals, I accepted the one that I thought was most suitable for me.

A week later, he sent his crew to install my underground shelter. Of course, that involved some heavy machinery to dig a hole large enough for the shelter to be buried in…..and that machinery made a ton of noise which got the attention of Lisa, my divorced next-door neighbor.

Lisa is a petite and attractive lady from Thailand who is a beautician and owns her own salon. She has long black hair that hangs down below her shoulders, an attractive face with lips that seem to want to be kissed, and mouth-watering (from what I had seen through her clothing) tits that were somewhat on the small side but still large enough to fill my mouth.

What more could any horny tittie-loving guy ask for?

She and I had only infrequently spoken with one another in the past, but when she heard all of the noise she came out of her house and over to me and asked, after seeing how deep a hole was being gouged out, if I were having a second swimming pool built on my property.

I told her, “No, Lisa, but if I were, you would be welcome to come skinny-dipping in either one or both of them any time you want to”.

I don’t think Lisa had a ready response to my flirty suggestion. She seemed to blush and be somewhat intrigued by my suggestion. I noticed that her cute little nipples seemed to become more prominent through the tight tank top she was wearing….apparently with no bra beneath it.

I think her nipples twitched a bit, as did my cock.

Lisa winked at me, and I returned her wink.

Then I walked over to her and said, “Lisa, if we are ever under a Tornado Warning or Severe Thunderstorm Warning you can come over and seek safety in my storm shelter with me.”

Our flirty and suggestive conversation had an effect on my cock which had formed a huge tent in my trousers that Lisa couldn’t have missed noticing.

Lisa looked at that tent, licked her lips, and stroked my dick quickly and gently through my clothing with one hand while pinching her nipples with her other hand. Then she said, “I’d enjoy being with you any time, stormy weather or not”.

Then she turned around and went inside her house.

I was so turned on, hot, and horny that I had to go back inside of my house and jack off more than once before my sexual tensions had been released.

I REALLY wanted to go over to Lisa’s house and fuck her!!!!!!!

But that was not to be, fucking LIsa, at least not yet.

I would get to fuck Lisa for her fuck me and suck my cock in the confines of my storm shelter eventually.

When that time came, during a Severe Thunderstorm Warning a few months later, is a tale to tell about at another time, but I will tell you now that it was one of the most erotic and enjoyable experiences that any male could have in his lifetime if he lived to be as old as dirt.

I continue to keep recalling that in my mind every day……and when I do, I can’t resist the temptation to jack my cock off while remembering it.

I’d venture to guess that every virile male reading this story wishes he had such stupendous memories that he could wank off to…….as well as numerous female readers who would like to have memories they could jill off to.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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