Taking The Next Step Noraj69 And Frogprince

By frogprince

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The continuing adventures of Nora and Cal as love grows and changes.
In the earlier story of Nora and Cal (Nora69 and Frogprince Date), they met for the first time when Cal was sent to Pittsburgh for his work. They met on as noraj69 and frogprince, emailed, cybered, exchanged photos and got to know each other very well. Cal lived in San Francisco CA and worked as a mid level executive for a steel fabricating and distribution company. He retired but was called back to make a trip to Pittsburgh where Nora lived.

They met, dated and spent a wonderful lust filled weekend together. Cal spent the week in meetings everyday and with Nora every night. Their romance blossomed into a full blown love story. The week was up and Nora and Cal would soon have to part ways only to remember the week they spent as lovers.

The day Cal was to leave he got a call from his office in San Francisco.

Cal answered the phone, “This is Cal. What can I do for you?”

The voice on the other end said, “We need you to stay in Pittsburgh for a while to assure that the contracts worked out are met and delivered in a timely manner.”

“How long will I be here?” asked Cal.

“At least the duration of the contract, which is two years.” said the voice.

Cal thought for about thirty seconds and said, “I will accept the assignment for a ten percent pay increase, all my expenses paid, and the company provides me a place to live.”

The voice said, “Done, we will work out the details later. Prepare to make a permanent home there.”

I hung up the phone and sat down. I was stunned to say the least. What Nora and I wanted was now a reality and at someone else’s expense. We could finally be together and spend a long time with each other. I had to tell Nora, but what will she do? Did she really want me to stay? Would we be happy together as the last week had been? What would we do? All these questions ran through my mind as I contemplated telling Nora.

I picked up the phone and called Nora. I woke her up and told her, “Can you get up and get dressed? I am coming over with some news.”

Nora replied, “What is so important that can’t wait until later?”

I mysteriously told her, “I can’t say over the phone. I need to tell you in person.”

Nora hesitantly said, “Oh all right I’ll be waiting.”

I hurried out of my hotel to my waiting car, drove to Nora’s place and ran up to her apartment. I knocked on her door and as she opened it I grabbed her, picked her up and spun her around. I put her down and kissed her hard on the mouth smiling all the while. We went into her apartment and sat at the kitchen table as we often did to talk. I explained the phone call and what had just happened. Nora sat there dumbstruck. Her fondest fantasy had just been fulfilled, I was here to stay. I was happy to stay with her. The only problem now as I saw it was where would we live? This was going to be fun setting up a new home with a woman I had known intimately for a week in a strange city.

I reached over and took Nora’s hands and held them tightly and looked into her eyes. There was a love there that I had seen when we were out on our first date. I knew she was happy and that made me even happier. Everything was working for us both. We stood up and we kissed and hugged. Nora’s eyes had filled with tears of joy. My heart was singing.

Cal told me the good news and I threw myself at him nearly knocking him over I was so excited. I kissed him deeply and with tears in my eyes. I told him he could move in with me while we looked for a bigger place. My apartment was a little one bedroom studio.

I went back to my hotel to pack up my things to move in with Nora. This was to be the start of a new life for both of us and it all looked so wonderful. I had never dreamed that I would find another woman to replace my wife who had died from heart problems and kidney failure. Here was Nora the answer to my prayers. I moved my things into Nora’s place and we celebrated with dinner at Mediteranno that night.

The first week or so was true bliss I had Cal all to myself. Then the realization set in that my family would be visiting soon for the holidays and I had yet to tell them. I knew they would love Cal; it's just a nerve wracking process until they met. I decided to invite them to dinner on Saturday.

When Cal came home from work I gave him the news and asked him to help plan our meal. Next I made the phone calls. My sons were easy they came over every few weeks for a home cooked meal. My sisters were suspicious as soon as I made the invite. With as busy as we all were time spent together was almost nonexistent. Marie and Ann made plans on coming over together.

After all the calls were made I set out to fix dinner. The beef enchiladas were almost done when Cal interrupted with his roving fingers and teasing kisses.

She was making enchiladas and I walked up putting my arms around her waist. She leaned back into me. The remnants from the making of a Key Lime pie were sitting on the counter.

I leaned back into his open arms and told him “ are we feeling frisky?” I felt his hands slip further along my waist.

My hands started roaming over her body. I pulled her closer and moved my hands up to her breasts after untying her apron.

It looked like dinner would have to wait. I knew there was a much more urgent hunger that needed to be fed. My apron fell to the floor and he noticed that I had nothing on underneath but my lacy black panties.

Her nipples were hard and I squeezed them harder as I bent closer and nibbled on her neck working up to her ears followed by her cheeks. I left kisses trailing along the way.

I leaned back into him and moaned. Reaching behind me, I found his hard cock and began to slowly stroke it. I felt the pre cum dripping and brought my hand up for a taste. I noticed the key lime pie filling sitting there and dipped my fingers in and reaching behind me, I smeared it over his cock

The tartness of the lime warmed my cock. I spun her and lifted her onto the counter spreading her legs. She pulled free and ran to the table. I grabbed some filling and smeared it on her breasts.

I dragged him to the table edge and pushed him onto the edge of it as I sat in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. As I tasted his cum and key lime pie I gobbled it up taking his length in as far as I could. I started to suck and play with his balls

I moved my mouth down to her breast and sucked and licked the lime filling. I climbed on the table so she could lick my growing cock.

I ran my hands along his legs as I sucked his cock deep. I slowly made my way up his legs to his ass and ran my finger over his puckered ass hole. I was teasing his rim as I glided my fingers over it to fondle his balls.

I ran a hand down her panties feeling the wetness leaking through. I rubbed her mound through her wet panties. Her legs spread allowing me to probe deeper and lower. I moved my other hand down taking her panties down.

I slipped away leading him on a little chase. I teased him saying, “You need to work for your dessert.”

I chased her to the couch where I pulled her panties off and pushed her down. I reached for her clit but she slipped away again running to the bedroom.

I hid behind the door and as he entered the room I came up behind him and pushed him onto the bed. Laying face first on the mattress I laid over his legs and started to rim his ass as my hand snaked under him to play with his cock

When her hand reached under me, I raised my butt up in the air exposing my ass and hard cock pointing straight down. I moaned loud with pleasure.

I slid off some to let his legs move freely. I stroked his cock as I slipped my tongue into his ass. I was moving my face back and forth as my hand picked up the pace. I felt his balls tighten and I stopped. I got up and left him there as I slipped out our sliding glass door.

I groaned as she left. I rolled off the bed and chased her outside onto the patio. She fell onto a lounger with her legs spread wide. I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders plunging head long into her wet pussy.

The lounger crashed to the floor from one to many fuck fests. We both laughed as he continued to fuck me hard. I started to pinch and pull on my nipples. Moaning I told him to turn me over and spank my ass for teasing him

I rolled her over and lifted her up on her knees. Her ass was waving in the air and I spanked one cheek then the other. I massaged her butt as I spanked her. I heard moans coming from deep in her throat. Her button hole was puckering as I spanked.

Nora said, “Oh yes, spank your little slut; make her pay for teasing you. Stick your cock in my holes. Let me feel your cum exploding in me.”

I spanked her harder and she wriggled her ass. I pushed my thumb in her butt. It spread wide. It was ready for my cock which was aching to fill her. I moved up and pushed my cock deep into her ass. I started driving in and out hard.

Nora moaned, “Oh fuck that's it baby; fuck my ass.”

He was fucking me so hard and fast that we were pushed out into the grass. I looked up to see our neighbors watching us from their porch. They are a nice couple and he was clearly hard. I moaned louder and waved over at them.

I looked up and smiled, as I continued pounding her from the rear. I felt my cock and balls stiffen. I exploded deep inside her ass and she squeezed my cock pulling all my cum into her. I pulled out and rolled her over. I looked into her eyes and I saw unbridled lust reflected back at me.

I pulled him closer and kissed him and then told him loud enough for the neighbors to hear that I still needed my pussy eaten and fucked again I was still not done cumming.

I looked over and the neighbors were getting frisky. I got hard quickly, but first I put two fingers in her and rubbed her g-spot as my tongue and lips grasped her clit. Her hips rose up following my mouth.

I started to move my hips into his face as his fingers and mouth worked wonders on my needy pussy. I heard moaning and loud grunts coming from the neighbors. My juices started to flow more freely. I looked over and saw the neighbors in doggie style watching our every move

My cock was rock hard and I took my fingers out and rammed my cock deep inside her throbbing pussy. She moved her hips up to push me further in. I pulled almost all the way out and she groaned. As the groan ended I plunged in again and again fast and hard. She moaned and screamed. I kept ramming her hard. The neighbors were matching us stroke for stroke. We were racing now to get her off and have me explode

Nora moaned, “Yes fuck me hard Cal. Come in Cal, and fill my pussy with your spunk.”

I reached up and pinched his nipple telling him I was ready to flood his cock.

We slowed to cool down a little. She was drifting away. We were getting ready to explode and the neighbors were groaning and grunting. We reached the point of orgasm and pushed through. She was pulling my cock in her pussy as I exploded and mixed our juices . We stayed coupled as we drained all my cum. I was on top of her kissing her. We basked in the glow of sex. The neighbors were lying breathless but happy. I rolled off and got up. I gave her a hand up and we went in the house to finish making dinner. We were content now that our dreams and desires had been fulfilled.

We finished dinner and cleared away the dishes and sat back down to plan our little family dinner. It was to be a small affair with simple food and family fun. I was to meet her sons and her sisters and share the first of many family dinners. Nora’s place was small but made for an intimate family dinner. We decided that the meal would be good hearty Saturday night fare. I wanted everything to be simple and cozy to help everyone get comfortable together. The meal would be meatloaf, mac’n cheese, a vegetable and a fresh green salad. For dessert we would have Key Lime pie.

Saturday came and we set up Nora’s apartment for the dinner party. The table had been set the food was ready or cooking slowly to be ready shortly after everyone arrived. Nora was nervous about what her sisters would think of how we met. She knew that they would like Cal, but her older sisters were always suspicious and over protective when it came to Nora.

At five o’clock there was a knock on the door. Nora opened it and her sons Alex and Steven were standing there. They were all smiles to see their mom and gave her big hugs. Nora brought them in and walked up to me and said, “These are my sons Alex and Steven. Boys this is Cal.”

We shook hands and said hello. I waited for a bit for the awkward moment to play out and engaged them in small talk which put us all at ease. Soon we were chatting back and forth happy to meet each other. Things had happened so quickly between Nora and me that she had not had time to tell them about me and that I was now living with her. In my mind I said, “One big hurdle down, one more to leap coming.”

There was a soft knock at the door and we knew it was her sisters Ann and Marie. With some trepidation Nora opened the door. Her sisters entered and hugged her and stood looking at me. I was checking them out too.

Ann was the first to speak.

“Hi, I am Ann, nice to meet you. Are you single?”

I replied, “Yes I am. It is nice to finally meet you. Nora has spoken of you often.”

Ann smiled and said, “Oh, you are single. So when are we going out on a date?”

I replied, “I’m sorry but I am spoken for.”

Ann spoke disappointedly, “Oh really you’re taken? Are you sure I can’t change your mind?”

“Ann quit flirting with my man! She is such a big flirt but harmless.”

“Hello, you must be Marie. It is nice to finally meet you too.”

Marie replies coolly, “It is nice to meet you. Where are you from? How did you two meet?”

“I am from San Francisco California. Nora and I met on a story web site on the internet.”

Marie looks at me with some distain not trusting me completely. She asks, “What do you do for a living? How long will you be staying?”

“I am a Vice President of Fabrication and Distribution for a small steel fabrication and distribution company. I have retired, but the company called me back to consult for them on this contract here in Pittsburgh. I will be here for at least the next two years and possibly much longer.”

Marie smiles a little, “You’re not just visiting and using our sister to notch your belt of conquests are you?”

I was caught a little off guard by Marie’s frankness but it was good to clear the air and get things set straight for the family. I replied, “Nora and I had become deeply involved over the past few months and wanted to meet to test the waters of taking our relationship a lot further. So far I am very happy with Nora. I recently lost my wife to a long illness and was looking for a soul mate and met Nora.”

“Marie, behave, I am old enough to make my own decisions and I am not being used. We invited you to dinner so you could get to know Cal. We want this to work and you are part of the plan to help us make it work.”

“Nora and I have been writing short stories for a web site and publishing them for people to read. We like what each of us has written and want you to read them too.”

We go to Lush’s sister site where they read my work and have the same reaction to my poetry everyone else does, not a dry eye in the house. They read Nora’s work and listened to some of it. They are surprised but realize there is a real bond here. Marie came over and hugged me and kissed my cheek. Ann on the other hand threw her arms around me and kissed me square on the lips, getting Nora a little stirred up. We all laughed at that and the ice was broken. Marie was going to lecture us on the dangers of internet dating but decided that in this case her lecture was not needed. She could see how we felt and she was feeling good about it too.

Dinner proceeded in a very friendly at times raucous mood. We exchanged stories of each other’s past and got to know each other well. We were all very comfortable when the dinner ended. Reluctantly they all left and Nora and I cleaned up.

We turned and looked each other in the eye and kissed ending a task well done. To celebrate we returned to Mount Washington and sat watching the blinking lights of Pittsburgh. The dinner we had both feared was over and a great success. We hugged and kissed like two teenagers out on a date. We chatted about what happened and how happy we were.

Our next big task was to find a bigger place to live, move in and invite her friends to meet and share Nora’s happiness with Cal