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The Babysitter’s wet welcome -II

She was as wet and hot as she was 2 years ago.
B eing away from my brother’s house, for about 2 years, I was excited when I received his call saying that he was throwing a party to celebrate their 10 th wedding anniversary.

M y mind was immediately flooded with images of my sex session with Tessa and how much her mature body had pleasured me to no end. This made me even more excited about going home. I managed a few days off and the bus ride home seemed to go fast as I kept thinking of her and only her and how nice it would be to see that wet dripping pussy that I loved to lick so much. By now I was getting a hard on but I didn’t try to hide it as most of the passengers had fast asleep on the night ride. I fell asleep and I dreamt that she was in the seat next to me and sucking my cock.

T he bus station was crowded but my tall brother stood out like a palm tree in a field.

“H ey Jake buddy, how was your trip? ”, he asked as we hugged. “You doing well”?

‘P retty cool bro. You look good Matt. C’mon lets get outta here. I’m hungry”, I said.

O n the way we talked about the kids, Ellen, work and I was dying to ask about Tessa.

“S o Matt the kid’s still going to, whats her name   ...err…Tessa’s house?” I hoped I was doing a job of pretending to forget her name.

“O h yeah! She’s still around and loves the kids so much. You know what's funny Jake? I swear she treats the kids extra special and the kids love her. She’s just great”, Matt pointed out.

“T hat’s great to hear bro”, I said. You have no idea how great she is Matt, you have no idea I said in my mind

I arrived home and was greeted by the kids and Ellen. The house looked great and I guess they had given it a new paint job. I headed for my old room and after a shower and some breakfast, I realized I was tired as hell and soon fell asleep on the couch.

T he party was the day after, and all my time was consumed by the arrangements and the errands, I hardly had time to think of Tessa. I didn’t even have time to get the kids from their babysitting.

T he day of the party had arrived and I was getting the groceries out of the car when Ellen drove up with the kids.

“H i, Uncle Jake”, it was Tim the elder one. “Aunt Tessa asked about you today”. I nearly dropped the groceries on the ground.

“W hoa big guy, did she now? “ , I said. “And what did she say?”

“S he wanted to know if you had come and I told her yes” and saying that Tim scooted off into the house.

S o she knew I was in town and my only hope was that she had been invited for tonight. I didn’t want to ask Matt about it though as he might get suspicious. I went in and got ready for the big night hoping she was on the invitees list. If she wasn’t I would be devastated and would have to find a way to meet her before I left.

E vening came and with it came a swarm of guests and pretty soon the house was full of music and loud chatter. I had had a few Bacardi’s and kept my eyes posted on the door. There were some familiar faces coming in, but mostly Matt’s and Ellen’s work buddies.

T he party was getting crowded as more guests arrived and I felt I had to step out and have a smoke.

“H ey Jake, listen”, it was Matt. “The garbage in the kitchen is overflowing, could you take it out round the back yard”

“S ure thing”, I said as I gulped down the smooth rum.

T he kitchen was crowded and I wriggled in between guests, bumped into furniture and finally got the bag. I stepped outside and away from all the noise and smoke. It was a cool night and I just stood and took in a breath of fresh air. I dumped the bag and turned around.

‘H i Jay’, a voice whispered. It was Tessa.

I looked into the darkness and saw her as she came out of the shadows. It was really a good hiding place. We both walked slowly towards each other. I looked at her; she looked gorgeous in a maroon strapless top and a tight black mini skirt that hugged her ass perfectly. The mini skirt was way above her knees and her round thighs were breathtaking. Her breasts were thrust out and her cleavage was so deep, just waiting to be licked. As I reached out she took my hands and put it on her face. I rubbed my hands on her face and over her hair and her lips and I pulled her towards me and crushed her lips with mine.

“O h Tessa, Oh Tessa”, was all I could say. My wait was finally over and my lust and passion overpowered my other senses. She showered my face with wet kisses and licks and we passionately kissed for a long time.

I was kissing her lips and sucking on her tongue as our passions ignited. I felt her tongue go into my mouth, licking and sucking my tongue. As we were doing this the door opened and two people come out into the back yard. We pulled away and hid in the shadows. My body pressed against her back and my cock crushing her ass.

 “S ssh... be quiet”, I said. Still I kept on kissing her neck, face and ears and pushed my cock over her skirt as we watched.

I was squeezing Tessa’s breasts and her legs were apart, as the two unknown faces came nearer. I recognized them as the couple who were kissing in the kitchen.

T he man had moved a little away from where we were standing and looked around.

“C ome here Angie”, he whispered as the blonde walked his way.

F rom the look on her face she was high and horny as well. The guy pulled his pants own and took out his half erect cock and said, “Its all yours Angie, c’mon baby quick”. As we watched, my cock was throbbing against Tessa’s back. I unbuttoned her skirt and lifted them to her waist. I was still squeezing her breast as one hand found her amazing wet mature pussy and it's thick outer lips.

M eanwhile the woman had started to pull and play with the man’s cock bringing it to life and full attention. She then proceeded to spit on it and rubbed her saliva all over the cock head and took it in her mouth.

“M mmmmmmm…so nice “, I heard her say as she started to suck harder and faster like a popsicle. The man had his head tilted up, as if star gazing, and his knees were shaking. She then cupped his balls and rubbed them. Then the woman did something I had never seen before. She took some white powder out of her pocket and spread it neatly on the man’s cock. She deep throated the cock and slowly brought it out of her mouth and licked the entire shaft of the cock, even his balls, and swallowed. Then she took it in her hand and began jerking him off as he started to moan. It hit me then that she had sprinkled cocaine on the man’s cock!! She speeded up her actions and suddenly took the pulsing organ in her mouth as the man started moaning. She was sucking it faster and faster and finally his cock shot his load into her mouth, also which she gleefully lapped up.

“M mmmmm..mmmmm…mmmm, that’s so warm and tasty”, she said as she licked his cock clean. The man was too stunned after her performance but both managed to somehow clean up and proceeded into the house.

T his was too much for both of us as I was playing with her pussy all the time. It was dripping wet and my hand was covered in her love juice. I turned her around and took my hands to her mouth .She ran her tongue on it and licked my fingers clean. I looked at her. She was as wet and hot as she was 2 years ago.

M y pants and briefs soon hit the floor. Her skirt was quickly down and my hand hastened to remove her top. She unhooked her black lace bra and her breasts bounced to life into the night air. Her brown breasts were just as big and juicy as if they weren’t a day older and no bra could hold it too long. I cupped my mouth over one brown nipple and sucked on it. I licked all around it and the areola around it. I licked the whole breast and then turned to her left breast. I did the same and sucked both nipples one after the other moving my mouth to and fro. She had one leg around my leg and her wet, dripping pussy juice was all over my thighs. Her hands were pulling my hair and my cock was rubbing against her legs.

I was still licking her huge breast and sucking her swollen nipples. “I just wanna suck these all day Tessa”, I said.

“Y ou take your time Jay; you do it so well baby. You just suck as long as you want”, she comforted me.

I licked her cleavage and ran my tongue to her neck and her lips and I had her complete lower lip in my mouth and I kept on sucking it. I licked her face as well and she kept moaning and shaking her head.

I ran my tongue to her breasts and then knelt down and licked her belly button and flat stomach and hips. I had reached her pubic area and she put her right leg on my shoulder and spread her pussy lips with her fingers so neatly and cleanly. Her pussy was completely shaven and I knew she liked to keep it fully shaved always.

“L ick me Jay; lick my clit, my pussy, my ass Jay. I have missed your tongue on my pussy Jay. Oh Jay, just lick it baby”, she kept on saying.

I brought my head towards her pussy and just touched the tip of my tongue on her clit .She swore under her breath and spread her thick labia more. I licked all around her cunt and up her thighs. Her cunt was so wet; it was a cocktail of her love juice and my saliva. I got to the part which I loved the most.

“I love to suck your thick pussy lips Tessa. You keep it shaved just the way I love it”, I said and saying so started to lick and suck those cunt lips while she held it open for me. I did that for a full five to ten minutes or so.

“O h God! Oh that feels so fucking good Jay…Oh God...I’m cumming baby, she said. She let her juice flow and I was there to receive it in my mouth. I tasted the tangy flavor of her cunt juice and kept on licking and sucking her cunt lips. I then licked inside her cunt and all around the hole and also inserted two fingers into her hole which made her hotter and crazy and it felt like my loins were on fire!

I found her clit with my tongue and also licked on it slowly and softly. “Oh fuck me Jay, oh fuck me, fuck me hard baby”, she shouted.

 M y cock was on fire with desire as I had never eaten pussy like I had just now. I wanted to fuck her till my cock ripped her pussy..

I got her to go doggy style and she quickly got to her knees and I got in front of her and let her suck my full blooded organ. She began gobbling up the head and licked my cock shaft and balls. I then got behind her, with her watching me, as she arched her cunt upwards. I got such a good view of her completely open, red pussy which was wet and dripping with her cum. I couldn’t resist as I got in between and licked her pussy up and down at least five times making her cum and it now was even wetter and dripping down her thighs as well.

S he nearly screamed with pleasure as I did that and looked at me.

“O h baby, you love to lick me so bad, don’t you”. No one has ever licked my cunt like you do honey. You just lick all you want honey, all you want babeee….oooooo…mmmmmm,” her voice trailed off into an ecstatic tone.

“I can lick your pussy forever Tessa and you know it”, I said. “I love to eat your cunt Tessa and I cant stop”.

I stood up and held my pulsating cock in my hands. I spread a little of her cunt juice on it and bent my knees as I came closer to her love hole. I spread my legs and let my cock touch her cunt and then I plunged it all the way in without waiting. She let out a shout and was crazy with lust and her breasts were swinging as I started fucking her like a dog fucks a bitch in heat. I clutched her hips and her cunt lips were wrapped around my cock. I looked at my cock as it was completely filling and feeling her cunt. She was moaning and clutching the grass beneath her. I grabbed her finely shaped ass and squeezed. Her ass cheeks felt so soft and smooth. I was pumping away harder and her breasts swayed like melons and her skin was shining. My hard cock was fully in and was rubbing her pussy walls as it went in and out. I stopped and just moved my cock around in her pussy. I took my cock out and as she turned, I again got down and licked her cunt and her thick pussy lips. I lay her on her back and started to lick her cunt hole again and the taste of her pussy juice sent reels of electricity into my mouth and my tongue.

I asked her to sit on my cock and finish it off. She eagerly got into position as I lay back and she expertly straddled my cock. These mature women were so good at this. I held her hips and she started fucking me hard. Her cunt sliding on my cock made slushy sounds in the quiet night and I could feel the tightness of her pussy even more like this. I saw my cock vanish into her love triangle and felt my cum boil and I just let her do as she wished

S he was like a runaway train with no sign of stopping as she kept banging my cock. Her breasts bounced and swayed and her hands were rubbing my shaft as well. I wondered how much longer my cock could withstand her sexual onslaught.

“O ooooooooh ………I’m bab..e...eeee. I’m cumming …ooooooh…” my voice was barely audible. She understood as she speeded up and then released my cock from its watery prison. Without any words she took my cock fully in her mouth and licked the whole of the cock from top to bottom. She then took my cock head in her mouth and at the same time started giving me a hand job. Her mouth enclosed around my cock head and her hand on my shaft was a deadly combination as I exploded deep into her mouth four times strongly and she didn’t spill anything. I saw her as she licked my shaft and cock head till it was spotless.

S he then resumed sucking my cock and any remaining droplets were ravenously consumed. She still sucked my cock even as it lost its erection and then flicked it with her tongue and licked the head again.

“O h you suck so good baby, so, so good. I wish I could fuck you again. She then sat over my face as she let me lick her pussy again. “It’s all for you Jay. I know how much you love to suck my pussy lips baby and whenever you come home, my cunt will be waiting for your tongue". I wasted not a moment as I kept on licking her as she sat like that.

T hose words were still ringing in my ears on bus ride back and I hoped that she would be around when I visited my hometown again.  


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