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Sue and her Journey- Part 2

Sue continues her affair with Tom, and brings out a side of her husband she hadn't suspected.
Weeks went by, and I continued to meet Tom after work, and sometimes John as well, mostly together but once or twice just with John. Whenever I got home after one of these sessions, my cunt was on fire, throbbing and swollen, as a result of the size of their cocks. Often I had drunk all of their sperm, several times, and wondered if the glow that I was feeling showed on my face or body.

Luckily, Neal seemed oblivious, and anyway was working much harder and longer hours in his new role. When he and I did manage to get some time together, he was usually pretty tired out, and though he managed to make love to me, it didn’t have the fire of how it had once been, let alone give me the kind of orgasm that I was now becoming used to receiving.

One weekend, Neal seemed to have something on his mind, and this worried me. Had he got some inkling of what I was up to, or had someone hinted something? I decided to worm it out of him, and having made his favourite supper along with a bottle of good Chilean Merlot, we snuggled up on the settee. I told him that I was worried about him, that he had been working so hard, and that I could see that he was preoccupied a lot of the time. I told him that he needed to relax, and that I would help. I asked no more questions, but started to undo the buttons of his short, and trace my long nailed fingers down through his chest hair, scratching very lightly as I went, until I reached his belt. We kissed then, and for a moment the old Neal returned, his tongue dipping deep into my mouth to let me suck on it, a small message as to what he might next expect. Undoing his belt and unzipping his trousers, I slipped off the settee and knelt between his legs, my hands cupping his balls as my mouth lowered onto his now erect penis. Working him slowly deeper, my lips and tongue tasting him, I soon had him full length in my throat, and using my throat muscles like in tiny gulps, started to milk his cock. Neal groaned each time I did this, and forcing him to stay still, I continued with small but firm movements to squeeze his, and then, naughtily, I winked at him, and slid my hand underneath him, searching for his asshole. As soon as I touched it, he jerked in the seat, but my insistent sucking seemed to pacify him, and he rested back, feeling my finger slide gently into him and curl to stroke him inside. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock straining, and start to throb. I pressed hard with my finger in his ass, and he started to groan loudly, as he shot stream after stream of his semen into my throat.

Once his throbbing cock had ended its ejaculations, he drew me up beside him, and held me tight, before kissing me again, and thanking me for such a great blowjob. He told me that I was the best, and he now felt really relaxed and comfortable. I said that I loved his cock, and always would, and hoped he would share with me anything he wanted to. He was silent for a while, and then said that he was worried if he was doing his new job well enough.

I didn’t really know what to say, so decided just to flatter his ego a bit more, and as well as telling him I was sure he was fine, that I hadn’t heard anything at work to the contrary, I decided to fuck him again. Maybe I went a bit far, but I just kept sucking him and for once managed to get him hard again. Then I stripped and got on my hands and knees, my ass facing him, and told him to fuck me hard and deep. He got behind me and pushed his cock between my pussy lips. For once I forgot, and told him to use my asshole, grabbing his cock and pushing it higher to rest on my puckered anus. He was surprised, to say the least, as we have rarely fucked that way and not for a long time. I urged him on, and pushed him through my asshole, then pulling him close with my hands gripping his thighs. I groaned and worked back on him, and rather than him fucking me, I think I fucked him. Eventually I orgasmed and squeezed his cock so hard he almost squealed. Somewhat warily, I think, he got off me, and I went to shower and clean up before bed. As I lay there beside him, I could tell he was worrying about something. He said that he was a bit surprised by what I had done earlier. I asked him what he meant, and he said that usually I was compliant to his needs, but that this had been a different experience, it was almost as though he had been used himself. Teasing him a bit, I asked him if he liked it, and he said that he rather had. Now that surprised me!

At work, Tom was much as always, and on Tuesday he asked me to stay late again. Neal was going to be in late, so I didn’t have to worry about timing, and my Mum had got used to collecting the kids by now.

Working late of course ended up with him sitting in his big leather chair, while I stripped to my frilly undies, a push up bra making the most of my re-engineered breasts, a half cup, the top of each nipple just showing, and a g string which was almost see through it was so sheer. He undid his trousers and pulled out his cock, which I sucked deep into my mouth. My hands went under him to cup his balls, squeezing them in time to my sucking, and sliding a finger into his asshole, just as I had with Neal a week or two before. He responded as I knew he would do, blowing his hot sticky load which I enjoyed swallowing. Tom always took a little blue tablet before our evenings together, so I knew he would stay hard and want to fuck again, and this time he bent me over his desk, and squirting some of the lube that he always kept in his desk drawer, he squeezed his fat long cock into my asshole, with no real foreplay. It felt huge and a little painful as he slid inside, but this was soon replaced by the pleasure I get from being fucked in this way. God it was wonderful, the power of the man and the way he drove me to orgasm every time. How could I go and leave this behind, and just become a housewife again? I needed to be used like this, I love to know I satisfy this man with his dominant cock. I mentioned to him how I had almost forced Tom to assfuck me last weekend, and he smiled, saying that I should do what I wanted, and if Tom enjoyed being told what to do, then I should carry one.

Back at home, I followed Tom’s advice, and somehow it created a sense of unreality. When Neal was home, I took every opportunity to fuck him, and I use those words deliberately. Left to himself, I might have been offered his cock on a Saturday night or Sunday morning, but I felt driven. I took the initiative every time. One evening, Neal had just finished doing some work things in his study, when I arrived and closed the door behind me. He looked up and saw that I was naked, apart from my stilettos and my sheer black hold up stockings. My breasts are large and with the advantage of surgery, are still firm and high standing. He stammered as he looked up and tried to stand up to move towards me, but I pushed him back into his chair, and from behind my back I brought out a pair of handcuffs that I had bought at the local sex shop in my lunch break the day before. I turned his chair round and cuffed his hands behind him, and then turned it back to face me. Undoing his belt and tugging down his trousers, I could see that already he was aroused, whether by the sight of me or by the sense of imprisonment, I didn’t know. I took his cock in my hand and proceeded to grip it, rubbing it through my hand, and drawing it out from his body, so that he was just on the point of pain. I rubbed my thumb over the tip when I saw it starting to ooze precum, and my long finger nail pushed down into his pee-hole. By now he was gasping, and begging me to let him cum, but I held it back, slowing just enough to leave him begging. He pleaded, and begged, as I continued, and then bent down and sucked him into my throat in a single movement. I gulped on his cock head, and then he came, in floods, far more than usual deep into my throat. When I released him, I said that I had had these fantasies for some while, and he told me that he was ever so happy I had.

The next morning, I woke him early, and cuffed him again, this time to the bed head, and blindfolded him. I was insatiable as I climbed above him and lowered my tight dripping cunt over his cock, and rode him until I came over and over. I was able to stop before he orgasmed, and played with his cock and balls, until he begged me to let him cum. I did, but not before turning round and feeding his swollen pole into my asshole. After he had cum in my ass, I ordered him to lick me there, which he was reluctant to do until I told him that I wouldn’t play like this again unless he did. Like a good boy, he obeyed, and after told me that he was amazed by his feelings, once he had given in to me. He’d always prided himself on his own sense of masculinity, and wondered what was happening to him. I laughed and told him not to worry, anything went so long as he enjoyed it.

Now I felt I had him in my control, and he would do anything I wanted., though to be honest there was a bit of me that I was starting to despise his weakness. He still functioned adequately, but did not thrill me in the same way that a good fucking by Tom did, and I couldn’t imagine Tom taking my orders. If I had tried, I would have been forced to deep throat him, or to be roughly assfucked, and told to do it in no uncertain terms. Of course, I secretly enjoyed such acts anyway, and the strength of the man was what bound me to him.

Looking back I now realised that although my first marriage had been marred by the physical violence and verbal abuse of my then husband, there was a thrill associated with him, and now I recognised that it was power. I enjoyed feeling the power that a man had over me, and I enjoyed similarly having someone over whom I could have power. Thankfully, they were not the same person!

One evening with Tom, I was forced up against the wall, my legs spread and my hands held in one of Toms, high above my head, as he forced his long fat cock deep inside my anal passage. The strong deep strokes of his cock forced my breasts flat against the wall, and pushed my pussy mound equally flat. I felt overcome by this man and orgasmed in no time at all. He then pulled out of me and pushed me to my knees so that I could honour him by taking his cock, still fragrant from my ass, deep into my mouth. I love giving Tom oral sex, as I know I yield to him in this way and he can do whatever he wants to my mouth and throat. I also know I give him great pleasure, and I love to do this. After he had cum, and I had drunk my fill of his fluids, I was so enthralled that I made a remark comparing how I felt with him and how I now felt about Neal. I told Tom that I wanted Neal to experience the ultimate degradation, not just being dominated by me, but being dominated by his wife’s lover.

Tom asked me about our sex life, and listening carefully, smiled when I told him that since experiencing his cock I had demanded more of Neal. He told me not to do anything too precipitate, but to continue to build up my domination so that Neal was forced to do things he would not have previously ever considered.

I followed his advice, and slowly increased what I did to Tom. I think now, looking back, the tipping moment came when I fucked his ass. What happened was that I went to our local sex shop again during my lunch hour, taking care not to be seen. I was ushered into the back room to watch some videos, and saw one where the woman teased her man while he was tied up, and then she put on a strap on cock which was huge, and got him to suck it, pushing it down until he gagged and vomited on the floor. Then she slapped his bum with a paddle and then fucked that big dildo into his asshole, right down. God, that made me so horny, I masturbated fast, and came in no time at all. I then decided that this would be a wonderful thing to do, so bought the belt and the matching large dildo, which I chose to be as long and as thick as Tom’s.

The next Friday night, Neal was home at a reasonable hour, and as was becoming our habit now, I cooked a nice meal and opened a bottle of wine. I made sure that Neal had a fairly strong drink before dinner, and then drank most of the wine. He was in a good mood after, as I had wanted, and when I started to suck him beside the fire, he managed to stay a nice long time before he came. As I may have said, I like to suck cock, and though Neal’s was thinner and shorter than Tom’s it wasn’t tiny by any measure, and he was circumcised, which let me work my tongue well under the rim of his cock, as I sucked him deeper and deeper. As usual though, he did nothing to me at all not even touching my breasts, or pulling my nipples, which are so sensitive when I am as turned on as I was now. I said to him that I had something new for him, and put him back in my mouth as I continued to suck him, and make him hard again. My fingers probed his asshole again, not just the tip, but I pushed two slim fingers right in and rotated them. He got even harder, and in between sucks, I asked him if he liked me to fuck his ass like that. He said yes, so I smiled at him and said that I had a treat for him, then. I told him to wait, and went upstairs to rid myself of all my clothes, put on my highest heels, sheer black pull ups, and left the room with the strap-on around my waist. His eyes were half closed when I got back into the sitting room, and once more took hold of his cock, re-invigorating it with my mouth as continued to probe his anal passage. In no time at all he was hard and groaning again, so I pushed him face down on the settee, and pulled his bum cheeks apart. If he thought that my fingers were going to continue to probe him, he was mistaken, and I knelt across his legs, pinning him down. I know I am not that big or heavy, but if you get your knees into the back of his knees, he has great difficulty in moving, especially when he knows really that he doesn’t want to!

I then pushed the dildo between his bum cheeks. Oh boy, did he react! His bum moved upwards, as he couldn’t easily get up, and anyway I think the booze was working well enough to lull him a bit. I told him to be quiet, and grabbed his cock, pumping it through my hand as he had now left me room to reach under him. Again I moved the dildo to his asshole, and this time, as I continued to pump his cock in my hand, my thumb rubbing over his pee-hole as it seeped precum, he didn’t pull back, and slowly the big black rod started to enter him. Now he did groan, but I was amazed, he seemed to be liking this, and so I carried on, until the thick tool was deep inside him. I knew what he was feeling as I loved it when Tom’s cock was deep inside my anus, but I had never done this before and I was getting off on doing Neal this way. The strap on was designed in such a way that the head of the dildo pressed against my clit as I started to fuck Neal, and I started my first orgasm this way, well before I had got Neal off. I was rough on his cock, pulling it long and squeezing it hard in my hand, while I drove the dildo as fast as I could. After a while, and just as I was feeling the rising heat in me again, Neal went rigid, and with a deep roar ejaculated all over the settee, huge threads of sticky cum spurting out. I have never seen him come so much, it was lovely. As I pulled the cock out of Neal’s bum, I waved it over his lips and told him to suck it. He licked it, and then I told him to eat up his cum, after all I often did, and it was about time to reverse things. To my amazement he did, and when the settee was clean, he told me he loved me and didn’t know what had happened to him, but he loved what I had done to him and what he had become, and he was ready to do anything I asked him to do. I called him my lap dog, and that I had loved fucking him almost as much as I enjoyed getting fucked.

I related all of this to Tom, one evening later the next week, and rather incautiously told him about Neal’s job offer. I was just on such a high, having just had some shattering orgasms with Tom, and the sense of power that I now had over Neal also in my mind. He suggested then that he should invite Neal to a meeting in which he would arrive late and enter the room to find Tom fucking me. Then he said, we might have a little fun! I told him he was a wicked man, but he said that all was fair.....

On Thursday, I left work early, and changed into my best sexy underwear, and went back at about 7pm. Tom was in his office, and I joined him there. He, like I, was excited, and lost no time in bending me over his desk, and pulling aside my g string, slid into my pussy, stroking deeper and harder than it seemed ever before. I came quickly and hard, feeling myself impaled on his pole. After I had cum, he turned me round and fed his penis, glistening with my juices, to my mouth. Oh this was good, he held my head in his big hands as his hips thrust towards me, sliding right down deep. I choked and gulped, but kept gripping him and licking his cock as it almost came out before going down again. My lips were on fire and felt swollen as his body and his rough curly hair pushed itself against them. Over and over he worked on my throat, until the white gooey stuff was sliding down my chin. Still he didn’t cum, no matter what I did, even with my fingers working hard and massaging his prostate. This man had control, and used my body as his private playground, driving his cock deep into me. Now he lifted me up and sat me on his desk, placing my legs on his shoulders, and bent me back wards a bit so that my pussy and asshole were both available to him. First of all ,he fucked my pussy, feeling his fat cock head scraping along my g spot, driving me wild again, and I crossed my ankles behind his head and in my orgasm squeezed his neck hard. Locked like this suited his purposes, as he then stood a little higher, lifting me up, and then with his hands on my hips, drove his cock deep into my ass. I could feel the pain as my sphincter struggled to cope with the intrusion, swiftly followed by the pleasure as his cock slid along and deep into me.

It was then that I heard the office door open, and without losing his rhythm, Tom told Neal to come in, and close the door. I could see Neal obey, and just stand there as Tom continued to fuck me. His face was a picture, different emotions washing over, a slight redness from embarrassment but also lust. Tom simply told Neal that I was his fuck toy, and that he loved fucking me. I could see Neal’s face getting a bit redder, but he just stood there. I was finding this so erotic, my ass being fucked by the man who’s cock I yearned for, while looking at my husband of many years. I smiled at him, but could say no more as my orgasm made me scream in pleasure. When I opened my eyes, Neal had his zip open and was openly jerking his cock, which was hard and erect. A few more pistoning movements and Tom emptied himself into me, I could feel the heat of his semen as it spurted from him. He pulled out, and without pausing took hold of Neal, and pushed him to his knees. Neal sort of smiled at me, but before he could do or say anything more, Tom had pushed his fat cock into Neal’s mouth, and used him just as he had me some twenty minutes earlier. He told Neal that I had told him that he liked cock, and knew that he liked it up his ass, but he wanted him to taste my ass first.

Then Tom laid me down on his desk, with my head and arms over one end, my ass in the air, and he told Neal to lick out his cum from my ass. Neal again obeyed, and I felt his tongue between my bum cheeks, probing and licking until his mouth was over my sphincter and he sucked and licked at me. That felt so good, I could not see what was going on, but felt rather than saw, as Neal jerked and groaned into my ass. I knew that Tom was bumfucking him, and I was right as I felt Neal’s body being pushed and pulled along the desk. Neal’s hands reached for me, and he pushed his fingers into my pussy as he continued to lick my ass, and my hole expanded to accommodate his fingers and then as he formed a cone, I soon was up to his knuckles. This was out of this world, as my next orgasm rose and shook my body. Tom could see this, and timed himself to perfection as he came again, in Neal’s ass.

We all then took a breather, and Tom took the time to explain to Neal that he knew about his job offer, that he had been told by another company’s managing director, who didn’t like the way in which this competitor was doing business, buying people to gain advantage. Tom baldly said that he didn’t want him to go, and he didn’t want to lose me, so everything that had happened since I had entered his office had been recorded. If Neal didn’t stay, Tom would post the video on the internet and phone every company in the business to tell them to look at it. But if he stayed, then although he wouldn’t get a further promotion, he would get an added bonus each year. I could see Neal debating this, and Tom urged me towards him, so I sank to my knees and started to suck his cock. I got him good and hard, and was working nicely on him, my tongue stroking underneath, and my mouth rotating round his length. Then I felt myself being lifted up bodily and without pulling me away from Neal, Tom held me by my legs and tucked himself into my cunt. Each thrust of his pushed me further onto Neal’s cock, and soon I was aware that the two men were working in concert, with me being squeezed between them. I couldn’t help it, but I just came, hard and fast, my throat opening to scream until it was closed by Neal’s cock, and my cunt on fire.

Both men ejaculated close together as well, and then Tom got Neal to lick his cum from my pussy. I was in seventh heaven, and Tom knew it. Talking as we dressed, Neal agreed to stay, and Tom told him that he must open himself to his true sexual nature, which was to be used as well as to use, and that he, Tom, would invite him to join us from time to time.

And that is how I, having become Tom’s cum slut, turned my husband into a plaything for the both of us.

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