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Team Spirit 3

A hot and sexy cougar is rescued by her son's best friends who fix her car and more..
Team Spirit 3

Don Abdul ©

The potent vibrations from Leslie's vocal cords resonated powerfully
through Paul's sensually charged cock and her involuntary squeeze on
his balls send his hurtling down the bottomless pit of release. His
back arched and his head flew backwards as he let out a deep guttural
growl from the depth of his soul and spewed his hot cum in the air with
some of it falling like rain on her shuddering body .

Miguel straightened up to restore blood circulation to his legs, and
survey the erotic scene before him. He knew from experience that Leslie
would recover quickly and be ready for another round of pleasure.
Although Paul's cock had softened a little, he was sufficiently hard
enough to penetrate a wet cunt, but the next move was definitely not
his. Miguel tapped Leslie's voluptuous ass and urged her to get on her
hands and knees, he then positioned himself behind her and thrust his
thick long cock into her wet pussy with one blow, and she gave out a
short cry as he drove his cock right down to the hilt.

The rather cocky confidence of his rough entry brought Paul to instant
erection. Nowhere in his steady rhythm and her appreciative response to
his every thrust did he notice shyness or uncertainty, rather Paul
began to get the distinct feeling that there was a certain familiarity
in the way Miguel plucked at the strings of her desire, and the
beautiful sound of sexual exhilaration that emanated from her. Before
he could dwell on it any further however, he felt Leslie soft hand on
his nodding cock again and he soon lost himself in the soothing jerking
that she expertly gave him.

Leslie pulled on Paul's cock, making him kneel close to her face and
then she proceeded to take him in her mouth.  As Miguel pounded her
pussy mercilessly driving her to distraction with rough, hard thrusts,
her loud moans come out muffled from Paul's growing erection in her

Through his half open eyes, Miguel saw Paul watching with envy as he
fucked Leslie like the slut that she truly was, and he knew that Paul
was dying to trade places with him; ‘Don't worry dear friend, there's
more than enough of her to go round.... Trust me' his eyes seemed to
say to his friend who was now desperately humping Leslie's mouth. She
was being tossed back and forth by the force of the two humping stud at
either ends of her pleasure stricken body; as she tried to keep up with
the feverish tempo of their youthful urgency she was swept away by the
on-rushing blast of another orgasm. She executed a choke hold on Paul's
cock as her cunt twitched and clenched around Miguel's huge girth, she
shuddered and shook until she could barley maintain her posture. Miguel
grabbed her waist to hold her steady even as her pussy juice bathed his
cock and then trickled down her inner thigh.

Envious and unwilling to stand in line anymore, Paul stretched out on
the bed and grasped the base of his throbbing cock and said to Leslie,
"Come ride my bronco". He could hardly believe he just said that, but
he was glad he did. Miguel also felt proud of the usually reserved
Paul's new found freak, as he helped Leslie straddle Paul.

She rubbed her wet pussy and spread her labia open before lowering her
cunt over his heaven pointing erection.  The position was a fitting
metaphor for the sweet hard fuck session that ensued; it was indeed
Leslie that was doing the hard fucking, as Paul surrendered to her wild
riding pleasure. As her ass bucked wildly and her pussy clenched and
kneaded his shaft, he shifted, resting his weight on both elbows as his
mouth reached for her jingling tit which he sucked on as she fucked him

Miguel's body was awash with passion as he watched Leslie ride his
friend, his cock kicked and nodded several times and he reached for the
lotion on the night stand. He poured a generous helping onto his cock
and rubbed it all over. He held the bottle upside down and squirted a
thick glob of the lotion at the crack of Leslie's rising and falling
ass. With his oily hand he rubbed the lotion into her ass crack and
over her anus, working his fingers past her sphincter. As he probed her
tight asshole deeper, he could feel Paul's thrusting cock through the
thin wall separating both orifices. This motion detection turned him on immensely so he withdrew his finger from her ass and climbed on top of
the bed. He squatted behind Leslie, straddling Paul's out stretched
legs, and grasped hold of his throbbing cock; Leslie looked over her
shoulders when he tapped her ass, and instantly understood what was
expected of her. She leaned forward pushing her tit further into Paul's
face and raising her ass a little higher to facilitate Miguel's smooth

Miguel rubbed the blunt head of his cock up and down her crack spreading
the lubricant evenly, and then he pushed steadily against her anal
opening until his dick gained entrance into her rear portal. Leslie let
out a cry of relief in spite of the stinging sweet sensation as Miguel
shoved his cock deeper up her ass; she was finally given the cock in
the ass she had been craving for months. She writhed and stretched to
meet both her lovers' thrusts as she desperately attempted to sate her
hunger for more. Sensing her need Miguel pulled back and almost
completely withdrew his cock from her ass, and then rammed it right
back in with such force she almost fell over on top of Paul; she
screamed out loud, it was a cry of anguish and ultimate joy.

Both guys carried on fucking her as both she and them moaned and groaned
as they drowned in the pleasure, and filled the room with the smell,
sight and sound of raw sex as each thrust of their sizeable cocks
stretched her to the max, making her feel like a cheap slut. She had
had double penetrations before, mostly with older men but never had she
had the mind blowing pleasure of being poked in both holes at once by a
couple of young stud brimming with such tremendous youthful stamina.
This newly discovered joy was just beyond her imagination she reckoned
as she succumbed to orgasm after orgasm causing her to scream out
shamelessly as she was fucked mercilessly by her son's best friends.

Although Miguel had actually fucked Leslie once after their first
encounter when she gave him the blow job of his life, fucking their
best friend's mom in both holes simultaneously was something neither of
the guys had ever considered possible. They had never done that before
with anyone, but soon managed to find the perfect rhythm that worked
for all three of them. They were, all three of them part of a well
oiled sexual machine, with Miguel thrusting in Leslie's now widened
asshole in alternation with Paul's near complete withdrawal from

Leslie's well-fucked pussy, and vice versa, creating a symphony of
slurping and slapping sounds accompanied by Leslie's moans. Each thrust
brought them all closer and closer to flash point as the music of their
sex reached a crescendo. Leslie climaxed first, belting out loud
screams of ultimate joy and ecstasy. As she shuddered her ass bucked
wildly, both men's thrusts grew in intensity escalating the sensations
of their mutually arousing pricks as they rubbed against each other
through the thin wall separating her vaginal canal from her rectum.
Paul was first to be hit by the tsunami of pleasure, "Oh
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" He groaned deeply as he thrust hard up her cunt for
the last time shooting her full of his endless spurts of cum as the
exhilaration of his release engulfed him completely.

Miguel pounded away at her loose ass, moaning out loud at the pleasure
flooding his body. His thrusts were fast and excitingly furious and
soon Leslie came alive again; she started yelling with each stroke
feeling her anal orifice burn with the friction and desire of his
frenzied drilling. Each stroke gave her a tiny orgasm, which added to
the sensation that was building up. She reached down between herself
and the wasted Paul and rubbed her clitoris, and it wasn't much longer
before she started to shiver with pleasure. Suddenly she felt Miguel
thrust violently up her ass and groaned loud, "Oh mami! I'm cumming!!"
and then she felt the first spurt of hot, thick cum fill her ass, the
sensation was indescribably awesome, sending her spiraling into a
massive orgasm. Her hand rubbed away furiously at her clit as though
possessed of a mind of its own as she yelled out loud and her whole
body went numb. Her anal muscles tightened around her fucker's cock as
she involuntarily milked the last drop of cum from his spitting

Completely drained, Miguel swayed sideways, his dick pulled out of her
asshole with a loud plop! He collapsed on the bed beside her, as she
had collapsed right on top of Paul who was too weak to move after
coming. She had cum leaking out of her pussy around Paul's now flaccid
dick which was still stuck inside her pussy, and from her well fucked
ass which was slowly closing up again.

All three of them laid on the bed motionless, breathing heavily
struggling to regain their strength. Each was lost in their own
thoughts. For the guys, they were happy to be able to help out their
best friend's mom in her hour of need, twice in the same day. For
Leslie, although her son was so far away from home, she was glad that
his mates came through for her, catering to her needs and exhibiting
the Team spirit they had always shown from their days in high school.

They all secretly weighed the impropriety of their sinful congress, but
they were even more excited by the notoriety of it. They all knew that
they just had to do it again.

The End (At least for now)

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