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Teacher's Pet, Chapter 2

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 2

After packing a few things, she spends the week at his place.
After dinner was finished, Mr. Cramer pushed himself back from the table.

"Come here slut," he said.

Amy rose from the table and came around to his side. She stood in front of him, hands clasped behind her back, and legs spread. "Yes, Sir."

"Once you finish clearing the table and get the dishwasher going, we can leave to go back to your place so you can pack some clothes. You will need a few outfits for this coming week if you are going to stay here with me," he said.

He reached up under her corset ruffle and felt the heat coming from her still naked pussy. His hand homed in on her sex as if it was a heat-seeking missile, finding her warm moist slit and slipping inside it easily. He fingered her as he spoke and she shuddered as she felt him inside her. "Not that I have anything against this outfit, but it is hardly acceptable in a school environment! No, this little number is best left for work around the house!"

"Yes Sir. I will get right on it," she said, biting her lip as she felt her pussy getting wet from his words and his hand churning inside her. She stayed there as he continued to play with her, his fingers inside her and his thumb massaging her clit. She knew not to move or even use her hands... he had already shown her the punishment for interfering! And she wasn't anxious for another reminder so soon!

Amy stood there as he had his way with her, her legs quivering and her body swaying gently side to side as the passions rose in her. She closed her eyes and mewed softly, telling him she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Mr. Cramer smiled - Amy was quickly approaching becoming a full blown nymphomaniac! It seemed the more sex he gave her, the more she wanted! He fingered her now dripping pussy as she panted her desire to him. Her whole body quivered as she neared her brink.

"S... sir... I... I... Ohhhh!" she whimpered. He knew she was close. "Please... sir."

"Not just yet," he said, pulling his sticky fingers from her. Amy groaned her dismay at being left unsatisfied. But her protests were left unanswered as he got up from the table, He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the foot of the stairs. "Now get upstairs and put on the rest of this outfit. We have to get going. I want to get back here before it gets too late."

"Yes Sir," she said reluctantly. She went upstairs and got dressed and returned a few minutes later.

"I'm ready Sir," she announced when she got downstairs.

"Good. Let's go. It's already late." Mr. Cramer walked Amy to the car and opened the door for her, seating her before taking his place behind the wheel. Once she was buckled in and ready to go, he took off and headed for her house.

It took about 20 minutes to get to Amy's house from where Mr. Cramer lived. Once they arrived, he parked as close to the door as he could and they went inside.

"Make yourself comfortable, Sir... I'll be down in a few minutes," she said.

"That's ok... I want to see your room anyway," he said, following her back down the hallway to her room. She was a bit nervous about letting her teacher into her room - after all she hadn't even let her mother come in her room since she was 10 years old! In fact, there hadn't been anyone in her room in many years. She never had any friends from school over. And now her teacher wanted to come in and see her private sanctuary!

But Mr. Cramer had a strange control over Amy. As wrong as she knew it was to allow him into her room with no one home, she wanted him to come in. She held the door for him and he entered her room to find it a little girls lavender dream. The walls were striped with lilac and lavender vertical stripes about 6 inches wide, alternating around the room. The ceiling trim and ceiling were painted flat white as was the trim around the doors. The window frames and the baseboards were also painted white. The floor was wood, but most of it was covered by a huge purple fur rug. The furnishings also carried out the purple, lavender, and lilac theme. She had a shelving unit and wardrobe in one corner of the room, a lavender desk with white trim and a white wooden chair with a lavender pad, a lavender toy chest, and finally a lavender and lilac arched canopy bed.

"I... umm... I like purple," she said, shyly looking down at her feet.

"So I see! But it's a very sweet room."

"Thank you, Sir. No one outside my family has seen it before."

"No one?"


"Not even your girlfriends?"

"I... I don't... have any Sir," she said, looking down again.

"You don't have any girlfriends? No one to come over and have a sleepover or a pillow fight with? No one to share boy secrets or play games with?"

"No, Sir. I... I think I scare them away."

"That's too bad. But I am honored to be able to see it."

"Thank you Sir," she said, looking up at him. "I'll just pack a few things and the..."

"Before you get involved in that, come over here," he said, cutting her off in mid-sentence. She took a few steps towards him and stood in front of him as he sat on the edge of her bed.

"Yes, Sir?" she asked. He reached out and took hold of the zipper on her corset and began to slowly pull it down. Amy took a deep breath as she realized what his plans were. He was going to take her again... this time in her own room! The thought was wicked, even by her standards, but also deliciously sexy and erotic! She kept her hands to her sides and looked at him as he teasingly lowered the zipper, exposing more and more of her flesh to his view. He paused to kiss what he had revealed before continuing further. Amy gasped at his hot lips touched her skin. Chills ran up her spine as his breath hit her. She moaned softly and her knees went weak for a second.

With a final short tug, the zipper was completely undone and the two sides fell away from each other revealing her flat belly. She gasped aloud as the corset separated and he took the edges and peeled it back, falling to the ground behind her. Her topless form stood before him, trembling slightly. The cool air of the room and the thoughts of what was about to transpire made Amy's nipples harden to little spikes and goose bumps raise on her skin. With her corset removed, Mr. Cramer focused his attention of her almost painted-on faux leather short shorts. These shorts were similar to what professional cheerleaders wore - so tiny they were practically bikini bottoms!

"Your mother actually lets you wear such clothes to school?" he said, as he began peeling the tops down. They were very tight and he had some trouble getting the fabric down over her well proportioned hips and ass.

"My mom gave up trying to dress me a long time ago, Sir. Now she would just as soon NOT know what I plan on wearing!" Amy said, smiling shyly. Mr. Cramer finally got the fabric over her hips and down to where it fell off on its own to her ankles and Amy delicately stepped out of them. She was naked now, save for her heels which she took off and stood before him, her body shining in the sunlight coming in from her bedroom windows.

Mr. Cramer stood up and scooped the young girl into his arms placing her on her bed gently. He leaned over and kissed her gently as she wrapped her arms around his neck. His left hand began to roam, first stopping at the firm, full, 34C tits. He grabbed hold of the fleshy globe and dug his fingers into it as he closed his mouth over hers. She moaned into his mouth as her tongue darted out to meet his, coiling and writhing like two snakes in a death match. She pulled his head down, crushing her lips with his as he mauled her tender tit, pinching and pulling and twisting her nipple as she gasped and moaned her approval. Amy arched her back as he worked her soft flesh and parted her legs hoping he would continue his exploration of her young, nubile body.

He took note of her desire for further examination, and he began kissing his way down her prone body. He kissed her neck and then kissed his way across her chest to the very tit he only moments ago was clawing. He took the stiff nipple into his mouth and began biting and chewing on the sensitive bud. Amy moaned loudly at this new sensation, arching her back and pushing his head down harder, wanting more of her in that hot mouth.

While he feasted on her tender young breast, his hand slid down her heaving abdomen and over her mound to her dewy slit. Amy bucked her hips at the touch of his hand on her sensitized pussy.

"Ohhh!" she cried out as she tried to slam her thighs together and reject the intruder.

"Keep those legs open, slut!" he said, slapping the insides of her thighs. "You keep those legs open or else," he repeated with another slap to her other thigh. Amy gasped as he slapped her tender thighs and spread her legs wide again. He began playing with her wet pussy again and once again when the sensations got to be too much, she closed her legs instinctively.

"I said keep those legs open you little slut!" he said, slapping her legs repeatedly.

"Sorry, Sir!" she panted as she opened them again. "I can't... help it!"

"Well then I will have to hold them open myself!" he said. He got off the bed and went over to her toy box. He rummaged around until he found an old jump rope. "This will do fine." He brought the jump rope back to the bed and used it to secure her ankles to the bedposts, spread wide and open.

With the final knot made and tightened, he stood up to admire his work. "There, that ought to take care of those legs. Now what can we do with those arms...?"

"Please, Sir, not my arms... I'll keep them out of the way! I promise!" she implored him.

"Then you grab onto the headboard and do not let go until I tell you, do you understand? If you let go of that headboard one time without permission, I will tie those hands out of the way and there will be hell to pay!" he warned her.

Amy grabbed the spindles of the headboard tightly. "Yes, Sir."

Mr. Cramer knelt down between Amy's bound and spread legs. He touched her wet and waiting pussy with his fingertip, tracing her soft, puffy pussy lips and drawing tiny circles around her sensitive, throbbing clit. Amy moaned at his burning touch as it left a trail of fire wherever it went. She spread her legs further apart and raised her hips in an effort to coax his fingers into entering her. She wanted him, any part of him, inside her hungry pussy.

"Please... Sir," she whined. Amy was in heat, she wanted him and she wanted him now. Between what he had done to her at the dinner table, the fact that she was now naked and bound to her own bed in front of him, and the teasing torment he was putting her through, it was all too much for a young girl to handle!

"Please, Sir, fuck me in my little girl room... in my little girl bed. Fuck this little girl, Sir. Fuck her and make her a woman! Please!"

Well he could hardly refuse such a sensual invitation and he leaned forward to place his hot mouth over her sex, his tongue darting out to plunge deeply into her velvety slit. Amy gasped and then moaned loudly as she felt his tongue enter her. It was a good thing her mother was away! He went to work on her pussy, licking the insides, lapping at her thick puffy lips, and flicking over her clit. The different mixture of signals emanating from her core twisted her mind, and she began seeing stars and fireworks inside her closed eyelids as her brain became clouded by lust. She moaned and twisted and arched her back, mouth open in a silent scream of abandonment as the fire in her loins grew quickly out of control.

Mr. Cramer ate her pussy like a fine five-star meal, savoring every lick and taste. Amy was slowly losing her mind as she twisted and writhed and bucked her hips. Part of her wanted him deeper inside of her and part wanted to rid her completely of the teasing tormentor. Amy tried very hard to keep control and hang onto the headboard like she had been told, but in the fog of lust her willpower waned and the need to push his face deeper into her demanding pussy won out. She reached down with one hand and pressed him into her crotch.

"Ohhhh, Sirrrr!" she moaned loudly.

He buried his face deeper into her dripping pussy, intensifying his devouring of her. Amy's thighs quivered and she rolled her hips up to meet his tormenting. She tossed her head back and forth as she lost all sense in her swirling spinning ecstasy.

"OhmyGOD! Oh Sir, I'm cumminngg!" Amy squealed as she burst forth, her juices filling his mouth and spilling onto her bed. She bucked and twisted as he kept lapping and licking at her pussy and clit, drawing out her orgasm to the point that Amy thought she would pass out. Forgetting his stern warning about moving her hands, Amy reached down and grabbed the sheets at her sides as her hips raised and she arched her back. Her orgasm had completely overtaken her and she was no longer in control of herself.

He held onto her hips as she rocked back and forth, trying to shake him off her. But he wasn't letting up just yet. As Amy howled and pleaded for him to relent, he continued his torturous work. At last he had drained her of every bit of energy she could muster and he ceased his vexation.

Amy laid on her bed, gasping for breath as she tried to calm herself. Her young, tight body was a sheen of sweat, and cum oozed from her still pulsing pussy.

"Didn't I tell you NOT to move your hands, young lady?" he said.

"Y-yes Sir. But I couldn't he..." she tried to explain.

"I don't want to hear your excuses!" he said sternly. "I guess I'm going to have to tie those arms so you can't move them."

"No please, Sir! I am sorry I won't move them again!" she pleaded with him.

"Quiet, slut. I warned you not to move them and now you will pay the consequences," he said. "Now does your mother have any other rope around the house?"

"I... I think she has some extra clothesline rope in the laundry room... in one of the drawers," she said.

"Good. You stay right here and I will right back," he said. He went to retrieve the rope and returned in a few moments. Amy hadn't moved a muscle, not knowing what the 'consequences' he had in mind were, but not wanting to aggravate the situation further.

"Very good. Now let's tend to those mischievous arms," he said. Mr. Cramer set about tying Amy's wrists to the bedposts at the head of the bed. He tied her arms securely so she would have no way of getting loose herself.

"There, that should keep those hands out of the way," he said. He stood up and began unbuckling his belt.

"Sir, please! Please don't spank me!" Amy said fighting violently against her bonds.

"Relax, slut, I don't intend to spank you," he said. He finished getting undressed and then climbed on top of her. "But that doesn't mean I am done with you."

With that, he took cock in hand, pointed it at her still slick opening, and rammed it full length into her savagely in a single powerful thrust.

Amy's eyes flew wide open and her jaw dropped, she tried to scream but nothing came out. At least not at first. After a few long seconds though she found her voice and she wailed as she came.

"Ohhhmyyygoddd!" she screamed. Her juices gushed as his powerful thrusts kept pummeling her abused pussy. Relentlessly he pounded her, hard fast and deep. She bucked and twisted and writhed as he took his pleasure in the young girl's body. And the more she struggled and cried, the harder and more determined he was.

But all this grappling was taking its toll on him as well and Mr. Cramer could feel the cum boiling in his balls, wanting to escape. So after a few more huge stabs he was ready for his own orgasm.

"I'm going to cum now, slut. I'm going to cum in your pussy," he said. He covered her mouth just as his cock swelled then exploded inside her warm wet tunnel. His white-hot cum splashed against the walls of her overworked pussy and seared her insides. Amy screamed into his hand as she fell over her own cliff once again. As if riding a prize bull in the rodeo, he held onto her as she pitched and rolled, orgasming with her teacher in her own little girl bed.

Amy collapsed back onto her bed, totally spent. Her breaths came in ragged, tearing gasps and she was unable lift her arms, much less fight anymore. She was done. Mr. Cramer laid down next to her while she slowly recovered enough that he didn't have to watch her. Then he got up and released her wrists and ankles and put away the jump rope. As she laid there on her bed continuing to come back, he went and put the clothesline rope back where he found it, then came back to check on her again.

By now, Amy had returned and her breathing was normal again. She laid on her bed still because she hadn't gotten permission to get up. Mr. Cramer came back from putting the rope away. "Good. I see you are back. I guess we should get you packed and get back home," he said.

"Yes Sir," she said, getting up. She was still a bit woozy on her feet, so she leaned on him for support for a moment. Then as her strength returned, she was able to get started. He watched as she quickly got dressed again and then she started pulling things from her dresser drawers and closet, with him approving or disapproving each item as she did. What he allowed, she packed into a small suitcase. Then he made her take her pillow out of it's pillowcase and strip her bed. "Put the sheets into the pillowcase and you can wash them back at my house. We don't want your mother to know what kind of a dirty slut her daughter is!" he said.

"Yes, Sir," she said. Once her bed linen was stuffed into the pillowcase, she moved into the bathroom and packed up her makeup and toiletries. When she was finally packed and ready to go, they left her house and headed for home.

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