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Sung Hee's New Job - Part Three

Sung Hee's new job includes a lunch appointment with her boss's friends.
(Author’s note: Please read parts 1 and 2 before embarking on part 3)

When I finished my blog about that morning at work, I checked my email.

Sung Hee,

Remove your nipple clamps. In the bathroom you will find your attire for the lunch meeting you'll be attending. Get dressed and meet me in my office.


I unbuttoned my blouse and took the clamps off of my nipples. The pain with them on had been intense, but when I took them off and the blood flowed back into them, there was about half a minute of searing fucking intense pain. I gasped briefly as some of the nerves in my nipples sprang back into life. My nipples were swollen, puffy and very sore. I dropped the nipple clamps on my desk. When I went into the bathroom, it took me a minute to realize what I was to be wearing. I picked up the bra and studied it briefly. The color was similar to my nipples, an odd choice I thought. There were round holes neatly hemmed where my nipples would jut through. I took my blouse and bra off and tried it on. It fit perfectly and my red, sore nipples stood at attention through the holes in the fabric. The shirt was a very standard white button-up dress shirt, but when I put it on the fabric was just loose enough that it grazed my nipples and made me shudder. When I looked in the mirror I realized that because of the color of the bra, it was impossible to tell that the holes were there. I put it on and even though I still felt some pain in my nipples, I felt very alive and sexy.

I took the lid off of the black box left on the counter and studied its contents. Finally I saw that it was a pair of black latex boy short panties and inside a dildo was attached. The bottle of oil on the counter now had an obvious purpose. I oiled the inside of the latex and rubbed oil on my ass, outer pussy and inner thighs. The latex stretched perfectly and slid right on. I looked at the dildo, which was only about six inches long, but a solid two inches thick. I took a deep breath and pulled the panties up, crouching over the toilet to push myself onto the dildo. I felt the dildo rub against my anal plug. Ahhhhh! It was nearly unbearable!

When the panties were pulled on tight the sensation was like nothing I'd felt. The feel of the oiled latex sliding against my skin, teasing and tickling my bald pussy ... both of my holes stuffed ... it was pushing my limits like nothing else. It felt dirty and kinky. Fuck! Why was I doing this? But it also felt so good and so forbidden that in half a second I didn’t care. I put on the slacks last, and the black heels. When I looked in the mirror, I looked like a very sexy, sophisticated businesswoman. Definitely the assistant to the VP. But I closed my eyes and felt like a whore. I opened the bathroom door and walked slowly out. The dildo slid ever so slightly in and out of my pussy as I walked, bumping against the anal plug and sending sensations through me that nearly made my knees buckle.

My nipples were poking through the fabric in the shirt. I took a deep breath and was determined to walk through the hallway, past the older lady who hated me, and appear as if everything was normal.

I opened my office door and mentally put everything below my neck out of my mind. In my normal stride, I walked the hallway, smiling slightly at the woman and keeping my eye on Rick's office door. It felt like the longest walk of my life. My nipples were teased by the fabric with every arm swing. The dildo nearly fucked me as I walked, massaging my insides. My anal plug was pressing back to accommodate the dildo moving inside of me as well. I wanted to moan, but I maintained and entered Rick's office.

"Right on time, Sung Hee. Are you dressed?" He looked at my tortured face.

"Yes, Sir." I let out a frustrated sigh.

"Good. Lunch is at the Intercontinental across town. I’m going to meet a couple of friends there." He smiled wickedly at me and grabbed his jacket. He also picked up a large satchel, almost the size of a suitcase.

"Yes, Sir." I was trying to mentally prepare.

"No jacket for you." He kissed my neck and smiled into my eyes, "You could use some fresh air, am I right?"

"Yes, Sir." It was a crisp, cold, windy day in November. I shivered just thinking of being out in the weather without a jacket.

We stepped out of the building and the wind hit us immediately. It was chilled and the fabric of my shirt became ice cold. My nipples felt a jolt as the freezing fabric rubbed them as we walked to the car in the parking garage. I was allowed one arm through Rick's and his fast walking pace insured that I was essentially fucked in both holes as we walked. I fought any facial expressions that would give me away. I was being stared at, probably only because I was without a coat, but it felt like everyone knew what was happening. We passed a few men in the parking garage who were admiring my nipples and it made me blush. I felt exposed and embarrassed but somehow ... I liked it. It empowered me.

I decided to embrace my situation instead of be overwhelmed by it. I squared my shoulders and let my breasts stand proud. I adjusted my gait and walked with purpose, I felt the dildo fucking me with each step and I owned it. I decided to swing my hips a little and get a bit more sensation from it. My face settled on a sexy, secretive smirk and I spent that little bit of time fantasizing about fucking Rick. I made no eye contact, I got lost in my own thoughts. I could feel my pussy oozing wetness into my latex panties, making them even more slippery.

Rick put the satchel in the trunk of the car and off we went. When we arrived at the Intercontinental, I was almost disappointed. After stopping by the front desk to pick up a key, we walked across the foyer to the elevators. In the elevator, Rick pressed me up against the back wall, reached into my shirt to fondle a nipple and kissed me desperately, his tongue probing as I imagined his cock wanted to at that moment. He felt hungry for me and it felt incredible. "You're amazing, Sung Hee. It's like you were made for this."

"I think I was, Sir."

He was kissing my neck, fondling my other nipple now. "Do you like your new panties, my beautiful whore?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Did you like being fucked as you were walking?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You would do anything I asked of you, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Sir, anything."

"I thought so. You're my beautiful slut. I love watching you take to this like a fish takes to water."

"Thank You, Sir."

The elevator ding brought him back into reality. We had arrived at one of the top floors of the hotel. He moved away, stood next to me, straightened his tie, cleared his throat and picked up the satchel which he had taken from the trunk of the car. As the doors opened, I followed him to the right and we walked to a room door. Rick slid the card into the slot, the reader flashed green, and Rick opened the door for me and followed in closely behind me.

It was an elegant room with a large king sized bed and a beautiful view of the city through the sheer curtains. I was so hoping that soon he would be fucking me on that big bed. There were a few tall office buildings close by, close enough such that you could see people as they passed by the large windows. Rick pulled back the sheer curtains and the noontime sun flooded into the room.

Looking straight at me, he said, “Sung Hee, walk over next to the window and strip.”

I caught myself before I could say “What?” and instead replied “Yes Sir”. I walked to the window and began to unbutton my blouse. “Would you like me to face the window or to face you, Sir?”

“Face me, Sung Hee.”

Within a few minutes I had shed all my clothes which now were lying on the bed.

“Stand by the window, Sung Hee and look into the windows of the other buildings. Do you see anyone there looking at you?”

I faced the window and looked into the windows of the buildings opposite. “No Sir, I don’t see anyone looking at me yet Sir.”

“OK, Sung Hee, look at me.” I turned away from the window. Rick put the satchel on the bed and opened it. He withdrew something that looked similar to a saddle but it had an electrical cord attached to it. He put it down on the floor near the window and plugged it in. It made a slight whirring sound. He took a remote out of the satchel, pressed a button, and the whirring stopped. Then he reached into the satchel again and removed what looked like a dildo. He walked over to the saddle and screwed it into a hole in the saddle. Oh my God! I had seen one of these machines once in a porn movie! They called it a sybian or something like that.

"Sit on it.”

I lowered myself onto it and my felt the dildo slide deep inside me. Thank goodness it was a little smaller than the one that had been sewn into the underwear that I had been wearing. Still, I was so wet already and I let out a little yelp.

"Intense, my darling?"

"Very, Sir."

“Put your hands behind your back, your wrists together.”

I did as I was told and I heard metal jangling behind me. Then I felt handcuffs around one wrist, then the other.

"You'll sit there. I’m having lunch with two friends. During our meeting my colleagues will excuse themselves to come meet you. I expect you to please them both, is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Do NOT embarrass me."

"Yes, Sir."

He leaned close and I could feel his breath on my face as he whispered, "I want to know that when my cock is inside of you, that you would much more cherish the thought of tasting my seed than feeling it shoot into your cunt. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Sir."

"It's about acceptance. I want you to crave me, Sung Hee. As I'm learning to crave you. I want you to develop a taste for semen. I want you to love it. I want you get wet just thinking of swallowing it. The smell of it should make your mouth water. Don't get off the saddle."

"Yes, Sir."

Rick pressed a button on the remote and the sybian sprung to life. I felt the dildo begin to move in three dimensions – up and down, sideways, and forwards and backwards. It made a whirring sound as it drove the dildo deep into my cunt. Of course I was also still wearing my butt plug and the combination of the two about took my breath away!

Rick said, “Don’t cum, Sung Hee. Not yet.” He put the remote down on the bed and closed the door. I sat there next to the window on the sybian and felt it driving the dildo into my sopping wet cunt.

There I was, next to the window, naked, riding a sybian with my hands cuffed behind me. After awhile, feeling the dildo pulse and move inside of me, I lost track of time. After five, or ten, or twenty or forty minutes the door opened and a man entered. He was tall and his zipper was right at level with my face.

"So you're Rick's new girl. Very nice."

"Thank You, Sir"

"And so polite!" He smiled as he let his pants drop and his flaccid cock was staring me in the face. He knelt down and sucked each of my nipples so intensely that I moaned in pain. When he stood up he was fully erect. He wasn't well endowed, maybe 5 inches and average girth.

He flipped a switch on the saddle and it began rocking forward and backward just enough that I had to rock my hips so I wouldn't fall off. This made the plug and dildo fuck me incredibly deeply and I started to pant like a whore. He grabbed my head, pulled it close. I knew what I was supposed to do. I opened my mouth and took his cock. I began licking and sucking it eagerly. The combination of being on display at the window, plus the sybian, plus the handcuffs had done their job. I don’t think I had ever been more hungry for sex, more turned on, more voracious for getting fucked or sucking cock. Rick was right; I wanted to taste this man's cum. I wanted him to give it to me now. I moaned and quietly begged him, making eye contact with pleading eyes as his cock fucked my mouth. I lapped at the bottom vein of his cock with my tongue as it went in and out.

Soon he had handfuls of my black hair and was fucking my face with purpose. Then he shoved his swollen cock into the back of my throat and emptied it into me. I smelled the musky scent and swallowed enthusiastically as I mentally associated the smell and the taste with the incredible feeling the saddle was giving me, rocking back and forth. When he was licked clean, he quickly dressed, tucked in his shirt and turned to leave, regaining his composure.

The other guy came in maybe ten minutes later. The saddle had a slight bouncing effect that was turned on at some point, so that I was riding with my hips to stay upright but also bouncing a little on my dildo and going insane. He stood there and watched my tits bounce, watching me moan and gyrate and bounce like a whore fucking the perfect cock. He fondled my breasts before fucking my mouth. His cock was bigger and thicker making my eyes water as it pushed far down my throat.

I was going insane. I had never felt so turned on before.

It was like a dream. I heard him say from what seemed like a distance, "What a perfect whore you are. A beautiful cum slut. I could watch you on that thing all day." I didn’t even notice when he left the room. I thought about Rick and what he was doing. I hoped that their comments would please Rick. Each of them let me taste their cum. The first guy emptied deep into my throat while the second guy wanted to come just inside of my mouth and see the white substance on my tongue and lips. I went through moments of feeling disgusting, dirty, used ... like a prostitute going through some sort of oral gangbang. They were quickly overshadowed by the ecstasy of the saddle and the moans of pleasure I heard from the two men. It felt good to please them.

Finally, Rick entered the room and stopped the movement of the saddle. His face was pleased. "My colleagues are very impressed, Sung Hee. I'm proud of you."

"Thank You, Sir." I was out of breath and his mere presence made my heart race. I wanted to beg him to fuck me. I had never wanted a man so much in my life.

"Get up."

"Yes, Sir." It took me a few seconds to get my balance. I struggled a bit and my thighs seemed to want to resist getting me upright. I thought for a second I might faint. Rick steadied me, then reached behind me and I felt my wrists released from the cuffs. My shoulders, resuming their normal position, sent shock waves of pain into my body as I got use of my arms again. I was finally upright and Rick took my arm and walked me over to the bed. Then he reached into the satchel and took out a small plastic bag. He reached in and brought out a pair of black panties and put them in my hand.

“Put these on. Put the latex underwear in this bag, and then get dressed.”

When I started pulling the panties up my legs I discovered that my juices had run down both legs past my knees. I was incredibly wet. When I pulled the panties up into place the slight feel of the fabric rubbing against my bald and now irritated pussy made me shudder. I could not resist letting out a tiny moan.

"You didn't cum, did you my slut?"

"No, Sir." I gasped and looked him in the eye with complete honesty.

"Good girl."

After I was dressed he gestured toward the door. I walked but felt very unsteady. I felt Rick take my arm. We walked to the elevator silently. It was hard for me to concentrate. It required most of my effort to stay upright. I looked down and saw the shiny trail of my juices which had reached halfway down each calf of my legs. Reality seemed different. I felt I was in a dream.

I didn’t remember walking to the car and I must have slept or passed out on the ride home.

As we walked from the parking garage back to your building, I began to regain my senses. Rick took me into his office with him and had me kneel beside him while he made a phone call. As he talked on the phone, he pulled his large cock out and began stroking it. He watched my face the entire time. I couldn't look away. I wanted it. It took everything in me to fight the urge to strip naked and climb on. I licked my lips and rocked back on my heels, imagining what it would feel like to lower myself onto him. When his call was finished, he continued to stroke himself and increased his momentum. "You look hungry for it, pet."

"Yes, Sir."

"That makes me happy." He didn't let me have it, though. He kept on pleasuring himself, watching my face. He finally moaned, blocked the stream with one finger and let his seed spill over his cock and hand. "Show me how hungry you are for me."

"Yes, Sir." I dove forward and began lapping up his cum. He tasted so much sweeter than the other men, so good. I sucked each of his fingers until I couldn't taste the musk anymore, then I devoured his cock and sucked the last of his hot juices from his shaft, milking all I could from it. He moaned and jolted with each eager suck of my mouth. When his flavor was gone, I pulled back and looked up at him, hoping for some sort of reward.

"Well done." He smiled and zipped his pants, leaning forward to kiss my forehead. "Now go fill out your final blog. When you're finished, leave the bag with the latex underwear and the clothes on the bathroom counter. They'll be taken care of. Your lunch is in the refrigerator. Enjoy it. I'll send you a movie to watch while you eat."

"Yes, Sir." I walked to my office, ignoring the older lady. My desperation ran so deep that I wanted to scream. My body had never needed release so badly. I could think of nothing but him. Rick fucking me, Rick kissing me, Rick smiling at me with approval. Rick running his tongue over my clit and giving me the pleasure I craved. The pleasure that he denied me now. How long would he deny me? I didn't think I had the strength to endure much longer. Why did I have to wait?

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