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This young guy is having difficulties in burying his cock into an old lady’s cunt.

This young guy is having difficulties in burying his cock into an old lady’s cunt. It’s already been ten years since last time her husband made love to her.  A true story.
My vagina was no longer wishing to get a stranger guest inside her, least to fit huge cocks into it: no use to try, but slowly, the rod began to slide in, bringing me to a fantastic sex ever, even greater than the ones I used to have with my husband.
A friend of mine encouraged me to write this story about our first adventure we had together on the bed. Well, first thing first: to introduce myself.
I am a 60 yo woman,  married to my husband 20 years elder. He never gave me a major pleasure further than  a routine fucking here and there. Of course I wasn't satisfied at all. We still live together while worship is a subject   gone for ever, nonexistent.   I must say, I'm still aroused by men's dicks because my necessities have to be satisfied, while love has been too poor at our marriage, since we first married, but I've survived by saying:   "It's worth a bird in hand than a hundred in the bush."  It means, at least I sometimes got a dick into my pussy.

I have some natural assets that my robe always keeps hidden. I love to play with my hidden godies too. I always spread my pussy wide and is feeling good. With a body like that I should never keep it hidden. My pussy is so tight it would be like fucking a fist. I’d like a man in me. I wanted to have a visitor over so I could get some action and keep it quiet.
My new friend is a 20 yo boy. His first name is Michael and I still can't get how such young person could feel attracted by any mature woman. He was too important to me, because ended up solving my problems in the bed, problems like weariness, dullness, boredom…  He made me try new, unimaginable things on the bed and to feel satisfied, fucking my brains out.
I met Michael two years ago by accident.  He had come to this town to attend a university, but  a friend of mine asked Michael to do a favour –to bring a present and turn it to me at my home. The messenger, in fact,  delivered such package and  the moment he rang the door bell   I was alone at home  -my husband was running  errands,  and  it was the maid's day off.
As I was getting out of the bath room -I was taking a shower- somebody rang the door bell. I was not wearing my panty, or underwear, and went to open  the    door though. There he was, showing kind, young and sympathetic; too nice and I was moved by his appearance. I motioned him inside saying thank you. As the 20 yo boy handled in the package. I said: "Would you like to come in for  a soda?"
We had small talk and looked like two persons who were familiar or knew each other since time back; I wasn't shy at all during the talk,  and it looked like an informal visit. I sometimes either threw off the track in the middle of the chat, or acted with confidence at some occasions.
He was not concerned, or seemingly didn't pay attention at my rob showing a crack, as  I repeatedly would cross my legs. Well, I must say I still have the legs for it. There I was, sitting in that sofa almost naked. My low neck was, at the same time, giving me some trouble coz the rob I was wearing disclosed too much   evidence. Also it showed the bottom of my breasts.   Michael's apparent embarrassment made me figure out these problems as he peeked at my legs.  Perhaps he was beginning to feel uncomfortable there, especially by the way he stared at me, and this had begun to turn me on. I wondered what he specifically was looking at, while at the same time, I had images of me stripping off for him, but figured out his glances off my body would only mean his criticism or disapproval.

An old woman shouldn't show off like this, on the contrary to cover her body to keep away from intriguing stare. This winding up made me to ask for permission and get to my bed room for dressing up formally. Then, I'd   give Michael a ride back home.  But finally I ended up showing him around the neighbourhood, as you will see now.
I came down in my new outfit and realized this guy wasn't alert of my standing in the second floor: too busy, occupied in jerking off!  I was initially offended, insulted by this scene but, all of a sudden, this began to turn me on.  No question  he had liked my legs and tits.  I still didn't believe this and began to come downstairs doing some noise to prevent.
We tour  this part of the city for two hours, and visited a few malls, and the like. Since I had invited him for lunch we returned home, and at the same time he'd have the chance to meet my husband, but  were surprised by  a massage my husband had left for us to read, saying her would have lunch at his cousin's, also  a business reunion with friends there.
Well, we had no other choice than having our meal without my husband and after that, we would sit in the sofa to talk and drink coffee. Suddenly, I told him I wanted to take  my shoes off,  put my feet up and relax.  He offered to massage my legs, saying he had learned this job at massage centres working there. Also he had signed in a course once.  Of course I gladly agreed, so Michael asked for some hydrating cream.  Soon I'd be lying in the sofa, while the young boy massaged feet and legs together.
I not only began to feel healed, but I noticed my wet vagina, aroused by Michael's skilled hands too. He prompted his hands toward my thighs. My body was all a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. I wanted to stop him but lacked the will power, or excuses to keep him from continue. I was finally led by pleasure and let him on his own. I'd soon give up, like if in heaven.
That was too much stimulating to stand, as this got to its momentum.  I got totally inhibited and modesty was no longer something  I could rely on.  I felt like if grass tea had been passed around freely in a party, instead of coffee.
Suddenly, I felt something wet on one foot, so I opened my eyes to find out what it was: Michael was kissing it, he then moved on to the other one. I didn't know what to do, if to complain, but wished this to continue endlessly.
I think I was already longing for sexual touching or clutching...  more anxious about a marry game of grabarse.  This gentleman sure would have to engage the grandma, or the lowest and lowest gear of truck, if he was going to attempt anything on me. As I leaned back to relax and enjoy, I suddenly saw a bulk, probably his  crotch through  his pants.
Michael continued to lick my foot, and as he was closing in to my pussy, I began to feel a strange pleasure. This gratification made by the massage on my mound was such unbearable!  it made me  reach  to an orgasm almost immediately, grinding my hips.

Still modesty tried to play a role here, to stop this boy, but Michael's smiling face calmed me down. I tried to impede but it was no go as he began to slide off my panty.  Probably Michael was conscious I had been keenly needful for sexual gratification in a long time.
Michael's mouth fell hungrily on my hairy pussy, then to the labia, alongside my slit, up down. Again, pleasure took hold and probably it was another orgasm on its way.  I also saw a distinct object out of his pants, something I didn't wish to name. What's that dingus in front of my face?
Michael drove me to a second orgasm by poking his tongue inside me, he immediately got to his feet and began to strip me off my clothes, leaving me completely naked. I didn't resist. Nonetheless to say, I was completely turned on by this time, becoming into an easy lay, abandoned to everything.
He got naked too, while I gazed at his dick and a male body upon my position sitting on the sofa. I noticed his hard on like rock. Michael started to tease it, and jerked off like the first time I saw him doing this, just few hours ago. He came up to me and asked to go ahead; probably would direct me.  I grabbed his rod with one hand but never imagined a penis could get as hard as this.  I noticed Michael's expression in his face. He had gotten his first trophy. 
Suddenly, he put his hand on back of my head and pushed it forward. Since I  had never sucked a penis I resisted whatsoever. He encouraged me to proceed, so I began to lick slowly. Well I had to throw out my tongue sometimes. At that moment, I got a hint of his cum, and  never got sick by any disgusting flavour here.  My licks were now more long-standing until we reached to a point when he said: "Put it into your much!"
So I did by introducing the bulbous and rounded cock head into my jaws. But first kissed it gently and licked with the tip of my tongue. My loving attitude made Michael to moan slightly. His moans increased   in intensity each time his cock went more deeply into me.  He said:
"You suck harder, harder, please."
I WAS LIKE A STARVED MOM...  I obeyed and his legs began to shake and loosened. It was at this point I got more turned on, with these profound, intense, rather passionate strokes.  I think Michael's stir had already gotten to a maximum: he clutched my head so a rod made its way deeper into the mature woman. Well it's my duty to accept that I felt like in the middle of a pandemonium, up to my ass, doing my first blowjob.  His entire cock was forced to keep on wholly into my mouth and I was now choking, along with saliva, which had already flooded outside the moment he pulled out. A little ashamed and feeling disgust as well, things got worse as this sight of me sucking penis turned him on more, saliva dripping, spurt to my chest.
Next move would be to stick his penis again into my mouth in a rudely producing more nausea. I definitely was dead beat.  As he resumed, I got him on his feet to continue socking cock more comfortably until finally he exploded in my mouth, wiggling, and cum with a big load.
I had always maintained that oral sex was too filthy, sickening. But was convinced no other flavour could match this, a pleasant flavour of sperm in my mouth.  I was now a dirty woman, and felt like only a medium screw!  Sperm mixed with saliva in my face and breast.  We both were happy buddies now!
I reckoned we already done with this and would take a shower, but his hand got down to my pussy and began to tease, touch it.  We had had enough, and couldn't understand why an old body like mine would be so longing. At least it gave a good response to his touching. I said:
"Don't you ever think of anything but gash?"
Well, I no longer was a tight – assed woman, and didn’t resist this man spreading my legs wide, sat comfortably between my pussy and began to poke inside me, slowly, at the beginning, but smoothly, looking for easy way in, having some difficulties  -ten years without sexual intercourse, I said before. After forced entry -I NEVER HAD ONE THIS HUGE-  it produced pain, but he cunningly slid his cock into me.  Certainly, I began to overcome pain, giving way to a pleasant pass through of a rod in and out of my vagina. Michael pushed in harder into me.

After some time, he laid both my legs on his shoulders and pushed again. I let out a loud scream, like a howl, as his penis had already got to the deep end.  My repeated moans were a result of pain and lust at the same time. As this guy realized  this, he began to bang me harder. He knew I was switched on.
Michael didn't pause at thrusting my vagina, but what aroused me a lot more was his licking my fee, bringing me to the most savage orgasm, even better than the ones before with him.  My moans had become into laud screams uttered by the desperate mouth as Michael suddenly began to wriggle and shake cuming into me.   He finally took his penis out and asked to wipe it clean with my tongue. Again, I wouldn't refuse to, it had been a great fucking    as yet.
I definitely had left his cock limp, totally flat-ass ruined. We continued to have these encounters after this session and I have discovered new ways for sex play with him now.

I’m a very flava lady after all!
                                                                     THE END


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