Stuck Again

By Pudmeister

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Brian's story continues with Amy's mom.

  Hi this is Brian again. If you remember me from my previous adventure I have it pretty good. I live across the street from a gymnast, Amy, and regularly fuck her. She loves my big fat 10 inch cock, especially the 4 inch wide head. We usually do it in the afternoon after school before her Mom gets home. We are both 18 and seniors. We have come close to getting caught especially the first time when I got my cockhead stuck in her when it went past her cervix. We try to be as careful as we can because I'm not sure if her parents would like finding out I am fucking their daughter. That brings me to today' story, I still can't believe this stuff happens to me.

I am home from school and by myself watching TV in my den. My parents are still at work and won't be home for a couple of hours. Amy is off at some gymnast camp for the whole week so I haven't shot my load in a few days. I'm not really into what's on TV instead I'm daydreaming about Amy's tight gymnast ass and sweet pussy. My big cock is getting semi hard when the doorbell rings. I really don't want to deal with some salesman or kid selling candy but I get my 6' 2” 220 lb. frame off the couch and walk to the door. I open the door prepared to tell whoever is there to get lost when I am surprised to see Amy's Mom.

I have only met her a couple of times since they haven't lived there very long and I am usually only there in the afternoon while they aren't there, fucking her daughter. I know she is in her late 30's and I have only seen her in business attire so I am a little shocked to see her standing there dressed like she is. She is taller then Amy, about 5' 4”, and though not as muscular she is definitely in shape for her age. I notice something about her causes me to stare. She has a huge pair of tits. They are at least 36 DD's I know this because she is wearing a tight white tank top and a pair of cotton workout shorts.

I slowly tear my eyes from them and gulp managing to say “Uh, hi Mrs. Jones”

She smiles at me and with a sweet voice say's “Hi, Brian. Are your parents home?”

I answer like a goofy schoolboy, “Uh, no they won't be home for a couple of hours.”

She say, “I see, well aren't you going to invite me in? I have something I need to discuss with you.”

Uh oh, what could she have to discuss with me? I wonder if Amy has told her about our sexual escapades. I decide to play it cool and say, “Sure come on in.”

As she enters I can't help but think, man she is hot. My semi hard on is not going down and I could of sworn she glanced at it as she walked in. She is Amy's Mom so I have to watch myself, but not having shot my load in a week is making it difficult. I lead her to the den and we sit down on the couch. I am wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts so I have to be careful how I arrange my package so it's not so noticeable. She sits on the couch a couple of feet from me and turns and smiles again.

“Brian, you and Amy have become really good friends.” She says.

I answer, “Yes Ma'am I like Amy a lot.”

She smiles again and says, “In fact I would say you two have become really CLOSE friends, right Brian?”

I find myself staring at her huge jugs again. I don't think she is wearing a bra. “Yes Ma'am real close.”

She smiles again, “In fact Brain, so close that she can ride that big cock of yours with ease now, isn't that right?”

Oh my God she knows. Did she see us? Did Amy tell her? I say, “Oh Mrs. Jones I can explain.”

She reaches over and lays her hand on my leg and says, “That's OK Brian, no need to explain. My daughter is very hot. I can understand how a big stud like you would be interested in that tight ass of hers.” I'm sweating a little know and just nod my head.

She say's “Just to lets you know, I found out about you two because I came home early one day and heard noises from her bedroom. The door was open a little and I peeked in and saw her riding that huge cock of yours. I couldn't take my eyes off it. When you were done and pulled that huge head out I knew I had to have it.”

I sat there dumbfounded but managed to say, “Mrs. Jones, I don't know, your Amy's Mom and stuff plus you are married. I could get in a lot of trouble.”

She smiled that sweet smile again and said, “Brian, you are fucking my daughter, how much trouble do you think you are already in?” She was right.

I added things up in my head and sighed and said, “OK, if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll do whatever you want.”

She stroked my leg and said, “That's a good boy. I saw you looking at my tits earlier. Do you like them?” She rubbed her hands across her chest and hefted her big jugs.

I said, “Oh yes Mrs. Jones they are fantastic.”

“Brian, please don't call me Mrs. Jones. My name is Beth. Do you want to see them?”

A croaked “Yes” was all I could manage. She lifted up her tank top and two of the most perfect tits rolled out and perched on her chest. They had that little bit of sag that all really big tits have which only means they are heavy. The areola's were about 2 inches across and stood out with puffiness that I love. The nipples were huge. As big around as my index finger and an inch long. I was sure I was drooling. I know my cock was.

“Do you like them?” she asked. “I had them redone about 6 months ago.” “I think they did a great job.”

I managed to say, “They did a perfect job.”

“Do you want to see something really cool?” she said.

I nodded. “Pinch the nipples.” she asked.

I looked at her and she nodded that it was OK. I reached out with my right hand and gently pinched the nipple on her left breast. As I did a little drop of white milk appeared and rolled down her globe. I was awestruck. “Isn't that cool? They have been doing that ever since I got the implants. Too bad my husband doesn't really like it. I have been dying for someone to suck them. Brian, do you think you could do that for me?”

Could this really be happening to me? I looked up and stared her in the eyes and said “Yes Beth I could do that for you.”

She took her top off and laid back on the couch. I got down on my knees in front of her and latched on to one of her nipples with my mouth. She groaned with pleasure and I began to suck. The milk started to flow some and it tasted really sweet. She was holding my head against her breast and she started to grind her hips a little. I took that as a sign and reached up and cupped her pussy with my left hand. She was starting to get very wet and I knew she wasn't wearing panties. I switched to the other breast and the milk started to flow from that one too. I pushed her shorts to one side to give me better access to her cunt. She was shaved clean just like Amy is and had the same big clit. As I continued to suckle her tit I shoved two big fingers in her and she really started to buck on the couch. I didn't want to rip her nipple off with my teeth. She grabbed my head with both her hands and smashed it to her breast. It was kinda hard to breath, but I kept on sucking her milk. I was ramming my two fingers in and out of her pussy, which was surprisingly tight. I began stroking her G-spot and she stiffened and not only shot fluid from her cunt, I could have sworn the milk actually sprayed from her nipple into my mouth. I released her nipple and pussy and leaned back watching her breathing heavily.

She had an animalistic look to her face and said, “I have to have that big cock now. Where is your bedroom?”

I lead her down the hall to my room and standing next to my bed she dropped her shorts and reached for mine. As I pulled my t-shirt off she pulled my shorts down and I heard her gasp. “My God, how does Amy get this thing to fit? I have never seen a cock this big. And the head is as big as a fist.”

She got my shorts off the rest of the way and started to lick and attempt to suck my cock. Using both hands she stroked me and managed to get most of the head in her mouth. The feeling was amazing but I knew I had to concentrate and not come too soon.

She stood up and pressed those big leaking tits against me and grabbed my ass and said. “This is mine now, I want you to fuck me with that big cock.”

We got up on my bed and she laid on her back. I got between her shapely legs and lined up my big knob with the entrance to her pussy. I rubbed it back and forth across the opening and her clit. She was very wet and I was leaking a steady stream of precum. I positioned it at the opening and pressed forward.

She opened her eyes and said, “Oh my God it's so big. It's stretching me so much. Please go easy.”

For being Amy's Mom her cunt was really tight. I guess her husband was a little guy. I pressed some more and about half the head went in. She was sweating and her tits were leaking milk. I kept trying to shove it in, but in the missionary position I just didn't have the leverage.

I looked at her and said, “You get on top of me, that might work better.”

I rolled off her and shaking she straddled me lining up my huge cock with her entrance. I was hard as steel and swollen to my biggest size. As she started to push her weight down my cock made more progress.

She said, “I know Amy can take this so I know I can too.”

She had that same look of determination on her face as her daughter and gritted her teeth and pressed down hard. It slowly started to go in and suddenly, pop, the head disappeared inside. She stopped breathing hard and smiled at her accomplishment. Slowly I eased more in, withdrew a little then again shoved more in. In and out slowly working it in. A couple of minutes later I hit bottom. She was so tight I couldn't believe it. It felt so good. Her cunt was on fire and she started to ride me.

She was really getting into it when she said, “Now don't come in me, my husband had a vasectomy and I'm not on the pill.”

This didn't quite register with me because why on earth would a woman be fucking a young guy like me unprotected with the risk of getting pregnant. I just nodded.

Up and down she went. Each time my glans hit bottom touching her cervix. She had her eyes closed lost in the feeling. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I had a week worth of come boiling in my balls.

I looked up at her and said. “Uh Beth, I'm going to come soon.”

She was squeezing her nipples and the milk was dripping on my chest. “Not yet, not yet.” she said.

She was really grinding now trying to get all of my cock in her. There was at least an inch to go but I was at the entrance of her womb.

“Beth I really mean it, I am going to come any second.” I said.

I guess she just didn't hear me or she was lost in her approaching orgasm. Suddenly she started to stiffen all her muscles, including the ones in her pussy. I knew she was coming and like I told her I was going to soon as well. I tried to pick her up off me because I felt my sperm rising up on the long journey out of my cock. Her cunt muscles were spasming around my cock and I couldn't get her off me. I gave up as she smashed down on me for a last time driving my cockhead into her cervix just as my come that had been building up for a week jetted out of my cock directly into her womb. I lost all reason too and grabbed her hips and thrust and thrust into her tight cunt spewing what seemed like a gallon of come. I must have shot at least a dozen times but amazingly little leaked out. I guess it all went where it wasn't supposed to go.

She continued to grind on me soaking me and my bed with her juices. After awhile her pussy slowed and then stopped her spasming and she collapsed on top of me pressing those huge milk jugs to my chest. She laid on me with my still hard cock firmly planted in her cunt.

“Beth, Beth I'm sorry.” I said.

“Mmmmm, sorry? Sorry for what?” she dreamily said.

“I tried but I couldn't pull out of you. Your cunt muscles kept me in you. I shot my load in you.” I said.

She suddenly looked up with wide open eyes and said, “You did what?”

“I couldn't help it. I haven't come in a week and I couldn't pull out. I told you I was coming.”

She started to cry, “I didn't hear you, all I wanted was to come on your big cock.”

I stroked her hair and said, “It will be alright. When was your last period? I bet there is no way you are pregnant.”

She said, “Since my husband had his vasectomy I really haven't paid too much attention to them. Let me think. It's been over about a week now.” Crap I thought, she is at her most fertile, and I shot a gallon of potent sperm in her. She started to cry realizing the same thing.

I stoked her hair and back trying to sooth her when all of a sudden I heard my Mom call my name. My Mom was home and lets see where I find myself. I am in bed with my neighbor's wife, who I probably just got pregnant. My cock is still hard and firmly lodged in her. Her tits are leaking milk in my bed and I am about to be caught.

Instead of yanking my cock out of her possibly hurting her I get up off the bed carrying her with me, still impaled on me and jump in my closet. I hear my Mom calling my name and pray she doesn't open the closet or notice the mess on the bed. Beth's arms and legs are wrapped around me and she is still sniffling back tears. I tell her to shhhh and wonder how I got myself in this mess again.

Remembering my past experience with her daughter Amy I say, “Beth I have to try to get my cock out of you now. The easiest way is for you to grab the clothes rod for leverage”.

She says, “Have you done this before?”

I just nod and say, “I just know it will work.”

She does what I suggest and reaches back as I hold her by the waist and she grabs the bar. Her two glorious tits are hanging freely and I grab her hips and pull back. The feeling is intense for both of us and she moans again. I am still hard and can't resist pushing my cock back in instead of pulling it out. She starts to breath quickly again as I pull out just leaving the head in then pushing all the way in to her cervix. She is hanging by the bar with her arms but I am holding most of her weight with my arms around her waist. It's such an amazing feeling I just keep pumping in and out slowly trying not to make noise that my Mom will hear. Her cunt is so wet and tight I get lost in the feeling. She and I are both sweating again and we know we must be quiet. I hear my Mom come into my room but I can't stop fucking Amy's Mom. I take one hand off her waist and cover her mouth because I know she is coming and might cry out.

I whisper in her ear, “I'm going to come soon do I need to pull out?” She looks at me and just shakes her head no. That realization sets me off and I thrust my big cock all the way in this time popping all the way through her cervix and deposit my second massive load of sperm in her womb. She opens her eyes with a shocked look and cry's out into my hand covering her mouth and has a violent orgasm.

As we both come down from our mating I listen closely and figure my Mom is out of my room. I look at Amy's Mom and say, “Beth it's time to get this out, hang on to the bar.”

She nods and I start to extract myself. First my glans has to pop back through her cervix. This is not easy given its swollen state. Luckily she has had a couple of kids so when I pull back even though she is very tight I feel it dilate and my glans eventually pops out. She lets out a long breath she has been holding. I then pull my fat cock out of her until the head stops at the entrance. Remembering how difficult it was to get in, getting it out takes some work. I try not to hurt her because I know she is really worried. I give her a kiss and pull slowly back stretching the opening until I finally come loose. I notice that very little of my come is leaking from her and I know that's not a good sign.

She's on wobbly legs and I hold her up as I crack the door open. Nobody's there so we come back into my room and get dressed. My Mom's in the kitchen so we tiptoe to the front door picking up her tank top so she can cover those huge tits. I open the front door as quietly as possible and we step out on the front porch.

I say, “Beth that was amazing. You are a fantastic lover. What are we going to do if you are pregnant.”

She says with a smile, “Brian don't you worry about it. If I am pregnant, and with as much sperm as you have shot into me I probably am, I will deal with it. My wimp of a husband will do what I say.”

She reaches around behind me and grabs my ass again and says, “And remember, with what I know about you and Amy, and when and if a baby comes the DNA test will show it's yours, this ass is still mine to use when I want it.”

I swallow hard and say, “Yes Ma'am.” She smiled that sweet smile and walks back across the street to her house. Damn, what have I gotten myself into now.