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Sung Hee - The Network - Part 7

Sung Hee is introduced into Carol's network.
(Author’s note – Read parts 1-6 to see what Sung Hee has been up to before reading this. Part 7 is based upon reality for our real-life Sung Hee. Want to see her? See the photos in my profile.)

The next day after the pool party Carol invited Sung Hee out to lunch, just the two of them. Driving over to the Chiang Mai Garden restaurant, Sung Hee thought about the events at the pool and what Carol had likely captured on video. Sung Hee was more than a little embarrassed about it. Carol probably had footage of her naked masturbating and more than likely had images of her face as well. She thought she’d ask Carol not to post any part with her face. She was OK with the other parts being put up somewhere as long as nobody would be able to recognize her. She knew that her husband sometimes went to porn sites to get a few kicks but he was not a regular user so she wasn’t too worried about him seeing her somewhere on the web. She was more worried about the parents of one of her daughter’s friends seeing her, or the husband of one of her friends recognizing her. That would be really bad.

She pulled in to the parking lot of the Thai restaurant and saw Carol’s car already there. She walked in and the hostess, an attractive young woman in her early 20’s who looked like she could be Thai, walked her to the table where Carol was sitting. “Sung Hee! Nice to see you. I’m so glad you could join me today.” Carol greeted her with a wide smile. The hostess gave them their menus and took their drink orders. They chatted until the waitress returned with their drinks and asked for their orders. Sung Hee ordered Pad Thai and Carol had yellow curry with chicken.

Once their entrees had arrived the ladies began eating. Carol remarked, “That was fun yesterday, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was. You haven’t posted it anywhere have you? I’d like to see it before you do that” Sung Hee answered.

“No worries, I’d be happy to show it to you sometime. Sung Hee, you looked very sexy. It’s a really hot video. I took a look at it yesterday after I downloaded it to my home laptop. In fact, that’s part of why I wanted to invite you to lunch today. You seemed to really enjoy yourself when we made the video. You did, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes, I did, honestly.” Sung Hee responded. “I had never done anything like that before and I surprised myself a bit by how excited it made me.”

“It showed on the video.” Carol said, looking straight into Sung Hee’s eyes. “You looked like a woman on fire. You seemed to really embrace it. It surprised me some that you had never done anything like this before. You looked very comfortable doing it. And experienced. I hope you don’t mind if I ask a personal question, but you seem to have a very strong sex drive. Am I right?”

“I don’t know whether my libido is stronger than other women” Sung Hee answered, “but to be frank I do think about sex a lot.”

“I see.” Carol commented. “Pardon me if I continue to ask some personal questions. If you don’t want to answer any of them just tell me, but we are friends, right?”

“Yeah, we’re friends. Go ahead. I’ll let you know if I am uncomfortable answering any” Sung Hee responded.

“Have you ever had sex outside your marriage? I read something somewhere that said that almost 50% of women have had sex with someone besides their husbands after getting married. I must confess that I have. And I’m curious whether you have also.” Carol inquired.

Sung Hee was silent for awhile. There was that one guy, Pete, the father of one of her daughter’s friends. He had brought his daughter over to Sung Hee’s house one day to play. He had walked his daughter to the front door and was standing there with her when Sung Hee opened the door after they rang the ball. He had on a tight pair of jeans with a white polo shirt and he had a good build and a nice round ass. They had not met before and Sung Hee invited him to stay for a cup of coffee. Her husband was out playing golf and the other daughter was at a friend’s house. The girls went upstairs to play while Sung Hee and Pete chatted downstairs. Her eyes must have betrayed her as she noticed a nice sized hump in his jeans where his cock would be. Within thirty minutes he had her pinned against a kitchen cabinet kissing her deeply and grinding his cock into her hips. He forced her to suck his cock right there in the kitchen. Truth be told, he didn’t have to force her very much. After he crushed her to him and kissed her, she was pretty much his to do with as he wished.

“Yeah, there was one guy” Sung Hee stopped her reverie and looked up at Carol after munching a bite of Pad Thai.

“And I bet you enjoyed it, didn’t you? I know that I did. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but year after year of sex with the same man gets a little stale. In fact, I’ve had a number of lovers. And here’s a little secret. My husband approves! That lets him get some of his own on the side.”

“No kidding! Your husband knows? And approves?? Wow!” Sung Hee was startled by Carol’s revelation.

“Sung Hee, don’t be such a prude. You’ve seen Desperate Housewives! That kind of thing goes on all the time in southern California. In fact, I know fewer women who don’t have affairs outside of their marriage than do! In fact, with my husband’s permission, I hook up housewives who want to have the occasional fling with men that are willing to pay. And pay well.” Carol said.

“Are you serious?” Sung Hee asked. She was genuinely surprised. Not at the fact that a large number of housewives in southern California were having affairs, that didn’t surprise her. What did surprise her was that Carol did it and she seemed to be so blasé about the whole thing.

“I couldn’t be more serious, Sung Hee” Carol answered. “I know plenty of men who are willing to pay very good money for sex with women that I arrange for them. You might be surprised at some of the women who I manage. You know some of them.” Sung Hee’s mind raced now. She had friends that Carol hooked them up with men for sex? And for money? Fuck! That’s prostitution!

“Sung Hee, I know what you must be thinking now. But don’t think of it like that. These women don’t do it for the money. They do it because it provides them with some spark in their lives. The money, and it’s good money, is just a sideline, a bonus. I get some for making the connection, but the ladies in my network get $250 for ninety minutes with my clients. You can buy a nice pair of shoes with that. And if my girl is willing to do a little bit extra or something out of the ordinary, she makes more than that.”

“What do you mean?” Sung Hee asked, genuinely curious.

“Well, I mean if they are willing to be bound, or spanked, or fucked in the ass, that’s extra. There are so many guys out there who want to do all kinds of shit. You wouldn’t believe it.” Carol replied.

Sung Hee thought about her own husband who sometimes tied her up, who sometimes fucked her in the ass, who sometimes wrote WHORE or SLAVE on her backside and then photographed her. The interesting thing was that she loved all of it. When he did these things she always got super hot. Those were the sex sessions that she remembered the best.

“So Sung Hee. You are a very hot woman. And you dress well. Very well. Does your husband ever complain that you have too many shoes, or too many handbags? You could have a little fun on the side and not have to worry anymore about money for things you want. And the men are respectable and all of them are very successful. It’s not like you get fucked by some creep off the street who has a few hundred dollars. I check the men out before I let them into my network with my girls. It’s all very controlled and legitimate. Listen I have to go now, but you think about it. Why don’t you come over to my house for lunch tomorrow?”

When Sung Hee arrived at Carol’s for lunch the next day, Carol had a pitcher of mojitos ready. Sung Hee took a long draw from her glass. It was cold and tart and she could taste the alcohol in the drink. It tasted good. Carol took pride in making excellent and tasty cocktails. Carol had poached salmon and pear salad ready on the table. They chatted about the bankruptcy of nearby San Bernadino, the price of gasoline, the difficulty finding good domestic help, and their kids’ schools. After Carol picked up the lunch dishes she suggested, “Sung Hee, let’s fire up a little weed. After talking about how the world’s falling apart, I feel the need to take the edge off. How about it?”

“Sounds good, Carol.” Sung Hee and Carol often smoked weed together. Along with alcohol, it was one of their ways to break the tedium of another day in paradise. Besides, Carol always had good weed. Sung Hee wondered who her supplier must be? Carol fired up the pipe and gave it to Sung Hee for the first hit. “Try this Sung Hee. This stuff is really good. My guy told me that it’s a new variety cultivated near the border of Colombia and Panama. Tell me what you think.”

Sung Hee inhaled deeply and the smoke burned her lungs. Damn! Carol is right, Sung Hee thought. It did not take long at all for the TFC laced smoke to give her that happy and relaxed buzz that weed delivered. Sung Hee handed the bong over to Carol and Carol took a long pull. Sung Hee exhaled and said, “Damn Carol, that’s good weed.”

Carol looked at Sung Hee and only nodded as she was holding a long toke and couldn’t speak.. Carol handed the pipe back to Sung Hee and exhaled. A long thin whisp of smoke escaped from her mouth and nostrils. “Thanks, I’m glad you like it. It has quite a kick to it. I can get you some if you’d like. He said he had a big shipment in last week.”

Sung Hee took another big draw at the pipe and felt the smoke hit her lungs and the buzz start in her brain. This variety was a little harsh, the smoke seemed to burn more than most other types, but it packed a wallop. This one was kicking her like a mule. Her eyes seemed to get heavy, the tell-tale sign for her that she had a good buzz on.

“So Sung Hee, have you given more thought to my offer yesterday? I’m sure there are plenty of men who would love to fuck you and then drop a few bills on you for their trouble.”

Sung Hee exhaled and said, “Are you sure these guys are safe? I wouldn’t want to pick up any STD’s. My husband would kill me if I gave him the clap.”

“No worries, Sung Hee. I have an arrangement with all my men in my network that if they give one of my girls a disease, he has to pay for all the medical costs for treatment plus fork over a grand as a penalty. You’d get $700 of that penalty fee if you picked up anything along with all your treatment costs. Plus, I have a three strikes and you’re out policy. If they infect anyone three times, he’s out of my network. So far I have not had any problems.

That reassured Sung Hee somewhat. “So where do these trysts take place? I don’t want to be going to some seedy hotel with crabs on the sheets and dirty carpets.”

“Sung Hee, oh ye of little faith! Quite a few guys want you to come to their office for a lunchtime fuck or suck, but most of them will meet you in a hotel. And there’s no seedy hotels for my girls. It depends upon the guy, since he pays, but most guys like the Hyatt or the Sheraton since they are close to the business district and easy to get to. They pay for that too. Plus, you have your cell phone. If you find yourself with some guy that you are not comfortable with, you can always call me immediately and let me know what’s going on. I can talk with him then and there and if you still aren’t comfortable with the situation, you can walk away, no problem.” Carol said.

Sung Hee could feel the weed in her brain. “Damn, it sounds pretty good. I get fucked, I make some money, the guy’s not a weird pervert, and I can call it off anytime I want. What’s not to like?” she thought.

Sung Hee looked over at Carol. “OK, I’ll try it once, but only once.” she said.

“Ooooooooo!” Carol squealed. “You won’t be sorry! I think you are going to really like it, Sung Hee! Carol leaned over and gave Sung Hee an affectionate peck on the cheek. “OK, one other thing. The guys choose the girl they want from my video library. I’m going to need you to record a thirty second video advertisement for yourself.”

“Advertisement? What? You have to be kidding me, Carol! You want me to create an advertisement for myself?!” Sung Hee exclaimed.

“Chill, Sung Hee! It’s not a big deal. It’s pretty simple. You just need to make yourself desirable and notable. And it’s only 30 seconds. No longer.”

"An ad?!? You want me to make an ad for guys to fuck me?? Carol, you’re fucking crazy!” Sung Hee shouted.

“Sung Hee, calm the fuck down! Listen! It’s just so guys can see you. This is how they choose. They pay good money. They get to choose! Shit!! You think they pay $500 for some fucking woman they’ve never seen?! They get to see the videos of the girls I represent and they choose the one they like. If you want to be chosen, you’d better make it fucking desirable!”

Sung Hee looked bewildered. “A video? I don’t know even where to start!” she said.

“It’s easy.” Carol assured her. “First, you need a new name. You don’t want to use your real name, of course. Then you just need to say something to make an impression. Any ideas for a new name?”

Sung Hee had certainly not anticipated this. She had no idea. “Fuck, Carol! I don’t know. What about Susie Wong?”

“Come on Sung Hee. Be real. Susie Wong? Fuck, we’re not in the 1970’s! Try something else. Something that speaks to who you are but isn’t a fucking stereotype! How about this? How about Jade Lee?” Carol replied.

“Hmmmm…Jade Lee. That would work. OK, Jade Lee it is!”

Sung Hee next followed Carol to a small bedroom on the second floor of Carol’s home. Carol flipped on the light switch and crossed the room to the closet. She opened it and took out a large black bag. Sung Hee noticed that inside the closet were other things. Hanging on the wall were a spreader bar, handcuffs, a ball gag, a whip , a crop and a mask that seemed like it would fit completely over someone’s head. Fuck! Sung Hee thought, Carol is completely kinky! “Carol, what the fuck is all this stuff? Are you and Ted complete kinkmeisters?”

“No, Ted uses this on me only every once in a while” Carol responded. “These are primarily for the use of my clients with the girls. Don’t worry, they don’t use them unless it’s already been agreed to beforehand by both parties. Nobody’s going to whip you unless you agree to it before you meet. Now go sit on that stool over there by that wall.” Carol instructed her.

Sung Hee took a few steps to the red stool by the wall. There was nothing behind her, no paintings, no photographs, just a plain off-white background. Carol pulled out a light stand, assembled it and attached a large light to the top of it with the light pointed up at the ceiling. Then she took out a second stand and set it up and pulled out a videocam from the bag and screwed it to the top of the stand. After doing a test to make sure that the lighting and sound was right, Sung Hee shot her promo for Carol’s network. She said something along these lines, ”Hi, I’m Jade Lee. I’m a hot and horny housewife who is ready for some serious action. I’ve had many years of sucking cock, unlike some of the younger girls out there. Also, I like getting fucked in the ass, so if that’s your desire, then I’m your girl. Try me and you won’t be sorry you did”. After she shot the video, Sung Hee thought, “Fuck! What the fuck have I just done? Promoted myself for some guy that I’ve never met before? Shit!” But as soon as those thought left her mind, she felt a warming in her pussy and knew that this turned her on in a serious way.

Two days later Carol texted Sung Hee. “One of my clients likes your video and wants to meet you tomorrow. He wants you to suck his cock and then he will fuck you in the ass. Are you in?” Carol asked.

Sung Hee did not hesitate at all, and texted back, “I’m in. What’s next?”

Carol’s response quickly showed up in Sung Hee’s mobile phone. “OK, here’s how it will work. You will meet him tomorrow at the Hyatt. Go to room 615 and knock three times on the door. He will ask if you are Jade Lee. After you say you are then he will let you in. He’s paying for 90 minutes. After he finishes, he will give you five hundred dollar bills. Three of them are for you and two are for me. You should give me those within 24 hours after you have finished the meeting. Is that clear?”

Sung Hee texted back, “Yes, that’s clear.”

Carol texted “Any questions?”

Sung Hee responded, “Will he be wearing a condom?”

Carol texted back “Not while you are sucking his cock! If you want him to wear one while he’s fucking your ass, that’s up to you. If you want him to wear one then you should bring one with you.”

“OK” Sung Hee texted back.

“OK, don’t chicken out on me. This guy is a good client. You treat him right and he will treat you right” Carol responded.

Sung Hee tucked her phone into her handbag and thought, “Gee, tomorrow I get fucked by a perfect stranger!”

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