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Surprise Waiting, ch. 3

Amie has yet one more surprise.
My life had changed so dramatically since that day the voice on the phone said simply, “Hi.” Prior to that I knew I loved Amie, but the age difference was likely to get in the way of any lasting relationship.

Or so I had thought.

That day changed everything. After Amie and I made love for the first time--literal first time for her--I discovered how real her love for me really was. I asked her to marry me, something I would never have predicted.

The other thing I could not have predicted was Amie’s appetite for sex. She wanted to experience everything, do everything, and do it again. Here I was, at my age, having sex two or three times a day every day. Who needs a gym membership?

Our lives continued that way for the next month or so. I thought I was going to wear out, but I figured it was a great way to go!

Then a repeat...the telephone. “Hi.”

“Hi, sweetheart. How are you?”

“I’m great. I’m in love with the most wonderful man in the world and the greatest lover!”

“Is that two different men?”

“No, silly, just you, always you. Only you. I’m calling to ask how soon you can come home.”

By now, of course, the little head was paying close attention. “I’ll be right there.” Notice, I didn’t even ask why? I was learning.

Five minutes later I walked in and found Amie, as a couple of months ago, lying naked on my sofa. My favorite black stockings and garter belt. No panties. Damn, I was hard!

“I did a little shopping today.” With that, she held out a blindfold. “This is for you.” She put the blindfold on me and then began to undress me. Once I was fully bare, she left me standing there for a moment, then out of nowhere her warm mouth engulfed my cock. Once, twice, three times she plunged my throbbing meat into her throat. Then, without a word, she stood, took my hand, led me to the bed and pushed me back onto it.

I felt her climb on the bed. She pushed between my legs, and I was eager to give her room. Then she stopped... she was doing something, but I had no idea what. My wondering came to a sudden end when she grabbed my cock and began licking the head and down the shaft. A sudden plunge into her mouth, then more licks and light sucking at the head. I was delirious! Forget about coming home to a just-cooked meal. I would opt for this any time.

As she ministered to me, her free hands reached back and lifted my legs, bending at the knees. More fumbling with something but still sucking my cock, which was all I really cared about anyway. It reminded me of being on gas at the dentist’s office: “Pull all my teeth. Just keep the gas coming.”

Then there was something pushing at my ass. Not just at... in! It was a little inside when she stopped sucking me long enough to say, “I hope you like this.” Then the object began to vibrate. She cranked it another notch and returned to sucking me, pausing only long enough to remove my blindfold. “I thought you might enjoy watching,” she said, swallowing me again.

I was squirming, not quite sure I liked the buzzing in my butt. It started to feel good and then suddenly she pushed it deeper and I came hard. So hard. Spasm after spasm like I had never experienced before. Amie’s eyes were closed as she drank it down. Finally she removed the vibe and kissed me. “Steve, I’m not sure you’ve ever given me that much to swallow.”

“That was one of the most intense things I have ever experienced!,” I said. “Let me see our new toy.” I went and cleaned it off, and then we played with it for several minutes, experimenting with the intensity. She held it against my cock, but the vibe was on a low setting. “I can hardly feel that,” I said. “He can stand a lot, so crank it up.” With that, she did as told and held it against my cock. Wow! “I’ll come too quickly with that.”

I took it from her and placed it on her mound. “Too high!” she said. “My pussy is not as tough as your cock.” I turned it down and returned it to her pubic area, then moved it slowly to the crease of her thigh. She was smiling, eyes closed. “That feels nice,” she purred.

“Nice?” I said. “I want intense.”

I moved the vibe to her outer lips and her smile faded. Eyes still closed, she now had a look of concentration. “Ohhhh, yeah,” was all she managed. I moved the vibe to the bottom of her slit, knowing the vibrations would reverberate in her ass as well. Her head rolled back and forth slowly, her hand cupping those delicious breasts. Then I slowly moved the vibe up and into her cunt. Just the tip, holding it there, waiting and watching. Her mouth was open. She was squeezing her nipples. I pushed a little deeper. Waited. Then I increased the vibrations and lowered my head, attacking her clit with my tongue.

Her head rolled back, her chest pushed up, her legs squeezed against me. “Ohhh, oh, oh, oh.” She was panting, her breathing shallow and rapid. Suddenly she cried out, almost a scream, and her legs clamped tight around me. Her wail hung there for several seconds. I pulled out the vibe, and after a few seconds she relaxed and seemed to sink into the bed, no strength in any part of her body. For several minutes she was silent, her breathing returning to normal.

“Steve,” she finally said, “Just when I think you have given me the greatest orgasm of my brief sexual experience, you top it with something as intense as that! Now I know why the French call it ‘the little death'.” With that she sat up and basically tackled me, toppling me backwards on the bed. Her mouth assaulted mine, her tongue probing deeply. Then she stopped. She had tears in her eyes!

“Steve, I can’t imagine there are two lovers who are better matched than we are. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have found a man who loves me, respects me, wants me to be the best person possible, and who pleases me sexually with an intensity I never knew possible.” Then she paused, looking into my eyes. Hesitating. There was clearly more on her mind.

“I want to ask you something—I really need to know how you feel.” She paused again, hesitant to go on.

“Go ahead,” I said. “You know I want to do anything for you to make you happy.”

She started again. “We haven’t talked about our age difference in awhile—and it still does not matter at all to me—but I know you might feel differently about this than I do. It’s just that...well, the sweetest most loving thing you could do for me would be to give me a baby. I am still on the pill, and if you don’t want that I won’t go off it.”

I had grown children— married children for that matter. I had raised one family. I wasn’t sure how I felt about paying allowances from my social security. Amie saw the look in my eyes, that I had thoughts like that going through my mind. Her eyes started to tear-up. I sat up, kissing her gently and wiping away the tears. “Amie, you are a beautiful girl. No one has ever captured my heart and soul as you have, and no one will make a better mother. Go off the pill. Let’s make a baby together. Or two or three. Whatever you want.”

The relief in her eyes was immediate, then there was that mischievous twinkle. “We can still have hot sex, right?” Without waiting for an answer, she twisted around, grabbed my semi-erect staff, and started licking slowly from base to crown. I think I managed to mumble something about needing to actually have some sperm left to make a baby, but I don’t remember how much of that I actually spoke before she plunged my now rock-hard cock slowly into her mouth.

We were done talking.

So Amie stopped taking the pill. We had decided to make a baby, despite the 19-year age difference. She was simply the most beautiful woman I had ever known and definitely the most horny. I would never have dreamed in my early 40s I would be having sex every day and usually more than once. As long as this gorgeous redhead lusted for my cock I would not need Viagra!

We didn't have to change anything. As it was, I was bathing her cervix at least daily with my seed. But far more than that, I knew I was experiencing more than just great sex. I was more in love than I had ever known possible. Her happiness was just about all I cared about.

About two months later I got to work one morning and opened my briefcase I found a note:
“I have a special night planned. Think about me impaled on you. Think about that all day, but do not leave work until 5 pm!”
It was not difficult to think about that. In fact, it would have taken a superhuman effort not to. It’s like telling a child not to put macaroni up his nose. He won’t think of anything else!

Amie was a virgin before we became lovers and had become an enthusiastic student. Recently she had favored cowgirl. She claimed she loved watching my face as she fucked me, but I adored watching her. Those beautiful, small breasts with hard eraser-like nipples. Her look of concentration as she dropped the length of my cock, her cunt swallowing its prey as our pubes ground together. Now she was asking me to think about that all day.

See, I was following her instructions.

So, there I was, sitting at my desk, picturing her. I had a monstrous erection. What is that commercial about seeking medical help if I have an erection for more than four hours? How much longer do I have? Do EMTs respond to such a thing?

I had several meetings that day. I’m confident I made no positive contribution to anything discussed. Somehow I got through, but it took a lot of concentration not to day dream about my cock in Amie’s mouth, or deep in her pussy, or her body frozen in sweet agony, or... well, you get the point.

I remember looking at my watch, convinced it had stopped. I checked my computer. It had stopped too! What were the odds of that?

The last seventeen minutes were agony. I didn’t want to start working on anything, and time was passing more slowly than I thought possible.

Down to seven minutes.

Somehow those minutes dragged by and then I was in my car. She said I could not leave early, but she most definitely did not say I couldn’t drive 80 mph through city streets!

I ran to the door of our apartment building, through the door, key in hand. Fumbling with the lock. Open finally. Wow, the lights were dim, and Amie was standing there in a beautiful little black dress and heels. The table was set, complete with candles, and the aroma of food was indescribable.

“Hi, sweetie. I wanted to treat you tonight like the prince you are in my life.”

All I could manage in reply was something cheesy like, “Just having you in my life makes me feel like the most fortunate man on earth.” Oh hell, words were not going to matter much tonight.

Dinner was T-bone steaks, grilled to perfection. One of the best steaks I have ever eaten. But I was still distracted. Amie was sitting across the small table and I couldn’t help but picture her naked, riding me. Once she got up and started for the kitchen to get something, but stopped behind me, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Are you thinking about your cock buried in my mouth or in my cunt?” Then she walked away, hips swaying. All I could do was groan.

“Leave the dishes for later, dear, we have more important activities waiting,” she said when we had finished eating. She walked into the kitchen and brought back a bowl of ice cream. “You enjoy this while I go change.”

I finished the dessert and, despite her instructions, cleaned up a few dishes. I knew I had a few minutes.

“Steve?” I looked around the corner and there she was. She was wearing a sheer black gown, thin enough for me to see her breasts clearly. Then I saw she was wearing a black lace thong. Stiletto heels. Clearly the blood in my body was going to have to do something other than digest that meal, and soon.

Amie walked over and started undressing me. Suit coat, tie, shirt, belt, shoes, socks, slacks—all tossed aside. I was standing there in my boxers—and my watch. She had overlooked that. I pulled it off and tossed it on the sofa.

“Not there,” she said. "That’s where you are to sit." She moved the watch and I sat. She picked up the remote—the one to our sound system—and started the music playing. It was unfamiliar to me, but the sultry jazz sure fit the mood. In the light of the candles, Amie faced me and slowly pulled the gown off her shoulders and let it pool at her feet. She cupped her breasts. “Oh, baby, I want you to suck on my nipples while I fuck you.”

With that she came to me, knelt in front of me, removed my boxers and thrust my hard cock into her mouth. “I just wanted to make sure you are hard enough,” she whispered. Then back to sucking. After deep-throating me she stood and straddled me. As Amie looked into my eyes she reached down and positioned my cock at her entrance and slowly— agonizingly slowly— descended my pole, her eyes fixed on mine. Her mouth opened and she held still, adjusting to the invasion. Then she started to move. She cupped her breasts and offered them to me. When I sucked on one, she put her hands on the sofa on either side of my head, closed her eyes, and went to work. I sucked and she impaled herself, grinding deeply. My hands were on her, loving the feel of warm flesh and the sensuous curves of her ass.

Our breathing became erratic. She moved more quickly, driving her pussy onto my cock. Beads of sweat appeared. She then kissed me hard, our tongues probing deeply. Suddenly she froze at the bottom of a thrust, her eyes fluttering, mouth open. A soft scream. It lasted for several seconds.

Amie dismounted and knelt again, swallowing my cock. Within a minute I felt that point of no return as the cum boiled up. I no longer had to tell her—she knew the signs. She stroked me and sucked, then with perfect timing she took me as deep as she could and I exploded. I pumped as I moaned. Over and over. She held still, sucking my seed out of me. Finally she pulled away and opened her mouth to show me the white pool on her tongue. Then, without breaking eye contact, she swallowed.

Although I was spent, she pulled me to my feet and we headed for the bedroom. As we snuggled under the covers, my hand exploring her delicious ass, she kissed me. Not a chaste peck either. A deep, sensuous kiss, full of exploring lips and tongue.

“Steve, I have news. I had a suspicion so I saw the doctor yesterday. Apparently, sometime a few weeks ago we made a baby. You knocked me up, old man, and I am so happy! The doctor said I could still have sex without any restrictions for a few more weeks. Are you ready for more?”

I think getting her pregnant was a good thing. My cock is in need of rehab.

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