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Sung Hee's New Job - Part Five

Sung Hee's dinner with Rick was eventful.

(Author's note. Read parts 1-4 first to get the full effect. Sung Hee is based upon a very real woman in southern CA.)

Driving home I felt the dildo slip a bit and I felt what seemed to be a torrent of wetness inside the latex underwear. The undies were probably swimming with Mr. Johnson's cum. I could smell it and wondered if the scent would linger in my car.

I quickly unlocked the door. “Girls? Are you home?”

“Yes Mom!” I heard them reply from upstairs.

“What are you doing?” I yelled.

“We’re watching Mary Poppins.”

“OK. Is it OK if you have pizza tonight? I have to leave soon to go to a meeting.”

“Yayyyy! Can we order one pepperoni pizza and one ham and pineapple? OK Mom?

“OK. I’ll take care of it” and I ran to the bathroom, stripping off my clothes until I was naked and the vinyl panties with their built-in dildo (quickly becoming my very good friend) were in the tub. I ran a shower and stepped in. The water was hot and it relaxed me.

As I wetted my hair and let the water run over my anxious body, I thought of Rick. I imagined what his athletic body would look like. I fondled my breasts and squeezed my nipples. Rick would take full advantage of me if he would only let go a little. Wasn't he able to be tempted at all?

My own perky breasts were turning me on. I ran my hands down my flat stomach toward my cum-soaked cunt. I just wanted to touch my clit once. Only once. It wouldn't make me cum; I just needed a jolt.

My head jerked to attention when I heard one of the girls through the door. “Mom, did you order the pizzas?”

“I will darling as soon as I finish taking my shower!” I yelled through the door.

Dammit. I wanted just one tingle but there was not time. I soaped my body up quickly to rid myself of Johnson’s cum, rinsed, turned off the shower, dried and grabbed my robe. I ordered the pizzas then called my husband to tell him that I had a meeting that evening with my boss who was going out of town. Would it be OK if he had pizza with the girls tonight? He said no problem and that he would like to have pizza with the girls. He had not spent much time with them lately and he welcomed the opportunity to spend some time with just them. It reminded me of what a good guy he was most of the time. And he was a good dad to the girls too. I told him I didn’t think I would be too late but if it did turn into a long meeting, not to wait up for me. He told me that he hoped the meeting would go well and that I wouldn’t be out too late.

After speaking to him I walked into my closet to inspect my wardrobe. What should I wear tonight? Le Canard is a sophisticated French restaurant. I couldn’t wear anything that looked too slutty. Oh my God! It struck me that I might see someone that I knew there. Shit! Well, I did tell hubby that I was meeting my boss, I had just left out the French restaurant part. Well, I’ll cross that bridge later if I need to.

I decided on a white tight fitting dress that showed off my fit, trim and athletic body. I don’t have a lot up top but this dress accentuated what I do have. The skirt is short also, about halfway up my thighs and I could show off my shapely toned legs. I spent many hours at the gym to get that definition, so may as well flaunt them. I finished off the ensemble with some white stacked shoes with four inch platform heels. Not too high to be outrageous but high enough to be sexy.

I looked at myself in the mirror. If I said so myself, I looked pretty hot. I felt my nipples begin to stiffen up beneath the dress and watched as they poked and dimpled the fabric of my dress. That ought to get Rick’s attention, I thought.

A couple dabs of perfume on either side of my neck and one between my breasts. I walked down to the girls’ room to kiss them and say goodnight.

“Wow, Mom! You’re looking nice tonight! Are you meeting Dad later?”

“Well thank you girls, and no, I’m not meeting Dad tonight. Are you saying that Mommy cannot get dressed up without meeting Daddy?”

“No, we didn’t mean that, Mom, but you sure do look pretty tonight.”

“You girls be good and take care of your Dad tonight.”

“OK Mom. You too."

My heart sank a little with that remark. I wanted to be anything but good tonight. Fuck! I kissed the girls, left the house and drove to Le Canard.

I arrived at 6:55pm and the valet parked my car. The quick walk over the sidewalk into the café was chilly and I felt my nipples standing out erect. The temperature inside the restaurant was also cool and my nipples were high, hard and prominent. I felt my face flush. My dress left very little to the imagination.

The maître’d greeted me and his eyes went straight to the two large bumps on my dress at the end of my tits. I guess I was that noticeable. “Mademoiselle Sung Hee?” he asked.


“Monsieur Rick is waiting for you.”

The restaurant was nearly full and walking in the 4" platforms didn't make it easy to keep my breasts from bouncing at attention.

I tried not to make eye contact, but I could feel all eyes on my nipples. I imagined what the women would be saying, shit-talking me to their men, glaring at me over their water glasses. I put them out of my mind. I made eye contact with a man. His eyes couldn't be pried from my tits. He smiled and nodded. I decided to put the women out of my mind and focus on the men. They appreciated my situation and were enjoying my body. That's what this was all about after all. There in a back corner table was Rick.

Rick stood up. "Good evening my pet!" Rick kissed my forehead and smiled into my eyes, "All cleaned up?"

"Yes, Sir."

“You look beautiful, Sung Hee. That’s a lovely dress, and it suits you very well. It’s an excellent choice.”

He smiled and kissed my forehead again. I wished he would take me in his arms and fuck me! "Sung Hee, I have something for you." Rick reached down beside him and produced a large flat box about three inches wide and almost a foot long. He handed it to me and gestured that I should open it.

Inside was a black leather slave collar with the words “Sung Hee” in white and a one inch O ring in the middle. "Oh fuck!” I thought to myself. How did he know? I had had a secret fascination with slave collars for years after I had read some of the Gor stories, but I had never worn one. I looked over at Rick, my mind searching for the right words.

"Do you like it?" Rick smiled at me, picked it up and showed me.

"Yes, Sir, very much, Sir." I lifted my hair up in the back so he could place the collar around my neck and buckle it. The leather felt cool at first around my neck.

"Sung Hee, you are my slave and my slut. You know it, I know it, and now everyone else will know it. If you don’t want to wear it, take it off now and leave the restaurant and don’t come back to work again. Otherwise, wear it and be mine. Your choice.”

My mind raced. Secretly, I was thrilled. He had fulfilled a private ambition of mine, to have a slave collar and be a submissive to a dominant man. Even better, here I was in one of the best French restaurants in town with a slave collar on. Fuck! I was totally and completely turned on!

"Thank You, Sir." I wanted to throw my arms around him and kiss his face. I knew he was proud of me now, and I knew that I wanted to keep pleasing him. I felt the pressure of the collar constantly, though it wasn't uncomfortable. It was a constant reminder of what I wanted, what I had secretly desired. I felt so so slutty!!

"Sung Hee, you're so fucking beautiful." Rick's face softened and he leaned down to kiss my neck, pausing to inhale the scent of me. He slowly came up and looked straight into my eyes, our faces almost touching. He maintained eye contact and kissed me softly. I felt electricity shoot through me. I hadn't wanted a man this desperately in my entire life.

We were seated in a corner and only another five tables nearby could see us. I noticed that the tablecloth hung low enough that I didn't have to worry about exposing myself if my legs spread apart. I felt my first sense of relief. The maitre’d stopped by briefly then left us and went to gossip with the waitresses about me no doubt. I took a sip of my water as Rick took my menu from me.

"I'll order. Wearing an anal plug all day at work, your diet should be light and specific."

"Yes, Sir." I crossed my arms and set them on the table in a pathetic attempt at some privacy. My nipples were still on high alert.

"Keep your arms at your sides and your hands in your lap, Sung Hee. Never be ashamed."

"Yes, Sir." I put my hands in my lap and sat up straight. I decided to embrace my power yet again. I wasn't doing anything illegal for Christ's sake. I watched the women sneak peeks at me. I smiled back and they quickly returned their gaze to their own table.

The men all stared and stole glances when the women weren't looking, of course. Some even winked! Sitting there with their wives! Others licked their lips like their meal wasn't satisfying them. I smiled at all of them discreetly and enjoyed the attention. Rick seemed to be watching their reactions as well.

"You're doing better than I expected, my lovely." He smiled and sipped his water. "But you are still blushing." He leaned over and kissed my neck, lingering just a second longer than necessary. The men in the restaurant watched Rick with envious eyes.

"Have you decided yet?" A waitress interrupted and Rick snapped back upright. He surveyed the menu and ordered. The waitress tried her best to keep her eyes on her order tablet, but failed quite a few times glancing at my dress and very obvious nipples. When she had gone, Rick slid across the booth so that he was right next to me. He put his arm around me and began whispering in my ear.

"You are so beautiful, Sung Hee. I can't keep my hands off of you." He kissed my ear, "Spread your legs apart for me." I spread my legs and Rick slid his fingers across my labia, making me blush yet again. No one could see what he was doing, of course, but I was the one who had to maintain a casual demeanor while Rick had his way with my pussy at the table.

His finger slid inside of me and I couldn't resist closing my eyes and letting out a muted moan.

"I'm so glad you're learning quickly, Sung Hee." His finger was fucking me intensely now, rubbing my G-spot in a "come here" motion and I was starting to gyrate my hips in response. "You would never cum without my permission, would you my pet?"

"No, Sir." I was trying not to let my thoughts get carried away, but it felt like every man's eyes were on us now, as if they knew exactly what Rick was doing.

"I want to hear your voice when you let go and give in to the pleasure." Rick's thumb pressed inside of my labia and found my clit. I jerked a little and stiffened, afraid to let myself go too far.

"Relax, Sung Hee. Turn your head so you're facing me." I turned my head and our foreheads met. The motions his fingers were making were perfect, I wondered if I would be punished if I asked him to stop? Or if I begged him to continue?

"Sir," Was all I could manage.

"Let it go, Sung Hee. Cum for me. Let me hear you." My breath deepened and quickened. I let my thoughts run wild with images from the movies I'd watched, fantasies of Rick fucking me, and of course the current situation that put me in a room full of people about to cum on Rick's fingers. I felt the pleasure building inside of me and began to moan as softly as I dared.

"Good girl. Show me how much my touch excites you." My breath was coming out in hot spurts and the moaning was getting longer and louder. Rick clamped his lips on mine and began kissing me gently and teasingly. I wanted to kiss him with wild passion, but I held back. The sound of my moans was projected directly into Rick's mouth. I moved my hand to the side of Rick's face, shielding us just a bit.

"Cum now, Sung Hee." It was a direct order and my body went insane. I felt the orgasm tingle and tease, then build and spread throughout my torso, tingling down my arms and legs. My pussy contracted around Rick's finger and he smiled as my moaning became desperate. I did my best to keep it quiet, and I succeeded. No one was looking in our direction any more than they had been before. I looked into Rick's eyes as I came on his fingers, felt his approval and gave myself over to him.

I felt the collar around my neck. I felt the eyes of the restaurant on us, but I didn't care. I was locked in a world where only Rick and I existed. What he instructed was all that mattered. He had finally let me have release after so long without it.

As the orgasm subsided, Rick pulled his hand away and kissed me. He then slipped each of his fingers into my mouth in succession, followed by his thumb, and three of them were coated with my juices. I licked and sucked them all clean.

He was right, he owned me.

Our food arrived and we drifted apart a bit to eat comfortably. I felt so relaxed. So much anxiety had been building being denied pleasure. It was gone.

"Enjoy your dinner Sung Hee." Rick smiled in my direction, "Then it's my turn."

"Yes, Sir." I didn't recognize the sound of my own voice. It was like butter, smooth and sexy. I smiled.

"You look very happy, Sung Hee. Tell me, was I right? Did the waiting and anticipation make your climax extra-special?"

"Yes, Sir. You were right. You were so right." I purred.

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