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Strangest Encounter

I read her ad in the paper's personals column.
I was thirty nine and was and still living in Alaska. I was working for an advertising firm. One Sunday I was reading the ads and this one caught my eye.

"I'm a seventy-three year old professional woman. Reddish hair, green eyes with slim build. Seeking companionship while in town on business trips."

I knew I had to answer that ad. I found a photo of my uncle and I. I took scissors and cut off my uncle and sent her the response. I told her in the message that I worked in advertising. In her ad she had mentioned she was from another city. After a couple of weeks with no response, I forgot about her.

About three months later, while at work, the receptionist paged me. I had a visitor at the front desk. There was an attractive, older woman in business dress. I thought she might be a vendor representative. We shook hands and then she asked if she could speak with me alone. We went into the conference room. She reached in her purse and pulled out the cut off photo of myself.

She had lost my contact info. She lived in another city about 70 miles away. Over the months, she had been visiting different ad agencies, looking for me. I was amazed and flattered she put so much energy into tracking me down. We arraigned to meet at 6:30PM at a nearby lounge. I had a hard-on most of the afternoon thinking about meeting with this woman. Although attractive, she did look like a woman in her seventies. Who knows, maybe she's married and stepping out. I was a clock watcher that day.

I arrived at the bar about 5:45PM. I had a couple of cocktails while I anxiously awaited her arrival. Well, 6:30 came and went, and there was no 'she.' Had she changed her mind? I ordered another drink and waited until 7:00PM.

A couple of minutes before seven, 'she' entered the lounge. Carrying a brief case and still in he business suit. A dark green blouse, black jacket and black matching skirt, and sporting dark green high heels. We ordered cocktails. She told me that she was so excited when she read my reply to her ad, she tucked my photo in her wallet and was determined to meet me. She was married and needed more attention than he was providing. She had a hotel room and suggested we go there for a night cap.

We entered her room and when she closed the door, she turned towards me and I took her in my arms. I held her slender body close to mine as I pressed my mouth to hers. As I rubbed my hands over her ass, I grew hard in my pants. I'm sure she felt my excitement.

"I haven't had anything in over five months," she whispered. Her hand then slid down to my crotch and began rubbing the large bulge. Then she whispered again.

"I'm starving for this," she said and she squeezed my hardened cock.

I started undoing my trousers and she too began to disrobe. She went over and switched off the light in the main room. A soft light filtered into the room from the bathroom. I was now naked with a hard, erect, throbbing cock. She stood before me in her bra and panties. As she began to unsnap her bra, I went to my knees in front of her and kissed her covered pussy. I reached up, took her panties in my hands and pulled them down around he ankles, then I began licking her now exposed womanhood.

She raised her right foot and placed it flat on my left upper leg. This gave me better access to her goodies. I held her foot to my leg with my left hand and held her left ass cheek with my right. She had both hands clutching my long hair as I licked and sucked her while she stood there. After several minutes tasting her, I stood up, she took hold of my stiff cock and whispered in my ear.

"Fuck me in the bathroom!"

I pushed her backwards towards the bathroom door as if we were on the dance floor. There was the large mirror behind the sink and there we were in it. She hopped up onto the sink and pulled me to her. With her hand, she guided me to her hot pussy. I pushed inside of her as we engaged in heavy kissing. Her arms around my neck and mine around her waist. I gave it to her slowly. Her legs wrapped around my waist. I began pumping her faster.

She suddenly pushed me back, then she stood, turned around so she was facing the mirror and her ass was to me. I straight away reentered her from behind. We watched as we fucked. Her hand found my balls and held and squeezed them as I slammed into her.

Then she put her finger to her mouth, sucked on it and making it wet with her saliva, she returned it to between my legs and I felt her slip it into my ass. I tightened with surprise as she did so. This also made me harder inside of her. Our eyes locked together in the mirror. She announced, "That's good, baby. That's so good."

Seeing her, bent over in the light and with the mirror effect, I was going crazy fucking this horny old, married woman. I was so glad she hunted me down. I was getting to the point of no return. My excitement rose to the boiling point and then, "Bang!"

I shot my cum inside of her. I continued fucking her, draining myself in her. I stayed the night and we pleasured each other the next morning.

We never met again. But, I still revisit her in my memories.

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