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Super Market Stalker

Gina stalked me in the aisle of my local super market. It happens to me quite frequently.
I am a 66 year old man. Not the most handsome man but I do look like Santa Claus. I am out going and friendly. So I guess I appeal to a certain type of woman. I am 5’ 10” inches tall and I spend a fair amount of time out and about. I am married and have been for 42 years. My wife and I have an open relationship. She keeps telling me I should find a new model and replace her.

I had something happen yesterday afternoon that I had to write about because it has happened a lot. I do all the shopping for our house. I wait until a weekday to go to the super market for food. It is less crowded and I can take my time getting it done.

I was walking down the frozen food section and was approached by a woman with an empty shopping cart. She was a pretty woman of about 35 years old. Blonde (dyed) about 5’ 7” tall, slim, C sized breasts, narrow waist and flared hips. She was wearing a print dress with a thin belt, which accentuated her figure. The hem of her dress was about three inches above the knee and her legs were well shaped and toned.

She stopped me and asked for the coffee aisle. I told her where it was and she asked if I could show her it. We walked side by side with our carts over to the coffee. She was new in town and was here on an assignment for her company. They had put her up at an extended stay hotel where she could make some meals and be like at home. She was stocking up with little things to make her stay better.

Being the helpful man that I am, I asked if she would like some help getting her things she needed. She cooed that it would be wonderful. We got her things and I walked her to checkout. I went back to getting my items. I proceeded to check out.

As I walked out to my car, the woman was waiting for me. She looked a little nervous but approached me anyway.

“I don’t normally do this.” She said “But would like to have dinner with me?”

I was going to politely turn her down, but thought she is new in this city and is lonely and maybe just wants to return the kindness I showed her. It was dinner time and I was hungry. She told me to follow her and we could swap cars and go out.

We went to a small Italian family owned restaurant near her hotel. We sat at a small table in the back. I found out her name was Gina and she was in town to do a three day exposition for her company on components for Solar panel manufacturing. If things went well, this would be one of her frequent places to visit.

Gina was single and had been doing this work for a short time. She had no boy friend and her family was back in Virginia. She had two married sisters and no brothers. Her parents had been killed in a car crash two years ago. She had gone to college and majored in political science. There was nothing to do in that field so she moved from job to job. She got into solar sales because it was a growth industry in the US.

Dinner went well. We drank some wine; we talked and had a pleasant time. She paid the bill.

When she got into the car her dress blew up and revealed that she had no panties on. I saw this and so did she. Her face turned pink as she blushed. She swung her legs into the car and I got in to drive. I looked over at her. She had left part of her dress pulled up exposing her thigh and edge of her womanhood. I reached over to pull it down as it was a distraction. She grabbed my hand and put it on her womanhood.

She was wet and trembling. She pushed my hand up and down and moaned softly.

“Let’s go back to my hotel.” She said. “I want to spend more time with you and get to know you better.”

We drove back to her hotel. We went to her room. She gave me a beer and we sat on the couch chatting some more. She got up and went over to the closet where she took off her dress and her bra and put on a thin see thru robe. She came and sat in my lap and put her arms around my neck.

Our lips met in a long wet kiss. Then our lips part with our tongues attacking each other. They duel it out seeing who can beat the other down. We push, we pull and we wrap around each other, all the while making slurping and smacking noises. We break away out of breath.

Gina gets up from my lap and gives me a hand to get up. As I stand up she puts her arms around me and hugs me closely to her body. The sensation of her closeness sets my manhood to stirring. Our bodies are entwined in such a manner that we seem as one. We fit so well together. She starts to push her lower body in and out against mine.

She leans away from me but keeps her lower body tight against me. Reaching up she unbuttons my shirt. When it is done she pushes it off my body letting it fall in a heap to the floor. She pulls my t-shirt over my head and lets it join my shirt.

Once I am naked from the waist up, she starts to kiss down my body. Her lips start with mine and slowly move to my cheeks, my chin, and behind my ears. She takes my ear in her mouth and nibbles on it. When she is through nibbling, she softly blows in my ear followed by a whisper urging me to head over to the bed.

She takes my hand and pulls me gently to the bed. I step over my clothes and follow her guidance. When we get to the bed she turns me around with my back to the bed. She kisses my neck and feels my strong shoulders. My muscles involuntarily ripple under her touch. She is purring now. She moves down my chest to my nipples. Her lips caress my nipples which have stiffened. She sucks on one drawing it into her warm wet mouth. She grabs the other and pulls it between her fingers. I let out a yelp as the pain hits me. She quickly moves her lips to that nipple to soothe and caress it.

Her fingers slowly with a feathery touch glide up and down my hairy chest. She is feeling my firm abs and pectorals. She moves up to my shoulders and starts down my arms. She prods my biceps and triceps. She kisses the hollow of my elbow. I am getting a very warm feeling in my loins. She knows all my hot spots. She takes my hand and sucks on each finger swirling her tongue around each one. She savors their taste, their touch and their size.

Her lips have moved back up to my mouth kissing me continually. Our tongues are dueling again but with more fervor than earlier. There seems to be an urgency here indicating that we are going to move a lot faster to consummation. She is breathing heavily in my mouth.

I put my hands on her shoulders under her gauzy robe. I push the robe off her shoulders and it falls in a pile at her feet. She stands before me naked. My eyes scan her luscious body starting at the top working down. I look at her green eyes, her tiny up turned nose, her full swollen lips, her cheeks and her infectious smile. She is beautiful.

My eyes travel down to her shoulders which are firm and strong. She has kept her body in top condition. Her skin is soft and tanned. Her breasts are proudly standing up on her chest. Her nipples are protruding from her areolas like small volcanoes in the middle of an island. Her breasts are round and firm and warm to the touch.

As I touch her breasts she sucks in a breath causing them to rise slightly. I squeeze each breast and rub around the nipple. I rub from firm to soft and firm teasing her. She involuntarily moves to get my hands to cover her nipples. I don’t touch her nipples yet. It is driving her wild. I bend down moving my lips to cover her right nipple. I take it in my mouth caressing it with my tongue, nibbling on it and then biting it. She winces in pain but a moan of pleasure escapes her lips. I move my mouth to her left nipple and repeat the whole process. This time she puts her hands on the back of my head pushing me to get as much of her as possible. She raises her head and howls in pleasure.

My hands have started to move down to her waist. I trace the contours of her curves tickling and caressing as I go. Her muscles start to spasm as I touch her sensitive areas. She loves my hands touching her.

Before I can go lower, she kneels down at my feet. Her eyes and mouth are level with my crotch. My manhood is creating the largest tent I have ever seen from me. She reaches out and grabs my belt. She undoes the clasp and pulls it out of the loops. She throws the belt into the pile with my shirts. She unbuttons and slowly unzips my pants. I wish she would move faster, but I use some restraint. My pants are lying at my feet. I step out of them and they get thrown to join my shirt. I am standing there with my swollen member straining against my briefs. She moves her mouth close into my member and starts to kiss it through the cloth. She licks it up and down and wraps her lips around the cloth covered member. She is teasing me very well. My knees are trembling.

She slowly removes my underwear. As the waistband slides down, my cock jumps up at attention hitting her in the cheek. She turns and kisses it. My underwear joins the rest of my clothes.

She wraps her hand around me and starts a slow stroke up and down my cock. Her touch is light evoking a small moan from me. There is no urgency to complete the task at hand. She stands up and pushes me roughly onto the bed. I crawl back to get in the middle. She follows beside me.

We lay there looking in each other’s eyes. We kiss some more and move our tongues from one to the other. Our arms encircle our bodies in a warm and tender embrace. Her leg moves over mine to get us closer. I feel her damp pussy on my cock. Her closely trimmed hair brushes against me. It feels so good.

She gets up on all fours and turns so she is facing my cock. She swings her leg over my head, presenting me with a good view of her pussy and ass. I look up and see this pussy covered with neatly trimmed fine hair glistening, waiting for my touch. I put my hand on her. She jerks. I caress her mound feeling how wet she has become just from the foreplay. My fingers seek out her slit and rub up and down. She is moaning real loud.

Meanwhile she has put her lips on my cock with her tongue licking out the small slit. She opens her mouth and puts it around my cock. She moves over the head onto the shaft. She pushes down my shaft trying to get me completely in her mouth. She gags as she feels me enter her throat. She pulls back a little only to resume after she recovers. With her throat and tongue she sets up a rhythmic pulse that milks my cock. I am growing and starting to build up for a big squirt. She senses this and stops for a moment. I left out a long loud groan.

I have attacked her pussy. My fingers found her clitoris and have been rubbing, pinching and flicking it. Her hips have been bouncing with every movement. She has been having continual small orgasms. I have been slurping up the juice from her body. I replace my fingers with my tongue and this drives her wild. She is screaming for me to put my fingers in her. I continue the assault with my tongue. My fingers are exploring her bum.

I take some of her juice and coat my fingers. I smear this juice around her bum. I move a finger into the small brown button. Just the tip enters. It is really tight. She moves away from my finger, but I push on. I get one finger completely inside her and I can feel my tongue in her pussy. She is really writhing in ecstasy now. She has one big orgasm followed by a build up to another.

Her mouth has moved up to the tip of my cock and her hands have been stroking me vigorously. My pre cum has been devoured by her hungry mouth. She is massaging my balls with her hands. They start to contract as I build up to explode. She feels it and put my cock way into her mouth. I explode with a very strong orgasm, spraying deeply into her waiting throat. She swallows every drop licking my shaft when I am done. Her continued licking keeps my cock hard.

She is ready. She scrambles off my face and gets on top of me cowgirl style. She pauses above my cock. She spreads her legs wide and guides my cock to her pussy. She gets is part way in and plops down to get it completely, in one motion. She yells like a cowboy chasing a steer. She is riding me up and down and back and forth as if she were in a saddle.

She stops for a few seconds while a strong orgasm racks her pussy. She gushes a little juice and resumes her ride. Her pussy is contracting now pushing against my cock. It is trying to suck it further in and hold it. She is moving faster. She is building up to one big orgasm. I am growing and getting ready to explode as well.

She is really rocking now. She is moving faster and faster. If she was not lubricating we would have enough friction to start a fire. I feel the rush of my cum moving in my body. Her pussy is clutching me real hard and firm. She raises herself up one last time pausing for a second. She pushes down with such a force we both explode in one continuous orgasm. I am emptying into her and she is gushing and squirting all over me and her.

She sits on me for a while as our bodies recover from one big mind blowing orgasm. As my cock shrinks out of her she rolls off me. We wrap our arms around each other holding us together. We are still shuddering from the orgasm. We kiss and caress in the afterglow of our passion.

We roll off the bed and jump in the shower to clean up. While in the shower we have one more go. Then we wash each other up. We sit on the couch after the shower drinking some wine and talking about nothing important. I get dressed. She puts on a fluffy robe.

As I am leaving, she tells me that she is in town for the week and would like a repeat performance of tonight. I smile and give her my cell phone number, hoping she will call and we can do this again.

I get in my car and take my groceries home to my wife. I am smiling and contented all the way home. I will always remember my first encounter with Gina.

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