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Sung Hee – the Pool Party – Part 6

The pool party at Carol's turns into something unexpected.
(Author’s note – Read parts 1-5 to see what Sung Hee has been up to before reading this. Part 6 is based upon a true life occurrence for our real-life Sung Hee.)

It was two days after the dinner at Le Canard that Sung Hee did what she often does – relax at a backyard pool with some of her friends. Rick was still out of town so Sung Hee was not going to the office. She has lots of friends in southern California where she lives, women similar to her – in their 30’s, married, affluent and with children – and some of them are Korean-American, like her. They saw each other regularly over lunch and in other places and knew each other well. They felt comfortable enough with each other to discuss personal issues about their husbands, kids and whatever else was on their minds. This afternoon they were at Carol’s backyard pool, most in bikinis and enjoying the warmth of the southern Californian sun shortly after lunch. They sometimes had a book club when they found something interesting to read. They decided a couple weeks ago to read “50 Shades of Gray”.

“So what do you think about the book so far? How about Christian? What do you think about him? Would you submit to a guy like him?” Sung Hee asked Louise.

“I’m not sure. I kind of like the submissive part but the Christian Grey character seems so distant to me. I think I need to feel a strong connection with a guy to want to do that” Louise responded. Louise was a voluptuous ethnic Persian who grew up in Scotland and was married to Sam who was 25 years her senior. Louise had full kissable lips and a petite body that made her natural 36C tits appear even bigger on her small frame.

“Yeah, me too” Yi-Mung added. “I remember back at UCLA my boyfriend my sophomore year wanted to tie me up one night. I thought he was a pervert and told him no way. It wasn’t until after I got married that I even tried bondage and submission. Even then, the first few times I was a little nervous about it”.

“I tried it before I was married and thought it was OK, but it was only after I married Sam that I really embraced submission.” Louise added. “I trust him so much that I was able to completely relinquish myself. It ended up being quite paradoxical. By giving up my needs and concentrating on his, it gave me the license to do anything and everything. When I did that I felt this strange delicious freedom, like I could do anything at all that I wanted to do because I wasn’t choosing. I’m not sure if this is making sense or not. I think anyone who has not tried submission will find it difficult to understand.” Louise’s tanned skin was golden in the warmth of the southern Californian sun and her tits swelled like delicious melons. They looked like they were about to burst out of her yellow bikini top. “What about you, Carol?”

Carol, like Sung Hee and Yi-Mung, was also a Korean-American and lived not far away from Sung Hee. “I’m not a natural subbie, although it is interesting sometimes. I enjoy being more like Christian and being the dom. It fits me better. Sung Hee, what about you? Does a guy like Christian turn you on?”

Sung Hee looked down at the azure blue water in the pool. The water rolled, swirled, peaked and ebbed before her eyes. Ever since she was a young girl, she remembered looking at water as something that she always enjoyed. It seemed to calm her and put her into a contemplative state. The water, moving under the influence of wind and gravity, seemed to be forever moving but at the same time forever in the same place. The sunlight reflected off the water in patterns that seemed always similar but different each time. She recalled something called ‘fractals’ when she studied physics at UCLA – patterns of movements of subatomic particles through space. They also described patterns that repeated in nature, like the cells in a nautilus. There was a beauty and symmetry to them as well as a wonderful simplicity. The movement of the water reminded her of the traces of fractals. When she opened her lips and spoke, it was almost as if she were hearing her own words spoken by someone else.

“Yeah, he does. I like guys that take control. My husband does it sometimes and it always excites me no end. Sometimes he will write “SLAVE” or “SLUT” on my back above my butt, start fucking me in the ass and then take photos of my back while I’m on all fours while he’s fucking my ass. When he shows the photos to me they never fail to get me so wet!”

The women continued their conversation about 50 Shades of Gray, about BDSM and about how far they would be willing to go in a submissive relationship. Alcohol was often also part of their meetings and today they were drinking a crisp and fruity chardonnay from Napa Valley up north. Carol’s husband had purchased a case of it when they had made a trip up to Calistoga last year. They finished the first bottle of wine and started the second. Their conversation made a progression from submission to sex, their sex lives and porn.

“What I don’t like about porn videos is that they usually have some big-titted blonde getting fucked by some bodybuilder. The stories, if there are some, are not credible. They just aren’t that believable. There should be more porn that’s realistic with people that look real, like us. Don’t you think?” Carol said to nobody in particular.

The other three women nodded their heads in agreement. Louise said, “You’re right, most of them are all the same. It would be much more interesting to see a porn actress playing the part of a married woman in her 30’s like us. At least it would make it more interesting for me!”

Yi-mung added, “It doesn’t need to be a porn actress. Some sites have real people like us making porn and uploading it to the web. I’ve seen some like that made by amateurs in some porn sites. I’ve even seen some by Asian-Americans like me!”

“Why don’t we make a porn video right now?” Carol blurted out. “My iPhone makes decent videos. We could make it right here at the pool! We’re all free for awhile aren’t we? Sung Hee, your girls are at school now, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they’re at school and I don’t have to pick them up for another 2 hours. Are you girls sure you are up to doing this?” Sung Hee asked.

Louise said, “I’m up for it. We don’t have to actually upload it to anywhere if we don’t want.”

“Don’t be chicken shit, Louise! We should upload it. Those porn sites are so full of stuff anyway that I bet half of it is rarely seen” Carol jabbed.

“I don’t want anything uploaded that shows my face! I don’t want anyone to be able to recognize me in one of those sites!” Yi-mung retorted. ”Sung Hee, what about you? In or out?”

“In. None of you girls is more woman than I am!” Sung Hee laughed.

Carol then took control of the situation, which she often did. “Any volunteers?” She looked at the three other women, who just looked nervously at each other. Carol walked to the kitchen and brought back a small bowl and a piece of paper and a pen. “We’ll do this by chance then. OK, I’m going to write the numbers one through four on these slips of paper and then fold them and put them in the bowl and mix them up. Whoever gets 1 goes first!”

Carol tore off four small slips of paper, wrote a number on each, folded them, dropped them in the bowl, covered it with her hand and shook the bowl vigorously. “Each of us will take a slip of paper. Don’t look at it until I tell you to. Chicken shit Louise, you first!”

Louise glared at Carol. “If it’s me I’ll give you a show that you’ll never forget! And fuck you, Carol!” she said and stuck her tongue out at Carol in defiance. She reached in and took a slip of paper.

“Yi-mung, you next!” Carol said. Yi-mung took her slip of paper from the bowl.

Carol looked at Sung Hee and presented her with the bowl. “Sung Hee, take a paper.” She did. Carol then took the last piece of paper from the bowl and looked at the other three women. “One of us is going to make a porn video! How cool is that?!” Louise, Yi-mung and Sung Hee laughed nervously and looked at each other and at Carol.

“OK, who’s wet yet?” Carol asked with a devilish grin on her face. “You’d better tell the truth because whoever has number one is going to check!” she laughed. Louise’s and Yi-mung’s eyes momentarily got bigger when they heard Carol’s directive and they looked at each other with a little uncertainty. Although the four women were good friends it had never involved anything more than friendly hugs and kisses on the cheek. Carol’s gambit was definitely pushing the envelope for those two, as evidenced from their body language.

Carol looked at the three other women with a big smile. “All right, let’s see who our porn actress is today! Louise, if you are so bold, you first!”

Louise unfolded her piece of paper and looked up at the three other women. “Two!”

“OK, so Louise is second.” Carol turned to face Yi-mung and said, “Yi-mung, what about you?”

Yi-mung unfolded and stretched out her sheet of paper, then showed it to the other three women. “Three!” she said and there was audible relief in her voice.

“Don’t be so happy Yi-mung! Your turn is coming!” Carol turned to face Sung Hee. “OK Sung Hee, one of us if first and the other is last. Tell us which one you are.” Carol ordered.

Sung Hee unfolded her piece of paper as nonchalantly as she could. “One. I’m first” she said with little emotion.

“Are you sure you aren’t jumping the line? Let me check my number,” Carol said. “Yep, you’re right. I’m fourth and last. So Sung Hee is the star of our first show! Let’s give her a big hand!” and Carol, Louise and Yi-mung clapped loudly. “Girls, have your camera phones handy in case mine runs out of juice…and that IS a bad pun!” Carol laughed. “Let’s see, I’ve got an 80% charge so I should be good for awhile, unless Sung Hee gives us a really long show!” Carol leered. “OK, I’m ready to start the recording. Sung Hee, your first task is to check and tell us who’s wet. But before you do that, take off your bottom so I can check to see if YOU are wet!’

Sung Hee had on one of her favorite bikinis, a dark brown model. The top tied on her back and the bottom had ties at each hip. She stood up and untied the bow at her left hip, then did the same with the bow on her right hip. The front and back of her bottom fell away revealing a clean and smooth cunt. Sung Hee regularly had her pussy waxed. “Oh my, look at Sung Hee’s pretty little pussy! Sung Hee, do you always keep your pussy so neat and tidy?” Carol asked.

“Yes” Sung Hee answered. “I like it smooth”. She could feel the wetness growing. She had removed her bottom only seconds ago but the earlier conversation had stimulated her and after she untied her bottom it seemed like her pussy was wet instantly.

“Come here, Sung Hee” Carol ordered.

Sung Hee walked over to where Carol was sitting on one of the chaise lounges and stood in front of her. Carol’s face was at the same level as Sung Hee’s increasingly wet cunt. “Stand with your legs further apart”. Sung Hee adjusted her feet such that her feet were further apart than her shoulders, which was about two feet apart. “Sung Hee, take off your sunglasses” Carol commanded. “I want to see your eyes.” Sung Hee took her sunglasses off and put them on the small table next to Carol’s chaise lounge. Carol didn’t get up, tilted her head to look up at Sung Hee and looked straight in her eyes. It seemed to Sung Hee that she held her gaze for minutes although it was only for a few seconds. Then she felt Carol’s middle finger on her labia and then it slid between the fleshy lips.

“Oh shit, girls! Sung Hee’s so fucking wet! Look at this!” Carol exclaimed.

Carol slowly removed her finger from between Sung Hee’s labia and as she did there was a thin strand of Sung Hee’s juices from Carol’s fingertip to the lips of Sung Hee’s cunt. Once Carol’s finger was about 2cm from Sung Hee’s wet hole the strand broke, but not before the other two women, and Sung Hee, saw it also.

“Sung Hee, you have a little gusher down there!” Carol said. Carol stood up and looked over at Louise. “So Louise, you say you aren’t chicken shit. Is that right?”

“I’m not chicken shit” Louise replied, but her voice betrayed her. She was audibly nervous.

Carol held up her finger in front of Louise’s face. “Lick it clean, Louise” Carol ordered.

Louise hesitated a second, but then opened her mouth and took Carol’s finger between her lips.

“That’s it, Louise. Get it all! Ahhh, good girl. I guess you aren’t chicken shit after all.” Carol grinned. “How was it?”

“A little salty” Louise replied.

“Let me taste” Carol said, and Sung Hee felt Carol’s finger slide in again. Carol withdrew her finger and then slipped it between her own lips. “Hmmm…Louise, you’re right. Sung Hee, have you been eating fish lately?” and all three women burst out laughing. Sung Hee tried to steady herself with another long swig at her margarita.

“OK, Sung Hee. We know you are drenched. How about these other girls? Louise, are you wet? Sung Hee, check out Louise and give us a report!”

Sung Hee took a step and was next to Louise. She didn’t look at Louise but kept her focus on Carol. Carol looked directly at Sung Hee and didn’t say anything, but her gaze said it all. Her focused look at Sung Hee made it clear what she expected to happen next. Sung Hee watched almost like a third person, as her hand lingered at the elastic band at the top of Louise’s yellow bikini bottom, and then watched it slide beneath the lycra material. She felt Louise’s pubic hairs soft beneath her fingertips then slid further down and found the cleft between Louise’s labia. She slid her finger in.

“Louise is moist, but not as wet as I am” Sung Hee reported to the group. Sung Hee withdrew her hand from Louise’s bottom and avoided Louise’s eyes.

“OK, how about Yi-mung?” Carol challenged.

Sung Hee took two steps to where Yi-mung was lying on a nearby chaise lounge. Yi-mung was wearing a black one piece swimsuit. Yi-mung had a similar build as Sung Hee, trim and petite. Yi-mung’s nipples were very visible beneath her swimsuit with two large dents up top. Sung Hee got down on her knees next to Yi-mung’s chaise lounge. Yi-mung looked at Sung Hee and Sung Hee looked back at her. Yi-mung looked like a gazelle that is surrounded by a pack of hungry lionesses. She looked completely defenseless. Yi-mung’s swimsuit had a French cut which went high up at her hips. Sung Hee put her right hand at Yi-mung’s left hipbone and slid her hand forward, sliding beneath Yi-mung’s swimsuit. She felt a thin strip of closely-cropped hair. When Sung Hee’s middle finger found the cleft, Yi-mung gave a little gasp.

Sung Hee pulled her hand out from beneath Yi-mung’s swimsuit and said, “Yi-mung is wet!” Sung Hee’s middle finger was shiny with Yi-mung’s juices.

“You’re next, Carol” Sung Hee said with uncharacteristic boldness and got up off her knees and took the couple of steps to where Carol was standing.

Carol was well tanned and her white bikini with red stripes contrasted well with her bronzed skin. Sung Hee could see her nipples erect beneath her bikini, dimpling her top. Sung Hee reached her right hand to Carol’s face and lifted Carol’s sunglasses off and put them down.

“I want to see your eyes” Sung Hee said.

Carol held her gaze and smiled slightly.

Sung Hee put her hand flat on Carol’s tummy above her bikini bottom and then slide it down beneath the fabric. Her middle finger soon found Carol’s slit and she slipped it inside. She was looking into Carol’s eyes the whole time. When Sung Hee’s finger slipped in, Carol’s head tilted back some and Carol’s mouth opened slightly. She didn’t say anything but her body revealed her excitement.

Sung Hee withdrew her finger and said, “Carol is fucking soaked!” She held it up in the air for the other three women to see. It was wet and glistening with Carol’s cunt juices.

“OK, yes, I’m wet.” Carol admitted, “But now it’s porn time! Sung Hee, you drew number one, so now it’s time for you to stand and deliver!” Carol said looking straight at Sung Hee.

Carol reached over and picked up her smart phone. “Give me a second here and let me get the video cam up….OK, we can start now.”

Carol’s voice took on the persona of a television talk show host, loud and clear. “Here’s our very own Sung Hee Thompson, ready to give us a big show!”

The red ‘record’ light was activated on Carol’s phone and she swung her arm around to point the phone at Sung Hee. Speaking so that the microphone could easily hear her, Carol said, “Take that top off Sung Hee, you suburban slut!”

Sung Hee reached behind her back with both arms and unfastened the bow on the back. She pulled the dark brown bikini top off. Beneath were two small but perfectly shaped tits with dark brown areolas and nipples. There were no tan lines up top and it was obvious that Sung Hee often sunbathed topless to get that delicious continuous tan. “OK, what would you like me to do next?” Sung Hee asked.

Louise quickly responded, “Get down on all fours and let’s see you work your pussy and clit!”

Sung Hee took a couple of steps to the nearest open chaise lounge and ‘assumed the position’.

“All right Sung Hee, let’s see what you can do!” Louise encouraged her.

Carol moved to a position facing Sung Hee and began filming her with her smart phone capturing her face and tits hanging down and her round ass sticking up in the air. Sung Hee balanced on her knees and one hand while she extended her right arm between her open legs. She felt her middle finger slip into her wet cunt and gave an audible gasp as it penetrated her. Sung Hee looked up to see Carol continuing to video her. There was a strange look in Carol’s eyes that Sung Hee couldn’t decipher. There was a coldness there, almost like the look of a clerk in the bank as she counted out the money of someone withdrawing funds. Coldness was not quite the right word. It was more perfunctory, like someone doing their job, like a business transaction. Sung Hee couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but at that moment Carol seemed less her friend and more a videographer.

Sung Hee felt the tip of her finger on her clit. Her clit was soaked and slippery and her hips jumped a little when she first touched it. She felt ultra-sensitive. Fuck!! It was like she had closed a circuit and a little electric shock went through her body. She knew immediately that it wasn’t going to be long before she was going to cum. She was a little concerned though about the intensity of how hard she might cum. She remembered instances before when she was super turned-on and she’d cum hard with loud moans and gyrate and twist her body while the passion and excitement blew through her body. She didn’t want to do that in front of her friends, but at the same time knew that it might be a very hard thing for her to control.

She felt her nipples stiffen even harder, swinging on the ends of her tits beneath her. Fuck. She looked down and saw them stiff and erect standing up a full centimeter tall and brown. Fuck!! She was super excited. She had never done anything like this before and it had gotten her as wet as she could ever remember. She moved her head back up to see Carol moving away from her front to her left. She guessed that Carol was probably moving to capture the action from behind her, with her finger working the cleft of her cunt. Fuck!!! She could feel the swell in her loins as her cum began to build.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of her finger in her cunt, sliding in and out. Oh shit, she knew it would not be long now. She heard Louise’s voice behind her say, “Oh Sung Hee, you’re so fucking hot!”

Louise seemed miles away. All Sung Hee could feel was her finger plunging in and out of her sopping wet cunt and the powerful tide building in her cunt, coming to sweep her away.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuuccckkkkk…..I’m gonna cum nowwwww…” The words seemed to strike her ears like they were spoken by someone else in the room, but there was no mistaking it, they were her words and her body began to convulse as her climax hit her.

Louise and Yi-mung watched as Sung Hee’s head suddenly popped up as though pulled by a string and her mouth flew open and emitted a long and audible groan that seemed to come from deep inside her. Her eyes were closed hard and her back arched and her hips lifted into the air and her middle finger dove deep. Carol watched on her smart phone screen as Sung Hee’s image on the screen tensed for what seemed like an eternity. By that time Carol had moved back in front of Sung Hee and captured a heavenly expression on Sung Hee’s face of supreme satisfaction, just as Sung Hee’s finger slipped out from her drenched cunt.

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