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Sue and her Journey

Part 1 - Sue discovers a taste for her boss
I am a book-keeper at a local Electronic wholesaler, having taken time off to have my two kids, now 7 and 5, but luckily being able to return a year ago into my old job. My husband of 12 years, Neal, also works there as a senior Salesman, dealing with some of the company’s key clients. It was soon after he joined the company that we met at a Xmas do, and have been inseparable ever since. He’s a good man, maybe not quite as adventurous in the bedroom as I would like him to be, and sometimes I am left feeling that I want him again, but the stresses of his work perhaps mean that he’s good for one go, good enough in fact, but just the one. I should tell you here that Neal was my second husband, my first was turned out to be a horrible man, who abused me both verbally and physically, especially when he’d had a drink or three. So Neal’s overall niceness and kindness was just what I needed.

I’m lucky in that my mother and sister still live close by, so I don’t have a problem with child care, especially in the immediate hours after school ends, and so I can work a full day without any real worries. Neal is away from time to time as well, and though he works very hard, sometimes very long hours, at other times he is free around school ending time, so the kids get a treat. If I need to work late, my Mum can cover either until I get back or until Neal does.

I try to keep myself looking good, and eat well too, by and large, though I do have to admit to a craving for chocolate. After the kids were born, my breasts, which had always been my pride and joy, large round and firm, collapsed on me somewhat, and I felt I was in danger of needing stirrups rather than a bra. Neal gave me a boob job as a 10th year anniversary, and I decided to go for 38FF rather than the 38D that I had been before. The surgeon was great, and after six months there was no trace of the scars, and I felt great, collecting even more looks than before I was married. I’ve always dressed to make the best of my figure, and after the boob job, I decided that I should adopt a classy but tarty sort of style, and that sort of suits my personality too.

About six months ago, maybe 3 weeks before Xmas, my boss, the Finance Director, asked me to put in some extra work, which as the overtime was especially welcome at that time of year, I was happy to do. Often there would be just he and I in the office, working on the figures until 8 or even 9pm. One evening when we had been working later than usual and I was preparing to go, he came out of his office and thanked me for all the work, telling me that I was the only one in the office who he could trust to do things right. I was flattered as I’ve always though I was pretty good, and it was nice to have it recognised. I suppose I sort of stood tall and put my shoulders back, but that was a mistake as a button on my blouse pinged off, exposing rather more cleavage than I thought proper, for work anyway. Tom, my boss, grinned and scouring the floor, found the button and handed it back to me saying that I looked better without it. I went slightly pink, as I have always been a bit in awe of him. He’s older than me, probably 15 or 20 years, though very handsome, tall with gray hair, and much better educated than me. I have just sort of picked things up from starting as an office junior, whereas he had been to university and had a load of qualifications. To hear him now talking quite personally with me was a surprise, but from the feeling between my legs, I realised I quite liked him being more familiar.

Life carried on as usual until a week before Xmas, the night of the Office party. Unlike some companies, we didn’t have a single huge party, but departmental ones, and they usually take place in the office too, though later in the evening, and in the Executive suite, as there is a large conference room which can hold 30 or 40 people. Neal dropped me there at 8, and though I say it myself, I looked pretty good. I’d had my hair done in the lunch break, and wore a new cocktail dress, a tight maroon one that set off my chestnut brown hair and the still visible tan from a cruise holiday in early November. This year, Tom had splashed out a bit, I thought, as there were waiters serving champagne to everyone as they arrived. It was a nice touch, and the evening seemed to pass quickly, though that may have been the champagne. At 10, a small band arrived, and set up, and just before they started to play, Tom got to the microphone and introduced the man who had just arrived and walked though the gathered people to join him. It was John, our Managing Director, who gave a nice short speech to thank us for all the hard work, saying how well the company was doing and so on. All in all a fairly typical company thank you, but welcome for all that. Then the group got going, playing a variety of music, to suit all tastes I supposed, as the ages ranged from late teens to 50 or so. After some of the other girls and I had danced a bit, and no doubt flirted a bit with some of the men there, I sat out for a while, and was joined by Tom and John. I’d seen John before, obviously, at various events, but had never spoken to him before. He was of a similar age to Tom, also a tall man, and with a brilliant smile, showing his even white teeth, altogether very charming. He didn’t stay long, and chatted to a couple of other people before making his farewells. When Tom came back from seeing him off, he sat with me again, and told me that John had wanted to meet me, partly because he had told John of my work, and also because I was Neal’s wife. It seemed that Neal was being considered for a promotion to Sales Manager! Tom then asked me to dance, which he did very well, and we spent the rest of the evening dancing together. One of my friends said cattily as I passed her that I was getting too friendly, and to be careful, but I didn’t see it that way, to me he was just the nicest man there.

I was just calling Neal to come and pick me up when Tom said he would drop me home, his driver was there, if I would accept a lift. I told Neal this, and he was fine about it, so I accepted and half an hour later, I was sitting with Tom in the back of a large Mercedes saloon, being driven home. I was conscious of Tom’s gaze on me, and that he was flirting with me, and I suppose I flirted back. It had been a great evening and I probably had drunk a little more than I should have. When we arrived at my house, the driver jumped out and stood by my door, but didn’t open it immediately, allowing Tom time to thank me for a lovely evening, and to kiss me gently but firmly, full on the lips, his hand just brushing the hair by my ear. Then the door opened, and I jumped out, and almost before I could gather my wits, the driver was back in the car and it was away.

As I got into bed, Neal half woke and asked if I’d had a good time, to which I said yes. He was asleep again in seconds, but I couldn’t for ages. All I could think of was Tom and his kiss. What had he meant? Was he just being friendly, or did he mean and want more? If so, then what did I think of that? I solved the problem by quietly and softly stroking myself, feeling my wetness already there when my fingers separated my pussy lips and rubbed around my clit. As my fingers worked, and my heat rose, just before I exploded with a shuddering orgasm, the picture in my mind was of Tom. Neal was dead to the world, and it was probably good that he was, as I continued to stroke myself and eventually I passed into a dreamlike state.

After Xmas, life went on as normal, except that Tom kept asking me into his office more often, although he didn’t make a pass or even mention the kiss that night. I had started to think that it was just a one off, when he asked me to work late again, which seemed reasonable as we were close to month end, and I knew there would be lots to do. After everyone else had gone, I was still working on a set of analyses of sales, somewhat lost to the world, when a pair of hands gently gripped my shoulders. I knew it could only be Tom, but stayed as still as I could to let him say something. He didn’t, but his hands started to massage my shoulders, making me lean back into his moving hands, and then I looked up to see him looking down. He kissed me upside down and then drew me up out of my chair to stand facing him, and was pulled strongly into his arms. I remembered that kiss in the car before Xmas, and immediately wanted more. His kisses were so insistent, his tongue slipped into my mouth, touching my own, and my knees almost gave way, it felt just so erotic. My body moved against his and I felt a huge erection pressing against my mound. I felt my skirt being lifted, and I felt my back against his desk. I stripped off my blouse and as my full, firm breasts pointed straight at him, and I guided his mouth to my nipples. My whole being was on fire, and I leant back on the desk, his body now between my legs and his mouth fixed on my nipples. As I raised my knees to grip him, I felt my panties being pulled down, and a huge hard cock pressed against me. I had felt that it was large, but as it pressed against and found my pussy lips, I realised just how big it was. And it wasn’t just fat, it was long too, as it wasn’t long before I felt the head of his cock touch me deep inside. My head swam as it continued to bounce off me, and its thick ridged head stroked along my vagina walls. I felt my orgasm rising, and I whispered to Tom if there was anyone around, and he groaned into my ear that there was no-one to hear me, he had sent the last people home an hour ago.

After a minute or so more of his hard and fast strokes, I started to feel my body responding, my juices were running fast, and his cock was giving me such real pleasure. He filled me up, I could feel his cock head scrape along my pussy walls, and my hips pushed back to meet his strokes. I really was starting to enjoy this, and wanted it to last longer, but the feelings I was getting were so intense that I started to orgasm, the waves hitting me hard and fast. He told me I was the best fuck he had had for a long time, his big balls slapping my bum cheeks continued to plunge his cock deep into me. I groaned and humped him back, wanting him to send me into spasms of pleasure again. It wasn’t long before I did, and I squirted as I came, something that I hadn’t done for many years.

He now pulled out of me, and pushed me to my knees, facing his dripping cock. Wow, it was big, it must have been a good 9 or 10 inches and as fat as my wrist, and he told me to suck him clean of my juices. My body still trembling from my last orgasm, I was in no state to argue, and in any case, the idea of my mouth around that giant cock intrigued me, so I started to lick its tip, and then to open my lips wide to let its fat purple head through into my mouth. Tom groaned then, so I knew I was doing something right, and I knew that as well, as I do pride myself on being able to give a good blowjob. This giant penis was another matter though, and I could only get just over half way down before I gagged, the slimy goo dripping from my mouth, as I strived to control this and slowly I was able to take all of him down, its throbbing length filling my throat, and breathing through my nose, I started to rhythmically squeeze him with my throat muscles. Oh god, this was bliss. I remember seeing the old porn movie Deep Throat and giggling when Linda Lovelace orgasmed when she was blowing her sex doctor, knowing that that wasn’t possible. But now, I was so focussed on this beautiful huge penis that it filled my mind and took over my whole body and when finally I made him cum, I also did, my legs turning to water as my pussy spasmed and shook.

My mind was in turmoil. Here was a guy who was my boss, and now I was wanting him to do me again and again. On the way home, he told me that no-one knew how much he had wanted me at the Xmas party, and that he couldn’t believe that I was so good. He said that we fitted so very well together, it was just perfect. Oh, did I feel like a queen then, in charge of his pleasure. Then he told me that Neal was in line for a promotion, not because of tonight, but anyway. He hoped that we could continue our close working relationship, and saying this he slid his hand up my skirt and two fingers straight into my sloppy pussy. I told him he was a teasing bastard, and he laughed, saying that he knew me now, and that I would come to love my bastard and fulfil his every desire. As he said this, I knew in my inner core, that he was right, and that I wanted this lovely, strong man with all my dirty heart, and in ways I could hardly imagine before tonight.

Once indoors, I went to the shower, and was glad that Neal was away that evening. I called my mum and she brought the kids round, although they were almost asleep, and I felt comforted by their presence. I went to bed early, after Neal had called, and lay there trying to think. I kept coming back to the image of his cock in front of my face, so big, so thick, so strong, so powerful. I knew then that he was right, I would do anything he wanted, and that the slut in me that I had kept hidden for the last 15 years had finally found her Master. I wondered if I could keep this all secret between Tom and me, as Neal was my lifeline back into normality, and I wanted to be both normal and a slut. Sister Jekyll or Sister Hyde, could I manage the duality?

For the next few months, Tom asked me to work late at least once each week, and I think I surprised him by my enthusiasm and desire to reach the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. I have always been a confident lover, and though I would do anything Tom wanted, I really wanted him to do things to me, so urged him on to take control and to dominate me. I thought I would split open the first time he fucked my ass, he felt so big in my back passage, but really it was just my ring that needed to cope and it soon learnt to do so. It became a favourite act, and sitting in his big leather office chair, my feet up on the arms, I would lower myself down onto his huge and well sucked tool. He would pull me down roughly then, so that he penetrated me in a single move, my ass on fire for the first few seconds, and then filled with pleasure. My god, the orgasms I had from him, as his cock fucked my ass and his fingers worked on my tits and clit. I couldn’t stop myself from eating his sperm on every possible occasion, I just wanted to drown in it. When he fucked my tits, their fullness and size gave him a wonderful soft channel for his cock, and when he came, I would try to catch all of his ejaculations in my wide open mouth. I never did as he came with such force that a lot of it ended up on my nose, forehead and hair. I used to tease him and say that I needed a condom on my head not on his cock.

It is just as well that I am still on the pill, as with the force of his ejaculation, I would have been pregnant in no time.

At home with Neal, I think I was my usual self, though I did occasionally see him looking at me a bit oddly. But when I asked what? He would always say something innocuous, and the moment would pass. In bed, I let him take the lead, and enjoyed his quiet and patient lovemaking, though at times I wanted him to pull my hair and force me into more and more dirtiness, but that I had to compartmentalise and keep for my evenings with Tom. I found myself looking forward, more and more, to those trysts and being the receptacle into which his balls would discharge their load.

I felt now that I had truly made the transition, I was a slut. Sister Hyde had fully emerged, but like the original, I would strive to keep her hidden until released by Tom’s bidding.

To be continued...........

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