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Taking Mrs. Greene, Chapter 2

He had one chance - he had to show her he could handle an older woman!

"Take off your nighty, Emily, and let me get a better look at you," he said. Caught by surprise by this sudden turn of events and more than a little turned on by the idea of a man wanting her again, Emily followed his command without thinking. She crossed her arms in front and lifted the thin satin garment up over her head and dropped it on the bed beside her.

Emily Greene was indeed a beautiful woman. Although the calendar said she was thirty-four years old, she could easily pass for a woman ten years her junior. With the same chestnut brown hair, a little longer than her daughter's, the same lovely green eyes, and a voluptuous, sexy woman's body, Emily was any man's dream girl. Billy suddenly found the tables turned and he was the one now caught by surprise and turned on!

But Billy recovered his wits quickly - he had to. He had to take charge of her just like he took charge of Becky. He was the man here, even if he was younger than her. This, then, was his plan - he would dominate Emily and make her his, just as he had her daughter!

"Well, I can certainly see where my Becky gets her good looks. You are really quite spectacular, Emily. It is going to be a real pleasure taking that body for my own," he said boldly.

"Oh? Is that your game plan here? To 'take me and make me yours'. Is that what you have in mind?" she said.

"It is indeed, Beauty. And you shall see... by the morning's light, you will be my girl, just as Becky is. I am sure you will be more of a competitor than she was - Becky was a fairly easy conquest. She was already in love with me. She melted like ice cream on a warm summer's day.

"But I know a few things about you too, Mrs. Greene. Like how you cry yourself to sleep at night because you don't have anyone who loves you like you deserve to be loved. Or how very long it's been since you've felt like a real woman. Emily, I can, and I will change these things for you," he said.

Emily smiled... the kind of smile you would see if she was looking at a little puppy trying very hard to be ferocious! "Is that so? Well Mr. McIntyre, do you think you can? Do you have what it takes to 'make me yours'?" she said in a cheeky tone.   

Billy moved, suddenly jumping onto the bed and straddling her hips, pushing her down onto the bed and pinning her arms to the bed at her sides. Emily gasped at his lightning-fast movement.

He lowered himself until he was eye to eye with her and only inches from her face. "Do not dismiss my youth for inexperience or awkward incompetence, Beauty. I may not be a man yet in your eyes, but that doesn't mean I'm as artless and naive as you might think. You might be surprised at my skills, actually," he said. Just to prove his point, he moved down a bit more and licked her soft lips, biting and tugging gently on the bottom one before letting go and giving her a truly bad boy smile.

Emily had never seen that look from him... the look like he was already the winner and gloating over his prize. The look of "I have won, you need only to concede and submit". It made her breath catch in her throat and for the first time, she wondered to herself if he might be right!

Billy noticed and noted her reaction, and it added a boost to his self-confidence. He moved down her body a bit until he reached her full generous tits. Emily had been blessed with a very sizable bust, the kind that men tend to notice before anything else. So it was too, with Billy - when he first met her he had to concentrate not to focus on her tits, but look her in the face.

That was then and this is now, however, and he was able to enjoy the bounty she offered. He bent his head down and gave one nipple a long, slow lick with the flat of his tongue, then pulled his head back and blew cool air softly across it, watching as it hardened and stood taller. Then with his eyes fixed on hers, he took the erect nub between his teeth, gently biting on it and watching her reaction.

She watched him biting the corner of her bottom lip. Emily was struggling inside - part of her felt the need to maintain her place as the "adult" and Becky's mother. She was after all nearly twice his age, and she had come to think of him as the son she never had. 

But a great part of her wanted to throw it all to him and give in to what he wanted. God, did she want to give in! Billy saw the conflict in her face, the wrinkled brow, the biting of the lip, the lustful glaze forming in her eyes. He made her decision for her.

Suddenly his teasing, delicate biting gave way to pure animal devouring. He stuffed the tit into his mouth and began feasting on her like she was a prime rib and he was a starving man. Emily gasped, then moaned loudly at his ravenous appetite for her tender flesh.

"Oh God, Billy!" she said as she tossed her head back. Billy began licking and sucking and chewing on her hard nipples, alternating sides as his fingers massages and mauled the creamy titflesh below. Billy quickly learned that playing with Emily's tits and nipples was the fast track to getting her hot and bothered and he played her like a Stradivarius.

She moaned and squirmed under him - the only thing she could do, as he still held her arms in place. But holding her down as he relentlessly attacked her with his mouth made her all the more aroused. She liked the struggle - being taken like this suited her! 

Back when Dave was still around she would often play submissive to his dominant personality and she loved serving him. But since he had left, she had to leave those days behind and take charge of the household. And she hadn't had a chance to explore her "softer side" since.

Billy was bringing that part of her back out again now and she was responding to it excitedly. Emily was moaning and wriggling and struggling against him as she got hotter and more aroused with every minute that went by. Feeling his weight on her, feeling his mouth on her, she missed these things more than even she knew. It wasn't until now that she realized how much she had missed them

"Oh God yes, Billy! Yes! Lick my titties, please! Ohhh, that feels so wonderful! Oh, please, don't stop - don't ever stop!" she moaned. She arched her back as much as she could to offer herself to his mouth, while her head whipped back and forth in a chocolate tornado.

As happy as Billy was right where he was at, he knew there was much more of his Beauty to explore. He was fairly certain given the time she had been lacking attention and the reaction he had already been getting from her, he could probably give her an orgasm simply by playing with her tits. 

But like Becky, she needed to be edged... to walk the very lip of her cliff, not falling over into sweet rapture and not being pulled back to calm down. She needed to be brought to the brink over and over until her mind was his along with her body. He needed to own her... he needed to possess her.

And so he moved down from her luscious mountains to cross the plains of her abdomen, leaving a trail of hot kisses and licks as a mark of his passing. Emily moaned and squirmed harder now, knowing where he was headed. She knew that if he was that good at just licking and sucking her tits, she was in real trouble once he got to her pussy. 

Becky had bragged on his "talents" some since that first time and although she took a lot of it as the overzealous ramblings of a young girl with her first boyfriend, from what she had said, he knew his way around a woman's intimate area. She wanted so much to find out but knew that when she did she very well may not be able to control herself. 

But whether she wanted him to or not was really quite immaterial; he was headed south and there wasn't much she could do to stop him even if she wanted to!

Billy slid down to her navel and kissed her just below it. He could smell her scent stronger now, the unmistakable musky sweet smell of a woman in estrus. "I can smell your need, beauty. I can smell your lust and your desire. You want this, there's no denying it. You need this, don't you?" he growled, raising his head to look at her. Emily's face was a mask of desire, her eyes glazed over now with raw lust as she trembled in anticipation of "the act"

"Yesss..." she hissed.

Billy smiled. That would do for now. He continued southward until he got to the waistband of her tiny panties. There he found out why he had smelled her so strongly. Emily was already soaking wet! This was going better than he could have hoped for. Emily really was a hot and horny woman! 

Seeing the effect his efforts so far had produced in getting her wet, he thought it was a good time to step things up a bit. So he began petting her pussy through her panties. With her legs spread and her wet panties waiting for him, he softly began tracing his finger around her lips, showing through plainly in the saturated material. As he played, he continued talking low and soft to her, egging her on.

"Why Beauty, you've soaked your panties already! Could it be you have been getting ready for me? Have you been preparing for this moment my little slut?" he asked.

Calling her a slut really brought back fond memories. Dave used to call her names like that... slut, whore... dirty talk and humiliation like that would always make her so hot. She felt that same arousal now with Billy.

"Oh, Billy! Oh, I love being called that! Oh, baby, dirty talk turns me on sooo much! Yes, call me a slut, call me a whore, please! I love it!" she moaned loudly.

"I thought as much - your daughter loves it too. She loves that I made her my little fuck slut. She loves being my personal private whore. And she loves it when I tell her all the dirty naughty things I'm going to do to her!" Billy growled.

"Yes! Yes! Like that! Oh, Billy tell me! Tell me what you are going to do to me! Call me your slut, call me your little fucking whore! Please, Billy, Please!" she pleaded as she ground her pussy up against his hand.

"So you would like to know what I have in store for you, would you? Well, for starters, I plan on tasting whatever smells so delicious here in front of me. Tell me Beauty, when was the last time you had your sweet pussy eaten good and proper? I'm sure that Becky has told you something about how good I am at eating her little peach, hasn't she? 

"She sure enjoys it when I eat her out. Why the little slut writhes around on the bed like a snake on a hot rock! How about you? Do you like a man to go down on you... to lick and nibble on your pussy and clit until you cum screaming?" he said, kissing the wet spot over her pussy lips playfully.

"Oh God, Billy! Please, please eat my pussy! Oh fuck, it's been so long... please, please lick my pussy and my clit, baby! Ohhh fuck!" she begged him. Her writhing took on a more urgent degree now.

"Not so fast, Beauty, there's more than just a little pussy eating in store for you! You are more than just a quick snack my sweet... that is just the appetizer - you are a fine meal and I am going enjoy all the courses!

"After I have thoroughly enjoyed your sweet fruit, I plan on letting you have a turn too. I mean you might be hungry as well. Are you, Beauty? Are you a hungry little whore? Would you like a fat, juicy cock to suck on?" he asked. He slipped his finger into one of the leg holes in her panties and playfully brushed across her wet pussy lips, just barely enough for her to feel his fingertips.

"Please, Billy! Oh yes, please let me suck your cock, baby! Please, I have waited so long... I miss the taste of a sweet cock! Please let me suck your cock, please!" she pleaded.

"Well, we shall see when the time comes. After I have had my fill of your delicious-smelling cunt, we'll see how good you are at begging for cock!" he said, as he pulled her panties from her.

The first thing Billy noticed was that Emily's mound was shaved completely bare. "Why you naughty little slut - you are shaved! Were you expecting me perhaps... or maybe hoping?" he said.

"I-I used to keep it this way... for Dave. He liked me to be shaved so he wouldn't get my hairs in his mouth. I just kept it this way afterward out of habit," she said.

"Well, now you can start keeping it that way for me. I like that you are shaved and it makes your pussy all the prettier and yummy-looking!" he said.

Billy slid her sopping undies over her hips as she raised up slightly to help him. He slid them slowly and teasingly down her long tanned legs and off her feet. Then he brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply.

Emily about came just looking at him enjoy her smell. "Ohhh God, Billy! Please. baby, please eat me, please! I can't stand it anymore! Please, I'll do anything you want, I swear! Just please, please, eat me... Ohhh!" she cried.

Billy smiled and lowered his face to her crotch. Hovering mere inches from her now, he could feel the heat coming from her and he could see her pussy lips glistening with her dew as they pulsed, beckoning him to come and enjoy them. He parted the fat rose-colored lips and peered inside. He saw the warm, wet tunnel dripping with sweet juices and it made him even hungrier for it. 

"OH FUCK, BILLY!!" Emily squealed as he fastened his mouth over her pussy and thrust his tongue deep inside her. She jerked as if she'd been hit with a cattle prod and her hand instinctively went hold his head away from her. But he brushed the hand away and continued his work. 

She reached down again to try to keep his tormenting tongue away from her sensitive pussy, but this time he caught her hands and held her by the wrists as he licked and thrust his tongue into her furiously. He wriggled it around so it could seek out every sweet drop it could find while Emily bucked and twisted in glorious agony. She moaned and thrashed around as he dined on her, not wanting to miss out on a single drop of her honey. 

Emily lost her mind as her long dormant pussy came roaring back to life. Little bolts of sparking electricity raced up and down old pathways and nerves that had forgotten those past feelings recalled the pleasure once more.

The discarded woman wasn't prepared for the ferocity of the young man's attack or the intensity of the feelings that attack would produce. Unsuccessful at trying to push him away, her next defense was trying to move back herself. She backed up as far as she could until the headboard stopped her, but Billy kept up with her the whole way. 

Finally, she was trapped - unable to go any further backward because of the headboard and unable to move to either side because of Billy's arms. She had to just endure his relentless and merciless attack.

As Emily twisted and writhed under him, Billy licked and lapped at her drooling pussy, occasionally leaving her dripping hole only long enough to torment her swollen, throbbing clit and causing her to squeal in shocked surprise.

Emily couldn't withstand Billy's unrelenting onslaught forever... she was far too out of practice to be able to deal with everything he was throwing at her. It wasn't long before the raging fire in her cunt consumed her and she was on the edge of a tremendous orgasm.

"I'm going to cum, Billy! Please, baby, please make me cum! Please, please, please... I need to cum so bad, please make me cum, please!" Emily begged.

Billy was only too happy to grant her plea and as he increased his activity at her pussy one hand found its way to her ass. He gently rubbed his fingertip over her crinkled star, causing Emily to gasp and then before she knew it he had shoved that finger up to the second knuckle into her tight asshole.

The introduction of his finger into her ass was the final straw. With a scream stifled only by her holding a pillow over her own face to keep from waking Becky, Emily came hard and long. Billy kept licking up the juices that poured from her as fast as he could, but her dam had been up a long time and there was quite a reserve behind it. She hadn't had a real good cum in ages and she more than made up for it at that moment.

Billy's tongue wriggling in her pussy and his finger doing likewise in her ass didn't help much either - both kept the experience going and drew out her pleasure excruciatingly long. Emily came and came until at last she simply couldn't come anymore and fell back on the bed gasping for air and drenched in sweat.

She lay on the bed gasping for breath and trying to come back to earth for several minutes, before regaining the ability to speak intelligible sentences. "Oh my God, Billy! That was... amazing! Becky was right... you do know what you're doing! I can't remember cumming that hard! Oh sweetie, thank you! Thank you!" she giggled.

"Don't thank me just yet, Beauty; we are far from finished here! Remember, I wanted to test your cocksucking skills... and I believe you were more than a little eager to try out yourself. Do the words 'Please, Billy, please let me suck your cock!' and 'I miss the taste of a sweet cock' ring any bells for you?" he said with a smug grin.

Emily blushed at his words; she knew she had said them but having her own pleadings repeated back to her like that made her sound desperate and almost pitiful. It also made her sound like a cock whore, and that part she didn't mind so much - she was a cock whore. Emily did love sucking cock... the taste of it, the feel of it in her mouth... and her pussy gushed at the very thought that she was going to get to feel Billy in her mouth at any moment!

"Now get down on your knees like a good slut and let's see your skills!" Billy said as he reached out and grabbed a handful of Emily's brown hair. He hauled her gently but firmly down onto the floor and put her in a kneeling position sitting on her heels in front of him.

"That's more like it. I won't be so gentle on you from now on, so unless you like having your hair pulled, I suggest you learn to move quicker whore!" he growled. 

Billy took hold of his cock and moved closer to her. Using his cock, he slapped her across the face a couple times. "Now open that cock hole and let's see if you are as good at sucking cock as your daughter - she didn't know much at first, but she's learned pretty quick!" he said. "I assume a whore like you knows their way around a cock, so I won't have to be as careful as I was with your virgin daughter."

And as quick as he had said that, he shoved his cock deep into her mouth, all the way back to the back of her throat causing her to gag. Despite that, he held her face and held himself deep in her mouth. When he felt her start to struggle, he knew she needed air and released her.

She pulled back, gagging and coughing, but he only let her grab a quick gulp of air before he pulled her forward by the hair and shoved his cock back down her throat, further this time than before. She had to swallow to get him into her throat and past her gag reflex. As he felt her throat open for him, he pushed all the way down until his stomach pressed hard against her nose.

He held her there with his cock shoved fully into her tight throat, enjoying the feeling of it, but also enjoying the feeling of conquest that he had in taking her this way. He had taken Becky, but she wanted him to. With Emily, he had to work a little harder - he had to convince her that she wanted it. Although once she realized her own need, she fell in line pretty quickly. A woman starved for attention and love is a pretty easy victory for the right man!

Still, he knew he would only have one shot - one chance to make an impression on this older woman. If he failed, she would always view him as a young kid who thought he could be the man of the house. She would never take him seriously and he would lose any standing or authority he may have had.

In addition, when Becky saw how she cut him down to size, she too might look down on him. So this was a risky game he was playing. But it was one he thought he might just be able to pull off - especially seeing how well it had gone so far. Billy's attention and smooth talking affection had disarmed her and left her almost totally defenseless up to this point. If he could just keep from blowing it...

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