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Sung Hee's New Job - Part Four

Sung Hee learns more about office duties
(Author’s Note: For the full effect, read parts 1, 2 & 3 before this one. As I mentioned before part 2, Sung Hee is based upon a real woman in southern California. In this installment, I introduce another character who is based upon a real woman who has become a dear friend. She will know who she is when she reads the story. Although she does not play a major part in this story, I have written it for her, and hope she enjoys it.)

When I got to my office I had a little surprise. Rick had told me to write a blog about the morning’s events and to change and leave my clothes and the latex underwear on the bathroom counter. When I arrived in my office I found my clothes there neatly folded and hanging and a paper bag next to them with a note taped to it on which was written “For Sung Hee”. I opened the bag and saw an envelope inside with my name on it. I opened the envelope and written on the piece of paper inside it said,

Sung Hee,

Here is another pair of latex underwear. Put these on before you get dressed. Do NOT put on your bra. After you are dressed, write your blog. Then I hope you enjoy your lunch.


Beneath the envelope was another pair of the latex underwear, and just like the first pair, this pair had a dildo sewn into it. However, unlike the first pair, the dildo was longer and thicker. Two plus inches in diameter and at least 7 inches long. Oh my gosh!

I stripped down in my office. I took the latex underwear and was about to slip them on when I remembered that Rick had mentioned in a previous email about watching me on the cam in my office. I instinctively looked over at my computer monitor and saw a little green light beside the webcam. It was on. I wondered if Rick was watching me right now? Fuck! Here I was naked, in my office, about to put on a second pair of underwear on with a dildo sewn into it, and maybe my boss was watching every move I was making. What the fuck was I doing?!? I am a married woman with a husband who makes a VERY good living who loves me and I have two girls at home. I don’t need this job. I don’t need the money (although I have my eyes on those stiletto black heels at my favorite shoe store). Shit! My husband would buy those for me. But I liked the idea of using my own money to buy them and I liked the idea of earning my own money. I had to admit that I enjoyed the idea of shopping for my own shoes or lingerie and buying whatever the hell I felt like buying without asking for his or anyone else’s approval. I am a submissive – I know that about myself – but I had to admit that I did enjoy this feeling of control over some aspects of my life.

I thought about Rick watching me right now. He’s an older guy, probably in his 50’s, but he still looked very virile. In fact, I was turned on that he was an older, powerful man. He looked like he was in good shape with little body fat. He was not a big, imposing guy. At about 5’8” he was of average height and in his business suit he looked athletic, trim, and powerful. He was not a young man unsure of himself; he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. He was the alpha male in charge of his pride of lionesses. So although he was not young, he had tremendous sex appeal.

With those thoughts in mind, I decided to face the webcam but try to not be obvious about it. I bent down and slipped the later underwear over each foot and began pulling them up, over the ankles. While I was bent over I made sure that my tits and hard nipples were visible to the webcam. My nipples were dark brown, hard, and extended for about one centimeter. If Rick liked dark, long and hard nipples, I was his girl.

I pulled the underwear further up, up to the knees, and began to straighten up. I felt the latex moving up over my thighs, and it felt good. Once it got to about halfway up my thighs, I felt the tip of the dildo begin to rub against my labia. With that I moved my hips down to my seat such that the bottom of the latex underwear touched the seat cushion and provided resistance against the dildo. Then I proceeded to lower myself down onto the dildo slowly and carefully. I had hoped to look into the webcam while I did this but as I felt the dildo beginning to slide up inside my drenched cunt, I closed my eyes and succumbed to the pleasure I was feeling. Between the dildo and the anal plug, I was feeling very very full.

After pulling the underwear up into place, I looked briefly into the webcam while I adjusted the waistband. Fuck! I hoped he was watching and that he was enjoying this. I knew I was. I got dressed without the bra and then sat down in my chair to do as I was instructed – write my blog about the morning.

Writing my blog about that morning's events drove me wild. I felt better now. I think my brief rest in the car had served me well. I imagined Rick reading it, knowing my deepest inner thoughts about the experience and it made me insane with desire again. I was getting used to being horny on a near-constant basis; it consumed my every thought. Every move I made brought thoughts of Rick to my mind. Would he approve? What would he have me do in this situation? The excitement of what was to come each moment was my driving force. What would my next lesson be?

When I was finished writing, I opened the video in my email and began eating my lunch. The video showed a young Asian woman stuffed with a dildo and an anal plug, then tied to a chair. I was sure Rick chose these videos with Asian actresses just for me. A man placed a ball gag into her mouth. Then he and another man then proceeded to fuck an even more beautiful woman on the bed in front of the Asian woman, ignoring her completely. The more beautiful woman was exactly that. She was a goddess. She was young, probably in her early 20’s. She had an exotic look to her. Was she Indian? Pakistani? Maybe even Persian? She had warm, caffe au lait skin, full lips that demanded kisses, and dark hair that had light brown accents. She had fantastic tits. They were large but not too large for her petite body and they looked natural. On her small frame her 36 C or D cups looked absolutely luscious. One of the men kept calling her by her name. “Louise, oh fuck, Louise!” Initially she was sucking one guy while the other took her from behind, but later they changed positions and Louise was taking a double penetration with one guy in her ass while the other pounded her pussy. Fuck!! Louise was everything I wanted to be – beautiful, buxom, sexy, attractive, alluring. I watched Louise in the video and wanted to be her.

Louise’s moans of pleasure were driving me wild, but even more intriguing to me was the young Asian woman’s writhing and squirming in the chair, wanting release. She bounced up and down on the dildo as much as she could. I knew the feeling all too well. She could not reach climax and her cries were desperate and angry. As much as Louise made sounds of pleasure and contentment, the Asian woman grunted sounds of longing and lack of satisfaction. Rick would not have approved of her behavior. If he put me in that situation, he would expect me to sit quietly and control myself.

My latex panties felt as if there was a puddle in them, waiting escape. If I gyrated my hips at all in my chair, they grazed my naked labia and made me moan with desire and frustration. The dildo was firmly inside of me and pressed against my cervix. It was a pleasurable pain that I was beginning to crave. I wanted a cock inside of me, pounding at me with force. Watching the men violate both of the woman's holes was torture. I wanted to be her so badly. On the inside, I mirrored the wild young Asian woman tied to the chair. But outwardly, I tried to maintain my emotion and appear as calm as possible. Rick was, after all, trying to help me master self control.

When I was finished eating, I sat back and let the video finish. Watching the two men squirt their cum all over the woman's body made my mouth water. It must have felt amazing. I took a deep breath as I licked my lips and bit my bottom lip. Control. I opened my email and saw a new message from Rick.

Sung Hee,

I have a delivery that needs to be made. Come to my office.


I closed the email and walked to Rick's office, praying that the wetness wouldn't start oozing out of my panties.

I entered his office, closed the door behind me and smiled at Rick, "Yes Sir?"

Rick held out a large manila envelope for me. "Take this and deliver it to Mr. Johnson's office on the 14th floor. He's expecting you."

"Yes, Sir." He didn’t get up. He wasn't accompanying me? I began to feel nervous.

"And Sung Hee?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"Do as Mr. Johnson asks you. He'll report back to me. And remember that you are not allowed to cum under any circumstances, is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Make me proud." He smiled and looked back at his computer monitor.

As I walked to the elevator, I felt my nipples pushing against the fabric of my blouse. I’m sure they were visible against the front of my blouse. The old woman behind the front desk looked at me disapprovingly. I blushed with shame and turned my back to her while I waited for the elevator.

On the 14th floor, I asked for Mr. Johnson's office at the front desk. The girl glanced at me and noticed my hard nipples pressing against my blouse and pointed me in the right direction. I saw her roll her eyes with disgust before she went back to her earbuds and laptop monitor. I felt humiliated without Rick. Other women were judging me just as I had judged women before. I knew what they were thinking. But ... weren't they right? Wasn't I a whore seeking male attention? But this felt different somehow. I was learning to serve men, not devour them one after another for conquest. Of course, Rick and I were the only two people who knew this or would understand it.

Mr. Johnson was a handsome man, but right from the start he had an air about him that bothered me. He was arrogant. He was younger than Rick and cocky in a way that made me think he never heard the word "no."

"Come in." He gestured toward me as he finished his phone call.

I stood in front of his desk as I had not been told I could sit. I waited as he eyed me up and down as if I were a piece of furniture he was thinking of purchasing. When he hung up the phone he told me to come around the desk. "Let me look at you." He leaned back in his chair and tapped his chin with his forefinger. "You have a delivery for me?"

"Yes, Sir." I held out the envelope and he took it, tossing it on his desk.

"Take off your shirt and your skirt."

"Yes, Sir." I began to undress, desperately wishing I could tell him "no" and walk out. His cocky attitude made me want to slap him and the thought of his hands on me was not arousing. I was embarrassed to have him looking at my nipples, which were still hard.

"Make it fast. I want to see those tits.”

"Yes, Sir." Whatever pride I had left was quickly being squashed. I couldn't tell him "no" or Rick would hear about it and I thought I would be punished. The punishment wouldn't be nearly as bad as Rick being disappointed in me.

When I was standing in front of him wearing nothing but my latex panties, I could tell he was intrigued. He reached forward and cupped my crotch, rubbing the slimy latex into my labia. I moaned a little at the sensation, despite the despicable man touching me. He made little circles that zinged at my clit and made me jump. If I came, I didn't want to imagine the consequences.

"Take them off." Mr. Johnson looked like a kid waiting to unwrap a Christmas gift. I could see his stiff cock jutting out beneath his pants.

"Yes, Sir." I peeled the latex down slowly, letting the dildo slide out of me before I let them drop to the floor so I could step out of them. Mr. Johnson looked as if he was licking back drool from his bottom lip.

In a split second he stood up, bent me over and slammed me down onto his desk. I felt him finger my pussy, "What a wet cunt Rick's got his hands on." He licked his fingers and tasted my juices. "Too bad I don't have time to eat that pussy. I love a wet one." I heard him unbuckle his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. "I'm gonna fuck that cunt and show you what a real man feels like."

I couldn't see his cock from where I was pinned on the desk, but I didn't dare move even to see him. When I felt him push inside of me, he wasn't gentle. He rammed into me with so much force that I whimpered. His cock wasn't huge and didn't have much girth, but the sheer force of him surprised me.

"Get used to it, slut. I get a lot of paperwork from Rick and I expect satisfaction." He grabbed my hips and pulled me back as he slammed his cock into me. I wanted to cry being used by this arrogant asshole when it was Rick I wanted inside of me. How could Rick let someone else use my body like this? I held back the emotions and took a deep breath, trying to find the lesson in this experience.

Mr. Johnson grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back while he violated my pussy. With his other hand, he turned my anal plug in circles, "You like that in your ass you whore? Huh? You deserve it, cunt. Walking around with your nipples on display .... Just asking to be fucked." I felt like a girl in one of the movies I watched and I began to feel very turned on. He dropped my head and rolled me over onto my back with my legs in the air, straddling him and kept fucking me as hard as he could.

Mr. Johnson's face looked eager and expectant. Then I realized that he liked feeling powerful. He liked thinking he was taking advantage of me against my will. So I made faces that looked ashamed, silently pleading for him to stop. His cock inside me DID feel good, I couldn't deny that. But I also couldn't let him know I liked it or he would lose all of his power and be disappointed. I wanted him to give Rick a good report so I shook my head no and moaned and let out little sobs here and there.

He was fucking me so hard that my tits were bouncing everywhere and I saw him watching them, mesmerized. "That's it, little slut. Just take it. Pretend you love it." Before I knew he was even close, he rammed deep into me and shot his cum inside. I rolled my head to the side in mock shame and waited for him to pull out and tell me what to do.

As his cock shrunk down and slid out of me, Mr. Johnson stood there out of breath. "Get up, get your clothes on and get out."

"Yes, Sir." I stood and put the latex panties on while he watched. All of my wetness inside of them was cold-to-the-touch now and I slowly lowered myself onto the dildo, trapping Mr. Johnson's seed inside of me. This made him smile. I finished dressing, checked my hair in his full-length mirror and walked toward the door. "Thank You, Sir."

I returned to my office and checked my email.

Sung Hee,

Mr. Johnson gave you an excellent review. Blog about it.


I opened the blog and began describing the experience for Rick. I described my shame, my embarrassment, even the pleasure it gave me. As I described it and explored my feelings about the situation, I discovered that I really had enjoyed myself. The man had essentially raped me on his desk and I was typing about how much I liked it. But it was more about my own power. I had pleased a man who seemed very hard to please. That felt good.

Rick wanted to see me in his office, so I walked that way. As I walked through the lobby, I felt Mr. Johnson's cum dribbling out of me around the dildo.

"It sounds like you enjoyed yourself, Sung Hee." Rick gestured to me to sit in another chair on the other side of his desk, facing him.

"Yes, Sir."

"A woman who can please every man has great power, Sung Hee. She can rule the world. Did Mr. Johnson make you feel powerful?"

"Not at first, Sir."

"No, I read that. You felt betrayed by me at first. I'm glad you overcame that. See, it's not your body I want to possess, Sung Hee. Though I want that very much indeed, and I'll have it when the time is right. But your body doesn't belong to me. Your body doesn't entirely belong to you, either. Your body is now a tool, you see. It's your tool to please men with. If you can disconnect from your body and let them have it, then you'll understand what I'm trying to tell you."

"Yes, Sir."

"I want your heart and your soul, Sung Hee. Not your body. Unleash your power and use it, but save everything inside for me."

"Yes, Sir." I thought about my husband and felt some pangs of guilt.

"It's not just about being a whore, though I'm sure that part is exciting too." He smiled sideways at me.

"Yes, Sir."

"How you feel during all of this is important. Shame and embarrassment and humility are important things to overcome. Or embrace them, however it works for you. But get to know them well before you decide. I'll help you with that." I knew he would.

"Yes, Sir."

"You've had a full day, Sung Hee. Go back to your office and finish the last few movies I've sent you."

"Yes, Sir."

"You'll be wearing the latex panties home." He smiled at me, "Dirty little girl. I imagine you're soaked with Johnson's cum?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Get cleaned up tonight and bring the panties back with you in the morning. Same as usual tomorrow, skirt, anal plug, no panties."

"Yes, Sir."

He looked directly at me and gave me a no-nonsense look. I knew it was my cue to leave.

"Thank You, Sir."

Back in my office my pussy was swimming in cum mixed with my own juices. The two videos I watched were non-consent. The first one was titled “Miss Featherfield – My Assistant”. In this one the star looked remarkably like the hot young woman in the earlier video who was enjoyed by the two men as the bound and gagged Asian woman looked on helplessly. The star was petite, buxom, and gorgeous, with that same middle Eastern or Persian look. Was this my imagination or was I beginning to see this same sexy woman’s characteristics in every woman that I saw? This woman was being controlled in an office situation, much like mine. Her boss controlled her, commanded her, and at one point made her pull down her panties and laid across his lap while he spanked her for being a “bad” girl. He didn’t stop until he felt her juices leaking out from her drenched cunt onto his thighs. Ms. Featherfield whimpered and cried and said, 'No' in a seductive voice, appearing helpless. I understood now and it aroused me. The more she said no, the harder my clit throbbed. She was enjoying herself in spite of what she said. Once again, it became more and more difficult not to make myself cum. Would everything eventually turn me on? How much more was there to understand? I wanted to find out.

At 4:45 the phone rang. “Sung Hee. Come here, I need to ask you something” and he hung up.

I walked down the hall. The old shrew had left already. I opened the door and walked in to Rick’s office.

“Yes Sir?” I asked.

Rick looked up at me from his desk since I was still standing. “Sung Hee, I learned a few minutes ago that I have an urgent client matter out of town and must fly out late this evening. I’d like to have dinner with you before I go. Would you be able to join me? I know that you have family responsibilities and that this is very last minute. But I may be gone four or five days and I wanted to see you again before I go. Can you join me?”

Everything inside me wanted to say yes immediately, but I hesitated. There’s dinner to arrange. My husband rarely cooked and he and the girls needed to be fed. The girls were easy though. They loved pizza, so I could easily order a couple of pizzas for dinner. Hubby probably wouldn’t be home until 6:30 or 7:00pm anyway. I knew that he wouldn’t mind pizza with the girls. I could tell him that it was a last minute meeting that my boss asked for before he went out of town.

“Yes Sir. I think I can arrange things at home”. The words quickly escaped my mouth.

“Good. Do you know Le Canard? Meet me there at 7:00.”

“What shall I wear Sir?”

“I’ll leave that up to you Sung Hee. Go home now so you can get ready and meet me by seven. Tonight leave your butt plug and latex underwear at home. And no bra and no panties. Now go.” But as he said it he gave me a little grin.

“Yes Sir. See you at seven”

After closing the door to Rick’s office behind me, I practically ran down the hallway. Le Canard? That is one of the most posh French restaurants in town. My husband had taken me there once when we were dating, but we had not been back since. I had a lot to do in order to be there by seven, so I needed to get going.

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